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7 Best Stained Glass Grinders Of 2023 | Reviews + Guide

If you’re into stained glass projects and want high-quality finishes while shaping them, then the Godora stained glass grinder can be the right choice. But if budget is a constraint, the Sylphid portable mini glass grinder can be the one for you.

Best Stained Glass Grinders

Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional, a good stained glass grinder is important for your armory. From cutting stained to shaping and providing smooth finishes, it can help you do it all!

So, today, I have picked the 7 best-stained glass grinders suitable for different needs. I have also curated a short buyer’s guide to help you understand the crucial factors for making the right choice after I've spent hours using these stained glass grinders.

Listed below are the Best Stained Glass Grinders:

  • Godora Stained Glass Grinder: Known for easy operation, its 4200 RPM motor ensures speedy grinding. Auto water fill aids clean operation. Its weakness is the potentially ineffective wide baffle design.
  • Sylphid Portable Mini Glass Grinder: A budget-friendly choice with a robust 4200 RPM motor. The limitation is the single 5/8-inch bit, impacting its versatility.
  • Gryphon Gryphette Glass Grinder: Ideal for beginners, offers compatibility with all standard bits. Its drawback lies in the smaller work surface, limiting the size of projects.
  • Gryphon Convertible Stained Glass Grinder: Prioritizes user comfort with its unique convertible workspace. The lower speed motor of 3000 RPM is a limitation of its premium price.
  • Anbull Stained Glass Grinder: Stands out for portability with its compact design and 4200 RPM motor. Difficult assembly due to unclear instructions is a potential challenge.

1. Best For Easy Operation- Godora Stained Glass Grinder

Featuring a high-power 4200 RPM (revolutions per minute) DC motor and a unique automation process, the Godora stained glass grinder kit can help users achieve the desired shape quickly. All you need to do is add water to the base, and its distinctive spiral design will automatically draw water into the grinding bit. As a result, you can save the time and effort required to perform the step manually.

Talking about the bits, I should also mention that this kit has two of them- ⅝-inch and 1-inch. And their interchangeable design means you can use the same kit to work with different thicknesses of stained glasses. I also observed that the rigged grinding base reduced friction and helped me maintain a firm grip while holding the glass for better precision.

We have also found from using this product that it has a wide baffle design to reduce splashing the glass mixed liquid from traveling too far. The brand claims this feature can protect your eyes and the surfaces around the grinder. But I am not too sure of this, as the sides may still result in considerable splashing, this did not happen in our tests though.

The recessed power switch is a good way to reduce the chances of accidental power cuts, and the kit also includes a spare fuse for emergencies. Plus, the brand has backed this kit with a satisfaction policy, so buyers can contact customer service in case of any issues.

Motor Speed: 4200 RPM | Power Source: Corded electric | Bit Size: ⅝ and 1-inch | Spare Fuse: Yes

2. Best Budget Pick- Sylphid Portable Mini Glass Grinder

Drawing from experience, this unit may be worth considering if you’re looking for a stained glass grinder kit on a budget. It has many similar features to that of its predecessor, like the high-speed 4200 RPM DC motor. Similarly, its auto water fill function works just as well, helping you save a few dollars on the purchase. 

However, it comes with only one bit (5/8-inch), which won’t likely be suitable if you have to work on glass projects with varying thicknesses. 

At first glance, I wasn’t expecting much from this unit, primarily due to its humble design. But it didn’t take me many trials run to comprehend the durability our investigation demonstrated, besides, the lightweight structure makes it easy to move around your rooms or workshop, provided there’s a 110v power outlet in the vicinity.

The recessed power switch is located on the right side of the grinder, with the fuse below it. You will also get a replacement fuse that’s easy to install should the existing malfunction. Finally, this grinder kit comes in 4 color variations, so you can choose the one that best matches your aesthetics!

Motor Speed: 4200 RPM | Power Source: Corded electric | Bit Size: ⅝-inch | Spare Fuse: Yes

3. Best For Beginners- Gryphon Gryphette Glass Grinder

People new to stained glass grinding would want a simple kit that helps them achieve different shaped-edges without much effort. And if you, too, are in the same boat, based on our firsthand experience, the Gryphon Gryphette glass grinder may fit the bill. 

At the helm of this compact unit is an omnidirectional 3600 motor with decent speed to help with most beginners’ projects. Keep in mind, though, that the work surface isn’t too wide, so don’t try to shape bigger glass pieces. Otherwise, you may lose control of the process, damaging the piece and, perhaps, injuring your finger.

Another thing to note is that this glass grinder kit doesn’t have an auto water fill feature. That is to say, you need to lubricate the grinder head with a wet sponge for grinding glass. But this isn’t a caveat for me, considering it’s an entry-level model.

As its peers mentioned above, this unit also comes with a fast-acting spare fuse that goes below the recessed power switch. And although the kit includes a ¾-inch bit, it accepts all standard bits so you can easily work with glass projects of varying thicknesses.

Last but not least, the zero maintenance design can make it suitable for people on the go.

Motor Speed: 3600 RPM | Power Source: Corded electric | Bit Size: 3/4-inch | Spare Fuse: Yes

4. Best Premium Grinder Kit- Gryphon Convertible Stained Glass Grinder

If you’re on the lookout for a more ‘advanced’ stained glass grinder and don’t mind extending your budget from it, then here’s another product from Gryphon you may want to check out. 

With a 3000 RPM motor and practically ‘all bits’ compatibility, it aims to help users accomplish intricate finishes easily. But honestly, I did expect the motor to be a little more powerful, especially considering the premium price point of the model.

Now, let me tell you what makes this unit convertible. Well, by just rotating the base, you can utilize the highlight of this grinder, aka its inclined workspace. Not only does this allow users to grind the glass while sitting, but the angled surface also reduces the strain on your neck if you choose to work while standing, in the group tests our team found this feature to be an excellent feature And you can use it traditionally as well by keeping the work surface horizontal.

The auto water-fill feature, in this case, is an integrated electric pump equipped with spongeless cooling that ensures a constant flow of water to the grinder head, no matter the saw orientation. Moreover, the reinforced cooling may help expand the service life of the grinding bit.

Last but not least, you will get two grinding bits (1-inch and ¼-inch) with the package.

Motor Speed: 3000 RPM | Power Source: Corded electric | Bit Size: 1-inch and ¼- inch | Spare Fuse: No

5. Best For Portability- Anbull Stained Glass Grinder Machine

Having tried a grinder operating on a 4200 RPM motor, I wanted to see how this unit from Anbull with the same motor speed performs. And it’s safe to say that it didn’t function too differently after putting it to the test, however, after a couple of runs, the grinder did show a more refined polish and an easier, effortless experience thanks to its high RPM we always finished the testing tasks faster according to our test logs.

Firstly, the motor housing is equipped with water barriers that protect it from moisture- a feature you don’t get to see too often in stained glass grinders in this price range. On top of that, the distinct spiral base design of the grinding bits can suck up water in the bits pretty smoothly to automatically flush the grinding dust.

And unlike the Gryphon Gryphette stained glass grinder, it has a sufficiently wide work surface that ensures better grip and versatility for your glass projects. You can also carry and store it anywhere, thanks to the compact yet durable build of the machine.

Furthermore, the acrylic baffle reduces the chances of the water and glass bits splashing, making for a safe operation. But putting this machine together can be a hassle for first-timers, as the assembly instructions aren’t very clear, the effort is well worth it however.

I was relieved to find that, unlike its predecessor, this unit comes with a replacement fuse. Plus, the brand offers a 12-month exchange or return policy for any defects or malfunctions.

Motor Speed: 4200 RPM | Power Source: Corded electric | Bit Size: ⅝ and 1-inch | Spare Fuse: Yes

6. Best Durable Design- Lifancy Stained Glass Grinder

The Lifancy stained glass grinder is another budget-friendly option I came across during my research that doesn’t require you to compromise on your utility. It’s made from rust-proof ABS material that can take a blow or two, so you don’t have to look for replacements even when using this unit regularly.

The grinding head base is designed after the working principle of a screw pump, meaning it will automatically pull water into the bit to remove glass particles. This, in turn, will provide a smoother grinder experience for even edges, irrespective of the shape you’re aiming for.

As for safety, the acrylic bezel and protected switch design keep the chances of mishaps at bay. You can easily assemble the unit by following the instructions in the manual, as there isn’t any technical aspect involved. But I did take more time to figure out the installation of the drill bits. And until I did, the grinding glass produced an annoying rattle.

You will find two grinding bits (⅝ and 1-inch) in the package, which can also be used for ceramic and marble (besides glass).

Motor Speed: N/A | Power Source: Corded electric | Bit Size: ⅝ and 1-inch | Spare Fuse: Yes

7. Best For Mid-Range Budget- Inland Craft Wiz Glass Grinder

The Inland Craft glass grinder is another versatile unit that can be used for glass and lapidary projects. Sporting an elegant design that will suit any workshop or garage, its small footprint won’t take up much space while effectively getting the job done.

This unit runs on a 115V motor and can be easily plugged into any standard electric outlet in your home or garage. Moreover, the grinding chamber is resistant to impact and rust, making it easier to travel with. But the weight is more than the other options I have tried so far, which may be problematic if you have mobility issues or need to travel light.

Apart from that, the wide work surface is a plus, as it helps with smooth hand movements without the user worrying about losing grip at any time. This isn’t an automatic model, though, so you’d need to dip the sponge in water to lubricate the grinder bit. However, I don’t really mind the absence of the feature at its reasonable price, this is a great disadvantage for professional use through.

Like most other kits mentioned on this list today, this unit also comes with two grinding bits (¾ and ¼-inch), and it’s compatible with other standard bits.

Motor Speed: 3550 RPM | Power Source: Corded electric | Bit Size: ¾ and ¼-inch | Spare Fuse: No

What Is the Best Stained Glass Grinders

Stained glass grinders are intricate tools essential for shaping and refining stained glass pieces. Considering various factors such as motor speed (measured in rotations per minute - RPM), power source, bit size, and the availability of a spare fuse, we provide a comparative analysis of some of the best stained glass grinders on the market.

ProductMotor SpeedPower SourceBit SizeSpare Fuse
Godora Stained Glass Grinder4200 RPMCorded electric⅝ and 1-inchYes
Sylphid Portable Mini Glass Grinder4200 RPMCorded electric⅝-inchYes
Gryphon Gryphette Glass Grinder3600 RPMCorded electric3/4-inchYes
Gryphon Convertible Stained Glass Grinder3000 RPMCorded electric1-inch and ¼-inchNo
Anbull Stained Glass Grinder Machine4200 RPMCorded electric⅝ and 1-inchYes
Lifancy Stained Glass GrinderN/ACorded electric⅝ and 1-inchYes
Inland Craft Wiz Glass Grinder3550 RPMCorded electric¾ and ¼-inchNo

Buying Guide For The Best Stained Glass Grinders 

Before warping up this guide, let me quickly discuss a few factors that will help you make the right pick, things that I have discovered through trial and error while testing these glass grinders.

1. Speed

As you may have figured out going through my reviews, the speed of a stained glass grinder is essentially the speed of its motor, measured in RPM. The higher the motor speed, the faster you can shape and finish stained glass with less effort. Besides, high-speed grinders can help achieve better precision and finishes.

As such, stained glass grinders are typically available in motor speeds ranging from 3000 to 7500 RPM. Motor speeds of less than 3300 are considered suitable for grinding small glass pieces that don’t require much precision. Likewise, grinders ranging between 3300 and 3600 RPM can help you get through medium to large pieces with better precision.

However, if you’re looking for optimum precision and seamless finishes for large glass pieces, I’d suggest going for models with more than 3600 RPM, according to our testing logs, this will have your time but will also save re-runs considerably and prevent material losses.

2. Cooling Mechanism

Glass grinders come with a manual or automatic cooling mechanism, so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements (and budgets).

While manual cooling grinders require users to place a wet sponge behind the grinding bit that keeps it from overheating, automatic models pull water to the bit from the water reservoir below. This process is achieved through a pump, which ensures a steady water flow to the bit.

If you’re still on the learning curve, I’d suggest going for the latter for ease of operation. How often you use the stained glass grinder should have the biggest say in this.

3. Space

The workspace (or working base) of a grinder is an important feature to consider. If the surface is too small, you may not be able to accommodate the glass pieces properly, resulting in uneven finishes. However, maneuvering the glass piece, especially near the grinding bit, will be difficult if it's too big. 

You can easily find out the dimensions of the workspace on the package, so keep an eye on it to ensure you don’t face any issues later.

4. Accessories

Electric glass grinders like the ones I have reviewed today will generally require assembly. Hence, it’d be better to go for a model that comes with all the required tools like:

  • Hex wrench
  • Grinding bits 
  • Spare fuse for replacement 

Can I use any grinder for stained glass, or do I need a specific type?

Stained glass grinders usually come with diamond-coated grinding wheels, which are suitable for gently grinding or cleaning and cutting stained glass while facilitating optimum precision. But other grinders, like the ones for metal or wood, will employ too much force, thereby damaging the glass piece. You may observe large cracks or even see the glass shatter completely under that much force.

Hence, I’d strongly recommend getting a glass stained grinder for stained glass projects.

Can I use a stained glass grinder for other types of glass work or projects?

Yes, you can use a stained glass grinder for different projects, such as smoothening the edges of fused glass pieces or shaping mosaics. Other than that, these machines can be used to achieve intricate finishes on glass jewelry and glass sculptures.

How do I properly care for and maintain my stained glass grinder?

Firstly, ensure you wipe the grinder (including the grinding wheel and reservoir) with a clean damp cloth to remove debris after every use. And store it properly in a clean and dry place with a cover to prevent dirt from accumulating on the parts.

You should also lubricate the moving parts (like the shaft and grinding bit base) regularly to keep them optimally functional. Lastly, it’s important to use the grinder by strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any issues.

After testing out these grinders, for me, the Godora stained glass grinder takes the first position due to its ease of use and high-power motor, which can be suitable for both pros and DIYers. 

A close second is the Sylphid portable mini glass grinder that offers a satisfactory performance without burning a hole in your pocket. However, you may check out the other options, too, as I didn’t find any significant disadvantages while testing them.  

See you next time!