10 Ideas on How To Repurpose Window Shutters In Your Home

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Have you been redecorating recently? If you have installed new affordable windows and replaced your old window shutters with better ones, then you have plenty of material for lots of DIY projects. Here I’m going to show you How To Repurpose Window Shutters In Your Home in some pretty awesome ways. Your only limit is creativity as you will soon see the window shutters can be turned into furniture pieces with ease. DIY enthusiasts and amateurs can make wonders with these pieces as they`re super graphic all on their own, cast a glance in the gallery that follows and surge inspiration.

Make a closet by using only 6 window shutters

Add a few shelves and you are good to go, a super shabby chic dresser has been created !


use the old window shutters to create new bookcase for your living room


the window shutters can be easily repurposed and turned into barn doors


create a vertical garden by recycling the old window shutters


Make your own coffee table by RE-PURPOSING one window shutter


give a new look to your bedroom by Turning window shutters into an epic headboard


turn the window shutter into a side table on which you can display your decorations



window shutters can be pretty useful as mail and keys holder


organize your necklaces and the rest of your JEWELRY With an old window shutter


add the shutter in the bathroom and use it as a toilet holder

A really simple and inexpensive project that will surely turn heads. Shabby chic at home.


These DIY crafts are really unique don`t you think ? We invite you to use your imagination and creativity and reinterpret these with new, interesting methods of re-purposing window shutters at home !

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