What are these Himalayan Salt Lamps?
What do they do?
Where can I buy a Himalayan salt lamp?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are hygroscopic salt crystals activated by the heat of a light bulb. These salt crystals originally absorb water molecules, along with all the dust, pollens, smoke and other particles from the air. When switched on, the heat from the light bulb evaporates these water molecules and the contaminants remain trapped inside.On heating, the Himalayan rock salt emits negative ions that reduce electromagnetic and mild radioactive substances from the air in your room with very prominent results, a peaceful sleep, reduced asthma or breathing disorders, reduced allergies, and stress free environment.

Thus, the Himalayan salt lamps are a natural and soothing purifier of air for your room.
Insanely useful they are these Himalayan salt rock lamps and happily the following rows you will find the ultimate buyer`s guide, 15 of the World`s Best Himalayan Salt Lamps !

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15 of the World`s Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

Lamp NameWeightHeightWattage 
Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp
Popular Choice
6.35 lb10 in3 x C7 15W
Crystal Decor Crafted
Himalayan Salt Lamp
Best Value
7.4 lb10.8 inN/A
Himalayan Crafted Salt Lamp
7.6 lb9.6 in15W
Cube Himalayan Salt Lamp
Modern Design
7.72 lb8.7 in15W
Amethya [Set of 2]
Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
Great Value
8.2 lb9 in7-15W
Elana Himalayan Salt Lamp
10 lb9 in3 x C7 15W
Himalayan Glow
WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp
14.5 lb11 in25-40W
HemingWeigh [Set of 2]
Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
Great Value
6-7 lb6-8 in2 x 15W
Crystal Allies
Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Wire Vase
6.55 lb6.9 in15W
Crystal Decor
Himalayan Salt Lamp in Sun Design Basket
5.95 lb5 in15W
Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
4.85 lb8-10 in10W
Himalayan Glow
Natural Multicolor Salt Lamp
2.9 lb4-5 in15W
Levoit Enza
Himalayan Salt Lamp
Designer's Choice
16.8 lb14.5 in3 x 15W
Windsor Seasons
Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
6.9 lb10 in15W
Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp
4.3 lb8.1 in15W

Best Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Reviews of 2018

  1. Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp | Popular Choice

 The Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp is a small yet perfect product if you are buying it for the first time. The lamp is the smallest of the Boho-chic series of salt lamps by Levoit, with size 5-8 lbs. The Himalayan salt crystals are 100% natural, handpicked and hand-carved. There are types of choicest bases available for your lamp – Premium Rubber Wood base and Stainless Steel base.

The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted with the touch sensitive dimmer switch. It uses a 15W bulb at 120v for reduced fire hazard. The Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp comes with a one-year warranty, and is a brilliant choice for gifting purposes.

  • safe and gift-ready packaging
  • package contains three bulbs for the lamp
  • completely heat and fireproof
  • not safe around pets as the rock salt is not food grade or safe for ingestion
  1. Crystal Decor Dimmable Crafted Himalayan Salt Lamp | Best Value

Are you looking for the soothing and pure experience of a Himalayan salt crystal for a budget under $20? Take a look at this Himalayan salt lamp by CRYSTAL DECOR! The size of this lamp is perfect – not too small, not too big. It is a petit product of approximately 6”, and weighs around 5-7 lbs. The crystal is authentic Himalayan salt, hand carved for the relaxation of your body and soul.

The crystal is carved in modern shapes and designs, aiming to match the style of your room or office. The base is wooden, polished to a perfect shine. The lamp comes with a dial for customized dimmable settings. You can adjust the brightness of your lamp as per your desires.

  • “No Hassle 90-Day Money Back Guarantee”
  • fireproof and can be left on even at night for a good night’s sleep
  • highest setting on the dimmer is bright enough for late night reading, without damaging your eyesight
  • its uniqueness translates into different quality standards from one piece to another, hence Himalayan rock salt may show different effects per different pieces
  1. Voltas Himalayan Crafted Salt Lamp

Look at this brilliant and large Himalayan Salt Lamp by Voltas. If you don’t mind having a bigger salt lamp for your room, this 9”-11” large salt lamp is definitely a good choice. The salt crystals are mined from Khewra mines in the Himalayas, ensuring highest quality, clarity and color. It has a wooden base of tropical timber from India, specifically neem and teak for increased medicinal properties.

The lamp uses a 15W bulb for maximum purification and amber hue. The dimmer setting lets you adjust the brightness of the lamp. The package also includes a one year limited warranty. This product is a perfect gift article for a family, individual, and even yourself!

  • includes a 6 ft long Power Cord
  • comes with an extra long-lasting 15W bulb for the lamp
  • struggle of turning the light off and on is saved due to the electronic rotary switch
  • heavy, not recommended for travelling purposes
  1. Smagreho Cube Himalayan Salt Lamp | Modern Design


How about buying a salt lamp that has a perfectly carved shape, something that differs from the normal egg shaped crystal? Look no further than this Himalayan salt lamp from SMAGREHO. Designed specifically to be kept in an office, the perfectly carved cube shaped salt lamp looks professional and beautiful.

The crystal gives out an amber or orange-red glow, depending upon the hue of the original mineral. The elegant neem wood base infuses the air with naturally medicinal and insecticidal properties. The salt lamp is large and approximately 8 lbs in weight. The lamp works on electricity, and the bulb brightness can be adjusted with an inbuilt dimmer.

  • perfect for gifting purposes because of their excellent finishing
  • certified authentic SMAGREHO dimmer switch, power cord and base
  • original Himalayan salt mined sourced from high quality mines in Pakistan
  • not safe around pets as the rock salt is not food grade or safe for ingestion
  1. Amethya Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp – Set of 2 | Great Value

Do you know what’s better than buying one Himalayan salt lamp? Buying two Himalayan salt lamps at the price of one! This sweet deal is offered by Amethya, which has introduced a set of two large Himalayan salt lamps. Both lamps are around 8 lbs by weight and contain bulbs of 7W each.

The salt crystals are authentic Himalayan rock salts, hand carved from Pakistan. Due to natural variations in the rock salt, the color may show gradients of amber and orange-red. The base uses polished neem wood. You can most certainly get extra air purification by placing the Amethya Himalayan Salt Lamps in two separate rooms.

  • salt lamp comes with a safe packaging
  • uses a 7W bulb hence making it completely heat and fireproof
  • does not include a light dimmer
  1. Levoit Elana Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you have had a trial of the Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp, and found it satisfactorily soothing, you can go for the upsized version from their Boho-chic series: the Levoit Elana Himalayan Salt Lamp. The size of this 100% pure Himalayan salt can range from 7.5” to 10”, ensuring extra durability of your product. The base is Premium Rubber Wood base for a long-lasting, termite resistant use.

The lamps include bulbs of 15W/120V for no fire hazard, and touch sensitive dimmer for adjustable brightness. The large size of the salt lamp makes it an excellent bedside companion for a soothing good night’s sleep, and can also work as a night lamp. The Levoit Elana Himalayan Salt Lamp comes with special festive packaging for gifting purposes.

  • comes with a safe and gift-ready packaging
  • package contains three bulbs for the lamp
  • completely heat and fireproof
  • not safe around pets as the rock salt is not food grade or safe for ingestion
  1. Himalayan GloW WBM Natural Crystal Salt Lamp

Purify the air in your room with the new WBM Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp! This large Himalayan Salt Lamp is 11” and weighs about 13-15 lbs. The rock salt is hand mined and hand crafted from the Himalayan mountains, its high quality and authenticity obvious from the pink tinge.

The lamp is compatible with 25W bulbs for extra heating and contaminant absorption.

The new dimmer switch is fire and heat resistant. The amber glow of the lamp is equally romantic and relaxing. Along with the rock salt, the lamp uses a neem wood base for a natural finish. This Himalayan Salt Night Lamp is a superb choice for a guaranteed holistic health.

  • provides a dimmer switch to switch color hues and heat radiation
  • lamp comes with a 6 ft power cord for flexible placing
  • brilliant gift article thanks to the stunning color changing option
  • large and heavy, travelling with it is not recommended
  1. HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp – Set of 2 | Great Value

If you are looking for a pair of salt lamps like the one mentioned above, this set of two HemingWeigh Himalayan Salt Lamps, is available for purchase at a lower price. The lamps are small in size, around 6”-8” and weight 6-7 lbs each. Thus, it is an ideal product for home and office use. The bulbs used in the lamp are 15W each, emitting a soft orange glow and can be dimmed as per your convenience.

The heat radiated by these bulbs makes sure that the negative ion flow in your room is regulated for an amazing purification experience. The Himalayan salt crystals are top quality salts mined from the Himalayas in Pakistan. Therefore, you can rest assured that your relaxation is provided by a completely authentic product.

  • safe packaging with PE foam and shrink-wrap
  • package contains a 6 ft long power cord
  • dimmer switch located on the power cord, 12” away from the bulb making it completely heatproof
  • The Himalayan rock salt used in this lamp has a natural tendency to ‘sweat’ and may leave salt stains on your furniture
  1. Crystal Allies Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Wire Vase 

9_Crystal Allies Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Wire Vase Review

Is the regular Himalayan salt lamp not interesting enough to decorate your room with? Check this product out! Crystal Allies makes this Himalayan salt lamp, using a wire mesh basket. Small salt crystals are placed in this wire mesh basket vase around a 25W bulb.

The entire product is around 7 lbs in weight with dimensions 6” x 6”. The vase lamp uses authentic and natural, hand carved Himalayan rock salts. The basket is metallic with a clean finish, allowing rearrangement of crystals as desired. The mesh basket allows you to place the salt lamp in any room or workplace regardless of the décor, as it blends in perfectly with the surrounding décor pieces.

  • includes 100% authentic rock salts of different colors, giving different glow, the salts can be naturally fleshy orange, white or pink
  • “No Hassle 90-Day Money Back Guarantee”
  • Himalayan rock salt used by these products is not safe for ingestion
  1. Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Sun Design Metal Basket

If you are looking for a salt lamp basket that is not as simplistic as the previous one, this metal basket lamp with sun design can be something you would definitely like. This Sun Design Metal Basket is a Himalayan salt lamp by CRYSTAL DÉCOR. It uses 100% natural and genuine pink Himalayan rock salt crystals. The distributor makes sure you get a certificate of brand guarantee for assured authenticity.

The dimensions of the basket are 5” x 5” x 5”, and it weighs around 6 lbs. if you’re looking for a Himalayan salt lamp that looks least obvious, this product will surely satisfy your needs. It also works great as a night or table lamp, with its dimmable setting.

  • “No Hassle 90-Day Money Back Guarantee”
  • metal basket is made of high quality metal and features a black polished coated finish
  • the metal basket might give off a smoky smell, the paint on the metal may smell like lead when switched on
  1. Fengze Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Are you looking for a mini Himalayan Salt Lamp for your nightstand or office table? Check out this amazing product from Fengze! The Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp by Fengze is a small and handy product, but it is just as effective as any other salt lamp. The size of this lamp is smaller than 6” and it weighs just 2-5 lbs, which makes it quite convenient for travelling purposes.

The bulb equipped in the lamp has wattage of 15W for maximum heat radiation and a brilliant dimmable amber glow. The salt crystal is 100% natural and authentic Himalayan rock salt, hand mined and handcrafted for the best tranquil experience. So boost your health with this amazing salt lamp today!

  • includes dimming settings
  • salt crystals naturally sweat in a moist environment or evaporate due to excessive use, it can be easily controlled by wrapping the lamp in thin plastic film when not in use
  • bulbs in these salt lamps are easily replaceable
  • Himalayan rock salt used by these products is not safe for ingestion
  1. Himalayan Glow Natural Multicolor Salt Lamp

Are you bored of using the same amber colored Himalayan Salt Lamps in your home? Try the new Himalayan Glow Natural Multicolor Salt Lamp and add brilliant new colors to your relaxation sessions. The salt crystals are hand mined and hand carved from the Himalayan Mountains. The high quality translucent pink color guarantees the authenticity of the mineral and provides a dazzling play of bright lights.

The lamp is around 6” tall and weighs 4-5 lbs. the base is pure neem wood. The lamp uses a 12W/5V multicolor bulb, which switches between orange, blue, pink, red, green and purple. Therefore, the Multicolor Salt Lamp is a unique decor product with health benefits, eligible for gifting and meditative purposes.

  • this Multicolor Himalayan Salt Lamp is small but heavy, and creates a great ambiance
  • it can also be used as a table lamp or a night lamp for peaceful sleep
  • bulb rotates color automatically, but it cannot stop the illumination on just one color
  • product does not come with a dimmer switch
  1. Levoit Enza Himalayan Salt Lamp | Designer’s Choice

Levoit’s new Décor series introduces the Enza Himalayan Salt Lamp. This salt lamp is quite different, because it uses a 15” metal basket to hold the pink rock salt crystals. These rock salt crystals are 100% natural Himalayan salt, hand carved for the best purification experience.

The basket is rust proof, with smooth and premium metal finishing. The lamp uses a 15W/120V bulb for illumination and best heat radiation. The lamp also has a touch sensitive dimmer dial for adjustable brightness. The Levoit Enza Himalayan Salt Lamp will give you an unparalleled hygroscopic experience, make your room look beautiful, and purify the air.

  • comes with a safe and gift-ready packaging
  • package contains three bulbs for the lamp
  • Himalayan salt lamp is completely heat and fireproof
  • metal basket does not smell like lead as a side effect of excessive heating
  • Himalayan rock salt used by these products is not safe for ingestion
  1. Windsor Seasons Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Heighten your senses and living experience in your home and workspace by introducing this Himalayan Salt Lamp by Windsor Seasons. The salt crystal is the purest and high quality Himalayan rock salt, carved internally and externally for the best purification. Each crystal is 9”-10” big and weighs approximately 7 lbs.

It uses a 15W/120V bulb for best possible amber glow and heat radiation. The lamp includes a neem wood base, fitted with a dimmer for the bulb. Get this unique hand crafted salt lamp to place it in the living room or bedroom for enhanced health benefits. You’ll surely notice a gradual change in your stress and breathing related issues.

  • comes with a dimmer switch, making it easier to adjust the brightness of the lamp
  • lamp is equipped with a 6 ft long power cord
  • large size of this lamp makes it effective for larger rooms and meditation halls
  • company has not yet introduced lamps smaller or bigger than the available size
  1. Boomile Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

Take a look at this wonderful Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp by Boomile. This hand carved pink Himalayan salt crystal is sourced from the best mines of the Himalayas in Pakistan. This small table lamp is 5” in size and 6-8 lbs. the crystal is fixed on a wooden base to add to the natural charm of the lamp.

The 15W bulb gives a soft amber glow to the room and can be dimmed to suit the mood. Each lamp is unique as it is hand carved, varying the size and shape. Get guaranteed purified air, free of contaminants and bacteria. You can also find a drastic relief in your stress with this crystal Himalayan salt lamp.

  • lamp is equipped with easy to operate rotary dimmer and a 5 ft power cord
  • provides great mood lighting for solitary and party moods alike
  • 12-month refund and replacement guarantee
  • Genuine Himalayan rock salt has a natural tendency to ‘sweat’ and may leave salt stains on your furniture

How to choose the best Himalayan Salt lamps?

How can you choose the best Himalayan salt lamps you ask ? You need to know if your Himalayan salt crystal is authentic and genuine? Read on !

The best quality Himalayan salt is fleshy pink, white, or slightly orange in color. The Himalayan rock salt will sweat if unused for a long time. That is because the salt accumulates moisture and dissolves in it, leaving behind salt rings or salt-water puddles. Real Himalayan salt is also very fragile and brittle, so it chips quite naturally on impact with harder surfaces.

Most distributors also provide a certificate of authenticity, a warranty, or a flexible and convenient return policy. If your supplier or distributor has a strict return policy or a list of conditions applied to it, the salt lamp is most likely a counterfeit piece.

Make sure the heat radiated by the bulb is enough to emit the negative ions that cleanse and purify the air. These negative ions stick to the contaminants, making them heavy and settling them on the ground. If you find a lot of dust accumulating around your room after installing the lamp, you have picked a genuine Himalayan salt crystal.

Most salts crystals give off a medium pink, amber, or dark orange glow when lit from within. The illumination is muted, like a dull night lamp. However, if your lamp gives off a bright light, enough to illuminate up an entire room, the salt crystal might be fake. Thus, always go for the crystals that give a muted hue and an amber glow.


Now that you know all the health benefits of a Himalayan rock salt lamp and the tips to identify a genuine one, how do you feel about buying one for your residence or work-space? Which ones did you like the most? Let us know which ones you loved and share your experiences regarding stress relief and health improvements.

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