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7 Best Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner | Reviews + Guide

The LG 11,500 BTU through-the-wall air conditioner edges over the others because it cools a room quicker, thanks to the turbo fan and dehumidifier. Options from Koldfront and Whirlpool are also dependable because of their multiple fan speeds.

Best Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner

Rising temperatures and high humidity levels make summers unbearable, and without an air conditioner, keeping yourself cool in the heatwave is nearly impossible. Now choosing an air conditioner may seem easy, but believe me, it isn’t because of the numerous factors that need to be considered.

To save you from the hassle, I’ve put together a list of the 7 best through-the-wall air conditioners.

Best Through-The-Wall Air Conditioning Units

Here is the list of the 7 best through-the-wall air conditioners that you can use to comfortably cool your living space.

1. LG Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner - Best With 3 Cooling Speeds

LG 11,800 BTU Through the Wall Air Conditioner, 115V, Cools...
  • Energy Efficient R-32 Refrigerant: With an energy efficiency...
  • Wall Mounted AC Unit: This 11,800 BTU ac wall unit is suited...

This LG 11,500 BTU air conditioner is sturdily built and weighs around 80 pounds. Upon unboxing, I found the brand sends all accessories one would need to install this unit– AC power plugs and sockets, a mesh filter, and a trim kit. The box also contained a remote control, an installation instruction manual, and a 1-year warranty card. 

After skimming through the instructions, I started the installation – preparing the wall sleeve, inserting the unit, and attaching the ground wire. In less than 60 minutes, the air conditioner was ready for use, so installation won’t be much of a chore if you’re into DIYs. 

Like installation, maintenance is also easy-peasy– simply wash the filter occasionally to ensure the unit functions efficiently. 

Moving on, this AC unit has a cooling power of 11,500 BTU, so it works well in rooms up to 530 square feet. Further, this through-the-wall air conditioner is equipped with a turbo fan, which is why it cools a room within 30 minutes. 

What I liked about this air conditioning unit is that it allows users to customize the cooling experience, thanks to the 3 cooling speeds. And like most window air conditioners, this unit also features 3 pre-programmed timers that add to the user’s convenience. 

Settings can be tweaked either by using the digital control panel or the remote control supplied in the package. Outfitted with a zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) R-32 refrigerant, this in-wall air conditioner has a combined energy efficiency rating of 10.6. Likewise, its seasonal energy efficiency ratio is 13, which is decent. 

Though not an Energy Star-certified unit, it still comes with an energy saver mode to reduce electricity consumption. 

This air conditioning unit can be used as a dehumidifier in spaces with high humidity, as its dry mode reduces moisture levels well. Moreover, its auto restart feature is a thoughtful addition by the brand, because of which the unit restarts itself automatically after a power outage. 

Cooling Power: 11,500 British Thermal Units | Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 13 | Floor Area: 530 Square Feet | Volts: 115 Volts

2. Koldfront Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner - Best With 4-Way Air Directional Louvers

Koldfront WTC8001W 8,000 BTU Through the Wall Air...
  • 8,000 BTU cooling - 890 W/7.8A; 4,200 BTU heating -...
  • 300-350 sq. ft. coverage area; Remote control included; 2...

Lighter than the LG air conditioner, the Koldfront through-the-wall unit is usable all year round, even in cold weather because of its heating capabilities. Alongside 8,000 BTU of cooling power, this air conditioning unit comes with 4,000 BTU heating capacity. 

Weighing around 66.6 pounds, this through-the-wall air conditioner boasts a lightweight design. And since it’s finished in white, it blends well with modern and traditional decor, adding elegance to the space. 

On the front, it has a digital control panel in the top-right corner, next to which are air louvers. And beneath the two sits lie the air filter, which is easy to maintain, as you can wash it yourself. 

Similar to other wall AC units, the digital panel features buttons for most settings. Besides the power on/off button, it has the sleep mode, energy saver, and fan speed button. Even the temperature can be increased or decreased via the control panel, while the backlight in the digital panel makes it easy to see the temperature in the dark. 

While testing the remote control, I found it was quite intuitive and responded quickly to the user’s command. I pressed the sleep button from the bed, and the AC immediately switched to sleep mode. What’s even better is that it can be used from any corner of a 350 square feet room. 

What sets it apart from other wall-mounted air conditioners is its air louvers, which can be adjusted in 4 directions. Now speaking of the performance, this wall-mounted air conditioner cools small to medium-sized rooms efficiently. Thanks, to the 3 fan speeds, you can create a cozy and comfortable space by adjusting the fan setting. 

Plus, installing this unit isn’t troublesome if you already have sleeved installed on the walls. However, if the sleeves aren’t installed, make sure you order them because the brand doesn’t supply them. Not to forget, this air conditioning unit is sold in 4 sizes, so pick accordingly.

Cooling Power: 8,000 British Thermal Units | Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 9.6 | Floor Area: 350 Square Feet | Volts: 115 Volts

3. Whirlpool Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner - Best Air Conditioning Unit With Heating Feature

Whirlpool WHAT101-HAW 10,000 230V Wall Air Conditioner and...
  • EXCEPTIONAL COOLING AND HEATING: This powerful through the...
  • COOLING AND HEATING FLEXIBILITY: With 8-way directional...

This air conditioner has made its way onto my list because it serves as a cooling and electric heating system. Boasting a cooling capacity of 10,000 BTU, this packaged terminal air conditioner is suitable for a space of 450 square feet. Bedroom, living room, or dining room– you can install this unit anywhere you want. 

Even the heating capacity of this wall air conditioner is 10,000 BTU. In overly cold climates, it can be used as a supplemental heating solution. 

Like most air conditioners, this unit by Whirlpool allows users to improve indoor comfort, thanks to the 3 cooling fan speeds. Between high, medium, and low, you can adjust to whichever setting you feel is best to lower the temperature of the indoor air. 

On this unit, there are 4 adjustable modes– auto, fan, dry, and cool mode. Switching to cool mode will cool a room, whereas the fan mode circulates air throughout the space. 

Setting the AC to dry mode reduces moisture levels in a space, so it can be installed in your basement too. Meanwhile, the air conditioner sets the temperature by detecting the room temperature if switched to auto mode. 

The customization options are further completed by an integrated, 24-hour programmable timer, which helps users manage the active time of their unit. Although onboard electronic controls are easy to use, it comes with a remote control, which adds to the convenience.

This Energy Star-certified AC has a SEER of 9.7 and lowers energy consumption if switched to eco or sleep mode. Both modes ensure you have a comfortable sleeping experience while saving on electricity bills. 

I must also mention its louvers can be adjusted in 8 directions. 

Cooling Power: 10,000 British Thermal Units | Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 9.7 | Floor Area: 450 Square Feet | Volts: 230 Volts

4. Koldfront Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner - Best UL-Certified Air Conditioning Unit

Koldfront WTC14001WSLV 14000 BTU 208/230V Through the Wall...
  • Cooling and Heating: Offers 14,000 BTU cooling and 10,600...
  • Fan Speeds and Operation Modes: Features three fan speeds...

Although the Koldfront 8,000 BTU air conditioner ticked off all the boxes, including efficiency and longevity, it couldn’t be used in large spaces because of its cooling capacity. 

So, when it was time to install an air conditioner in my living room, I ordered this 14,000 BTU air conditioner from Koldfront. Right out of the box, I liked the compact design of this unit, although it’s slightly heavier than the 8,000 units. 

Thanks to the white coating, it adds a touch of class to whichever space you install it in. 

On the front part are the air filter, air louvers, and a digital control panel. Starting with air louvers, they can be adjusted manually without a remote control to whichever direction you want the air to flow. Next is the digital panel that is equipped with buttons for almost all settings, from the power button to the mode button. 

Like most through-the-wall air conditioners, I found that taking off the filter and removing dirt, pet dander, and other impurities was quite easy. All you need is a mild detergent and lukewarm water to clean the filter, and that’s it! Therefore, cleaning the filter isn’t a time-consuming task. 

While the settings can be adjusted via the control panel, the supplied remote control makes it easy for users to control the unit without having to get up. Even when the room is dimly lit, you can increase the temperature or switch between modes easily using the remote control, thanks to the backlight in the LCD.  

Instead of ozone-depleting refrigerant, it features R-410A refrigerant, which doesn’t contain chlorine or bromine. So, this AC won’t contribute as much to environmental damage as other air conditioners. 

With a cooling capacity of 10,000 BTU, it has a heating capacity of 10,600. Therefore, it can be used as a supplemental heating solution during cold winter months. That isn’t all; it works as a dehumidifier too. 

Koldfront air conditioners are usually integrated with energy saver mode and sleep mode, and this unit is no exception. That means it keeps you cozy without increasing your electricity bills. 

And if safety is your top priority, you’ll be pleased to learn that this wall-mounted air conditioner is UL-certified.

Cooling Power: 14,000 British Thermal Units | Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 9.3 | Floor Area: 700 Square Feet | Volts: 230 Volts

5. AMANA Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner - Best High Energy Efficiency Unit

AMANA 12,000 BTU Thru-Wall Air Conditioner w/Electric Heat
  • This listing consist of the Amana 12,000 BTU Mini PTAC Air...
  • This unit comes with a 5-year parts limited warranty and a...

The AMANA through-the-wall air conditioner caught my attention because of its unique design. 

Boasting a compact body, this wall-mounted air conditioner is slightly slanted at the top, where the air louvers and the control panel sit. While the air louvers supply cool air to the room, the control panel allows users to make adjustments as per their preferences. On the front rests the air filter that purifies indoor air by trapping all kinds of impurities.

Sporting a white profile, this AC seamlessly blends with all kinds of decors and adds charm to the space because of its vintage design. 

This AC, however, hasn’t earned a spot on my list only because of its aesthetics. Even when it comes to functionality, this unit lived up to its claims. 

Where most wall and window air conditioners are integrated with 3 modes, this wall-mounted air conditioner has 4 modes– fan, energy saver, cool and heat mode. 

Setting the unit to the cool mode will cool a space of 550 square feet well, whereas the fan mode will only circulate air within a space. While the cool mode cools a room, the heating function makes the space snug in winter. Therefore, it’s among those few air conditioners that are usable throughout the year.  

Designed to save power, the energy saver feature is further supplemented by sleep mode. Energy saver mode only saves power, but the sleep mode adjusts the humidity and temperature while reducing energy consumption for a comfortable sleeping experience. 

What separates it from other through-the-wall air conditioners is its high SEER of 14.00.  

Quite similar to other air conditioners, this air conditioner comes with 3 fan speeds. Once the room is cooled at high speed, you can switch to medium or low speed to maintain the temperature. 

AMANA has designed the unit to be user-friendly, and the addition of the remote control testifies to that. Much like the control panel, the remote control has buttons to adjust each and every setting. Not only can you turn the wall air conditioner on/off, but you can also switch modes and fan speeds from a distance with ease. 

Last but not least, it’s covered with a limited 1-year warranty. 

Cooling Power: 12,000 British Thermal Units | Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 14 | Floor Area: 550 Square Feet | Volts: 120 Volts

6. Friedrich WallMaster Smart Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner - Best With Integrated Wi-Fi Unit

Slightly different from other through-the-wall air conditioners in design, the Friedrich WallMaster Smart Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner is built to last for years to come. Thanks to the impact-resistant front cover, this wall air conditioner won’t get damaged easily. 

Relying on R-410A refrigerant, this air conditioner is integrated with almost all features found in other air conditioning units. Like, its fan speed can be customized between low, medium, and high. Furthermore, a 24-hour timer makes it easy to set the number of hours you want the device to operate. 

But it differs from others in regard to the air louvers– they can be adjusted individually in the direction where the cold air is needed. It also comes with a smart fan to auto-adjust the fan speed in order to maintain a consistent temperature. 

Besides the control panel, this wall-mounted air conditioner can be controlled in 2 ways– the remote control and your smartphone. 

As it’s a Wi-Fi-integrated unit, you can control it via the FriedrichConnect mobile app. Download it, pair the unit, and tweak the settings via voice commands. What’s even better is you can invite other family members to manage the unit, so whoever uses it can adjust it as needed. 

Adding to the ease of use is the check filter reminder, as the filter light illuminates every time the filter gets dirty. So, whenever the light blinks, remove the filter and wash it to clean the impurities from it.  

Much like other WallMaster models by the brand, this wall-mounted air conditioner is engineered with Quietmaster technology, so it’s quieter than most other units I’ve tried to date. In addition, this vibration-isolating unit comes with dense blower insulation that blocks outdoor noise from entering the space. 

The environmental impact of this AC is relatively lower than the traditional wall air conditioners, and its Energy Star certificate testifies to the same. 

Since this wall air conditioner mounts flush to the exterior wall, installing it yourself would be dangerous. Novices shouldn’t try to install the AC themselves because even the slightest mistake can damage the unit. 

All in all, this wall air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 15,400 BTU is a reliable option for spaces up to 700 square feet. 

Cooling Power: 15,400 British Thermal Units | Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 9.4 | Floor Area: 700 Square Feet | Volts: 230 Volts

7. Impecca Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner - Best Dripless Technology Unit

Impecca 230V Electronic Controlled Through The Wall Air...
  • Enjoy comfortable noise levels with our preferred units'...
  • LED display clean filter indicator 24 hour timer

Engineered with dripless technology, the Impecca wall air conditioner is one of the most low-maintenance units on my list. That’s because it evaporates and expels moisture from the exhaust hose or duct (flow), just like portable air conditioners. 

At first glance, this wall air conditioner appeared to be a unit from the nineties; even the remote control is slightly different compared to the present-day devices. People who want to add a classic touch to their interior decor should consider adding this air conditioner to their room because of its vintage design. 

This 14,000 BTU through-the-wall air conditioner, with the help of energy-efficient technology, cools a room of 700 square feet quickly and efficiently. 

Whether you’re sitting on the extreme left or right, its 4-way air louvers can direct the airflow to wherever you set it– up, down, left, or right. Auto, cool and dry– this through-the-wall air conditioner offers 3 cooling modes

Even the fan speed is customizable, as you can choose between auto, low, medium, and high. 

Moving forward, a control panel is equipped on the anterior of this wall air conditioner towards the top-right corner. It contains buttons for, more or less, every setting. Like, you can switch modes, and fan speeds, increase or decrease temperature and adjust other settings with the touch of a button. 

There’s even a check filter indicator on the panel so that you can keep tabs on it and clean the filter when needed. Upon switching to the energy saver and sleep mode, this air conditioner consumes less energy without compromising on the cooling experience. 

As you’d expect, the package includes a remote control to modify the settings from a distance. 

Programming the unit to turn on/off at a certain time is also possible with this wall air conditioner because of the 24-hour programmable timer. And if there’s a power outage, the unit restarts automatically when power is restored. So, if that happens at night, you won’t wake up drenched in sweat, as the unit will restart itself once the power is restored. 

Though equipped with a powerful compressor, it is a reasonably quiet unit. Meaning it doesn’t produce a loud noise while running, which is impressive.

Cooling Power: 14,000 British Thermal Units | Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 13 | Floor Area: 750 Square Feet | Volts: 230 Volts

Quick Comparison Of Through-The-Wall ACs

Through-the-Wall ACsCooling PowerSEERFloor AreaVoltages
LG Through-The-Wall AC11,500 BTU13530 sq. ft.115V
Koldfront 8,000 BTU Through-The-Wall AC8,000 BTU9.6350 sq. ft.115V
Frigidaire Through-The-Wall AC12,000 BTU11550 sq. ft.230V
Whirlpool Through-The-Wall AC10,000 BTU9.7450 sq. ft.230V
Emerson Quiet Kool Smart Through-The-Wall AC10,000 BTU10.7450 sq. ft.115V
Koldfront 14,000 BTU Through-The-Wall AC14,000 BTU9.3700 sq. ft.230V
AMANA Through-The-Wall AC12,000 BTU14550 sq. ft.120V
Friedrich WallMaster Smart Through-The-Wall AC15,400 BTU9.4700 sq. ft.230V
Impecca Through-The-Wall AC14,000 BTU13750 sq. ft.230V

Buying Guide For The Best Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner

Learning about the best through-the-wall air conditioners certainly helps individuals shortlist those that would be a worthy addition to their space. However, deciding which one to order from among them on the basis of pros and cons isn’t simply enough knowledge. 

There are quite a few factors that individuals need to take into account when ordering an air conditioner for their residential or commercial space. In this section, I’ll walk you through some important factors which, if kept in mind, can help you make a sound decision. 

Without further ado, let’s check them out!

Cooling Capacity

So, among all factors, what’s most important is the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. 

Now, the cooling capacity of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). Basically, this tells you the amount of heat the air conditioner can eliminate from the indoor air. Taking that into account, the higher the BTUs, the more efficiently the unit will cool the room. 

Through-the-wall air conditioners are supplied in varying cooling capacities, from 8,000 BTUs to 15,000 BTUs. Figuring out which unit out of them will cool your space efficiently is slightly tricky, especially if you’re using an AC for the first time. 

However, I’ll simplify it for you: measure the square feet of the space where you intend and multiply it by 20. The answer you get by multiplying the square feet by 20 is the number of BTUs you need to lower the temperature of the room. 

Anyone who isn’t confident in their mathematical skills can search for BTU calculators and use them to ascertain which air conditioner you should go for. 

Remember, a unit with too high a cooling capacity will cool a space quickly without any dehumidification, whereas one with a low cooling capacity will not cool it at all. So, measure the space properly before you order a unit for your space. 

Efficient Energy Use Or Energy Efficiency

For homeowners, energy conservation is a priority; you must always look for through-the-wall air conditioners that are energy efficient. 

Keep in mind not all units available on the market are energy efficient, so you need to be careful when shopping for one. Almost all units come with an energy efficiency rating (EER), which gives users a picture of how much energy the wall air conditioner is likely to consume while running. 

Generally, the energy consumption is affected by the cooling capacity of the unit. Therefore, the higher the cooling capacity, the more electricity the unit will consume. Like, a wall air conditioner of 18,000 BTUs will require a lot more energy than wall air conditioners with an 8,000 BTU capacity. 

One of the easiest ways to ascertain energy efficiency is to divide the watt of the units by their BTUs. You can do this for all kinds of units– be it through the wall or window air conditioners. 

As a rule of thumb: the higher the energy efficiency rating, the less energy the air conditioners use. 

Almost all through-the-wall air conditioners have an energy efficiency rating between 9 and 11, with a few scoring as high as 14. Definitely, the wall air conditioners with a high EER will cost more than those with a low EER. But that’s a one-time cost, and you’ll save a considerable chunk every year on utility bills. 

Along with the EER, don’t forget to check the Energy Star rating to see if it’s certified for energy efficiency. Although there are options with 1 or 2 stars, going for a unit with a 5 Energy Star rating will be the best bet. 

Energy Star-rated wall air conditioners consume about 15% to 30% less energy than units that aren’t certified. Hence, opting for an Energy Star-rated unit will be a wise decision. 

Noise Level

Much like a window air conditioner, a through-the-wall air conditioner is equipped with a compressor and an air handler. The former generates cold air, while the latter blows it into the room with the help of a large fan. 

Because of this dual design, through-the-wall air conditioners are noisier than central air conditioners, whose air handler is hidden in the attic, and the compressor is outside. 

Unlike a central air conditioner, a through-the-wall air conditioner is installed in a room where individuals work, relax or sleep. Therefore, going for a wall air conditioner whose noise output is low will create a comfortable environment. 

Most through-the-wall air conditioners produce about 61 dB of noise while running, whereas some models produce as low as 50 dB even at the highest settings. Furthermore, a few brands engineer their wall air conditioners with Quietsmart technology, further dampening noise. 

If you’re among those who like working in a quiet space, don’t forget to check the noise output of the wall air conditioner at both low and high settings. 

Heating Function

A handful of brands integrate their through-the-wall air conditioner with a heating element. 

One of the significant benefits of going for such units is that you need not spend extra money on a heating system. And in places with overly cold climates, these can be used as a supplemental heating solution along with a heater.  

A through-the-wall air conditioner that plugs into a 115-Volt electrical outlet will have a heating capacity of about 5,100 BTUs. Such heating output will warm a space of 144 square feet excellently. 

Meanwhile, through-the-wall air conditioners that rely on a 230-Volt outlet can heat a large space because of their high heating output, i.e., 10,600 BTUs. Precisely, such an air conditioner will heat a 500 square feet space perfectly. 

Note that this heating function is meant to be used in conjunction with a heater or a furnace. 

Therefore, if you reside in a city where the winters are harsh, a through-the-wall air conditioner with a heating function will be an excellent choice. But if you live in places with an idyllic climate all year round, the heating function won’t serve its purpose. In that case, you should go for units with air conditioning technology and save money. 

Input Requirement

The input requirement of a through-the-wall air conditioner is generally indicated in Volts. 

Every household, except for a few, is equipped with a standard electrical outlet of 115 Volts. The majority of air conditioners supplied on the market are compatible with 115-Volt electrical outlets. 

But, air conditioners with a high cooling capacity require a 230-Volt electrical outlet to operate. So, if you decide to go for units of high capacity, you will have to call an electrician for electrical wiring. 


Now, most people don’t pay attention to the installation of the unit, but it’s one of the most important factors that one must consider. 

To begin with, not all wall air conditioners are easy to install because they are too heavy to handle or don’t come with clear instructions to mount the unit. Now, either way, hiring professionals is considered to be a safe solution lest you want your unit to get damaged. 

But often, most units come with detailed instructions and each and every accessory from sleeve to fasteners. Therefore, the installation wouldn’t be a challenge when it comes to such units. 

When ordering an AC, go through customer reviews to learn how easy or difficult it is to install the unit. 


How well you maintain the unit decides the efficiency and longevity of the air conditioner. 

Considering that, no one would want to go for a unit that requires frequent maintenance. Modern-day through-the-wall air conditioners come with washable and reusable filters. So, when they get dirty, you can always take them off, remove dirt and dust by washing them and put it back in place.

Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner FAQs

  • What are the advantages of using a through-the-wall air conditioner over other types of air conditioners?

    There are several advantages of using a through-the-wall air conditioner, and they are as follows:

    1. Better Cooling Capacity

    Compared to window units, through-the-wall air conditioners cool a space better and more efficiently because of higher BTUs. Additionally, they are equipped with large fans, which supply cool air to space quicker than window ACs. 

    2. Does Not Block The View

    Window AC units expel heat from the room via the exhaust hose that passes through the window, thereby blocking the view. 

    Conversely, a through-the-wall air conditioner exhausts humidity or warm air from the space through the hose in the walls. Unlike the window unit, it’s not installed in windows but on walls in a pre-set sleeve. Therefore, through-the-wall air conditioners do not block the view. 

    3. Easy On The Pockets

    When compared to other air conditioners on the market, through-the-wall units are relatively inexpensive. You can even get energy-efficient units with high cooling capacity at an affordable price. Therefore, you won’t have to spend a huge chunk on upgrading to a through-the-wall air conditioner. 

  • How do I properly maintain and clean my through-the-wall air conditioner?

    Maintaining a through-the-wall AC unit is fairly easy. 

    As far as the air filter is concerned, you can wash it with mild soap and lukewarm water to remove all the impurities. Then wipe it with a clean, dry cloth before installing it back in place. 

    To clear the gunk from the evaporator coils, apply mild detergent and water on them and wipe it with a clean cloth. 

    Once in a while, you should wipe the exterior of the cabinet with a slightly wet cloth. Never attempt to clean the entire unit yourself, as you may damage components like the heat pump. Also, schedule a professional once or twice a year for maintenance and routine inspection to ensure components like the capacitor are working fine. 

  • Conclusion

    Through-the-wall air conditioners are cost-effective alternatives to central and window AC units. Because they are mounted on the wall, they do not occupy any floor space, like portable air conditioners. 

    With the 7 best through-the-wall air conditioners at your disposal, have you decided which one to get from Amazon for your home? If not, let me help you decide by sharing my top picks. 

    Without a doubt, the LG Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner takes the crown because of its quick cooling capacity and ability to reduce moisture levels in a space. The Koldfront Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner is a close second because of the 4-way adjustable air louvers, easy-to-clean filters, and 2-year warranty.