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8 Best CR123A Batteries For Alarm Systems | Reviews + Guide

CR123A batteries have become a primary power source for wireless devices and various home devices such as alarm systems. Since CR123A batteries are extremely compact and powerful, they fit easily in all types of alarm systems.

Best CR123A Batteries

Nowadays, many alarm manufacturers are making alarm sensors and systems that run on CR123A batteries. 

Notably, alarm systems that use standalone batteries don’t require any wired connection. As such, you can easily place them wherever you want without any hassle. Besides, CR123A batteries can be used by many appliances, such as web cameras, smart doorbells, and others. 

So, in this guide, we have listed some of the best CR123A batteries for alarm systems on the market. So, let’s begin! 

Listed below are the 5 best CR123A batteries from our list:

  • Duracell CR123A 3V Lithium Battery: This lithium battery stands out with a 10-year shelf life and compatibility with a variety of wireless devices, besides being offered by a trusted brand.
  • Panasonic Lithium 3V Batteries: These affordable, efficient batteries by Panasonic feature a 10-year shelf life and are versatile enough to support most household appliances.
  • Voniko CR123A Lithium Batteries: Known for their robust safety measures and leak-free design, these batteries also offer operation in extreme temperatures and are environmentally friendly.
  • Rapthor CR123A 3V Lithium Batteries: These high-capacity batteries provide more power than regular batteries; they feature overheat and overcurrent protection, carry a 10-year shelf life, and come with a one-year free replacement guarantee.
  • AHJ Cr123A 3V Lithium Battery: Providing a stable output for high-current appliances, these batteries outperform regular alkaline batteries by lasting three to five times longer and come with multiple layers of protection.

1. Duracell CR123A 3V Lithium Battery

Duracell is one of the most trusted brands on the list since it designs some of the best batteries in the industry. The Duracell CR123A 3V lithium battery is designed to be compatible with a wide range of wireless devices, such as lighting equipment, wireless sensors, alarm sensors, security systems, photography devices, etc.

In addition, it has a shelf life of 10 years, which is rare to find in modern batteries. As such, you can easily store extra units for a long period without having to worry about them getting spoiled. 

Another thing worth noting is that the batteries come in packages of 1, 2, 4, 6, and 12. Thus, you can stock up as much as you want for emergencies. Also, the battery comes in a standard battery size which makes it a universal power source.    

Type: Lithium Ion | mAh: 1550 | Voltage: 3

2. Panasonic Lithium 3V Batteries

If you are looking for something affordable and efficient, then you should try the Panasonic BAT002 3V lithium batteries. Apart from making batteries, Panasonic also designs various household appliances such as TVs, air conditioners, music systems, and many more. The ultimate goal of the brand is to bring a smile to every customer’s face through innovative and high-performance products. 

The Panasonic BAT002 3V Lithium batteries have an average shell life of 10 years, so you can store them for future use. Moreover, each battery is capable of delivering 3.0 volts and has a size of 0.67” Dia X 1.36” H, making it compatible with most household appliances. The brand also offers a reliable after-sales service if you face any problems while using the batteries. 

Type: Lithium Ion | mAh: 1400 | Voltage: 3

3. Voniko CR123A Lithium Batteries

The Voniko CR123A lithium batteries come in a pack of 6, with each battery weighing around 3.84 ounces. One of the things we liked about these batteries is the RoHS certification. As such, each battery has PTC protection, circuit overcurrent protection, and an intelligent voltage surge safeguard to prevent accidents. This also protects your home appliances from getting destroyed. 

Another handy feature of these batteries is the leak-free design. Therefore, you can store them anywhere without having to worry about them leaking in the future. Besides, the batteries can operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -40℉ to 140℉. Plus, the battery is environmentally friendly since it lasts longer and doesn’t cause any environmental hazards.

Type: Lithium Ion | mAh: 1500 | Voltage: 3

4. Rapthor CR123A 3V Lithium Batteries

Next on our list is Rapthor, a brand that specializes in producing high-capacity batteries. Each CR123A 3V lithium battery has a high capacity of 1650mAh, which is more than a regular battery can offer. As such, it can deliver 10% more power than a normal battery. Apart from that, the batteries have an in-built PTC protection design which prevents the batteries from getting damaged by overheating and overcurrent. 

The batteries also have a low discharge rate which gives them a shelf life of 10 years. Thus, you can easily store extra units for future use. However, you must ensure to store them in the right temperature condition given by the brand.

Unlike most brands that don’t offer a warranty for the battery, Rapthor offers a one-year free replacement if the batteries show any defect. You can also ask for a refund if you are unsatisfied with the product.  

Type: Lithium Ion | mAh: 1650 | Voltage: 3

5. AHJ Cr123A 3V Lithium Battery

AHJ CR123A batteries have one of the most steady voltage curves when it comes to delivering stable power for high-current home appliances and devices. As such, the batteries last three to five times longer than regular alkaline batteries. Besides, they are compatible with a wide range of appliances such as medical equipment, toys, smoke detectors, alarm systems, digital cameras, and more. 

Each battery comes with multiple layers of protection which protects them from overheating, overpressure, and over-voltage. They also offer protection against corrosion, leakage, and explosion, making them safe for long-term use. 

Type: Lithium Ion | mAh: 1600 | Voltage: 3

6. Enegitech CR123A Non-Rechargeable Batteries

Enegitech is an eco-friendly brand that produces reliable power sources that don’t cause any harm to the environment. Each battery has a capacity of 1600mAh, which is more than a standard battery can offer. The low self-discharge feature ensures that the cell doesn’t discharge quickly while storing them. This further ensures that the batteries last longer without losing any power. 

Apart from that, the battery has a smart protection chip that provides advanced protection against power surges and overheating. The brand also offers a small family comic on the packaging, which provides interesting facts about the batteries through funny images and jokes. 

Type: Lithium Ion | mAh: 1600 | Voltage: 3

7. EEMB CR123A Batteries

EEMB is a well-known battery manufacturer that has provided some of the best battery and power solutions since 1995. It designs a wide range of products ranging from lithium batteries to rechargeable batteries. In fact, EEMB is one of the best battery manufacturers on the global market. 

The batteries have a reliable shelf life of 10 years without having a memory effect. This ensures that batteries don’t lose much power while staying ideal. Besides, each battery has received a UL certification, making them safe for household use. Additionally, the batteries have a high energy density core which allows them to deliver three to five times more power than regular alkaline batteries. 

Type: Lithium Ion | mAh: 1700 | Voltage: 3

8. Bevigor CR123A 3V Lithium Batteries

Bevigor CR123A 3V lithium batteries have a capacity of 1500 mAh, which makes them ideal for various power-intensive home appliances such as security systems, flashlights, and many more. In fact, these batteries can last five times longer than normal alkaline batteries. Apart from that, the batteries have a self-discharge rate of less than 2% per year.  

As such, the batteries will have plenty of power to spare even if you use them after a couple of years or so. Similarly, the new winding structure ensures that the batteries are protected against corrosion and leaking. 

Type: Lithium Ion | mAh: 1500 | Voltage: 3

What is the Best CR123A Battery for Alarm Systems?

This section presents a comprehensive comparison of the top-performing CR123A batteries tailored for alarm systems. The ensuing table gives you each product specification such as battery type, milliampere-hour (mAh) rating, and voltage specifications.

Duracell CR123A 3V Lithium BatteryLithium Ion1550 mAh3 volts
Panasonic Lithium 3V BatteriesLithium Ion1400 mAh3 volts
Voniko CR123A Lithium BatteriesLithium Ion1500 mAh3 volts
Rapthor CR123A 3V Lithium BatteriesLithium Ion1650 mAh3 volts
AHJ Cr123A 3V Lithium BatteryLithium Ion1600 mAh3 volts
Enegitech CR123A Non-Rechargeable BatteriesLithium Ion1600 mAh3 volts
EEMB CR123A BatteriesLithium Ion1700 mAh3 volts
Bevigor CR123A 3V Lithium BatteriesLithium Ion1500 mAh3 volts
Streamlight CR123A Lithium BatteriesLithium Ion1500 mAh3 volts
Westinghouse CR123A Industrial Lithium BatteriesLithium Ion1300 mAh3 volts

CR123A Batteries For Alarm Systems Buying Guide

Nowadays, most household electronic products and modern gadgets are dependent on CR123A batteries since they are a portable power source. Some devices that require CR123A batteries are music players, cameras, high-density flashlights, and home security systems. Moreover, these batteries are extremely efficient and capable of delivering high performance while being small and compact. 

However, each battery type delivers a different performance, which makes it tough to choose the right one for the alarm system. As such, we have listed a few factors that can help you find the best batteries according to your requirements. 

1. Battery Life

While choosing CR123A batteries for the alarm system, you should always ensure that they are durable and have long battery life. Most brands provide all the necessary information related to the battery life on the packaging. As such, you should always check the packaging to see which brand offers a longer battery life. 

A longer-lasting battery is not only durable but also great value for money since you don’t have to replace it frequently. One of the best ways to check a battery life is to see the power rating score on the packaging. Batteries with high power rating scores can serve a longer lifespan without causing any hazard or harm to your home appliance.

In fact, some devices mention which power rating score batteries they require to run efficiently. For example, high power rating CR123A batteries are ideal for Arlo cameras. Thus, you should always choose the one that is compatible with your device. 

2. Affordability

Apart from being durable and long-lasting, you should ensure that the batteries are affordable. If the brand sets a high price for the batteries, you might not be able to purchase multiple batteries for your home appliances and electronic products. Nevertheless, you should never compromise by purchasing a cheaper battery with a poor power rating or short battery life. 

But, if a brand offers more units for a slightly lower capacity, you take the deal since you can power more devices through one set of batteries. The excess batteries that are left out can be stored and used later on when old batteries run out. Such sets are actually more affordable since you can purchase a bunch of batteries at an affordable price. 

3. Shelf Life

Another important factor to consider is the shelf life of the battery. This is especially important if you are planning to store excess batteries for a longer period. In general, CR123A batteries are well known for having a long shelf life since they don’t go out easily. As such, the backup supplies can stay ideal on the shelf for about 10 years or so. 

In addition, high-capacity batteries are capable of lasting for a decade without having any drops in performance. On that note, it is advisable to check the shelf life of the batteries if you are planning to stock them for a long time. Some brands even offer rechargeable batteries, but they tend to be a bit more expensive than regular CR123A batteries. 

Just ensure that the excess units are stored in a cool and dry area since excess heat and humidity can damage the cells within the battery. 

4. Eco-Friendly Design

Lastly, you should always consider purchasing an eco-friendly product that doesn’t harm or cause any harmful pollution. Most brands prefer to design eco-friendly batteries since they cause less pollution and help to bring down e-waste significantly. Instead of purchasing use-and-throw batteries, you can always opt for rechargeable batteries that can last for a long time. 

Normally, a regular dead battery contains harmful chemicals such as lead, lithium, cadmium, and more, which can be hazardous to your health as well as the environment. Fortunately, a lot of brands are now shifting to more sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives.

What is a CR123A battery?

A CR123A battery is a type of lithium primary battery commonly used in photographic equipment, flashlights, and home security systems due to its high energy output and long shelf life.

What appliances use CR123A batteries?

CR123A batteries are commonly used in a variety of devices such as cameras, flashlights, smoke detectors, alarm systems, and various medical equipment.

How long does a CR123A battery last?

The lifespan of a CR123A battery can vary depending on usage, but on average, it tends to have a shelf life of 10 years.

Are CR123A batteries rechargeable?

Typical CR123A batteries are not rechargeable. However, there is a rechargeable version of this battery known as an RCR123A or a 16340 battery. Always ensure the device can accommodate rechargeable versions before use to avoid damage.

What is the voltage output of a CR123A battery?

A standard CR123A battery outputs 3 volts.

Can different brand CR123A batteries be mixed in a device?

It is generally not recommended to mix batteries of different brands, types, or levels of charge in a device, as this might lead to leakage or damage.

What makes a battery like the Rapthor CR123A stand out?

The Rapthor CR123A stands out due to its high capacity of 1650mAh, which delivers more power than a standard battery, and its built-in protection design against overheating and overcurrent.

What are the safety measures for using CR123A batteries?

When using CR123A batteries, one should avoid short-circuiting, disassembling, or disposing of them in fire to prevent potential hazards. Also, brands like Voniko and AHJ CR123A batteries provide additional safety features like protection against overheating, overpressure, and over-voltage.