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How To Have Fun With Polka Dot Decor

Possessing a house is easy, making it a home for yourself and your family is another matter entirely. Most of us tend to forget that our personality, style, choices are reflected by our abode, intentionally or not, willing or not, reason for which deciding on an overall decor scheme easy to implement and follow all around the house is crucial in achieving an uniform, complex and balanced interior design. Today we have chosen a funny topic, a funny pattern that can be used as a general theme in your decorating process: the polka dot decor.

polka dot decor

Patterns, textures come in everyday to save a design, to give it complexity, depth, feeling and to transform a rigid form into a comfortable interior. The polka dot pattern can be used in such a manner if controlled properly and in the right amount. It can add character to a blank wall, freshen up an old piece of furniture or create the right delicate serene ambiance of a nursery. Let's take a look at a few polka dot decor ideas and how anyone can add this fun pattern to their home.

diy polka dot painted fabric tablecloth

If choosing the polka dot as a general theme for the home seems a bit over the top, try and add the pattern to several items used rarely such as a tablecloth. Suitable for fun parties, use fabric paint to add the colorful dots to a simple table cloth that will lively up your party decor in no time.



elegant gold polka dot painted table napkins

When throwing a dinner party, even the slightest tines detail counts. Invest time in creating delicate gold polka dot painted table napkins for an extra elegant touch.



pom pom polka dot party hats

Transform basic simple white party hats by adding colorful polka dots patterns. Choose a color theme or even better, allow the kids to decorate the hats themselves for a creative party.



white polka dot mason jars turned flower vases

As you might know by now we are truly adept at the recycling process. Here the basic mason jar has been transformed into delicate pastel flower vases with the cute polka dot pattern added gently.



DIY polka dot wall clock

Why stare at a blank wall clock? Add some character to your piece and paint some polka dots on the base, it will add a retro vibe to the entire wall.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (13)


polka dot wall decor in shades of pink

If you are in search of the right polka-dot decals or the most colorful polka-dot wallpaper, search no more and make your own using paint and a round sponge.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (14)


DIY polka dot mirror transformation

Take a cheap basic $1 store mirror and transform it into something unique and rustic looking by adding a pallet wood frame painted and patterned with polka dots.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (15)


delicate polka dot diy tent canopy

For an elegant outdoor garden party create a transparent tend canopy filled with golden polka dots and use it as a centerpiece for the entire event.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (16)


simple polka dot table runner

A burlap piece can be used as the base for a fragile lace polka dot table runner, the contrast will add more delicacy to the lace and enhance the pattern.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (17)


bold red and white polka dot wall

If you are a fan of bold statement walls, search no more and use a powerful red and white polka dot wallpaper as your focus wall in the bedroom.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (18)


cute red and white polka dot fabric insertions

A pure white baby bedroom deserves some color and fun so choose a bright red polka dot fabric that will enhance the purity of the white ensemble and add a cute elegance to the room.

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DIY polka dot dishwasher decoration

Are you bored of the same old kitchen cabinets? If remodeling the kitchen is not an option, make use of polka dot decals to transform certain areas of your cabinets such as the dishwasher.

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retro inspired polka dot kitchen curtains

Feel like your kitchen is too old? Embrace the retro vibe buy fun colorful accessories and use polka dot curtains for the kitchen window.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (1)


simple delicate polka dot nursery decor

The right nursery is a neutral one, warm, delicate, calm, and serene. Add small polka dots to one wall for a plus of accent.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (1)


polka dot garland decor

Don't spend money on party decor, use paper and thread to make your polka-dot garlands.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (2)


DIY polka dot glitter ornaments

Make a change this Christmas and transform old ornaments by applying colorful glitter dots on them.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (3)


fun polka dot retro phone

Add white dots to a retro red phone for a fun decoration piece that will stand out in the hallway or the study.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (4)


black and white polka dot china

Invest money in a fun patterned china set as well as in a simple classical pure white one.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (5)


colorful polka dot modern rug

A modern interior design is usually quite neutral, and rigid so add some color in the form of a polka dot rug.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (6)


an array of colorful felt dots

Decorate the kid's room with colorful felt polka dot garlands. Teach them how to make them themselves.

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wooden striped and polka dot pumpkins for fall decor

Fall decor is something we invest time in each year so why not try something new this time? Create geometric wooden pumpkins and use patterns and paint to transform them into lively decor.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (8)


retro-inspired polka dot cabinet

If you are at the buying furniture chapter in your life why not choose a fun retro piece as a statement for your decor?

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simple polka dot pillow decor

Spice up the sofa by adding up some colorful, patterned decorative pillows.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (10)


a touch of red polka dots in the bathroom

Turn a blank white bathroom into a contrasting space by accentuating your bathroom accessories and leaving the furniture neutral.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (11)


pink stair polka dots

Last but not least, if you are bold enough and wild enough use bright hues and polka dot patterns to turn an old staircase into something fresh and childish.

polka dot decor-homesthetics.net (12)


Polka dots, stripes, chevron, no matte pattern, it is known that character comes in all forms and colors, even in the wildest ones. Have you ever considered using polka dots in your decor? Feel free to share your ideas on this topic in the comment section below.