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Creative DIY Herbs & Flower Pots for Your Home

Herbs & flowers have been around us for..well..ever and have played a major role in our surviving as a species. Unfortunately consumerism and globalization has made us forget the importance of green in our lives and their role in the survival of our planet. Global warming is the first step to destruction and it has been taken already. Signals of alarm have been sent for a while now and we at Homesthetics support green initiatives and invite you to take a stand and try to make a difference and a adopt a greener, healthier living style. Thus we bring you further on a few ideas in creating your very own personalized herbs & flower pots for your kitchen or backyard, trying to bring a little green life inside your home.

diy flower pots


1.Glass bowls used as herbs & flower pots

Glass has been used as flower vases for ages and is was only naturally to use them as permanent flower pots also. Its transparency can transform the flower's roots into a little piece of art which develops and grows in time. Another advantage in using a glass bowl as a herb or flower pot is the fact that it can integrate in any interior design and give it a shiny beautiful touch.

Creative DIY Flower & Herbs Pots homesthetics
Glass jar used as a flower pot

2.Wooden boxes as Herbs & Flower Pots

Wood is a very used material and its primary advantage is the fact that it can age beautifully, looking better and better in time. Its very easy to use and make a small wooden box or just use an old recycled one and transform into a flower pot. If the box is in good condition you can place the arrangement inside your home; if not it would integrate wonderfully into your garden.

Creative DIY Flower & Herbs Pots homesthetics
Wooden box as a flower pot

3.Use recycled tin cans as Hebs & Flower Pots

Tin cans take a very long time to disintegrate and unfortunately most of us throw them away instead of recycling them. Try using them in a useful way; buy some colorful can sprays and just play with them. Its a fun activity and you can ask your kids to join you and create some unique pieces.

Creative DIY Herbs & Flower Pots homesthetics
Tin cans recycled into colorful flower pots

4.Decorate old flower pots 

Tired of old, water cracked ceramic flower pots? Try decorating them with strings of rough rope for a traditional effect or small pieces of wood. Another option is covering the pot with hand made mosaic. You can pick small rocks of different textures and colors and mix them to create a collage.


Creative DIY Herbs & Flower Pots homesthetics
Flower pots covered in rough rope

Creative DIY Herbs & Flower Pots homesthetics
Covered in small wooden pieces flower pots

Creative DIY Herbs & Flower Pots homesthetics
Mosaic flower pots

5. Recycled plastic bottles as Herbs & Flower Pots

Plastic is our biggest enemy and keep in mind to not throw it away and recycle as much as possible. You can paint them or just let them transparent, cut or use an entire bottle, either way you can definitely use plastic bottles as flower pots.



Creative DIY Flower & Herbs Pots homesthetics
Plastic bottles recycled into flower pots

6.Light bulbs as flower pots

Well, this is a very strange idea bur quite creative as well. Lighting bulbs are usually tossed away after they burn but using them as a small beautiful flower pot can be a very useful tip. Imagine placing several of these onto a glass table. The effect would be amazing with the flowers reflecting into 2 glass objects!

Creative DIY Flower & Herbs Pots homesthetics
Lighting bulb used as a flower pot

7.Concrete Herbs & Flower Pots

Concrete is a more difficult material to work with but you can get creative with it and make really big flower pots for your backyard. You first have to make a mold into which you will pour the liquid concrete . You can make a mold with a model and make the flower pot more appealing. After the liquid has evaporated you are safe to remove the mold, but be careful not to crack the pot. For a seamless look try sandy it and make it smooth and neat.

Creative DIY Flower & Herbs Pots homesthetics
Concrete flower pots for your backyard

8. Re-purpose objects as Herbs & Flower Pots

Watering cans can be used as more then their primary purpose. If you like the colorful metallic ones try placing them around the porch or garden with flowers, thus creating a fun, traditional feel.


Creative DIY Flower & Herbs Pots homesthetics
Watering cans used as flower pots

9. Painting old Flower Pots

 Ceramic is a great canvas for your creative ideas in matters of painting. The flower pots below are  a wonderful example of artistic sense that could brighten up any room.

Creative DIY Herbs & Flower Pots homesthetics
Hand painted colorful flower pots

10.Make a tiny flower pot

Tiny is cute, beautiful, fragile so tiny plant pots are a great idea for a small apartment, an ideea to bring a little green into you own home.Glass or ceramic, or even small concrete shaped pots, no matter what, they be used as a decorative item as well as a beautiful hand made gift.

Creative DIY Herbs & Flower Pots for your Home homesthetics
Tiny Plant Pot


So, there you go! 10 Creative DIY Herbs & Flower Pots that you can make very easy and decorate in a fun way your backyard or home. You are invited to suggest more interesting ideas on how you can recycle and take a step into making our world a healthier happier place.