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12 Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards in 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

Hate sending your clothes to the laundry just to get them ironed? Then what you need is a mounted ironing board.

These amazing products have become quite popular over the past few years. Not only are they affordable and easy to use, but they also help you save space in the room while providing wrinkle-free results. 

If you live in a small apartment and need to put on wrinkle-free clothes every day, go ahead and buy one of these. However, given the availability of so many options, choosing the right one becomes a daunting task.

Today we have handpicked and reviewed the top 12 options currently available to simplify your decision. We have also provided a buyer’s guide towards the end of our review-based guide to help you make an informed purchase.      

Without further ado, let’s jump right in. 

Top 12 Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageXabitat Ironing Board
  • Can hold up to 25 pounds
  • Cotton cover board
hstcstbl-table__imageIvation Ironing Board
  • Comes with an ironing board cover
  • Measures 40.71” x 15.12” x 2.05”
  • Made with alloy steel 
hstcstbl-table__imageSuperior Essentials Ironing Board
  • Measures 24.02” x 15.98” x 7.6”
  • Stripped pattern
  • Made of steel
hstcstbl-table__imageFacilehome Ironing Board
  • Measures 37.4” x 6.89” x 13.98”
  • Comes with a dressing mirror
  • Made using MDF wood
hstcstbl-table__imageHafele Wall Mounted Ironing Board
  • Made of steel
  • Measures 22.2” x 13.8” x 5.5”
  • Weighs about 22 pounds
hstcstbl-table__imageDuwee Ironing Board
  • Comes with a double safety lock
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Ironing area 14” x 38”
hstcstbl-table__imageSEI Furniture Wall Mount Fold Ironing Center
  • Measures 7” x 16” x 42”
  • Made of brass
  • Features two shelves
hstcstbl-table__imageIvation Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet
  • Weighs about 23 pounds
  • Comes with an ironing board cover
hstcstbl-table__imageNisorpa Wall Mounted Iron Board
  • Features a foldable design
  • Allows 180-degree rotation
  • Boasts a steel construction
hstcstbl-table__imageUyoyous Wall Mounted Ironing Board
  • Expanded size: 95” x 30” x 18.5”
  • Swivels 180°
  • Weighs about 22 pounds

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

1. Xabitat Ironing Board

We start this list with a quality ironing board from the house of Xabitat, a prominent brand for kitchen and home organizers. Whether you live in a confined condo, cramped dorm, or compact apartment, this product can help you iron crumpled garments and wrinkly clothes without taking up much space. 

Xabitat Wall Mounted Ironing Board | 36.2" X 12.2" Compact...
  • ✔SUPER STURDY CONSTRUCTION: The Xabitat iron board is...

Why Did We Like It?

Straight off the bat, you get a top-grade perforated steel tabletop, which makes the product sturdy and ensures the steam escapes faster, aiding better wrinkle removal. Coupled with it is a durable frame that reduces flexing and bending for a smooth ironing experience and enables it to hold up to 25 pounds.

Apart from that, you will be pleased to know that the product features a one-click release, meaning no more fumbling to stow or unfold your station. Simply move the lever and lower the ironing board till it’s flat.  

We were also pretty impressed with its foldable space-saving design, which enables you to fold it flush against the wall after you are done ironing. It is, therefore, ideal for small apartments, laundry rooms, and dorm rooms. Lastly, it sports an affordable price tag, making it the go-to option for many customers. 

41BEOsNuhfL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This compact ironing board from Xabitat is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality space-saving ironing board at an affordable price. But we were not impressed with the installation instructions that came with it, as they were unclear. Apart from that, we couldn’t find any significant issues with this product.   

  • Sports a durable construction
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Allows fast ironing
  • Portable ironing board
  • Comes with poor installation instructions

2. Ivation Ironing Board

Next up, we have this ironing board from Ivation, which has been specifically designed for fast ironing and space-saving. Equipped with a host of features that work to provide the ultimate ironing experience, like its lock-and-release lever, this product is an option you wouldn’t want to miss out on. So, keep reading. 

Ivation Wall-Mounted Ironing Board | Foldable 36.2” x...
  • FREE WRINKLES, RECLAIM YOUR SPACE! | Foldaway Ironing Board...
  • COMPACT WALL-MOUNTED DESIGN | Station Folds Up & Down,...

Why Did We Like It?

Perhaps, the best feature of this product is that it is wall mounted and saves a ton of space. Naturally, this makes it a perfect option for those that live in tiny apartments or have small laundry rooms. 

The board is supported by a perforated steel frame, which increases its longevity and enables it to hold up to 25 pounds without any squeaking or creaking. So, you can rest assured that it will last a long time. 

It also features a unique pad on top that dissipates heat and promotes faster wrinkle release, helping you meet your ironing needs with ease.

Beyond that, we were quite happy to find out that the manufacturer didn’t skimp on the ironing board cover. They have provided a 100% cotton cover that offers protection against pigment transfer and smooth ironing action. What’s more, the cover is washable, meaning you can easily throw it in your washing machine and dryer whenever it gets dirty.     

51bUjm2DytL. SL500 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Overall we were pretty impressed with the features the product brought to the table (no pun intended). That said, we feel it could have been a lot better if it came with a leg for better support and stability. But then again, considering its economical price point, we are sure most customers won’t mind it.  

  • Sports an affordable price tag
  • Has a durable construction
  • Allows users to save space
  • Board cover can be washed when it gets dirty
  • Doesn’t come with a leg

3. Superior Essentials Ironing Board

The next item on our list is a high-quality product from Superior Essentials, a relatively new entrant to the market. It can help you iron clothes in an instant due to its easy mounting feature so that you are not late for work.  

Wall Mounted Ironing Board--by Superior Essentials
  • Mounts to Wall
  • Board Dimensions (approx) 37x12 Inches, Must mount into...

Why Did We Like It?

What caught our attention right from the get-go was the build quality of the product. It is made using top-quality alloy steel for sturdy construction and a longer life span. So, durability will be the least of your concerns while dealing with this product.

It comes with a wall mounting plate and clear and detailed installation instructions for hassle-free installation. So, even if you have never put together a product like this before, you will be able to install this particular unit within a few minutes.  

We also liked that it can be locked and moved into multiple positions, allowing you to iron from different angles to remove the most stubborn wrinkles. Lastly, it sports a reasonable price tag, which ensures it delivers good value for money. 

41IoHFDn2VL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Since it requires you to mount the product on a mounting plate, you will not be able to adjust the height after installing this. So, that is something you might want to keep in mind if you decide to go with the Superior Essentials wall mounted ironing board.

  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Can be moved into multiple positions
  • Sports a sturdy construction
  • Height cannot be adjusted

4. Facilehome Ironing Board

Founded in 2016, Facilehome is a renowned brand that specializes in the sales, production, and development of high-quality small furniture and mirror cabinets assembly. And this ironing board from the brand is yet another notable addition to its fascinating repertoire. Let’s move on to the next few sections and take a close look at it.   

Facilehome Ironing Board Cabinet Wall Mounted Storage...
  • WALL MOUNTED:This ironing board hanger wall mount hangs...
  • FOLDABLE:The wall mounted ironing board can be fold up to...

Why Did We Like It?

The main USP of this product is the four-shelved cabinet storage, which sets it apart from most other options on our list. You can store your essentials in it and free up a lot of space in the room. It also features a dressing mirror, which makes it easier for you to put on your makeup and adds a bit of character to the room. 

Moving on, the ironing board is foldable, so you can fold it up when not in use and save space. It features a cotton fabric with liner and air holes to ensure your clothes don’t get damaged while ironing. 

The pre-drilled holes behind the cabinet deserve mention as they allow the cabinet to hang firmly and eliminate the hassle of installation. Understandably, it is one of the best ironing boards currently available on the market. 

41H2qUBJn0L. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only issue we found with this product is that the ironing board is a bit too small. As such, it is suitable for occasional touch-ups but not for ironing long pants or big clothes. We also didn’t find any information related to the warranty.    

  • Doesn’t require installation
  • Comes with a reasonable price tag
  • Adds to the aesthetic appeal of the room
  • Helps save space
  • Ironing board is a bit small

5. Hafele Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Hafele was founded in 1923 in Germany and is one of the leading fitting and hardware systems manufacturers. We thought of introducing you to the Wall Mounted Ironing Board from the brand, as this foldable and durable product is meant for those who have a compact laundry room.  

Wall-Mounted Ironing Board
  • Easily mounts to your wall
  • Board measures 37-3/8'' L x 11-7/8'' W

Why Did We Like It?

For us, the key highlight of the product is the build quality, as it is made using steel and epoxy coating, which makes it incredibly durable. You can rest assured that the wall mounted ironing board will last a long time without any hiccups. 

We also liked how easily it mounts to the wall. And having used it ourselves, we can assure you that you will be able to assemble it within a few minutes; just be sure to go through the instructions. 

The product easily swivels right and left and locks in place, meaning you will be able to iron your clothes from any position. Apart from that, it comes with an ironing board cover, which helps make ironing easier and enables the easy transfer of steam and heat from the iron to your clothes. 

It is one of the highest-rated wall mounted boards that any user can hope to get their hands on.   

What Could’ve Been Better?

We must mention that it is a relatively small ironing board, just like our previous pick, and it is not ideal for ironing long clothes. Other than that, it sports a steep price tag and might not be a great choice for those on a modest budget. But given its quality, we would recommend going for it.   

  • Has a sturdy construction
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for small laundry rooms
  • Can be moved and locked in the desired position
  • Tad expensive

6. Duwee Ironing Board

We are halfway through this list, and now it is time to take a look at this quality unit from Duwee. Durably built to ensure longevity and stable ironing, this product can easily deliver the desired performance, so keep reading to know more about it. 

Duwee 14"x38" Wall Mounted and Door Mounted Ironing Board...
  • Mesh top: 14”x38” ironing area, Mesh top for steam to go...
  • Space Saver: It is foldable,you can fold it up after...

Why Did We Like It?

There are quite a few things that we loved about the product. For starters, the mesh top design ensures that the steam travels easily from the iron into your clothes and allows proper heat dissipation. Thus, you can expect to have wrinkle-free clothes every time you use this product.

We were quite happy to find out that it comes with double safety locks, which ensure that the iron board doesn’t fold when ironing and locks securely to ensure safety. Besides, it is designed with a stretch system and two cord binders that allow the ironing surface to remain tight for a better and smoother ironing experience. 

Sounds interesting? Well, it doesn’t just stop there.

One of the best things about this ironing board is that it doesn’t require assembly; you can simply screw it into a wooden door and start ironing within minutes. It also sports a budget-friendly price tag, making it an instant hit among buyers on a humble budget.    

41Il7fZ7vmL. SL500 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Without a doubt, this board from Duwee is one of the best in the business, especially considering its economical price tag and pragmatic features. However, we must admit that the screws that came with the product were not of good quality, so use other screws if possible.   

  • Doesn’t require assembly
  • Sports an affordable price tag
  • Offers a smooth ironing experience
  • Safe to use
  • Comes with poor quality screws

7. SEI Furniture Wall Mount Fold Ironing Center

Next, we have selected this sturdy model from the house of SEI Furniture, which is an excellent option if you are looking for a slightly unconventional product. We call it unconventional because you get a hanging cabinet with the ironing board. Users from across the globe have spoken highly of his model, so let’s dig a little deeper.  

SEI Furniture Wall Mount Fold Ironing Center, White
  • Ironing board easily folds out and back away for convenience
  • 2 Hooks on the back side of the door make it easy to hang...

Why Did We Like It?

The best thing about this product is that it comes fully assembled, which means you won’t need to go through the hassle of putting it together. You just need to mount it on the wall to be able to use it. 

Its cabinet is made of MDF, making it incredibly sturdy and long-lasting, so you can expect this product to last a long time. Additionally, it features three storage shelves, enabling you to store your iron and supplies, such as lint brushes, scissors, and sewing kits. This ensures that you can locate everything in one place.

As far as the built-in ironing board is concerned, the ironing board folds and opens easily, thanks to its straightforward design. When it is open, its expanded portion is supported by a leg underneath the board, ensuring better balance and stability when ironing.

Lastly, it is backed by a one-year warranty, meaning if you find any part defective, you can contact the brand to have it replaced without incurring additional expenses.       

41l1HpSqzyL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

During our usage, we noticed a couple of issues with this product. The height of the ironing board is not adjustable, which could be a major inconvenience to some users, and we feel that it could also have been a bit longer. 

  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Sports a durable construction
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Offers balanced and stable ironing
  • Height of the ironing board can’t be adjusted

8. Ivation Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet

This Ivation model is another great choice if you are looking for a cabinet with a built-in ironing board. Users from across the country have spoken highly of this model because of its affordable price point and range of convenient features. So, let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?  

Ivation Wall-Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet, Foldable Ironing...
  • FREE WRINKLES, RECLAIM YOUR SPACE! | Foldaway Ironing Board...
  • COMPACT WALL-MOUNTED DESIGN | Station Folds Up & Down,...

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, this product comes with an optional mounting bracket for enhanced stability in hectic households. Simply mount it on the wall, get rid of your heavy ironing board, and save your laundry space. 

It also features a built-in clamp that keeps the ironing board intact when folded back, thereby offering a functional and safer experience.

Speaking of the ironing board, it is ideal for shaping complex outfits, smoothing wrinkles, and setting collars. It comes with a cotton cover that offers enhanced ironing action and protects against pigment transfer. And the best part? It is totally safe to clean in the washing machine, which is truly a bonus if you ask us.  

We were quite impressed with the versatile and sleek design of the cabinet, as it helps add a touch of class to your decor. Overall, it is a nifty ironing board cabinet that you should definitely check out. 

41d4e0JgKmL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

A few disgruntled customers have pointed out that the mirror and the clothing hooks were missing from the product. Some have also expressed their disappointment over the build quality and durability of the product. So, make sure you keep these things in mind if you at all decide to go with the product.  

  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Sports a visually appealing design
  • Has an easy installation
  • Safe to clean
  • Poor build quality

9. Nisorpa Wall Mounted Iron Board

Let us introduce you to the Wall Mounted Iron Board from Nisorpa. This model could be a great solution for hallways, kitchens, walk-in wardrobes, utility rooms, compact apartments, and anywhere that requires you to save space. Plus, it also ranks in terms of functionality and durability. Keep reading to know more. 

Nisorpa Wall Mounted Ironing Board 37" x 13" Fold Away 180°...
  • 【Easy Installation】Nisorpa Wall Mounted Ironing Board...
  • 【Space Saving】Nisorpa Ironing Board can be installed on...

Why Did We Like It?

First things first, this wall mounted ironing board can be set up easily. It comes with a wall mounting metal plate out of the box that can be easily screwed behind the door or on the wall. Thus, you needn’t spend hours setting it up, even if your DIY skills are not great. 

Another thing that we liked about it is that it is foldable, meaning once you are done ironing, you can fold it up and save space. Now, users worried about its flexibility would breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it has a swivel range of 180°. You can lock it in an inclined, right or left position as required.    

Moving on, the ironing board cover is washable, so you can throw it in your washing machine and ensure that it is always clean. Lastly, it is backed by a guarantee, meaning you can have it replaced if it arrives faulty.   

What Could’ve Been Better?

We wish that the board was a bit wider, then it would have been possible to iron large clothes without moving them over the ironing surface too much. But overall, we were pretty happy with what it had to offer.   

  • Comes with a guarantee
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Can be folded for saving space
  • Ironing board cover can be washed
  • Small ironing board

10. Uyoyous Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Now that we are almost near the end of this list, here is another quality product that you should consider. The Uyoyous Wall Mounted Ironing Board is a great choice if you are looking for a reasonably priced option that can offer reliable performance for years to come.  

Heavy Duty Ironing Board 37"x13" Extreme Stability Wall...
  • Premium Space Saving Ironing Board - uyoyous ironing board...
  • Thick ironing board cover -- Extra thick cotton ironing...

Why Did We Like It?

There used to be a time when ironing used to be one of the most dreaded chores because of the lack of flexibility. But that is simply not the case with this product, as it can be rotated 180° horizontally, ensuring free adjustment of the position and angle of ironing. 

It is also easy to store; thanks to its double folding design, it takes half the space of a conventional ironing board. Beyond that, it is worth noting that the product can be installed easily. You will be pleased to know that it comes with mounted screws out of the box. Thus, you won’t need to visit your local hardware store to buy screws to install it.

Thanks to the steel construction, the product is durable and can last for decades without any issues whatsoever. And lastly, we must mention that it is available at a reasonable price that is not heavy on the wallet.

31PATwGT6VL. SL500   

What Could’ve Been Better?

We didn’t find any information related to the warranty offered by the brand, so we can’t confirm if the manufacturer will replace it if you receive a faulty piece. Also, during our usage, we found that the ironing board is not well supported; the manufacturer could have provided a built-in leg. 

  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Allows a lot of flexibility when ironing
  • Sports a durable construction
  • Quick installation
  • Not well supported

11. Organizedlife Wall Mount Ironing Board Cabinet

Anyone searching this list for a fairly priced and dependable wall mount ironing board cabinet can’t go wrong by choosing this model from Organizedlife. Easy to set up and known for saving space, this product ensures that you can meet the basic ironing needs with efficiency and ease. Want to know more? Then keep reading.  

Organizedlife Wall Mounted Ironing Board with Storage...
  • Space Saver Ironing Board Cabinet:Compact wall mount...
  • Secure Ironing Board:This ironing board wall mount cabinet...

Why Did We Like It?

We are pleased to inform you that this product lives up to our expectations in pretty much all aspects. It comes with a support stand, making the ironing board sturdy when dropped down for use and offering you a stable and smooth ironing experience. Naturally, this gives it an edge over other ironing boards that don’t feature a support stand.

It comes with the necessary mounting hardware and instructions that make the installation fairly simple. And the best part? You do not need to assemble it, just follow the instructions, and you can mount it in less than no time. 

Now, as far as the cabinet is concerned, we must admit there is a lot of space inside it. You can store your iron and other essentials in it. Also, there are two clothing hooks on the door, so you can use them as a garment bar as well.    

51 RJtUBoTL. SL500   

What Could’ve Been Better?

Some customers had complained that the mirror on the cabinet was broken when the product arrived. This means that the packaging material used for such products was not strong enough, which caused the damage. So, check every corner of the product to ensure it is in proper condition after it reaches you.   

  • Has a reasonable price tag
  • Spacious cabinet
  • Super-easy installation
  • Can help meet the basic ironing needs
  • Poor packaging material

12. Hide-Away Ironing Board

For over 35 years, Hide-Away has been dedicated to providing innovative and practical products to us. And this ironing board from the brand is no exception. It, in fact, is a notch above many options on our list. So, what is so special about it? Let us find out.   

New Hide Away Sup400 Oak Built In Recessed Wooden Supreme...

Why Did We Like It?

If you are in search of an ironing board that has a rustic or shabby chic vibe, then this model could be your best bet. 

The cabinet door of this product is entirely made of oak, which makes it durable and adds a bit of class and aesthetic appeal to your decor. In fact, we highly doubt that guests will even realize that there is an ironing board inside it.

Like many other products with built-in cabinets on our list, this one comes pre-assembled, so you are only left with the installation. Additionally, the cabinet features a decently-sized shelf and a garment hook behind the door, which makes it a nifty storage space for your essentials and one or two garments.

Since it is unfinished, you can paint it with your favorite color to match the decor of the room. Talking about the ironing board, it swivels 180° and feels sturdy. Safe to say, it is an investment you won’t regret making.    

31YJwvb7utL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

We could not find any downside to this product except for its steep price tag. If you are on a modest budget, you might want to consider some other options. But if you can shell out the dough and get this product, we assure you that it won’t disappoint. 

  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room
  • Cabinet is quite spacious
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Sturdy ironing board
  • Not affordable for regular users

Photo of cheerful black housewife does housework at home during weekend, irons clothes on ironing board, looks joyfully aside. Lovely dark skinned wife irons husbands shirt who is going on work

Wall Mounted Ironing Board Buying Guide

We believe by now you have gone through our top 12 recommendations for wall mounted ironing boards. So, are you able to make a decision? Well, something tells us you are a bit confused and unsure what factors to look for to purchase the right product for yourself. 

Not to worry, we have written this buyer’s guide, explaining some of the most crucial points to keep in mind while making the purchase.

1. Build Quality

Build quality is one of the essential factors you should consider when buying an ironing board. Make sure you know the type of material that has been used to make the board, as it often determines the durability and longevity of the board. 

Some commonly used materials are steel, MDF, and solid wood; they are all durable and can last a long time. Therefore, choose a board that uses either one of these materials to ensure durability.  

2. Board Cover

When purchasing an iron board, make sure that it features a quality board cover that won’t need to be replaced down the road. Additionally, a quality cover will allow a smooth transfer of steam and heat from the machine into your clothes to easily smoothen out the pesky wrinkles. The finest covers are also colorfast, meaning they won’t transfer color to your garments when ironed. 

Apart from that, we would suggest going with a unit that comes with a washable cover, so that you can clean it using a washing machine when it gets dirty

3. Mounting Material Quality 

You would want the mounting material to be sturdy so that it can support the ironing board and the weight you put on while ironing clothes. If the material is weak, it is not going to last long, and you will have to replace it soon. 

So, make sure you choose a mounting plate made of steel or wood rather than less durable material such as plastic.   

4. Installation 

Ironing boards from prominent brands always come with clear installation instructions and the required mounting hardware, such as wall studs, mounting brackets, and reinforced boards. It is your job to confirm the materials in the package before you go ahead and place the order.

If the unit doesn’t come with installation instructions, chances are you will be struggling with the installation, and you might end up hiring a professional to do it. Additionally, if the product doesn’t come with the necessary mounting hardware, you will have to incur additional expenses to purchase the items that are missing. 

5. Board Size

Ironing boards are available in a variety of sizes. Make sure that you select a size that helps meet your ironing needs. While some units are wider than others, some of them are shorter. If you mostly iron longer garments, select a larger ironing board because it will enable you to iron the clothes quickly without moving them over the ironing surface excessively.

On the other hand, if you iron small garments regularly, a small ironing board, like the one from Nisorpa, will do the job just fine.  

6. Type Of Board

There are mainly two kinds of mounted ironing boards: ones that feature built-in cabinets and ordinary ones. As far as the former is concerned, the ironing board remains inside the cabinet. This results in a classy fitting where the board remains hidden. 

Talking about the ordinary ones, they come with mounting hardware and are similarly installed on the wall. They, however, need a smaller cut-out than the cabinet-based ones. The board is meant to fold up against the wall, taking less room.

7. Price

In general, ironing boards are reasonably priced. An economically-priced model might not necessarily mean that it is of inferior quality; it could be that it has fewer features than a model that is a tad expensive. 

On the other hand, higher-priced models have more features and sport intricate designs. Ironing boards made using wood and steel are also more expensive than those made using plastic. We suggest that you keep these factors in mind and make a decision accordingly.      

Wall Mounted Ironing Board Frequently Asked Questions ?

In this section, we have tried answering some of the most commonly asked questions about ironing boards to help clear your queries and doubts. We strongly recommend going through this part carefully. 

What is the best place to install a wall mounted ironing board ?

The ideal place is generally the laundry room door or the bedroom. However, since these ironing boards need to be mounted on the wall, you can install them in any room you like. 

Would you require help to install ironing boards on the wall ?

Well, it depends. You might not need assistance to install the board itself, but if the location of the ironing board demands the installation of an outlet, you’ll have to call an electrician.

Also, if the ironing board is a bit on the heavier side, you might fancy a helping hand. Some products could weigh up to 30 or 40 pounds, particularly those with cabinets. Lifting such heavy models on your own might not be good for your back. Hence, if possible, seek help while installing a cabinet-based wall mounted board.

How do you clean the ironing boards ?

If your wall mounted ironing board has anti-corrosive metallic parts, then you can use a damp cloth to wipe them. Otherwise, use a dry cloth. Make sure you wash the board cover as well if it is washing-machine friendly.  

Are steel mesh-top ironing boards better ? 

Yes, they are. In fact, the results from a top-grade steel mesh top are far superior to those made of plastic and compressed wood. This is because steel mesh ensures the smooth flow of heat through the fabrics of your cloth and produces wrinkle-free results.

What is the maximum weight that wall mounted ironing boards can support ?

Well, it varies from model to model. We strongly recommend checking the weight limit before placing the order. While some can hold up to 25 pounds, others hold less. Additionally, it has been found that cabinet-based ironing boards tend to hold more weight than ordinary wall mounted ones because they are supported more sturdily.

You needn’t worry too much about it because they are highly unlikely to break while ironing regular clothes, regardless of the type of model. Just make sure you don’t apply too much pressure on it.    

Are wall mounted ironing boards safe to use ?

Yes, they are. Today, most ironing boards come with double safety locks, which ensure that the iron board doesn’t fold when ironing and ensure safety. 

Do you need to make additional purchases while buying an ironing board ?

If your product comes with all the necessary installation and mounting hardware, then you won’t have to make any additional purchases. However, if it doesn’t or comes with poor quality hardware, you will have to make a few purchases, which could include the mounting brackets, wall studs, screws, etc.    

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards 2


It has been an exciting ride, and hopefully, now you are ready to choose the right product for yourself. But before we sign off, we would like to let you in on our favorite picks from the list to make matters a notch easier for you.  

According to us, the ironing Board from Xabitat is the best overall, simply because it sports a durable construction and has an affordable price tag. The board from Ivation is also a great choice because it truly boasts a space-saving design and comes with an ironing board cover.

However, if you are in search of a product that offers a hassle-free installation, we strongly recommend going with the model from Superior Essentials

It is time for us to wrap it up. Until next time, bye!

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7 Best Shoes for Mowing the Lawn Comfortably | Buyer’s Guide

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