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12 Best Gas Fireplace Inserts of 2021 [Buyer’s Guide]

Best Gas Fireplace Inserts 2

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Gone are the days when you had to spend an hour assembling and splitting wood just to light a fire in the hallway. Cutting the pieces of wood into equal sizes and then ensuring that the fireplace was well-covered with the assembled woods was quite the hassle. This may make for fun memories but the fact remains that many will be hesitant to repeat the whole exercise.

If you don’t want to waste time setting up the fireplace, then the gas fireplace inserts is just what you need. In addition to saving us some precious time, gas fireplace inserts are also more efficient in comparison with some models reaching an efficiency rating of 99%.

While the ease of installation and use is one of the most significant advantages, they bring to the table the reasonably low price is another factor that you need to consider. The efficiency and the price of the product will not have any effect on the display with the gas fireplace looking just as good as the wooden version.

Considering its benefits, the rise in the demand for the product is only understandable. As producers look to match the rising demand by increasing supply, the consumers are left with a wide variety to choose from.

Therefore, choosing the right gas fireplace insert to lighten up your home is not an easy decision to make. To make your life easier, here is a list of the top 12 best-rated gas fireplace inserts; together with their operations and efficiency, these products have taken the industry by storm.

Best Gas Fireplace Inserts

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageNapoleon Grandville VF Series
  • Manual ignite option
  • Safe to use
  • 30,000 BTU
hstcstbl-table__imageMercury 32” Top/Rear Direct Vent Gas Fireplace W/IntellIfire–NG
  • The ceramic logs improve the realism aspect of the fireplace
  • Has an impressive heating capacity
  • Has a black mesh screen
hstcstbl-table__image42” Artisan Vent Free SCC See-Through Linear Fireplace
  • Has a battery backup
  • Intuitive design
  • Electric ignition
hstcstbl-table__imagePleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT
  • Cost-effective
  • Easier to handle than other models
  • Uses a flame that is both soothing and realistic
hstcstbl-table__imageEndless Summer GAD1401M LP Gas Outdoor Fireplace
  • Step by step guide available in the instruction manual
  • Quality design
  • Available at a low price
hstcstbl-table__imageEmpire Tahoe Deluxe Direct Vent Fireplace
  • Product has an efficiency rating as high as 83%
  • Compact
  • You can customize the fireplace
hstcstbl-table__imageDuluth Forge Dual Fireplace Insert
  • Have dual sources of energy
  • Can generate a decent amount of heat
  • Remote control to set the heating settings
Best with MantleBest with Mantlehstcstbl-table__imageBelmont Compact Dual Fuel Fireplace
  • Have dual sources of energy
  • Fireplace can generate heat using both sources
  • Traditional look and can fit in any room
Vented Gas Long SetVented Gas Long Sethstcstbl-table__imageSure Heat Burnt River Oak Vented Gas Log Set 24- inch
  • Product is visually realistic
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Great value at an affordable price
Ventless Gas Log SetVentless Gas Log Sethstcstbl-table__imageDuluth Forge Vent Free Dual Fuel Gas Log Set
  • Pleasing on the eye
  • Remote control makes the operation of the device reasonably convenient
  • Safe to use

Best Gas Fireplace Inserts 1

1. Napoleon Grandville VF Series Vent – Free Natural Gas Fireplace

If you have an eye for aesthetics and design, then Napoleon Grandville is ideal for you. In addition to being pleasing on the eye, the gas fireplace insert can heat ample spaces. The heating capacity of 30,000 BTU justifies the claim that the gas fireplace insert can warm up a vast area.

Napoleon Grandville VF Series GVF36-2N 37" Vent Free Natural...
  • Fireplace turns on/off at the flick of a switch for simple...
  • Offers 50% flame and heat adjustment for maximum comfort and...
  • The oxygen depletion sensor shuts the pilot off before...
  • Includes safety screen that keeps your family safe from open...

In comparison to other models, Napoleon Grandville is very safe to use. The automation of the fireplace ensures that the oxygen depletion sensor detects the dangerous drop in oxygen levels to turn off the gas unit. Its safety screen adds a layer of safety to the fireplace. The safety screen keeps the children and pets away from harm if they get too close to the product.

  • Manual ignite option which means you don’t need electricity to turn it on
  • Safety features of the model make it safe to use 
  • You need to purchase the top and bottom louvers of the product separately, this increases the cost of purchase
  • Small size
  • Expensive

2. Mercury 32” Top/Rear Direct Vent Gas Fireplace W/IntellIfire–NG

With a heat rating of 13,500-19,100 BTU/hour, the model spreads warmth quickly around the room, making your living room much warmer and comfortable than before.

The model has impressed users and experts alike with the use of ceramic fiber logs which give the impression that they are actually burning while using. The glowing embers emitting from the fireplace look very realistic and not for a moment will your guest be able to detect that they are not real.

Like other models, the Mercury 32″ has a black mesh screen for added safety; behind the mesh screen is a full firescreen.

  • The ceramic logs improve the realism aspect of the fireplace
  • In addition to looking good, the fireplace has an impressive heating capacity 
  • The product has poor fuel utilization; it wastes almost half the fuel 

3. 42” Artisan Vent Free SCC See-Through Linear Fireplace

If you are looking for a contemporary design that fits perfectly in your room, then the Artisan 42” is the model you need. The product comes with a diamond and sapphire glass kit that helps spread the warmth across the room while letting you enjoy the fire.

No products found.

In addition to the design, it is the convenience of the model that makes it stand above the rest. The electric ignition ensures that you don’t have to wait for the fire. With the help of the ignition, the system powers the fire in a matter of seconds.  

The fireplace also comes with a dim adjustment enabling you to dim the fire according to your preferences.

  • Although the model has AC control, the battery backup ensures that you can use the product even in the case of a power outage
  • The intuitive design of the fireplace adds to the convenience of using the product 
  • Although the fireplace has a great design and is efficient, the price is considerably high 

4. Comfort Glow GSD 2846 Dual Fuel Gas Stove

If you are looking for a vent-free unit that comes at a reasonable price, then the comfort glow is a great model for you. The heavy-duty construction and the neutral design make the model a good fit for both modern and classic designed living rooms.

No products found.

The one thing that catches the eye of the user and the critic alike is the in-built thermostat. While ensuring that fuel consumption is as low as possible, the thermostat maintains a constant temperature in the room.  

The fire capacity of 30,000 BTU means that the product warms up large spaces without any problems. Similar to some of the other gas fireplace inserts, the large charred log is realistic while the dancing flames are relaxing but not repetitive.

  • Model is easy to assemble and install, a slightly resourceful person will have the fireplace up and running within an hour 
  • The thermostat maintains a constant temperature in the room 
  • Customers have complained about products damaged at arrival. In cases like these, feel free to contact customer service 

5. Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT 3000 BTU Vent-Free Gas Stove

The heating capacity of 30,000 BTUs which is enough to warm up a space of 1000 square feet comes as a pleasant surprise given the small size of the unit. In addition to the efficiency and output of the product, the reasonably low price makes the Pleasant Hearth a good buy. Great things do come in small packages.

Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT 30,000 BTU 32-Inch Intermediate...
  • Your purchase includes One Pleasant Heart 32-Inch...
  • Stove dimensions – 14.37” D x 31.93” W x 28.27” H |...
  • Features – Built-in Thermostat | Overheat sensor | Made of...
  • Dual burner provides 2 rows of flames for a more full...

The well-thought simple design and the ease of assembling and installing have impressed all users. The installation process is aided with the minimum clearance design of the stove.

The model also uses a flame that is both soothing and realistic.

  • The model is cost-effective, especially if you consider the functions it can perform and the low price it has 
  • The small size of the unit means that it is much easier to handle than other models 
  • The unit comes with a noisy blower which can be very annoying 
  • The product does not have any safety net, this means that parents need to be vigilant at all times 

6. Endless Summer GAD1401M LP Gas Outdoor Fireplace

It is not necessary that you may feel cold during the winter season only. The mild temperatures of the autumn season and the chilly evenings of a rainy summer day call for a model that is not quite extreme as the others.

Endless Summer GAD1401M LP Gas Table Outdoor Fire Pit with...
  • 30,000 BTU stainless steel burner with electronic ignition
  • Dimensions: 30 in x 30 in x 24 in
  • Stylish wicker design, oil rubbed bronze finish
  • Attractive tile mantel

The Endless Summer gas fireplace insert is an ideal model for those looking to stay warm during the off-winter season. The model is equipped to produce enough heat as you spend time outdoors.

The instruction manual that comes along with the product is elementary to follow. The product is so simple to use that most people will light the fireplace very quickly. The initial ignition may need more time than usual to light the place; the extended time is necessary since it is a safety feature.

Defeating the traits of efficiency of design and installation is the extraordinary amount of heat that the fireplace produces, making the product stand out.

  • The step by step guide available in the instruction manual makes it easier to install the product
  • Even with quality design and great results, the product is available at a low price 
  • The model comes with a lightweight cover that does not do an excellent job in protecting the fireplace 

7. Emberglow 32” Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert

The Emberglow vent-free gas fireplace is one of those rare models that will burn your fireplace without burning up your cash.

The fireplace suits any surround or mantle that you have in mind by allowing you the freedom to customize it in any way you like. The trimmed firebox gives a traditional finished look while the solid construction of the unit provides 99.9% heat efficiency.

Best Gas Fireplace Inserts

However, one thing to remember is that for the efficient use of the product, you will need to purchase logs separately. The Emberglow fireplace insert also does not include an adjustable fire screen that you can pull across in front of the unit.

If you want to customize the fireplace your own way with your own logs, then the Emberglow Fireplace insert is the right option for you.

  • You can customize the gas fireplace your own way
  • Even with quality design and great results, the product is available at a low price
  • You need to purchase logs for the fireplace separately
  • Pulling the screen across the unit can be challenging 

8. Empire Tahoe Deluxe Direct Vent Fireplace

If you are looking for a direct vent gas fireplace, then the Empire Tahoe Deluxe is the smart choice.

The Tahoe Deluxe Fireplace has an efficiency rating of 83 percent. Although direct vent units are hard to find, this model from Empire can end your search with an efficient easy-to-use unit.

Empire Tahoe Deluxe 36" Direct-Vent NG Millivolt Fireplace
  • Deluxe 36" Direct-Vent NG Millivolt Fireplace
  • Dimensions: 37" Width x 35 5/8" Height x 16 3/8" Depth.
  • Millivolt Control with On/Off Switch
  • Requires barrier screen DVFB36SBL or a door set. Contact...

The stats suggesting the efficiency unit become even more impressive when you realize that the flue will be open even when you don’t use the unit.  Measuring only 16 inches, the unit is compact enough to fit in tight spaces.

Millivolt control of the gas unit enables the user to switch the product on and off with a simple switch. The direct vent gas fireplace insert does not necessarily come with all the components, as you will need to purchase a brick liner, upgraded louvers, and remote control. However, the packaging of the product does include a set of gas logs (which is a plus.)

The unit is ready to use after the installation; you will require additional purchases only when you want to customize the product or add the convenience of remote control.


  • Product has an efficiency rating as high as 83% 
  • Fireplace is compact enough to fit in tight spaces and measures only 16 inches deep 
  • You can customize the fireplace according to your preferences 
  • You need to purchase additional components of the gas fireplace that adds to the overall price of the product 

9. Duluth Forge Dual Fireplace Insert

Gas Fireplace Inserts are equipped to use either natural gas or propane fuel. The Duluth Forge Dual Fireplace Insert, however, can operate with either source of fuel.

The gas fireplace insert is made to work with a ventless system. While using both the sources of fuel, the fireplace can generate 26000 BTU. The heat is enough to warm 1,350 square feet.

Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless Insert-26,000 BTU, T-Stat...
  • ASSEMBLED IN USA - Product is proudly assembled in the USA....
  • TECHNOLOGY - 26, 000 BTU Patented DUAL FUEL TECHNOLOGY using...
  • DEPENDABLE - Thermostat Control – The control...
  • STYLISH - 5 realistic hand painted Ceramic Fiber Logs

Regardless of which element you opt for the functioning of the fireplace, firing and heating the Duluth Forge fireplace is easy because of the battery assigned piezo ignition.

To control the temperature efficiently, you can use the remote control to switch from manual mode to thermal mode. You can also use the remote to turn the unit on and off. To distribute the heat effectively, you can also purchase a blower for this ventless fireplace insert.

  • Have dual sources of energy, natural gas, and propane
  • The fireplace can generate a decent amount of heat using both sources
  • The remote control allows you to set the heating settings according to your needs 
  • You need to purchase an additional blower to distribute the extra heat 

10. Best with Mantle – Belmont Compact Dual Fuel Fireplace

People who fancy the traditional fireplaces often argue in favor of the grandiose and royalty the modern, efficient versions lack. If you’re one of the people who prefer a classic look and are fans of a traditional fireplace with a mantel, then the Belmont Compact Fireplace is what you need.

Comfort Glow Kozy World GFD2042 Belmont Gas Fireplace,...
  • Operates on natural (NG) or propane (LP) gas; no flue or...
  • Ready to assemble; wall or corner installation; mantle,...
  • Electronic spark ignition
  • Realistic charred oak log set; Hidden, easy access controls

With a rich looking traditional finish, the mantle and the fireplace are a stylish addition to your home. The compact, vent-free unit is only 18” inch and gives the users the liberty of tucking it into any room to add instant heat and firelight.

Another plus that the product offers is the configuration that enables the fireplace to use either natural gas or propane as a fuel source.

The Belmont Dual Fireplace has the maximum BTU output of 20000 BTU. The presence of a ventless gas fireplace means that the user can enjoy plenty of heat radiation from the unit.


  • Have dual sources of energy, natural gas, and propane
  • Fireplace can generate heat using both sources
  • Traditional look and can fit in any room 
  • The heat that the product emits is considerably lower than some of the other gas fireplaces 

11. Best Vented Gas Long Set – Sure Heat Burnt River Oak Vented Gas Log Set 24- inch

If you are looking for a set of vented gas logs that look realistic too, then you should try the Sure Heat Burnt River Oak 24- inch set.

U-shaped dual burner provides the illusion of variations in flame patterns. The illusion is enhanced by the hand-painted cement logs that have a striking resemblance to the original thing. The visual aspect of the fireplace becomes even more breathtaking with the high-performance embers that glow at the bottom of the logs.

Emberside by SureHeat BRO24NG Burnt River Oak Vented Gas Log...
  • 8 Highly detailed, hand painted refractory cement logs...
  • Equipped with an innovative u-shaped dual burner, Pan,...
  • High Performance embers glow twice as bright as standard...
  • Fits all fireplaces with minimum dimensions of 32" front...

Homeowners with a vented natural gas fireplace find the product to be of value due to the affordable price it has. However, the value comes at the expense of the inconvenience of manually lighting the logs. The exercise of manually lighting the logs holds a lot of risks for the user. Additionally, a few people are also complaining about the woods having an odor initially that fades away after a while.

The warm natural glow of the product, however, trumps all such limitations earning the product a noteworthy mention in our compilation.

  • Product is visually realistic, in addition to heating, the fireplace is also pleasing to the eye
  • Great value at an affordable price 
  • Users need to light the unit manually
  • There are complaints of an odor from the logs 

12. Best Ventless Gas Log Set – Duluth Forge Vent Free Dual Fuel Gas Log Set

The Duluth Forge Vent Free Dual Fuel Log Set adds a powerful source of heat to your home. If you have a ventless gas fireplace insert, you need to opt for this unit.

Another realistically appealing product, the Duluth Forge Vent Free comes with a set of gas logs that have a realistic red oak look. The unit also includes a u-burner to create two rows of flames for your enjoyment. As the name suggests, you can flame the unit by either natural gas or propane, depending on the configuration of your gas fireplace insert.

Duluth Forge Vent Free Set-30 Stacked Oak Ventless Dual Fuel...
  • TECHNOLOGY - 33, 000 maximum BTU operates off Natural Gas or...
  • DEPENDABLE - Thermostat Remote Control Included – This...
  • STYLISH - The LCD screen of the remote control displays...
  • ECONOMICAL - 99. 9% efficient with Vent Free gas burner. No...

The set from Duluth Forge does not include lava rocks or embers and you will have to purchase these add-ons for your gas log set separately. Of all the benefits, the fireplace offers people are completely ravishing about the remote control that allows you to adjust gas logs without moving.

The oxygen depletion sensor provides the users with the security and safety they need as the 30000 BTU unit will radiate plenty of heat. The heat is enough for 1100 square feet, especially since these gas logs are for use with a vent-free gas fireplace insert.

  • In addition to heating, the fireplace is also pleasing on the eye
  • Remote control makes the operation of the device reasonably convenient 
  • Oxygen Depletion Sensor makes the fireplace safe to use 
  • You will have to purchase add-ons of the fireplace separately 

Even with the detailed analysis provided by us, purchasing a fireplace is still a daunting task. There are many variables that you need to consider before making a decision. The fireplace’s style, the heat output, and installation are some of the factors that you need to consider before making a decision.

Best Gas Fireplace Inserts 3
Cozy living room with fireplace and Christmas tree

In addition to the features mentioned above, here are some other factors that you need to consider before choosing a fireplace.

  1. Heat Capacity

A fireplace should not only be pleasing on the eye but it should also be efficient and produce excellent results too. There is no point in investing in a fireplace only for the ambiance it provides.

You should measure the heat capacity and efficiency together when purchasing a unit. This is because a fireplace that can emit heat as high as 25000 BTUs will be a burden on the user if it has heat efficiency of only 50%.

  1. Coverage

Coverage is the area the unit can cover with the heat it emits. Perfectly functioning fireplaces have a high coverage which drops considerably during the winter season.

  1. Variable Flame Control

Ensure that the feature allows you to adjust the flames, power, and heat output. Higher flames mean a higher heat output. You can also use the feature to enjoy the aesthetic flame dance.

  1. Thermostat

The use of thermostat ensures that the fireplace will maintain a constant temperature by automatically adjusting the fireplace’s flames to control its heat output.

  1. Electronic Ignition

Having an automated electronic ignition system will make it easier to start the fireplace making the fireplace more efficient.

  1. Accent Lightings

Although not a significant feature but the use of accent lighting can enhance the aspect of the fireplace and make the flames look more realistic. 

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