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To Mount or Not to Mount a TV Over The Fireplace – Pros & Cons

The advent of flat screens and LCDs with sleek designs has made it so much easier to mount televisions on the wall and get it over with these days. And if there’s a fireplace at your home, I’m sure you must have had a thought, at least once, that it would be incredibly great to hang your TV over it. I mean, imagine how awesome that would make your living room look.

TV Over The Fireplace

But, is mounting an electric contraption over the fire really an idea worth your while? Let’s look at the pros and cons to find out!

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Pros of Mounting a TV Over the Fireplace

  1. Saving Space

The most prominent advantage of mounting your TV set over the fireplace is that you can save space – lots of it. This is beneficial, especially when you are living in smaller spaces.

If you aren't hanging the TV over the fireplace, the chances are that you have a separate entertainment center, TV stand, or a dresser taking up space in the living room. One might argue that the TV stands are getting thinner by the day, but nevertheless, it still take up more space when compared to the mounting, which doesn't take any footage of the floor area.

  1. Creating A Common Focal Point

It’s a well-known fact that both Fireplaces and TV stations act as focal points in the living room. When there’s an absence of one, you know where to face your furniture, and how to set up the rest of the interiors. But if your house has both, then you’re sure to be in a dilemma as to how to set up your room.

Also, if you mount your TV elsewhere, you might feel the need to add extra elements and décor to complete the look, which could be a lot of effort.

In instances like these, opting to mount the TV over the fireplace will simply solve your problem by creating a single common focal point in your room. Now, there would be no more racking of brains as to how the furniture and décor should be arranged, and no more obligation to add extra elements to your setting!

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  1. Hide All the Wires

By mounting the TV over the fireplace, you can hide all those ugly wires without having it peeping out and ruining the whole look. This could probably be one of the most important reasons why a lot of people prefer this arrangement. You might say that an on-floor TV station or a dresser also gives an edge of hiding the wires behind the TV, but they are still visible to the passers-by if not appropriately concealed.

On the other hand, TV over the fireplace means that all that mess is just thrown behind the wall, and covering it up with a wall plate. Of course, you would be needing the help of a professional to finish the job. But the end look is worth it.

  1. Makes Your Living Room Look Spacious

Since there is no need for large entertainment stations and bulky table dressers once you mount the TV over the fireplace, your living room not only looks but also feels much bigger and spacious.

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 Cons of Placing a TV Over the Fireplace

  1. Can Be A Strain on the Neck

For an ideal viewing experience, the TV has to be placed at the eye level of the viewer. But if you mount the TV over the fireplaces, there’s a high chance that this isn’t possible, as you have to place it farther up than the ideal height. And the higher the TV is, the more you will be straining your neck.

Let me make it easier for you. Imagine you are sitting in one of the first three rows at the movies. It’s hard to watch the film, as you have to crank up your neck, ending up straining it. That’s why not a lot of people prefer sitting there, in addition to the poor viewing experience of course. Now, TV over the fireplace means that you are going to have first-seat syndrome every single day. Just think of how much effect it will have on your neck! Also, staring at the screen that’s raised for a long time can slowly cripple the functioning of your neck.

  1. Electronics and Heat? Not a Good Combination

While space-saving is the most important reason why people go for the TV over fireplace setup, its juxtaposition to heat stands as a substantial reason why people go against it. Since electronics and heat don’t go together, they are usually placed in different corners.

A lot of televisions work best while placed in lower-temperature settings. Since a fireplace generates a lot of heat, many people argue that this arrangement could considerably reduce the lifespan of the TV sets, making the reparation costs expensive in the longer run. And then there’s smoke emitting from the fireplace which the TVs don’t get along with.

Despite this, if you did choose to place the TV over the fireplace, make sure to clean it regularly. Or else, the smoke could create a hazy film over the TV set, hindering your television viewing experience.

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  1. Affects the Visibility and Overall Viewing Experience

We invest a lot of money in our TVs so we could get a great viewing experience. A TV with pristine quality and visibility can cost you anywhere between $500 - $1000. And if you don’t set it up right, consider all that effort and expense gone down the drain.

Let me explain you why. The quality of the picture in any television changes as you keep getting away from the screen. For the best viewing experience, manufacturers even suggest a particular angle at the TV must be placed at. If you fail to do this, you end up seeing a lower-quality picture. You might as well be getting a cheaper TV instead of that.

So, make sure you think twice before mounting your TV over the place. You could maybe go for a swivel mount to improve the angle if you are extremely particular about the Fireplace-TV setting.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, I can say that mounting your TV over the fireplace can be a pesky business. But if done right, can solve your problem with the viewing experiences while adding a great look to your home. So, consider these pros and cons that I mentioned above, and do a little bit of research by yourself before making a decision.

After all, TV over the fireplace trend has swept across the US and has become second nature to a lot of homes. But whatever you decide, make sure the arrangement isn’t cluttered, and your personal preferences are met.

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