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9 Best Pull-Down TV Mounts to Use in 2021

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Our teams of best reviewers spent about 43 hours to test some of the best pull-down TV mounts available in the market. In this experiment, our testers went ahead to install one of these pull-down TV mounts in their homes and watched some of their favorite content for hours.

Once the experiment was over, our reviewers considered and compared the most important features of these products. These features ranged from the ease in set up to their unique designs. Once all the comparisons were made, we compiled and outlined their very best traits along with what you should look out for when going out shopping for the best pull-down TV mounts. 

Best Pull-Down TV Mounts

Pull-Down TV MountPull-Down TV Mounthstcstbl-table__imageMantelMount MM540
  • This product is quite incomparable to others
  • Bring about safety for virtually any flat screen television
  • The downward tilt can go up to 8 degrees
Industry AwardsIndustry Awardshstcstbl-table__imageMantelMount MM340
  • Complete safety
  • Incomparable craftsmanship
  • Combines lightweight alloys with the highest quality gas automotive pistons and state-of-the-art counterbalance technologies
Space Saver Pull DownSpace Saver Pull Ceiling TV Mount
  • Adjustable height
  • Tends to work well from a range of ceiling heights
  • The pole tilts +180/-180 degrees without the need for tools
ETL Certified SafetyETL Certified Safetyhstcstbl-table__imageMonoprice Above Fireplace Pull-Down Full-Motion Wall Mount Bracket
  • Has been tested for strength and safety
  • spring-assisted mounts
  • This product will enhance your overall décor
Articulating Pull-downArticulating Pull-downhstcstbl-table__imageECHOGEAR Full Motion TV Wall Mount
  • Heavy-gauge metal construction
  • Can hold up to 132 pounds
  • Features a 130 degrees swivel
Full Motion Pull-downFull Motion Pull-downhstcstbl-table__imageVideoSecu MW380B5
  • Dual-arm design
  • 160-degree side to side swivel
  • Can also extend to 25 inches from the wall

1. MantelMount MM540Best Pull-Down TV Mounts

At first place on our list of best pull-down TV mounts is the MM540 by MantelMount. This product is quite incomparable to others on the list purely because of its unique craftsmanship and engineering.

MantelMount MM540 - Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount for...
  • HUGE SALE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST: Take $50 Off the MM540 While...
  • Full Range Motion: Up to 27" Vertical Travel, 30° Swivel...
  • Must-Have Features: Paintable Wall Covers, Soundbar...
  • Specs: TV Weight: Reaches Studs Up to 24" Apart, 20 to 90...

All the exclusive features of this product combine to bring about safety for virtually any flat screen television on your wall. You’ll find that swiveling right or left in every direction is a piece of cake. The downward tilt can go up to 8 degrees, 60 degrees in one direction and 35 degrees towards the right or left.

Other great features of this product include heat sensing, built-in soundbars, auto stabilization, and automatic straightening among so much more!

2. MantelMount MM340 – Winner of Multiple Industry Awards

The MM340 is a standard pull-down TV mount because of the reason that it gives you a humongous range of exclusive features. These features include complete safety, incomparable craftsmanship, and engineering; it’s somewhat of an all-in-one product.

MantelMount MM340 Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount - with...
  • HUGE SALE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST: Take $12 Off the MM340 While...
  • Full Range Motion: Up to 27" Vertical Travel, 30° Swivel...
  • Popular Features: Pull Down Handles, Adjustable Stops and...
  • Specs: Reaches Studs Up to 24" Apart, TV Weight: 20 to 90...

The patented construction of this award-winning product combines lightweight alloys with the highest quality gas automotive pistons and state-of-the-art counterbalance technologies. With all of this, users will be allowed to easily pull their flat-screen TV up to their walls at about 18.74 inches for a comfortable eye level.

With this product, every part of your room will be the best seat to watch television. No more headaches, eye-strain and TV glare.

3. Impact Mounts Above Fireplace Pull-Down –Master of Elegance

This product from Impact Mounts is intended to be a pull-down TV mount about your fireplace mantel – which is why it is the most elegant on our list of best pull-down TV mounts. When this wall mantel mount is not in its viewing position, its heavy-duty steel construction will provide for a solid hold even if you have a very large TV.

No products found.

With this product, all you will have to do is grab hold of the soft foam handle and enjoy the elegant view for all your favorite movies and TV shows. Watch them from any possible angle as the gas spring in this product allows effortless and smooth movement. Maintenance of this product is going to be quite minimalistic as well because of its mess-free construction.

4. Built to Perform – VIVO Counterbalance Above Fireplace Mount

If you were looking for the best pull-down TV mounts, with this product you have arrived at the perfect addition for your classroom, office or even home theater. This product features a tension spring technology that is state-of-the-art and provides nearly effortless adjustment.

No products found.

The VIVO Counterbalance provides for a height adjustment range of 30 inches and a weight capacity of 77 pounds. The minimum weight of your television set should, however, be over 28 pounds for a flexible and sturdy mounting solution.

With this product, you will find that you have been provided with all the necessary hardware to get your screen into place and be mounted in absolutely no time.

5. Ceiling TV Mount – Best Space Saver Pull Down

In 5th place on our list of best pull-down TV mounts, we have this ceiling TV mounts from Our expert reviewers found that it was the best space saver because it saved wall and floor space by hanging from your ceiling most prominently. Ceiling TV Mount - 3.5' to 5' Pole - Full...
  • EASE OF INSTALLATION: Install this ceiling TV mount in 3...
  • EASY TO USE: This overhead TV mount offers easy screen...
  • VIEWABLE FROM ANYWHERE: The ceiling mount lets you swivel...

This product has an adjustable height because of its telescopic pole which will let you suspend your television screen at the desired eye level from your ceiling. Our reviewers also found that this product tends to work well from a range of ceiling heights because the steel pole can extend anywhere between 42 inches and 61 inches.

What’s more? This product makes your television viewable from any direction as the pole tilts +180/-180 degrees without the need for tools.

6. Monoprice Above Fireplace Pull-Down Full-Motion Wall Mount Bracket – ETL Certified Safety

Monoprice is a company that sells new wall mounts every minute of the day on average. This is why the company uses the ETL testing certification for its quality standards. This certification confirms that this product on our list of best pull-down TV mounts has been tested for strength and safety for you and your family in labs.

Monoprice Above Fireplace Pull-Down Full-Motion Articulating...
  • By letting you pull the TV down to a comfortable height when...
  • The spring-assisted mount lets you effortlessly pull the TV...
  • ETL Certified Safety You Can Trust: Certified by ETL testing...
  • For fitment details please refer the User Manual attached...

This product was also found to provide the most comfortable eye-level views because of its spring-assisted mounts. These help pull-down the TV down or forward to your eye-level so you don’t have to crane your neck upwards whenever you are watching TV while sitting on your sofa.

When you aren’t watching TV, however, the mount will return to its position beautifully above your mantle or fireplace. In either position, you’ll find that this product will enhance your overall décor.

7. Mount-It: Fireplace Pull-Down Mantel TV Mount – Best Universal Fit

The Mount-It is a TV mantel mount that was designed to solve absolutely any type of installment issue that its competitor products may have faced. The solution provided by this product is to offer users with a 27-inch height adjustment that allows comfortable viewing. When the product will not be in use then it can be rolled back over the fireplace where it will look as elegant as ever.

No products found.

The heart of this product is the gas spring mechanism that can allow your television to cantilever up and down. The gas spring mechanism also allows the product to counterbalance the total weight of your television set with the simple touch of your finger. The tension of this product can also be adjusted to suit lighter or heavier products very easily.

 In addition to this product’s phenomenal height adjustment options, it can tilt up to 15 degrees down and up and swivel 18 degrees to the left and right to reduce glare or to suit the viewer’s line of sight.

8. ECHOGEAR Full Motion TV Wall Mount – Best Articulating Pull-down Mount

The ECHOGEAR Full Motion Wall mount takes up 8th place on our list of best pull-down TV mounts because of several premium features. These features include its heavy-gauge metal construction and its ability to hold television displays that stand between 37 and 70 inches in size. With accordance to height, this wall mount can hold up to 132 pounds.

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for...
  • This full motion TV wall mount does it all. Extend out 16”...
  • We take pride in your time which is why we developed a...
  • Nervous about hanging a TV on a wall? We dfyou. Which is why...
  • LG TV? Sony? Vizio? Samsung? Not a problem. Our hardware...

The product on its own has an exceptional quality of construction as it can help push television sets up to 16 inches from your wall and 2.6 inches away from the wall. What’s more? This product has an installation time of about 30 minutes and employs 13 studs to hold your television screen in place.

ECHOGEAR’s wall mount also features a 130 degrees swivel that can provide for more flexibility in viewing while no tools will be required to adjust the television.

9. VideoSecu MW380B5 – Best Full Motion Pull-down Mount

While on the lookout for the best pull-down TV mounts, people also look for the best amount of motion for their sports games or even action-packed movies. If this is your preference as well, then you will have no better option than the VideoSecu MW380B2. This standout choice is designed with what is known as a dual-arm design which offers its users with a 160-degree side to side swivel.

VideoSecu MW380B5 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount...
  • Articulating arm TV wall mount fits 37" 40" 42" 46" 47" 50"...
  • Supports display up to 125 lbs; Adjustable tilt +5/-12...
  • Arm fold less than 3" or extend 14" from wall ; +/-3 degrees...
  • Easy installation and adjustment

For a forward swivel, this product offers users about 15 degrees along with 5 degrees if you want a backward swivel. What’s more? This television screen can also extend to 25 inches from the wall when it is in use. The installation process of this product doesn’t take too much time either as the standard mounting screws and 16 inch apart wood studs are included.

Pull-Down TV Mounts Buyer’s Guide

1. Compatibility

When you’re looking for the best pull-down TV mounts, our experts suggest that you get your hands on those that can support the shape, weight, and size of the TV. This should especially be the case when you plan on using the mounts for a curved TV.

Most of the products mentioned in this article can easily accommodate a large range of TV models but make sure that you buy the one that has the best compatibility.

2. Design

Some people also look for products that swivel and don’t just stay fixed in place. Well, if you classify yourself as one of these people, then you will also be faced with questions like “do you want a product with a slight tilt or a complete range of motions?” Either way, it is important to choose mounts that will match the layout of your room along with some other specific needs.

3. Installation

Installing some types of wall mounts can turn out to be quite tricky and mount installation isn’t something that you would want to botch, would it? With the best pull-down TV mounts, you can rest assured that post-installation adjustment levels will be in place to ensure that the TV remains perfectly aligned. 

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