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8 Best Wine Refrigerator In 2023 | Reviews + Guide

Age like fine wine – I often heard this quote growing up because, like the best things in life, they say the best wines taste better through time.

Best Wine Refrigerator

Yet, the problem is that some wines age faster than usual because of improper storage and temperature.

The good news is I know how to deal with it, and I want to share it with you by giving you the top eight best wine fridges in 2023.

Read on to get to know each of them, their benefits, and which works best for you!

Best Wine Refrigerators Available Today

Preserving and storing wine is the best way to keep your wine collection's pleasant and rich flavors intact.

The key for wine aficionados like you is to use wine fridges, which can be beneficial for home improvement, too. 

So, I've listed the eight best wine fridges available today to help you on your wine education journey. Let's get started!

1. Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Dual Zone MAX Compressor Wine Cooler - Best Overall

The Wine Enthusiast 32-bottle Dual Zone MAX wine cooler is a $499 product (price at time of publish) designed in the United States that delivers small top and large lower zones to cater to different wine needs and bottle sizes, such as:

  • Champagne bottles in 12-1/4 inches
  • Large California Red in 12-7/8 inches
  • Sparkling wines in 12-1/4 inches
  • Standard Bordeaux in 11-3/4 inches
  • Turley in 11-1/2 inches
  • Typical Pinot Noir in 11-7/8 inches
  • Typical Riesling in 13 inches

Additionally, this wine cooler can hold up to 32 bottles and is equipped with compressor cooling technology to ensure the wines inside are stored in unchanging, consistent temperature zones.

What I liked about this dual zone wine cooler was the molded polystyrene interior liner embedded in this digital touchscreen Wine Enthusiast wine cooler.

This material is known for its durability and helps prevent bacteria and moisture buildup.

However, I agree with some customer feedback that the Wine Enthusiast 32-bottle dual zone MAX wine cooler produces some noise contrary to its 40 DBA rating.

Yet, despite this dip from the full-glass-black-trim wine cooler, it still works well, just as it's marketed.

Capacity: 32 bottles | Shelving style: 4 - Wavy Wire, 1- Fixed, and 1- Wire Bin | Door: 2 glass panes; full glass | Temperature zone: Dual zones | Noise: 40 dBA | Installation: Free-standing | Warranty: 1 year for parts and labor; 3 years sealed system | Dimension: 33.4 inches (height), 19.5 inches (width), 16.9 inches (depth) | Other features: Electronic touch for temp. zones control; Chrome wine shelves for rust-resistant wine holders; Removable shelves for easy wine access

2. Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zones Wine Cellar - Best Value for Money

There's always space for wine collectors' wines with the Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zones Wine Cellar that retails for $1,099 (price at time of publish).

First and foremost, it is undeniable that this wine cellar caters to 70 standard wine bottles, one of its characteristics collectors would love to have.

Aside from that, this dual-zone wine cellar has an adjustable thermostat that ensures stable cellar temperature zones to store wine. With stability in humidity comes the perfect pace at which chilled wines can age.

The Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 is about more than just functionality. It also shows its finesse as it offers natural wood trim details on the shelves, fitting for those who prefer a modern minimalist interior design.

However, I do not like the dramatic blue LED lighting, especially when viewed from the right and left sides, because it does not complement the overall design.

Capacity: 70 bottles | Shelving style: Rolling | Door: Triple pane glass door | Temperature zone: Dual zones | Noise: 39 dBA | Installation: Free-standing | Warranty: 1 year for parts and labor; 3 years sealed system | Dimension: 40.87 inches (height), 23.5 inches (width), 25 inches (depth) | Other features: Rolling shelves; Non-VOC natural wooden shelves; UV protection

3. Ivation 28 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator - Best Budget Option

The innovation in the Ivation 28-bottle compressor wine cooler fridge will surely put wine connoisseurs like you in a good mood for only $339.99 (price at time of publish), thanks to its fully-stacked features.

One of the features that caught my attention is the built-in fan responsible for uniform air circulation, which means stable temperature and preservation of intrinsic wine flavors.

Aside from that, the entire wine cooler is sealed with sturdy materials that prevent spoilage and untimely stoppage of natural aging, such as:

  • UV-resistant dual thermopane glass
  • Smoked door

Moreover, the removable racks are essential to all these features. Although this is not a high-technology characteristic, it holds the following benefits:

  • Easy access to all the stored wines
  • Creates larger space for bigger wine bottles
  • It provides a convenient way to clean racks

However, just like the previous wine fridge, it creates loud noises that can distract a peaceful home. Nevertheless, you can get a good deal from its price and features.

Capacity: 28 | Shelving style: Removable | Door: Double pane door; glass | Temperature zone: Single | Noise: N/A | Installation: Free-standing | Warranty: N/A | Dimension: 33.1 inches (height), 16.9 inches (width), 17.7 inches (depth) | Other features: Soft interior lighting; User-friendly touchscreen controls; Compressor cooler technology

4. EuroCave Premiere S Wine Cellar - Best for Restaurants

Suppose you are looking for a wine cellar that can give security and a modern design in one, regardless of the price. In that case, you can consider the EuroCave Premiere S Wine Cellar as a possible solution.

The Premiere S is armed with a digital control panel with alarms which is an efficient way to track if there are changes in the cellar temperature.

It also offers a sensitive touch button to access the said features, which makes it possess these characteristics:

  • Interactive
  • Convenient
  • User-friendly

Another thing I liked about this wine cellar refrigerator is that it puts security on top with the alarms and the integrated handle and locking system. It even comes with a leather material keyring and two keys.

Aside from security, you can count on the usability of the Premiere S thanks to its detachable cellar lighting system. It is a functional element you can use whenever you want to read the labels or check on the insides of your wine fridge.

However, $2,295.00 for a solid door and $2,495.00 for a glass door with black trim is quite expensive. Yet, its features speak for themselves.

Capacity: 74 bottles | Shelving style: MDS adjustable | Door: Glass | Temperature zone: Single | Noise: 38 dBA | Installation: Free-standing | Warranty: 1 year for parts and labor; 5 years sealed system | Dimension: 38" (height), 27" (width), 27-1/4" (depth) | Other features: Light timber shelves; MDS adjustable shelves; Low emission UV-protected door

5. Wine Enthusiast VinoView 28-Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler - Best for those with Small Collections

If you're the type of wine collector that likes to see the labels even without touching the bottles, the Wine Enthusiast VinoView 28-bottle Compressor wine cooler is a good catch at $399 (price at time of publish).

This free-standing compact wine cooler is equipped with the VinoView design and a PVC-coated steel wire for the shelves, making it sleek, functional, and sturdy.

Moreover, its double pane glass with UV protection makes the VinoView 28-bottle wine fridge an efficient storage system that secures the wines away from ultraviolet rays that can distort the innate characteristics of sparkling, red, and other chilled wines.

It is also equally important to note that it has an adjustable thermostat that can be maneuvered from a temperature range of 39 F to 65 F to balance the humidity.

However, unlike most wine fridges from this list, the Wine Enthusiast VinoView 28-bottle does not have two temperature zones. It could have been a competent feature to make this an all-in-one fridge.

Capacity: 28 bottles | Shelving style: Sliding | Door: Two glass panes; black stainless steel door | Temperature zone: Single | Noise: 39 dBA | Installation: Free-standing | Warranty: 1 year for parts and labor; 3 years sealed system | Dimension: 32.7" (height), 17" (width), 18.9" (depth) | Other features: LED lighting; Molded polystyrene interior liner

6. EuroCave Artevino S Wine Cellar - Best for Serious Wine Collectors

In the long list of wine fridges, it wouldn't be right to exclude the EuroCave Artevino S Wine Cellar, which has notable features, including shelf capacity, temperature range, and others, at the cost of $2,299.

To start, it features a large shelf capacity that can accommodate 98 bottles of different sizes. Aside from that, it is paired with a low shelf profiling, making it more spacious.

It also has an electromechanical temperature regulation that is reliable for keeping the desired temperature for white, sparkling, and other chilled wines.

Yet, the EuroCave Artevino S is streamlined to cater to red wines, which explains why it focuses on a single-zone unit rather than a dual-zone wine fridge.

What I like best is that the design prevents vibrations because the latter can negatively affect the chemistry of the wines. The vibration can even halt the aging and instead proceed to spoil the wine.

Capacity: 94 bottles | Shelving style: Adjustable sliding | Door: Two glass panes; Black glass | Temperature zone: Single | Noise: 37 dBA | Installation: Free-standing | Warranty: 1 year for parts and labor; 3 years sealed system | Dimension: 38" (height), 27" (width), 27-1/4" (depth) | Other features: Spacious shelves; Cold wall cooling technology; Beechwood shelving material

7. Eurodib 168-Bottle Single Temperature Full Glass Door Wine Refrigerator - Best Single-Zoned Fridge

Any list of excellent wine fridges must include the Eurodib 168-bottle single temperature range full glass wine refrigerator for $1,589.

It has a full-length door that enables a full view of the wine you need before opening the wine fridge, making it energy efficient because of its energy conservation (electricity-wise).

With the LED lighting, the searching and reading part has become even more accessible because it illuminates the wines, unlike other wine fridges.

Also, the shelves are made of beechwood, offering a non-porous surface that provides resistance against moisture and bacteria.

However, even with its glorious visuals and the usability of the full-length glass door, I must acknowledge that this wine fridge needs a more modern tinted glass door with UV protection.

A tinted door could spell the difference when preventing light sources from entering the wine fridge to stop unnecessary disruptions in the aging process of wines.

Capacity: 168 bottles | Shelving style: Sliding | Door: Full glass with steel frame | Temperature zone: Single | Noise: N/A | Installation: Free-standing | Warranty: 1 year for parts; 3 years compressor | Dimension: 71-1/3" (height), 23-2/5" (width), 26-4/5" (depth) | Other features: 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit temperature control; 15 beechwood shelves 

8. Kalamera 46-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator - Best Combo of Built-in and Free Standing Refrigerators

Kalamera knows best about catering to left and right-handed wine collectors, as this model is equipped with a reversible door you can open on either side for $719.10.

A frost-free design is also incorporated to elevate the Kalamera's door game. Yet, don't fret because even if it's not tinted, the door showcases double-tempered glass for wine protection.

Aside from the reversible door, it has advanced cooling technology that keeps white, rose, sparkling, and other chilled wines in their natural aroma, crispness, and acidity.

To efficiently control everything inside the wine fridge, the Kalamera 46-bottle dual-zone wine refrigerator provides a smart digital control that is user-friendly and readily accessible.

However, I agree with other customers when they say this wine refrigerator occasionally acts up, resulting in a fluctuation in upper zone temperature.

Nevertheless, Kalamera has reliable customer service support to address issues within business hours.

Capacity: 46 bottles | Shelving style: Sliding | Door: Double-layered tempered glass; stainless steel | Temperature zone: Dual zones | Noise: N/A | Installation: Built-in and free standing | Warranty: 2-3 years (case-to-case basis) | Dimension: 33" (height), 23.4" (width), 22.4" (depth) | Other features: Blue LED cold light system; Two interior fans

Best Wine Refrigerator Comparison Table

Top Wine RefrigeratorsCapacityShelving StyleDoorTemperature ZoneNoiseWarrantyDimension
Wine Enthusiast MAX Compressor Wine Cooler32 bottles4- Wavy Wire, 1- Fixed & 1- Wire Bin2 full glass panesDual zones40 dBA1 year for parts and labor; 3 years sealed system33.4 H x 19.5 W x 16.9 D inches
Wine Enthusiast Classic Wine Cellar70 bottlesRollingTriple pane glass doorDual zones39 dBA1 year for parts and labor; 3 years sealed system40.87 H x 23.5 W x 25 D inches
Ivation Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator28 bottlesRemovableDouble pane glass doorSingleN/AN/A33.1 H x 16.9 W x 17.7 D inches
EuroCave Premiere S Wine Cellar74 bottlesMDS adjustableGlassSingle38 dBA1 year for parts and labor; 5 years sealed system38 H x 27 W x 27-1/4 D inches
Wine Enthusiast VinoView Compressor Wine Cooler28 bottlesSliding2 glass panes; black stainless steel doorSingle39 dBA1 year for parts and labor; 3 years sealed system32.7 H x 17 W x 18.9 D inches
EuroCave Artevino S Wine Cellar94 bottlesAdjustable slidingTwo glass panes; Black glassSingle37 dBA1 year for parts and labor; 3 years sealed system38 H x 27 W x 27-1/4 D inches
Eurodib Full Glass Door Wine Refrigerator168 bottlesSlidingFull glass with steel frameSingleN/A1 year for parts; 3 years compressor71-1/3 H x 23-2/5 W x 26-4/5 D inches
Kalamera Wine Cooler Refrigerator46 bottlesSliding2-layered tempered glass; stainless steelDual zonesN/A2-3 years (case-to-case basis)33 H x 23.4 W x 22.4 D inches

What are Wine Fridges?

Wine fridges are also called wine refrigerators, coolers, and wine cellars. All these pertain to one thing: a way of storing wine in a controlled space that has ambient temperature efficient for helping finely age wine.

There are two types of wine fridges:

  • Built-in wine fridge
  • Free-standing fridge

A built-in fridge can be embedded into your furniture (cabinetry, pantry drawer, other shelf storage) as it has front ventilation.

On the other hand, the free-standing wine fridge needs enough space to exhaust the air and energy through its side ventilation.

Why Would a Wine Enthusiast Need a Wine Fridge?

A wine enthusiast with a wine collection needs wine storage for the following reasons:

  • A wine fridge can keep the wine safe from moisture and heat.
  • A wine fridge can prevent external elements from producing chemical reactions in the wine that can affect taste and aroma.
  • A wine fridge can secure the collection in one place and can act as a wine display storage.
  • A wine fridge can help make the wine age in its standard aging time.

Benefits of a Wine Fridge/Wine Coolers

Now that you know what wine fridges are, it is time to understand the benefits of having the best wine refrigerators. These include:

  • A great wine fridge can keep the wine in an ideal temperature range (cool or ambient)
  • A dedicated wine cooler can shield the wines from UV rays, especially when tinted and with double-tempered glass.
  • A small wine fridge is a plug-and-go home appliance.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wine Refrigerator

In choosing the best wine fridges, there are certain factors to consider, such as their purpose, capacity, shelving, doors, temperature zones, noise, installation, and price.

I have listed everything you MUST assess to find the right one for your needs.


The first thing you need to consider is the wine storage's purpose. It can be for display, keeping the wines cool for a specific time, or preserving it until it has aged to your liking.

To know what you intended a wine refrigerator for, here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How do I want to use it?
  • Am I one of the serious wine collectors that need these electronics?
  • Where should I put it?

Moreover, remember that it differs from the typical beverage fridge with a crisper drawer for frozen foods, snacks, meats, condiments, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and other grocery store and Delicatessen finds.

You can proceed with the other considerations only after knowing why you need a wine refrigerator rather than the usual fridge.


To differentiate it from typical refrigerators, read this article on the best refrigerators available today!


Next in line is the capacity of your wine storage. There are wine fridges that can only accommodate around 12 bottles and others that are big enough to store more than 100 bottles of wine single-handedly.

Choosing the capacity is a matter of getting the average between how many bottles you have and how many bottles you intend to have in the future. It is better to think long-term regarding capacity because it is more cost-efficient. 

If you buy a fridge that can only accommodate a few bottles but intend to expand, it will leave you with no choice but to buy another one at the same price. In turn, it will just leave you with more expenses.


The shelving design and material are also important to consider as it dictates the durability, accessibility, and security of the wines.

Different shelve designs are on the market, such as sliding, rolling, adjustable, and removable shelves. With this, the decision on what design to choose is up to your preference.

However, a removable rack is a better option as you can quickly arrange, see, and check your wine bottles.

Moreover, the materials used are usually beechwood and stainless steel, which are durable and resistant to damage. Yet, it will depend on your overall kitchen design on whether to choose sleek stainless or aesthetic wooden shelves.


You must also consider doors, especially what they are made of, how they are designed, and how you can open them.

The best door choices are made of glass, double-paned, and designed with tints and double-tempered glass, as these characteristics can help preserve the aging of the wine.

Moreover, a bottle wine cooler can be opened from the left, right, or reversible. Again, it will depend on how you usually open a door and where you are most comfortable.

A bottle wine cooler made of a full glass that can make the insides visible is an excellent choice for those who want energy-efficient products. 


To know other refrigerator door styles, read these articles on the best French door refrigerator and the best side-by-side refrigerators.

Single Zone Fridges Vs Dual Zones

It is also worth considering whether to buy a single-zone wine cooler or a dual-zone wine fridge

For one, a single zone can only cater to a single temperature range at a time, so you must only put wines with similar temperature needs inside the fridge.

On the other hand, buying dual zone wine fridges will give you the liberty to store wines of varying temperature needs in a single place and put them under different temperature ranges.

The decision on whether you go for the single-zone wine cooler or the dual-zone one depends on the assortment and needs of your collection.


Also, consider the noise levels of each wine fridge, as it can also say a lot about the longevity and efficiency of the best wine fridge.

To give you an idea, average wine refrigerators have 35 to 45 dBA of noise. Of course, it is much better if under 35, but it can be a cause of concern when it goes over 45.


The installation is a critical factor that needs to be pre-determined because you must choose between a built-in and free-standing wine-collecting fridge.

Consider your kitchen counter space, indoor environment, and preference in choosing. On the one hand, you can squeeze a built-in bottle wine cooler into your furniture because it has front ventilation.

On the other hand, the free-standing quality wine fridge stands alone and needs ample space from other furniture and machines because its ventilation is located on the sides.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a cheaper option, it is usually the free-standing wine cooler that comes at a lower price.


Speaking of price, it is most important to consider the cost of coolers and fridges, and in getting a good grasp of the best value, always ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the purpose of having a wine bottle fridge achieved with this price?
  • Do the capacity, shelving, doors, temperature range, and noise set off the price?
  • Is it necessary for a free-standing or built-in fridge to cost like this?
  • Is it energy efficient?

If you have the answers to the questions, you can choose whether to invest high on the first buy or start small and invest big in the future.

Wine Refrigerator Related FAQs

  • I know you are not just here to see the wine coolers I think are the best but also to have your questions answered. So, in this section, I got the answers to some of your FAQs.

  • How Many Bottles Can You Fit in a Wine Fridge?

    A wine fridge can hold at least 12 bottles to 168 bottles and above, depending on the design and make of the wine fridge.

  • How Long Should You Chill Wines in a Wine Refrigerator?

    It depends on the wine you are storing, but it should be between 45 minutes and 2.5 hours on average. Here are some of the common chilling time examples:

    • Full red wines: 90 minutes
    • Light red: 45 minutes
    • Sparkling wines: 2 hours
    • White wine: 2 hours
    • Champagne bottles: 2.5 hours
  • How Long Does Wine Last in a Wine Fridge?

    Unopened wines in energy-efficient coolers and fridges with the proper temperature settings can last one year to five years. For example:

    • White wines: 2 years
    • Red wines: 3 years
    • Champagne bottles: 4 years
    • Sparkling wines: 3 years
  • My Top Picks

    I know that you want to get straight to the point, and I will give you that by sharing my top picks for the best wine fridges in this summary.

    Best Budget Option - Ivation 28 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

    When you are included in the list of serious wine drinkers, and your primary purpose is to store 28 wine bottles while staying within your budget, this Ivation wine cooler can be your best buy for only $339.99.

    The wine refrigerator cost is less but does more with its UV-protected smoked glass door, airtight seal, and removable racks that bring your wine protection and ease of access.

    Best Value for Money - Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zones Wine Cellar

    If you are stuck on a budget and need wine fridges that can accommodate more than five dozen bottles, then the Classic 70 Dual Zones wine cellar from the Wine Enthusiast line will knock you off your feet for just $1,099.

    Aside from that, it offers visual aesthetics for your modern minimalist home with its natural wooden shelves that balance the sleek black design.

    Best Overall - Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Dual Zone MAX Compressor Wine Cooler

    The best overall wine refrigerator comes from the Wine Enthusiast series, and this is the Wine Enthusiast 32-bottle Dual Zone MAX compressor wine cooler for $499.

    For a relatively affordable price (at time of publish), you can get a 32-bottle-capacity wine beverage fridge with dual-zone temperature control.

    On top of that, its shelves are made of durable materials that can withstand the test of time and the weight of your wine.


    After all the information I've poured in this article, I am sure you're now ready to choose the best wine coolers, whether it be dual zone fridges, small ones for your kitchen counter, thermoelectric wine coolers, or others.

    Remember that as wine lovers, the passion for consuming and storing wine must be paired with the right mindset to factor in purpose, capacity, shelving, doors, temperature zone, noise, installation, and price in every purchasing decision.

    Get the ball rolling, and start your wine collection with your preferred wine coolers and fridges' brand!