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Learn How To Grow An Avocado Houseplant From An Avocado Seed

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Growing an avocado houseplant from an avocado seed is in theory a very simple task and an equally educative and fascinating DIY project that can be enjoyed and loved by the entire family. Seeing a plant growing and nurturing under your very eyes day by day offers you an extraordinary rewardful feeling. You have made the world just a little better now and you can spread this amazing project, share it with your friends and your loved ones and challenge them to grow their own, the one that grows the plant faster out of the seed will win. In just 9 steps you will learn how to grow an avocado houseplant from an avocado seed below, do your best and share the results with the rest of us so we can complete this article with the plant you`ve nurtured.
1. Eat an avocado and keep the seed. Wash it and by making use of three toothpicks suspend the broad end down over a bowl or glass filled with water. Make sure that an inch of the seed is immersed in water.

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2. Take the glass and simply position it strategically in a place in which it will enjoy both direct sunlight and warmth. Make sure that your seed has that inch of water at all costs, replenish the water when needed. In just two to six weeks you should see some results as the roots and stem sprout will emerge.

3. Soon the stem will hit six -seven inches in length and it is now time to cut it a little back to three inches.

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4. Roots will thicken and the steam will leaf again even more powerful now giving you enough signs that it’s time to give it another little shelter. Plant it in rich humus soil in a pot with 10-1/2″ diameter and leave half of the seed exposed.  Basically that part that was immersed in water will now be in soil.

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5. Make sure your plant is frequently watered and on occasion give it a deep soak to spoil it. The soil should be most at all times yet never saturated. If you see yellow leaves it is a sign of over-watering. Let the plant dry out a few days if this is the case.

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6. Keep in mind that the more sunlight it receives the better.

7. If you reach a point in which the leaves are turning brown, being fried at the tips it is a clear sign that too much salt has been accumulated in the soil. Try to let the water run freely through the pot and carefully drain it for a while afterwards.

8. Your stem has now reached approximately 12 inches high. Great job so far. It is time to cut it back to ~6 inches to encourage the growth of new shoots.

9. Congratulations, you`ve made it ! A new plant is filtering oxygen now and makes the world a better place thanks to you. Keep in mind though that this experiment will not return your fruit in less than seven years. A avocado tree grown from a seed is entirely different from its parent and it takes 7-15 years to begin producing fruits. The known varieties that we usually purchase are grafted to preserve their varietal characteristics rather than being grown from a seed. You may be however the new owner of a a new extraordinary avocado fruit that no one in the world posses as every plant is unique so have patience and wait.

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What do you think? We challenge you to use this small tutorial and grow your own avocado tree and share your results and the tutorial with the rest of the world. Be the change that you would like to see in the world and start by making this world a little greener from a simple seed!

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  1. Absolutely flabbergasting ! Who knew it was so easy and just too much fun to see avocados grow on your seeded avocado plant. 😀

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