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The Best Air Conditioner Brands For You In 2023

The best air conditioner brands have achieved their position because of tried-and-true quality, outstanding customer service, and durable products. Frigidaire is one such brand that has been providing reliable ACs and compact comfort for decades. If you're looking for an affordable option, American Standard delivers tough, long-lasting ACs that function quickly and efficiently.

Best Air Conditioner Brands

When you're looking for the best air conditioner, you usually look up individual products first and feel confused. This is because the models are just reflections of their brand, and factoring that into your decision from the start will help you make better choices.

So, if you're going back and forth between your central air conditioner options and wondering which one suits you better, pause for a while and look at the bigger picture. You need good features, but you also need a brand you can depend upon.

Thus, I've curated a list of the best air conditioning brands and provided explanations to help you see my reasoning. Let’s begin!

Common Factors In The Best Air Conditioning Brands

Common Factors In The Best Air Conditioning Brands

While reading this article, you might have doubts about the criteria I considered to include a brand on this list. To answer your query, there are sure signs of a good brand that I've learned to recognize over the years. I've described some of them below and explained why I trust this judgment. I hope this information helps you make better decisions, too. 

1. Customer Service

You may not consider it at the time of purchase, but customer service is the most crucial factor when choosing an air conditioning brand. 

An air conditioner is a long commitment, and you're bound to encounter some problems along the way. So, you need a brand that you can trust with consistent servicing, repairs, and honest communication. Furthermore, malfunctioning central air conditioning units can be dangerous. You will spend a lot of time with it in a small, enclosed space. Thus, you should ensure that any health or fire hazards will be addressed immediately.

However, it's more than just repairs. A company with helpful and swift customer service is a company that values you, and you can trust that they put the same efforts into their product quality. Thus, investing in such an air conditioner will help you maintain it for years.

2. Additional Services Provided

You should choose an air conditioning brand that delivers the product most suited to your needs, but you should also consider some extra services. For example, perfectly functional central air conditioning units will be frustrating to install if the dealers don't provide help. On the other hand, if you choose the right HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) company, their staff will deliver the air conditioning system to your home and set it up in your room within a few hours.

Similarly, you'd prefer calling experienced professionals for repair and servicing instead of looking for a local electrician who may not know your central air conditioner. It's not only easier to contact the brand's dedicated electricians, but it's also safer and quicker than the other options.

3. Warranty

When choosing a central air conditioner, you should always opt for a warranty of 1 year or more. However, there's more to it than the numbers on individual products. To shop smart, you'll need to find the trends in the product warranties of each brand.

No HVAC business wants to lose money by promising a warranty for attic HVAC units likely to require frequent repair or replacement. Thus, it makes sense that a brand consistently providing more extended warranties for its central air conditioners has confidence in their durability and functionality. Similarly, it's best to avoid air conditioner sellers that don't bother with good warranties. 

Also, the best tip I can give you is to pay attention to the fine print on the warranty. A central air conditioner can have different warranties for regular functions, installation, and parts. Thus, don't be amazed by big numbers, and choose wisely.

4. Brand Popularity

The brand's popularity is significant, but I'm not telling you to pick the ones trending at the moment blindly. Instead, you should consider the factors that turn a brand into a household name.

Firstly, these brands were usually established years ago, and they have stood the test of time. This has also helped them gain experience. Thus, you can have a fair amount of trust in their portable and central air conditioners.

Secondly, brands are only popular when customers are satisfied with their products for a long time. There are always those viral brands that seem to spread everywhere overnight. However, they fizzle out when the hype dies and customers start finding product defects.

Therefore, maintaining consistent trust in the market signifies durability, high performance, and top quality. Also, these big brands have a reputation to uphold, which makes them highly attuned to your needs as a customer. You can depend on them for authentic window air conditioners, smooth installation, and easy servicing.

5. Your Budget

Your budget influences the air conditioner's specifications, quality, and additional features. Most importantly, having a good idea of your budget will help you choose a suitable brand.

Brands generally price their air conditioners based on the quality they provide, their post-purchase services, and their position in the market. Thus, you're likely to find the air conditioner you want within your budget if you shop around and critically compare the options. However, your budget should always be realistic because going cheap might get you into problems in the future.

For example, suppose you're considering 2 central air conditioners with similar features, but one is costlier with a 5-star energy efficiency rating, and the other is cheap but not energy star certified. So, even though you may think you're saving money by choosing the cheaper option, it'll actually weigh heavier on your electricity bill. On the other hand, the 5-star air conditioner will make up the price difference in a few months and save you some more. 

Thus, have a fixed budget to keep yourself in check, but also have an open mind and analyze your options with a long-term mindset. Now, you can match this budget with the average prices of each brand and choose accordingly.

6. Customer Satisfaction And Reviews

This one's a no-brainer: you obviously need to know what previous customers have experienced. However, there are some ways to improve how you process reviews.

If you pick a well-known brand, you'll probably be overwhelmed by thousands of reviews, ranging from reverent appreciation to 3-page essays insulting everything from the products to the customer service. You need to filter through this noise by sticking to what you care about and disregarding the rest.

For example, suppose you're looking for simple central air conditioning units with manual controls. In that case, a negative review complaining about the lack of a remote shouldn't be a problem for you. Similarly, another user might be praising an air conditioner's heating mode. But if you're in an area with mild winters, you'll only need the cooling function, so you shouldn't be swayed by the features that do not matter.

Another thing to remember is that anger will always be a stronger motivator for reviewers than comfort. Picture this - your air conditioner is running perfectly, and you're cool and relaxed in your bed. In contrast, now imagine that your air conditioner has had a sudden failure and the customer helpline numbers were busy. In which case would you have a sudden burst of energy to leave a long online review about your experience? For most people, it's the negative one.

Thus, take all negative reviews with a grain of salt, and consider whether it's a general problem or a complaint about a hyper-specific situation. But it doesn't mean you should take all positive reviews at face value. Generally, it's a good practice to be wary of reviews that appear repetitively throughout the product page and use your gut instincts to judge all positive comments.

7 Best Air Conditioner Brands

Best Air Conditioner Brands

1. Frigidaire - Best Well-Known And Reliable AC Brand

Frigidaire is an air conditioner and refrigerator brand under the home appliance manufacturer Electrolux, and it was originally named the Guardian Frigerator Company. It's one of the widely recognized names in the cooling and air conditioning industry. In fact, most Americans in the 1990s used the name Frigidaire to refer to any refrigerator.

Thus, it has decades of popularity and customer trust. However, its expertise lies not just in home air conditioners but also vehicular systems. Frigidaire has been one of the top suppliers of inbuilt air conditioners for cars ranging from Rolls-Royces to Jaguars.

Additionally, it strives for the maximum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio in its appliances. In fact, it produced the first split air conditioner with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio as high as 25.5.

Nowadays, Frigidaire outsources the manufacturing processes to Nortek Global HVAC and thoroughly tests every AC unit to maintain its standards. They use a test named Demand flow to check the efficiency of every air conditioner, eliminating the need for human testers to go through every single machine.

Additionally, Frigidaire is a suitable option if you're looking for a reliable air conditioner within your budget. Although it has fewer choices regarding air conditioner models, the features are helpful, and you can easily find what you're looking for in its catalog. Moreover, each product line has specifications fine-tuned to customers' needs over the years.

However, if you're opting for a Frigidaire air conditioner, remember that they're generally noisier than their alternatives. The noise can be anywhere from 57 to 70 decibels, depending on the model, which is around the level of a crowd or a busy highway. But if you usually don't notice the sounds after a while, you'll find no issue with your air conditioner.

Typical Warranty: 10-year parts warranty and comfort pledge | Customer Service: Mostly responsive and speedy | Market Expertise: 105 years | Additional Services: Installation, servicing, out-of-warranty repair

2. Lennox - Best Energy-Efficient AC Brand

Dave Lennox founded this company in 1895, and it later evolved to be known as Lennox International Inc. It's based in Texas and conducts HVAC business around the world.

I'm including it on my list for its many benefits, the primary one being the high efficiency of the Lennox air conditioners. This is achieved through superior quality products and a range of power-saving options. For example, you can switch your air conditioner's energy source from your building's wiring to the gas, and vice versa. This'll help you pick the option that saves you the most on monthly bills. 

Also, the air conditioners have thermostats and intelligent options that will control your room temperature while preventing wastefulness. They'll measure your temperature and only cool and warm you as much as you require, cutting down on unnecessary spending.

Additionally, Lennox provides more options for you with their 3 air conditioner ranges named Merit, Elite, and Dave Lennox Signature Collection. Of these, Merit is the most affordable, while the Signature Collection has 10-year warranties and higher prices. Elite is the middle ground, with a delicate balance between prices and efficient features. Also, because of the eco-friendliness, you can choose a Lennox product that qualifies for deductions from your tax.

Lennox even offers quick and safe installation services for a fee. This installation charge is the reason the prices of most of their air conditioners are unpredictable. However, you'll be benefited from investing in this service. Lennox provides experienced mechanics who can install your air conditioner with more ease and efficiency than any other professionals, and you can contact them if you encounter any issues.

Thus, overall, Lennox lies on the high end of air conditioner costs, but it provides quality and services to match. If you can fit it into your budget, it's a suitable choice that you won't regret.

Typical Warranty: 5 years for Merit and Elite, 10 for Signature | Customer Service: Some quality reduction in the last two years | Market Expertise: 128 years | Additional Services: Installation, annual servicing

3. American Standard - Best Features From An Affordable AC Brand

American Standard is an affordable, convenient HVAC brand providing durable central air conditioning units and reliable services. It was established 130 years ago, making it one of the oldest brands in the HVAC industry.

It's an ideal brand if you live in a harsh area with extreme weather. American Standard conducts extensive tests to ensure its products are durable against physical impact, heavy rain, thunderstorms, scorching summers, and hail. Thus, you can go for it if you're in an area with frequent tornado possibilities or unforgiving sun.

However, its warranties are tricky. You get two types of warranties: One for the essential parts and another for the scroll compressor. The basic parts warranty is fair, and you can replace failing parts in reasonable scenarios. However, most other HVAC companies provide more extended scroll compressor warranties than American Standard, so you should exercise caution and consider if you can keep it safe after the warranties expire.

It also includes innovative home automation options in its AC systems. Installing the American Standard Home mobile app allows you to connect to your central AC system and thermostat anywhere, anytime. Thus, you can control the temperature even when you lose your remote, accidentally damage it, or are too busy with work to look for it. Additionally, you can turn the AC on while returning from work, and it'll cool the space for your arrival.

Furthermore, it offers ACs in 3 series. The Silver air conditioners are single-stage, and they are the most affordable. Moving up, the Gold series has two-stage ACs with energy efficiency. Finally, Platinum is the most premium tier and has an AccuComfort feature. Thus, your Platinum AC can save on your energy bill by adjusting the heating and cooling to use the least power.

Typical Warranty: Basic (5-year) or Extended (10-year) | Customer Service: Streamlined and courteous | Market Expertise: 130 years | Additional Services: Installation, care & repair

4. Coleman - Best Low-Noise AC Brand

Coleman has been operating since 1958, and it's known for its sleek ACs with exemplary warranties. Its compact designs are suitable for small rooms, dorms, or offices. The ACs work fast with minimum noise, and you'll be satisfied with their functioning for years.

However, most Coleman ACs aren't ideal for those who need smart features and high-technology controls. The most advanced features here are an intelligent thermostat and energy-efficient control, but it's a solid option if you care about affordability and durability more than smart features.

Further, Coleman provides reliable warranties. For most of their ACs, you'll have a 10-year warranty and free servicing for the first year. Also, some of their products have a lifetime compressor warranty. However, it's important to note that the warranties are only valid if you register your AC system within 3 months of installing it. Additionally, because of the money-back guarantee, you get a refund if your AC fails to work even after repairs.

I also need to mention that you can only get the money-back guarantee if you get your AC installed by Coleman's mechanics.

What's more, it saves you more in the long run. Because of the energy efficiency, its ACs may qualify for tax cuts, depending on your chosen model. Coleman also provides financing through Synchrony Financial and Fortiva Retail Credit. Thus, it's clear that the HVAC company designed its products with accessibility and comfort in mind.

At 53 decibels, Coleman ACs are some of the quietest ones on the market. That's about the noise level you'd expect in a library! So, you can work or sleep peacefully without even noticing it.

Also, its pricing is suited to your specific needs. The AC has a basic price, but a technician can also visit your work or living space to give you a more accurate quote. It's based on your installation requirements, area, and more.

Typical Warranty: 10 years | Customer Service: Helpful | Market Expertise: 123 years | Additional Services: Annual tuneup, installation

5. Carrier - Best Options Provided By An AC Brand

Willis Carrier, the inventor of the modern air conditioner, founded the Carrier Global Corporation in 1915. These days, it's based in Florida, United States, and distributes heaters and ventilators along with its original line of the HVAC system.

According to customers, Carrier is a generally expensive HVAC brand, but its reliable engineering and market leader position make it worthwhile. 

Out of all the air conditioner brands on my list, this has exceptional noise levels and energy-efficient systems. The sound is as quiet as 51 decibels, while the highest Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio that it can reach is around 26. Thus, you can go for Carrier units if you don't mind investing in a suitable AC from an experienced brand.

What's more, its ACs are divided into various categories that'll streamline your choice. Its comfort series values affordability above all else so that you might find a good deal in your range. Moving to a higher tier, the Performance air conditioning has suitable features and durability at a reasonable rate. Finally, the Infinity series has the best ACs of the brand, with the quietest performance and highest energy conservation rates.

Furthermore, the Infinity air conditioning has variable compressor speeds that can run on an inverter. Thus, they have a high degree of consistency, and you'll enjoy a comfortable atmosphere in your room without sudden cold or warm periods. 

To make things better, Carrier products have guaranteed refunds for one year if you're dissatisfied with their functioning. However, this is only applicable if Carrier authorizes the HVAC contractor that sold you the AC, and you should ensure this before making a decision.

Finally, the one thing some customers found lacking in this brand was the warranty. With Carrier's expertise and promises, its 10-year warranty may seem below average to a few. Also, this doesn't include the refrigerant fluid, extra parts, or tune-ups. Thus, it's only suitable for those who are okay with being responsible for most of the AC's technical maintenance after installation.

Typical Warranty: 10 years on functional parts only | Customer Service: Responsive | Market Expertise: 108 years | Additional Services: Installation

6. Trane - Best Corrosion-Resistant AC Brand

Trane's operations began in 1885 under James Trane and his son. Aside from the HVAC system, it also supplies management systems for your apartment and office.

In 1984, American Standard purchased A-Trane. However, they are still making products under separate brand names. Since the AC systems are manufactured in similar warehouses, most customers report similar features, with minute differences in the outward appearance, warranty, and prices.

Like most HVAC companies, Trane has 3 series of air conditioners arranged in ascending order of features and cost. The XL air conditioning is budget-friendly and has minimal features. However, if you have a restricted budget, it's best not to go for the XL products. According to most reviews, it's because you can get the exact specifications at even lower budgets from other air conditioner brands.

However, the XR and XV series make Trane stand out in the market as a supplier of reliable air conditioning. XR air conditioning has the most efficient features within a reasonably priced catalog. Also, the XV series has high efficiency that'll actually cost you less by saving your electricity bill over the years.

What's more, these two series have air conditioners with a Spine Fin Coil. If you don't know, this coil is more durable than its alternatives because its aluminum constituent is resistant to wear and tear. Further, it's engineered to cool your home or office with speed and power optimization.

Adding to the advantages, Trane provides good warranties. It has a 10-year part warranty, and choosing the most suitable AC units can get you a 12-year warranty on the compressor. So, if your air conditioner parts fail before their time due to defects, the company takes responsibility and replaces them for free. 

However, there's a catch, and I'll help you be wary of a mistake many previous customers made. You should remember to register your AC unit within 2 months of buying it. Otherwise, the warranty reduces to 5 years.

Typical Warranty: 10 years + extended warranty on compressor | Customer Service: Difficult to reach | Market Expertise: 138 years | Additional Services: Installation, parts replacement

7. Rheem - Best Budget-Friendly Smart AC Brand

Rheem is well-known among homeowners for offering intelligent features and Wi-Fi smart home control at competitive rates. Founded in 1925 and situated in the HVAC industry in the 1950s, it provides reliable and high-quality air conditioners on a budget.

Also, Rheem is one of the HVAC companies striving to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. Currently, it aims to half its greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate its waste by its centenary in 2025. Furthermore, it's creating an energy-efficient line of the HVAC system that cuts the overall footprint into half its current value. You can invest in Rheem Manufacturing Company if you want to support a future-oriented brand striving to protect our planet.

Although, I must note that Rheem's affordable rates come with some stipulations. Since the parts are on the cheaper side, they're more likely to fail because of extreme climate or overuse. And when they fail, the repair costs are so high that it would be wiser to buy a new AC unit at that point.

Another fallacy many users commit is cutting down on central AC installation costs by hiring locally. Since Rheem doesn't require internally certified mechanics to install your air conditioner, you can opt for cheaper, external options. However, if your technician isn't perfect, it'll lead to more repair needs in the future, thus costing you more.

After reading this far, you're probably curious about Rheem's warranty. It's pretty standard and reasonable, with 10-year parts warranties on most AC units and 5-year assurances on a select few. Also, you can replace your central air conditioning with a new HVAC system free of charge, but only if your situation falls into specific categories that make the failures entirely dependent on the company's faults. 

Overall, Rheem produces suitable middle-range air conditioners compatible with Alexa voice control and EcoNet Thermostats.

Typical Warranty: 5 or 10 years | Customer Service: Quick and helpful | Market Expertise: 98 years | Additional Services: Optional installation, repairs

Features To Look Out For In The Best AC Brands

Quick Comparisons Of The Top AC Brands

Top AC BrandsTypical WarrantyCustomer ServiceMarket ExpertiseAdditional Services
Frigidaire10 years parts and comfort warrantyMostly responsive and speedy105 yearsInstallation, servicing, out-of-warranty repair
Lennox5 years for Merit and Elite, 10 years for SignatureSome quality reduction in the last two years128 yearsInstallation, annual servicing
American StandardBasic (5 years) or Extended (10 years)Streamlined and courteous130 yearsInstallation, care & repair
Coleman10 yearsHelpful123 yearsAnnual tuneup, installation
Carrier10 years on functional parts onlyResponsive108 yearsInstallation
Trane10 years + extended warranty on compressorDifficult to reach138 yearsInstallation, parts replacement
Rheem5 or 10 yearsQuick and helpful98 yearsOptional installation, repairs

Features To Look Out For In The Best AC Brands

When choosing an AC brand, some additional features can help you decide. Apart from the brand's product quality, customer service, insurance, and warranty contract, you should also be on the lookout for extra features that make your AC more convenient and safe. I've listed some possible attractions below.

1. Anti-Bacterial Filters

Of late, people have grown more aware of the invisible contaminants surrounding us. Although perfectly filtering air conditioners are yet to be invented, you can start taking disease and infection prevention measures today by investing in an AC with anti-bacterial filters.

These filters have fine meshes that prevent several small particles from entering your house. This includes bacteria, airborne animal waste, and pollen allergens. Thus, you'll stay safer with minimum changes in your AC maintenance routine.

Therefore, look for air conditioner brands that provide this filter because it signifies a consideration for the customer's safety.

2. Dehumidifier

Have you ever dealt with one of those days when the air moisture is just intolerable? It makes you feel sweaty and uncomfortable, and it ruins your hair. However, you worry that turning on your cooling AC will only worsen things.

For these situations, a dehumidifier is your buddy. It has a chemical called a desiccant that slowly absorbs the moisture from your room until you're relaxed. So, when you compare the features of two HVAC brands, look for a company that builds dehumidifiers into their central air conditioners. It'll bring you more value for your money and make your AC unit function in more than one weather condition. 

3. Heating Mode

Maybe you're moving to a new part of the country with scorching summers, and you're not concerned with anything beyond immediate relief from the heat. Despite this, you should try to think about other times of the year. Usually, places with unbearable summer heat are far inland, and they also have extreme winters. Thus, if you don't play smart now, you'll need a new heat pump in a few months.

Some air conditioner brands have started including heaters in their ACs to combat this issue. Of course, not all AC units from a brand will have central heating. It depends on many factors, including the AC size, budget, and brand expertise. 

However, you should look for a brand supplying inbuilt heaters and make the additional investment. Look at it this way: you're getting an AC and a central furnace in one.

4. Auto Clean

Are you stressing about the cleaning frequency of your AC? If you live alone or are busy most of the day, regularly cleaning your AC on your own can be challenging. However, most people also shy away from hiring external cleaners so frequently.

When you choose a brand offering auto-cleaning central air conditioners, you reduce the time you spend obsessing about your AC's current filter state and cleaning it by hand. This smart system uses a timer and sensors near the filter to know when it should take some auto-cleaning measures. 

Of course, this cleaning won't be perfect, and the AC will require a manual cleanup eventually. However, the frequency is significantly reduced, and the filters will stay clean and safe for much longer after every wash.

Benefits Of Choosing The Best Air Conditioner Brand

After reading the factors to consider and additional features, you're probably aware of some ways you can benefit by taking some time to choose the most suitable AC company. From my experience, here are a few surprising ways my life improved when I chose the right brand. They may help you decide or convince you to adjust your requirements.

Benefit 1:

You can dial customer service if you notice your central air conditioning system having an issue. They'll respond immediately, and you'll have a mechanic at your doorstep the next day. No more long waits as your requests get pushed around from person to person! 

Benefit 2:

Sometimes, it's unavoidable to have some manufacturing defects in your AC unit. However, you need not panic about the wasted money. The brand will immediately replace the malfunctioning parts or even the whole AC unit if the fault lies on its side.

Benefit 3:

You can buy an AC once, use it and carry it with you when you transfer to new areas. It will last for years and become your constant companion.

Benefit 4:

When the tornado sirens start wailing, you can focus on the safety of yourself and your loved ones while staying stress-free about how well your central air conditioning system will put up with the weather.

Benefit 5:

Energy star, energy efficiency, and SEER ratings are hard to conceptualize from a homeowner's perspective. However, you'll understand its efficient energy use when you notice significant reductions in your energy consumption over the months.

Benefit 6:

If you want a face-to-face conversation with a representative, you'll usually find a physical outlet near you because the brand is well-known.


When choosing an AC brand and analyzing customer satisfaction online, pay more attention to the reviews that include an image. It's a small addition that lends a lot of credibility to the claim and experience of a faceless review.

Best Air Conditioner Brands Conclusion


And now we're at the end of my list of the best air conditioner brands. I hope you found this guide helpful and thorough.

As you can see in the list, some of these air conditioner brands are quite similar, while others couldn't be more drastically different. From specifications, options, and manufacturing plants to the external look and affordability, the major AC brands are constantly competing and conversing with each other.

Thus, you should know what you're looking for and stick to it, even when facing dazzling features or disappointing but cheap options. There is no ultimate best brand on this list, which all comes down to how you think you'll fare with their products.

Thus, maintain a reasonable budget, think critically, and choose the best AC brand for your home.

Finally, I want to mention some HVAC  brands that are my personal favorites. Frigidaire is a widely known name that offers security and reliability. True to this, their products are sturdy and efficient.

I favor American Standard for a budget buy because of its commitment to weather resistance. Also, its energy efficiency and smart control are commendable.