How Do You Remove Excess Glue?

If you have used too much glue, and the excess is oozing out between the metal and wood surfaces, you can remove it with acetone. You can use this method before the glue has been cured, as acetone will effectively dissolve it without affecting the curing process. 

However, once it has hardened, you won’t be able to remove it with this method. In such cases, you can physically remove the excess glue by cutting, scraping, or scrubbing it with sandpaper. 

Anna Vaughn

Anna Vaughn

Immense painting experience recommends Anna. She shaped The Little Painters, a small local painting workshop for children that invites the little ones to explore painting through simple and creative means in a safe, loving and extremely colorful environment. In her home panting studio she plays with all paint mediums but watercolor is her expertise.

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