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11 Best CR123A Batteries For Arlo Cameras | Reviews + Guide

The Tenergy Non-Rechargeable Lithium Batteries are our top pick from this list of best CR123A batteries because of their high capacity and superior performance in any environment. However, they aren't rechargeable and must be replaced after a while. 

CR123a batteries for arlo cameras

The wireless Arlo security cameras can be an excellent choice to amp up home security and ensure your family's safety. But you need the best CR123A batteries for these cameras. 

While a new Arlo camera comes with batteries, you'll need to purchase replacement batteries if you want the camera to run for a long time. So, it's essential for you to know about the top replacement batteries for your Arlo camera. 

Top 11 CR123A Batteries For Arlo Cameras Reviews

1. Tenergy Premium Non-Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Tenergy Premium 16 Pack NonRechargeable CR123A 3V Lithium...
  • 16 pack non-rechargeable Premium 1600mAh CR123A 3V lithium...
  • Tenergy's lithium batteries are engineered and produced to...

This Tenergy non-rechargeable CR123A lithium battery is available in a pack of 16, each having a power of 1600 mAH for high-performance delivery. The batteries are designed to offer optimum performance in continuous low-drain and high-pulse power applications for high-tech smart devices, including your Arlo wire-free camera. 

Furthermore, these Tenergy lithium batteries can offer power availability even under extreme weather conditions during the scorching summer and freezing winter months, making them perfect for outdoor usage. In fact, they can easily operate at temperatures ranging between -4℉ to 40℉. 

These C123A batteries have a low self-discharge rate and come with a long shelf life of ten years. Additionally, they are UL-certified and have built-in PTC protections against short circuits, overheating, and sudden power surges. Not just security systems, you can also use these batteries for your flashlights, cameras, and personal care devices. 

2. Enegitech Non-Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Enegitech CR123A Lithium Battery Non-Rechargeable 3V 1600mAh...
  • Wide Application: This CR123A battery is upgraded to fit...
  • Powerful & Durable: Enegitech 3V CR123A lithium battery...

These Enegitech lithium batteries have a high capacity of 1600 mAh and easily adapt to advanced circuit boards to provide stable and strong energy. They last three to five times longer than any standard non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. 

Moreover, they are UL-certified and come with PTC protections, making them resistant to pressure, temperature, and power surges. Thus, these batteries can protect your devices from overheating and short circuits while offering better performance than ordinary batteries. 

These CR123A non-rechargeable batteries also have a super-low self-discharge rate of less than 1% a year, so they have a shelf life of more than ten years. Most importantly, these lithium batteries work well with a wide range of appliances, including the Arlo wire-free cameras, camcorders, smoke detectors, night vision goggles, and light meters, to name a few. 

3. Farsail Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries CR123A Charger, FARSAIL 4-Pack 123A...
  • Long-lasting, Safe and Reliable - Each Arlo batteries 123A...
  • 1.5-Hours Fast Charge Technology - FARSAIL Arlo cr123A...

These Farsail rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are reliable and long-lasting, with built-in fault and heat protection mechanisms. They are specially designed for Arlo cameras and deliver excellent performance even under extreme temperatures. 

Furthermore, the charger's integrated fail-safe circuit security prevents the batteries from overheating and overcharging. It continuously detects overcharging, short circuits, over-current, reverse current, and over-voltage. 

These rechargeable batteries work quite well with long-drain devices since you can easily recharge in about 1.5 hours. The battery charger has a compact design and can charge four Farsail batteries at a time. 

You also get a USB charging cable with the battery charger, so you can charge these batteries wherever and whenever you want. The charger comes with an LCD display to make it easier for you to track the charging status of the batteries. 

4. EBL Rechargeable Batteries For Arlo

EBL Rechargeable Batteries Compatible with Arlo, CR123A...
  • Upgraded Compatible For Arlo Security Cameras - Second...
  • Unique Design Camera Batteries and Charger- Special and...

These smart rechargeable CR123A batteries from EBL are designed to work perfectly with Arlo security cameras. The charger has a highly professional design for charging four cells or batteries in one pack, making recharging these batteries much more convenient. 

Each battery cell has a capacity of 750 mAh, while the whole battery comes with a high capacity of up to 3000 mAh. One pack of these long-lasting rechargeable batteries can last as long as six months without charging. Moreover, the supercell lattice technology of these camera batteries makes it easier to contain high power and offer constant voltage even under heavy load discharge. 

You can also recharge the batteries up to 3000 times when they are partially or fully drained. However, you can't charge batteries from other brands with this charger because it may lead to fire hazards or charger failures. 

5. Quickhelp CR123A Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

4 Pack CR123A Lithium Batteries,QUICKHELP 3.7V 800mAh [CAN...
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE -- Talent Rechargeable CR123A Batteries are...
  • FAST CHARGER & SAFE -- CR123A charger charge time about...

These rechargeable batteries come with optimization techniques for maximum energy utilization to boost performance and last 21.8% longer than most other CR123A batteries. The batteries also have strengthened loops to reduce self-discharge. 

Also, the charger has a charging time of around two hours and features a LED indicator light, so you can easily monitor the charging process. The built-in mischarging-safety technology allows it to detect sudden current surges and automatically cut off power to avoid overheating and electrical problems. 

Furthermore, the batteries and the charger come with over-charge, over-current, over-voltage, and short circuit protections, alongside FCC, ROHS, CE, and UL certifications to ensure safety. The batteries also have a high capacity of 800 mAh, making them a good investment. 

6. Jesspow CR123A 16-Pack Rechargeable Batteries

JESSPOW CR123A Rechargeable Batteries for Arlo, CR123A...
  • ENVIRONMENYAL FRIENDLY - It is Super Convenient to Use and...

The Jesspow rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are yet another high-quality CR123A battery designed for Arlo wire-free cameras and come with integrated heat and fault protection technologies. They offer reliable and stable performance in different environments, making them excellent for outdoor fixtures. 

The power of one piece of this 3.7V, 750 mAh rechargeable battery is equivalent to 300 pieces of 3V 1500 mAh non-rechargeable variants. Thanks to their high capacity, these are one of the best CR123A batteries for alarm systems, cameras, medical equipment, video game consoles, calculators, home appliances, and other battery-powered smart devices. 

The charger's fail-safe circuitry also prevents overheating and over-charging, protecting the batteries and the charger from short circuits and sudden power surges. The charger is made of durable and premium-quality materials and has a built-in USB cable. 

It can charge eight batteries at a time, making it easier for you to use them whenever you want. Although these rechargeable batteries and the charge set can be costly, they can be a much better investment than constantly purchasing non-rechargeable batteries in the long run. 

7. Dulex CR123A Arlo Rechargeable Batteries

DULEX 4-Pack 800mAh ICR17335 123A Arlo Bateries Rechargeable...
  • Long-lasting, Safe and Reliable - Each Arlo batteries is...
  • 1.5-Hours Fast Charge Technology - DULEX Arlo 123A Batteries...

The Dulex CR123A rechargeable batteries come with a smart charger featuring a 1.5-hour fast charging technology and a LED indicator light. When the batteries are recharging, you can see the red light, but once fully charged, the light automatically turns green. You can charge four batteries simultaneously and monitor each of their charges individually. 

Furthermore, the versatile charging option allows micro input, so you can charge the batteries whenever and wherever you want. The 800 mAh high capacity allows the batteries to offer a long run time for your Arlo security camera and last 30% longer than ordinary batteries. Their superior performance in extreme weather conditions also ensures that they can be used for your Arlo camera for a long time. 

On top of this, these batteries are compatible with any electronic home appliances, starting from video game consoles to calculators. They are also backed by a one-year warranty, so the manufacturer will replace them or offer a full refund if you're not satisfied. 

8. Tomsheir 800 mAh Arlo Rechargeable Batteries

No products found.

These Tomshele 800 mAh 3.7V rechargeable batteries come with an 8-slot charger allowing you to charge eight batteries together. You don't have to worry about your batteries running out of charging slots anymore. The charger has an LED indicator to help you monitor the charging process of the individual batteries. 

Each battery goes through UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS testing to ensure its safety. Their power loop technology and fail-safe circuitry protect them against overheating and over-charging. Moreover, the security technology continuously detects and prevents short circuits, power surges, and reverse current flow. 

Since these batteries are specially designed for Arlo wire-free cameras, they are perfect for outdoor usage and offer superior performance in any environment. They offer excellent run time, so you don't need to worry about changing old batteries or buying new batteries anytime soon. 

9. Jessy 750 mAh Rechargeable Batteries

JESSY 12 Pack CR123A Lithium Batteries, 3.7V Rechargeable...
  • [WIDE COMPATIBILITY] - JESSY CR123A Rechargeable Batteries...
  • [EFFICIENT AND DURABLE] - ours 123A lithium battery made of...

The Jessy rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are compatible with Arlo security cameras and are much more eco-friendly because they prevent the waste of non-rechargeable alkaline or lithium batteries. These one-time replacement batteries can also help you save a lot on frequent battery purchases. 

Not to mention, one Jessy 750 mAh rechargeable battery generates a power equivalent to 300 pieces of 1500 mAh non-rechargeable batteries. Even though they are designed specifically for Arlo cameras, these batteries also work well with many home appliances, such as flashlights, calculators, and video game consoles. Plus, if you're looking for a CR123A battery for smoke detectors, this can be a great choice. 

On the downside, unlike other rechargeable CR123A batteries, these Jessy batteries do not include a charger in the box, so you have to buy the charger separately. 

10. Dulex 123A Rechargeable Arlo Batteries

Arlo Batteries Rechargeable 123A and Charger 20 Pack [...
  • Long-lasting, Safe and Reliable - Each Arlo batteries is...
  • 2-Hours Fast Charge Technology - DULEX Arlo 123A Batteries...

These Dulex 123A rechargeable lithium batteries are designed to last 30% longer than other batteries and offer reliable performance in harsh temperatures ranging between -4℉ to 45℉. The fast charging technology of the charger also allows you to get the batteries fully recharged within two hours once they drain out of power. 

Additionally, the charger can charge eight batteries together, so you always have batteries whenever you need them without purchasing new ones frequently. The charger's safety certifications also protect it and the batteries from overheating, over-current, reverse flow, short circuits, and overcharging. 

The batteries are also suitable for multiple applications and offer a long run time without any unexpected interruption. However, remember to fully charge the batteries before their first-time use; otherwise, they might run out of power. 

11. Rapthor Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

No products found.

The Rapthor rechargeable lithium batteries have a high capacity of 750 mAh, and you can recharge them up to 550 times when they are running on low power. You can recharge the batteries when they are fully or partially discharged and save a lot on buying replacement batteries from time to time. 

Moreover, the fast charging time of two hours makes these batteries perfect for offering long-lasting power to frequently use equipment, such as Arlo cameras, smoke detectors, and flashlights. These premium batteries also come with over-charge, over-current, and over-discharge protections. 

But on the downside, you won't get the Rapthor battery charger with the pack and have to buy it separately to recharge the batteries. 

CR123A Batteries For Arlo Cameras Buying Guide

1. Rechargeable Vs Non-Rechargeable

You can choose rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries based on your requirements and available budget. Non-rechargeable batteries are cheaper, but since you have to change them frequently for often-used equipment, they might not be the best investment in the long run. Under such circumstances, non-rechargeable batteries are the better option because they initially cost more, but it's a one-time investment because you can recharge them. 

2. Run Time

Always consider the run time of the CR123A batteries before purchasing them. The longer the run time, the more convenient it is to use them for Arlo cameras. You don't need to worry about recharging or replacing the batteries frequently if they have a long run time and high capacity. 

3. Safety And Protection

You don't want your newly bought batteries or battery chargers to get damaged because of over-current, short circuits, overcharging, or overheating. Hence, always check the safety certifications and protection mechanisms of the CR123A batteries before purchasing them. 

CR123A Batteries For Arlo Cameras Verdict

If you want to view a constant stream of all the recorded security footage on the Arlo camera, you need to ensure that the camera runs round-the-clock. That's why you need powerful CR123A batteries, which can deliver stable performance. 

If you're feeling a bit reluctant about choosing your best pick, we suggest you try out the Tenergy Premium Non-Rechargeable Lithium Batteries because they can deliver superb performance in any weather condition. These batteries have a high capacity of 1600 mAh and are available in a pack of 16 that'll last for a long time. Also, they are much cheaper than any rechargeable CR123A variants. 

You can also go through other products on our list before making any final purchase decision. Take some time, dig around a bit, and find your top pick.