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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying a Salt Lamp

There has been a recent rise in the number of people buying the "miracle" that is the Himalayan salt lamp. No matter where you look, online or offline, there are believers everywhere. Indeed, people who have already bought it and been using it for some time now, swear by its miraculous healing abilities, the best Himalayan lamps out there make wonders apparently!

Mistakes When Buying a Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are known to cleanse the air of the home they are in and make it more breathable and pure. When turned on, its ions are converted to negative ions, similar to what happens before a rain-storm, and those ions deal with all the pollution in the air that made your lungs weak and you unable to stop coughing.

These pretty little lumps of miracles will deal with your allergy, asthma and mood swings while at it.  So, it is no surprise if you are a recent convert looking to buy one of these for your own home or office. But, pretty and effective as they are, you need to take care of a few things while buying them so you can avoid knock-offs and other messes.

Don't Make These Mistakes When Buying a Salt Lamp

Here's a list of things you need to keep in mind so you can avoid making mistakes when buying a salt lamp:

  1. Research well

It stinks, yes, but you need to do these before you spend a big stash of your hard-earned money on these lamps. If you are buying them from an online seller or website, read the reviews and check the ratings. Learn to differentiate between fake and real reviews and proceed accordingly.

Any website that seems to have a crowd of buyers and fans and has a lot of good reviews is usually good to go. If you are still a little skeptical about the usefulness of the said product, read up. The reviews will usually have stories that happy customers have shared after they brought the lamp into the house. There should be a lot of tales of vanishing allergies and better mental health.

This serves two purposes: one, this way you know that the seller is selling the real deal and two, it should convince you of the effectiveness of buying these lamps.

  1. Don't look for cheaper options

When buying an original Himalayan salt lamp, there are no cheaper options. These lamps might not look like it, but they have been painstakingly mined from the vast cavern and tunnels running under the ranges of the mighty Himalayas. This is not just the regular salt you keep on your table.

So, in case you found a seller somewhere who seems to be selling really cheap salt lamps, Houston, there might just be a teeny bit of a problem. Salt lamps are extremely fragile and expensive to transport. That, combined with the mining, means that these cannot come cheap.

If they do come cheap, rest easy knowing that yours is probably a fake, especially if it is a white crystal lamp and not the colored ones. The white salt crystals are rarer and, hence, more expensive. If you get this one cheap, you are not going to be happy to know that it is definitely a fake.

So don't look for the cheaper but the best options while buying these lamps. Don't worry. These last you a lifetime so it's not like you will have to buy another one soon.

Don't Make These Mistakes When Buying a Salt Lamp

  1. Don't go for the brightest options

All that glitters is indeed not gold. As a rule, salt lamps are not very bright by nature. They cannot even hold a candle to your regular fluorescent light, and that's just how it should be. The different crystals of your salt lamp will diffract and refract the light in different ways, so all you should be getting from your lamp is a dull, warm glow and nothing that lights up the entire room.

The heavier and bigger ones usually give off even less light so you have to be careful when you are buying a new lamp. Check if it works as a regular fluorescent light. If it does, go to a different seller because this place is selling knock-offs.

leaking and weeping salt lamps

  1. Don't be worried if your lamp weeps a little

If you looked at a lamp at a friend's place and it seemed to be sweating puddles, don't reject their seller thinking something is off. After all, this is completely normal behavior for your lamp. Original Himalayan salt lamps tend to sweat a lot.

What you must remember here is the fact that these lamps are basically big lumps of salt. And this is how salt normally reacts to moisture. So, you will notice a lot of sweating in your lamp if you live in an especially humid area.

Don't worry. You can easily avoid this by leaving the lamp on all the time. The Himalayan salt lamps consume very little energy, so you don't need to worry about the environment or your electricity bills. Also, they are not a fire hazard so you can easily leave them on all the time.

Leaving your salt lamp on all day every day will ensure that crystals stay heated up and do not absorb too much moisture. So you will never face the sweating problem again.

  1. Don't dunk it in water to check its authenticity

Seriously, though, don't. Don't use too much water when checking if the lamp is real. Better yet, use other methods to confirm its authenticity.

Too much water may damage the electrical parts of it. Also, because salt lamps are basically lumps of salt, they do not handle moisture well. So, if you dunk it in water, it will absorb all that moisture and well, melt. At least then you will know that your lamp is real.

So, you see, buying a salt lamp is perhaps less easy that you thought it would be. But hundreds of people who have actually bought it swear that it is worth the effort. Just keep the points above in mind, and you will be good to go.

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