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Majestic French Country Kitchen Designs

Classic, elegant and stunning - these three words describe French country kitchens well. Homes with this majestic kitchen interior style surely get praised for the earthly colors and delicate details incorporated. While modern kitchens are truly lovely and ideal as well as practical and sleek, the imposing beauty of French country kitchen is still unmatched. The following country kitchen designs will surely make an impression even for the most delicate of tastes in matters of kitchen design. Let's take a glance.


earthly tones that never go out of style

French country kitchens are stunning without doubt, more or less due to the earthly tones used that do not overpower the whole design of the kitchen. Instead, the earthly tones become the lovely background of the wood, metal and bricks used for each part of the kitchen whilst highlighitng the other hues incorporated.


clean white french country kitchen

While earthly tones are beautiful, white makes a kitchen stunning, neat and clean. A spotless kitchen, no matter the design, is best when white is used as the main color theme. The plants used as decorations for this French country kitchen stand out well with the clean, white background.



wood and intricate window design

The earthly tones of French country kitchen cannot only be achieved by the use of stones or bricks. The use of wood brings out a natural earthly tone perfect for intricate designs. The intricate details on the window frame makes this French country kitchen quite stunning, don't you agree?



classic french country kitchen cabinet in lovely teal

The soft color of teal does wonders in any kitchen, and it is the most beautiful when used in classic kitchen cabinets for French country kitchen designs. Teal creates a lovely accent for the whole room and stands out with any background while also adding to the whole room a look that is softer and more feminine.



medieval chandeliers to seal the deal

Chandeliers add drama to the whole look of a room, and the kitchen is no exception. This French country kitchen with the medieval chandeliers create a stunning effect. The chandelier also makes the whole kitchen look larger than it actually is.



distressed pallet clock for the perfect accent

Distressed wood creates a country feel for any part of the home or piece of furniture. Having a clock made with distressed wood in a French country kitchen seals the classy look of the whole room. This decoration is not just for the aesthetics though since it is functional and can definitely be useful in the kitchen.



the beAuty of black and white in french country kitchen

The use of black as a room's color theme is never wrong, even for kitchens. Back and white mixed with the earthly tones of a French country kitchen create a sophisticated mature look. The black and white rooster decor piece also mixes well with the whole look of the kitchen.



elegance of white in simple design

The natural flowers and teal mixed in this white French country kitchen create a dreamy effect for the entire room. Not only does it look clean and neat, it is also stunning in its simplicity. The white background also allows the other items inside the kitchen stand out effortlessly.



softer brown hue for the perfect dark chimney vent

Chimney vents are sometimes quite simple and not usually highlighted in a kitchen. In this French country kitchen, the chimney vent takes its place in the limelight with its dark color against the soft brown hue of the whole kitchen.



a mix of old decors to fit a french country kitchen

French country kitchens boast the use of animal decorations, plants and classic decors and trinkets. This kitchen cabinet encompasses all the lovely features of the classic French country kitchen.



bricks and dark hues in a wonderful mix

The soft earthly tone of bricks is the best color choice for French country kitchens. The darker hues of the wood used for the kitchen cabinets create a magnificent effect for the kitchen. Both the bricks and dark hues of the cabinet are a classic combination that can make anyone stare in awe.



all eyes on a lovely kitchen center table

This kitchen features a great combination of soft and dark hues, but the kitchen center table simply stands out. It works well in a French country kitchen because of its earthly tone and classic taps.The chandelier lights also helps highlight the center table.



classy tap and sink in a pretty harmony of design

Sinks are an essential part of functional and even not so-functional kitchens. This soft hued sink with lovely floral design creates a wonderful accent for the entire kitchen. Most French country kitchens have this type of sink incorporated and it usually works like a charm.



Mix of small items for a big impact

French country kitchens do not look stunning just because of the cabinets, sinks, windows and tables. The small trinkets, plants and flowers add a lovely design line for the kitchen, whether it is a French country kitchen or any other style.



a simple french country kitchen setup

French country kitchen designs exude grace and femininity in all sides. Even in a very soft hue, French country kitchens are still majestic with something  as simple as a vase of flower for decor.



all white and still stunning

White is never boring with the right combination of decorations. This French country kitchen sink setup is a perfect example of how white can show elegance like no other hue can.



taking earthly tones to another level

Earthly tones do not have to come from bricks or stones. Wood can create a lovely mix of earthly hues that go well in French country kitchens. The items made from wood also get the highlight each deserve from the lighter background.



vintage trinkets for a lovely detail

Trinkets that are vintage can add a classic feel to a kitchen. These vintage cutlery along with the lovely vases and dainty flowers can create a huge impact on a Franch country kitchen design.



What is your take on the classical French Country Kitchen Design? Feel free to share your input in the comment section below.