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Learn How To Make Simple Colored and Rainbow Roses-Step by Step DIY Project

You have probably been mesmerized by rainbow roses already, they are simply fascinating, shattering beautifully and organic, natural. In this short step by step DIY Project we will try to show you how we've created our own multi colored roses.

Learn How To Make Simple Colored and Rainbow Roses Step by Step DIY Project

If you think that the rose is the supreme gift you will find these ideas interesting, at least. Most of us thought that these roses are some sort of engineering genetic bred things but happily, this is not the case, you can create your own, in the comfort of your own home. Even though it is not possible to grow rainbow roses in your backyard garden, coloring them with the technique showcased below is still extremely graphic and fitted for a gift.




rainbow-roses MULTI-COLORED ROSES rainbow_rose_dew Rainbow Roses 6

DIY Rainbow Roses

The process is simple, clear, extraordinary beautiful. Basically you are changing the color by making use of its transportation system. The xylem tubes of the roses stem surges water to maintain itself, therefore sending water and nutrients to the leaves and petals of the flowers. If the stem of a rose would be submerged in a colored water, this color would be transported, pumped up into the flowers as well. The water contained by the petals is eventually evaporated but the color remains there; in this manner, color will beautify the rose.  This happens because the outer layer of a  white rose petal is transparent and will embrace the color that we feed.

purple-roses-83-wallpaper complete green rose purple and blue roses green rose rainbow MULTI-COLORED ROSES

Multi-Colored Roses or Single Colored Green or Blue Roses?

It is important to know that you are using the same technique for both multi colored roses, single colored blue roses, purple or blue roses, or any other mixture. It is also important to know that you will not get petals with different colors entirely. The solution applied in this exercise is composed of a few simple steps: splitting the end part of the rose`s stem and feeding it different colors to color it naturally in a magnificent multicolored rainbow rose.

DIY Rainbow Roses - Step by Step Process


Pick up a fresh and beautiful white rose from your garden with a stem of 8 -9 inches or so. If you do not have a white rose in the backyard purchase one from a flower shop.


This process is based on colored water. We need water soluble colors. Start with four colors. These should be highly different from each other if you want to be effective, a highly contrasting value would enhance the natural gradients formed between petals. Try not to use orange with red, blue with indigo, orange with yellow. Try high contrast combinations such as yellow, purple, grey and blue or red, blue,green yellow or violet,yellow, blue.

Feel free to experiment with just one color as well, the results can be magnificent.


Make use of four recipients filled with water to add the colors chosen. Mix the ingredients and drops of colors until the water becomes opaque, dense. Here, these four recipients will serve as host to four different colors, you can use them for more processes.


No is the time to split the end of the severed stem into four, preferably equal, segments. Use a scalpel or the sharp blade of a knife to cut lengthwise almost 6 inches.

step 4-5 rainbow roses preparing the stem and cutting


You have four recipients filled with color and four stem segments. Each split stem should be dipped into a different recipient and the roses should somehow stand erect, offer it support to ensure this.

coloring rainbow roses step 6


Simply wait. In the next 24 you will see the magic happen. Record the transformation of your simple white rose and take pictures,it is extremely fascinating. In the end you can hold the ends by using some scotch tape, adhesive tape.


Relevant Points

Pay attention to these simple steps to avoid failure.

  • Use only white roses.
  • The colors must be water soluble.
  • The colored water mixture must be perfect. Mix it properly.
  • Pay attention to your own hands when splitting the stem.
  • Roses are sensible, try not to maintain them in direct sunlight or the petals will drop at a simple touch.

We invite you to use this guide and create a ton of rainbow roses, share this with your friends and learn them to embrace color. Offer your loved ones and memorize their surprised faces in unique pictures. We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below on these colored roses.

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rainbow roses step by step tutorial infographic