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6 Best Stair Climbing Carts In 2023 | Reviews & Buying Guide

With a stair-climbing cart, carrying heavy groceries or travel bags up the staircase is simpler than ever. 

Best Stair Climbing Carts

These hand trucks are integrated with sturdy wheels, which makes transporting them a breeze. Plus, they are sturdy enough to withstand regular wear and tear. 

And the best part about these stair-climbing carts is that they reduce injuries and fatigue. Just push them above the stairs, and they move over smoothly. But it often gets challenging to find the right one with so many options available on the market. 

And this is where our review-based guide comes in, we’ve shortlisted some of the best options available out there after testing 6 climbing carts for 3 weeks. And we have also included a buyer’s guide to help you understand the factors to be looked into while purchasing these 6 and what we've learned after conducting experiments with them across countless stairs.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in! 

Listed below are the Best Stair Climbing Carts:

  • dbest Stair Climber Trolley Dolly: The dbest Stair Climber Trolley Dolly offers everyday versatility, valuable storage options, and can handle up to 110 lbs. Its higher standing wheels might pose a usability inconvenience.
  • Helping Hand Folding Cart: The Helping Hand Folding Cart excels in being lightweight and easy to assemble, ideally suited for everyday groceries. Yet, its 65 lbs capacity limits its usage scope.
  • Quik Cart Elite Stair Climber: The Quik Cart Elite Stair Climber benefits professionals with its dual function as a cart and a stool, though its 120 lbs weight capacity doesn't match other high-end models.
  • Amazon Basics Folding Stair Climber: The Amazon Basics Folding Stair Climber provides comfortable stair-climbing and easy storage, but its durability and lower carrying capacity need consideration.
  • Vevor Stair Climbing Cart: The Vevor Stair Climbing Cart stands out with its hefty 330 lbs weight capacity and robust design, with offsetting factors being its overall weightiness and less comfortable handle.

Here is the list of the 6 best stair climbing carts if you are in search of a reliable and efficient solution for navigating stairs with heavy loads.

1. dbest Stair Climber Trolley Dolly - Best for Everyday Versatility

This Stair climber cart by dbest is an ideal multi-purpose hand truck for stress-free movement of deliverables on any terrain. Being a collapsible cart, you can fit it in your car trunk or any small space. Plus, its weatherproof material ensures your packages won’t get wet in case of heavy rain or thunderstorm. 

After using this cart for 3 weeks, our key scrutiny aspect of a stair climbing trolley is the ruggedness and quality of its wheels, and the dbest stair climbing trolley excelled in this respect. It features a 6-wheel design that easily glides over rough terrain or stairs. Besides, you can carry up to 110 pounds of weight (irrespective of its size) to flea markets, supermarkets, or the beach. 

It also has seven storage compartments, including a beverage holder, rear pocket, inner pouch, and more, so you won’t have to worry about leaving anything at home. The trolley bag is removable and becomes a separate grocery-carrying option. 

Also, the unit can easily be folded in half and kept anywhere without worrying about it taking up any extra space. You can store it in your car trunk, in the closet, garage, or under the bed. What’s more, its waterproof body protects your clothes and other items from getting wet.  

The primary issue that we encountered and which is reported by most customers is that its standing wheels are higher than its platform. As a result, some users might feel uncomfortable while moving the hand truck. Apart from that, you might find the loading area a bit small to fit slightly oversized items. 

Capacity: 110 lbs | No. of Wheels: 6 wheels | Handle: Standard | Foldable: Yes

2. Helping Hand Folding Cart - Best Lightweight Utility Cart

Through our trial and error tests, we concluded that if you are looking for a folding shopping cart suitable for carrying everyday groceries, then this Helping hand-folding cart is the best pick, the best utility cart that folds. Its lightweight tubular construction, sturdy wheels, and foam grip handle make it easier to move around. Also, the basket offers a decent holding capacity for your daily baggage. 

First and foremost, it features a convenient folding design that you can assemble in mere 15 seconds even without going through any complicated instruction manual. And thanks to its folding design, you can fit it anywhere, be it a car trunk, under the bed, or any other compact space. 

Due to its lightweight tubular design and slim width, it's a great option to carry your everyday groceries on a bus or a sidewalk. And the rugged three-wheel design makes it easier to push through the stairs. 

The most important aspect of a climbing cart needs is its operation, and this hand truck excels in this respect. A sturdy wheel design and foam grip handle ensure added comfort, and it's easier to push it around for hours. 

Unlike our previous models, the basket capacity of this unit is approximately 65 pounds. You might find it underwhelming when carrying several items or multiple baggages at one time. However, the capacity is decent enough to fulfill your everyday grocery-carrying needs. 

Capacity: 65 lbs | No. of Wheels: 3 wheels | Handle: Foam grip | Foldable: Yes

3. Quik Cart Elite Stair Climber - Best for Business Professionals

This elite quality stair climber by the best products can be used for shopping, transporting, laundry, traveling, or as a stepping stool. With a carrying capacity of 120 pounds and a heavy-duty plastic seat, this is probably one of the most durable products on the market. And its wheels are made of high-quality polypropylene for smooth rolling and smooth it is according to our firsthand experience.

This handcart comes with an upgraded retractable telescopic handle, which expands and collapses to 17.5-inch and 3-inch, respectively. So, you can load it with baskets, bins, boxes, crates, books, and all kinds of supplies. 

It hauls up to 120 pounds, allowing you to keep your documents and files organized when traveling or going to the office. Hence, it serves as a handy companion for business agents, teachers, and handymen involved in home improvement tasks. 

Moreover, it has 6 wheels, which are made of high-quality polypropylene to allow lifting heavy loads on stairs. Plus, its re-engineered wall panels are made of 100% virgin polypropylene for added durability and strength. 

Another unique feature of this cart is its non-slip lid that supports up to 270 pounds and can be used as a step stool or seat. Hence, you can use it as a seat whenever you get tired of waiting at the bus stop or airport. 

The only limitation that we came across while using this hand truck is its lower weight capacity compared to some high-end models on the market. Although it can hold 120 pounds of weight, it might get loaded quickly when carrying large items.  

Capacity: 120 lbs | No. of Wheels: 6 wheels | Handle: Retractable telescopic | Foldable: Yes

4. Amazon Basics Folding Stair Climber

Bringing a folding shopping cart by Amazon, under their umbrella brand, Amazon Basics. This versatile product lets you transport heavy objects up and down the stairs with ease, thanks to its long padded handle and triple-wheel fixtures. And, all of it comes at an affordable price, with 3 colors: black, blue, and red, our test group considered this the most beautiful folding card in the list and one of the most honorable to carry around wherever your business takes you.

The smooth and easy movement of this Amazon Basics stair climber up and down the stairs makes it a desirable product amongst customers. Its dual three-wheel fixtures make it easier to push, and anyone irrespective of their age can move their baggage with ease. Its ergonomic padded handle ensures a firmer grip, making movement much easier.  

Besides that, it features a detachable polyester bag that you can use to carry loose supplies and groceries. It also includes a pocket for storing your beverages, eliminating the risk of spilling off drinks on your dry items. 

What’s more? The troller folds down easily for easy storage in the closet, trunk, or garage. And, assembling the unit is not that challenging, even if you’re not a DIYer. 

Our main concern with this climbing cart is its holding capacity. As compared to other items in our list, this might not pull up your heavyweight items with ease. And also, the body not made of durable material might break down in cases of extra load. So make sure you look into it before purchasing. 

Capacity: 150 lbs | No. of Wheels: 3 wheels | Handle: Padded handle | Foldable: Yes

5. Vevor Stair Climbing Cart

Now that we’ve almost reached the end of our list, we present you with a heavy-duty dolly cart to ride up and down the stairs. With a massive holding capacity of 330 pounds, it’s mostly suitable for delivery purposes, and its robust and durable construction means it doesn’t break very soon, we certainly couldn't stress it enough in our tests despite moving one fridge and a laundry machine with it.

The amount of load this hand truck can hold is the highest on our list. With a 330-pound holding capacity, you can carry huge amounts of baggage at a time, thereby improving overall efficiency. You can now deliver heavy packages to your customers with ease. 

Such a massive weight-holding capacity is complemented by its sturdy design and wear-resistant wheels. It features a pair of 5-inch rubber tri-wheels that are wear-resistant and can move quietly and stably on rough terrains. Plus, its frame is constructed of Q235 steel which is guaranteed to be rust-less and stays rugged for longer. 

Apart from that, its handle is designed to be adjustable for most people. It comes with an adjustment range of 45 inches to 29 inches. 

Lastly, it comes with two protective mats, two small wrenches, and a binding rope that becomes suitable for future use.  

After using the product and lifting heavy loads for some time, we identified a sizable crack near the front wheels. It might break down if we continue using it that way for a long time, which is not suitable. Also, many found the handle not very handy, so holding and pushing are an issue sometimes.  

Capacity: 330 lbs | No. of Wheels: 3 wheels | Handle: Adjustable | Foldable: Yes

6. SURPCOS Folding Shopping Cart

The usefulness of this stair-climbing cart as a grocery shopping cart makes it another highly recommended product on our list. Its three-wheel design is designed especially for stair climbing, and its rotatable and long handle design makes it easier to push it up and down the stairs, regardless of the height, our tests revealed.

This lightweight cart comes with a three-wheel design designed especially for easily climbing up the stairs. The pushing is facilitated with its rotatable and long handle design, so a tall person doesn’t need to bend down when pulling or pushing the cart.  Also, the rear wheel is a universal one with a 360-degree rotation ability. So turning your cart is never a problem. 

Moving on, the stair cart can be folded or oversized easily, suitable for carrying small and oversized items, respectively. It, in turn, adds versatility to our carrying ability. And, its ability to carry 220 pounds at a time delivers an added advantage. 

Apart from that, you’ll just love the sturdy design and stability it possesses. Made of a high-quality stainless steel alloy frame, the unit is durable and rust-resistant. 

Installing this stair-climbing cart can be difficult even for DIYers, so we had to call upon an expert to do it for us. Apart from that, we found the wheels to be made of average-quality materials, which is a significant setback for the unit. 

Capacity: 220 lbs | No. of Wheels: 3 wheels | Handle: Rotatable and long handle design | Foldable: Yes

Best Stair Climbing Carts Comparison Table

ProductCapacityNo. of WheelsHandleFoldable
dbest Stair Climber Trolley Dolly110 lbs6 wheelsStandardYes
Helping Hand Folding Cart65 lbs3 wheelsFoam gripYes
Quik Cart Elite Stair Climber120 lbs6 wheelsRetractable telescopicYes
Amazon Basics Folding Stair Climber150 lbs3 wheelsPadded handleYes
Vevor Stair Climbing Cart330 lbs3 wheelsAdjustableYes
SURPCOS Folding Shopping Cart220 lbs3 wheelsRotatable and long handle designYes

Buying Guide For The Best Stair Climbing Cart

Not all climbing carts are equal we've found out through trial and error, nor is the target audience for them the same, but the choice of a climbing cart is entirely yours, so it’s essential to keep in mind certain aspects before purchasing one. In this particular section, we’ll discuss such factors in detail so that you can make an informed decision. 


A sprain in the spine due to heavy lifting can be a costly affair. But if you consider investing in a stair-climbing cart, you won’t have to worry about back or muscle injuries. The cost varies from one unit to another due to the several layouts of climbing carts on the market. 

You will definitely find an inexpensive cart, but it might be easier to carry or have flimsy wheels that might cost you further. So, it’s viable to opt for one that offers decent features and comes at an affordable price. 


The question remains: What features would you be looking into while purchasing a stair? We’ve summarized the considerations. 


The quantity a cart can hold without breaking down at the same time is important. Greater the carrying capacity, the more items you can carry from one place to another.

  •  Size

On the basis of the weight along with the load which you want to move, these carts are available in several sizes. You are to decide which sized cart is suitable for you. 

  • Wheels

The movement of materials up and down the stairs depends on the kind of wheels attached. Wheels can be made of plastic or stainless steel, whereas the latter is more durable. Although it might cost more than a plastic wheel, it's worth the investment. 

  • Use

Features of the cart, including the presence of straps, are worth checking. 

  • Substance

These carts have metallic construction, utilizing either aluminum or steel. We’d suggest you go for one made of aluminum as it's both lightweight and durable. 

Layout And Construction

These days we can see varied types of stair climbing carts on the marketplace, where some have walkers with front wheels, while others use a push arm. 

An important aspect of a cart is the ease of movement and its weight-handling capability. Wheels are most effective in ensuring this. Many carts feature 360-degree rotating design tires, making it easier to move carts. 

From the list, you’ll see that manufacturers have adopted a tri-wheel setup, which involves the usage of three wheels on both sides. And the handle is also a crucial aspect, so opt for one, where it's easy to maintain grip. So, it’s important that the handle is made of rubber or plastic and anti-slip. 


Stair climbing carts are easy to use once you have a standard construction one in your hands. It's important to be aware of the weight your cart can handle and ensure not to overload it. You also might need to assemble some hand trucks, and it's not very challenging if you have a detailed instruction manual.

Concerning maintenance, it’s important to maintain the condition of the wheels, as they wear out after using them for some time. Replacing these is not that complex, but a handyman is needed to fix it. Call a relevant professional to make a visit to your home and get your trolley fixed. 

Saying that these carts don’t require much maintenance, and there’s no need to stress much about it. Many of these hand trucks are foldable, in turn ensuring easy storage.  

What is a stair climbing cart?

A stair climbing cart is a specially designed utility cart with usually three or six wheels that enables easier transportation of items up and down the stairs. These carts are typically lightweight and foldable, making them convenient for various tasks like shopping, moving items, or transporting heavy objects.

How does a stair climbing cart work?

Stair climbing carts are equipped with a tri-wheel (per side) or a six-wheel setup that allows them to glide effortlessly over stair edges, curbs, or rough terrain. These wheels are usually attached to sturdy frames and ergonomic handles for easy maneuvering, helping to distribute the cart’s weight evenly and reduce physical strain on the user.

What is the weight capacity of a stair climbing cart?

The weight capacity of a stair climbing cart varies depending on the model and its construction quality. Typically, these carts can carry between 65 to 330 pounds of weight. It’s essential to consider your requirements and choose a cart that suits your needs and has a weight capacity suitable for your planned use.

Can I use a stair climbing cart on uneven surfaces?

Yes, stair climbing carts are designed to work efficiently on various surfaces, including stairs, curbs, and uneven terrain. The tri-wheel or six-wheel design allows the cart to adjust automatically to the surface and maintain balance, ensuring easy transportation and reducing the effort needed to move items.

How do I maintain my stair climbing cart?

Maintaining your stair climbing cart involves regularly checking the wheels for wear and tear, lubricating the wheel joints when necessary, and keeping the cart clean. Additionally, make sure to store the cart in a dry and cool place when not in use to avoid damage caused by moisture or extreme temperatures.

Now that we’re concluding our detailed review-based guide for the best carts, we’d like to name a few of our favorites. 

For those who need a versatile and weatherproof cart, dbest Stair Climber Trolley Dolly is an ideal option. With its collapsible design, numerous storage compartments, and 6-wheel stair-gliding feature, this cart proved to be quite rugged and user-friendly during our testing period.

Also, For everyday grocery transportation, Helping Hand Folding Cart is a good option. With its convenient folding design and lightweight tubular construction, we found it exceptionally easy to maneuver and carry around, making it perfect for regular use. 

If you're in need of both durability and versatility, the Quik Cart Elite Stair Climber is the right choice. Our firsthand experience showed that its heavy-duty plastic construction and large weight capacity make it ideal for various tasks, including use as a stepping stool or seat.

With this, we’d like to say goodbye. And we hope our guide will help you select an ideal product for carrying your luggage up the stairs. Take care!