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7 Best Pull-Down TV Mounts Of 2023 | Reviews + Guide

A pull-down wall mount is a popular fixture when it comes to flat-screen TVs since it saves a lot of space in the living room. I find the MantelMount Pull-Down TV Mount a top product with flexible components that can easily fit the TV screen on mantles and outdoor patios.

Best Pull-Down TV Mounts

Besides saving space, a pull-down wall mount can reduce screen glare and provide the ideal viewing angle due to its adjustable nature. Further, pull-down TV mounts are extremely beneficial for keeping your OLED screen away from children to prevent damage, your television set deserves this!

So, let me walk you through the best pull-down TV wall mount options! 

Listed below are the 5 best pull-down TV mounts from our list:

  • MantelMount MM340 Pull-Down TV Mount: This high-quality steel construction, pull-down TV mount, stands out for its full 30-degree swivel motion and easy adjustments, despite its higher cost.
  • MantelMount MM540 Pull-Down TV Mount: Known for its lightweight design, the MantelMount MM540 features easy adjustability and additional safety features, although it includes multiple mounting hardware.
  • VIVO Steel Electric TV Wall Mount: Offering a robust steel design, this TV wall mount features a unique motorized structure with remote access for easy adjustments but has a relatively higher price range.
  • TechOrbits Motorized TV Ceiling Mount: Designed for saving space, this strength-tested steel ceiling mount provides convenient tilting and easy installation, though it is expensive, and its screen size range is restricted.
  • Mount-It! Fireplace TV Wall Mount: This TV wall mount impresses with its spring-assisted height adjustment and strong metallic build. However, it lacks motorized remote access.

Here is the list of the 7 best pull-down TV mounts that you can use to conveniently and safely mount your television.

1. Best For Increased Flexibility - MantelMount MM340 Pull-Down TV Mount

MantelMount MM340 is a flexible pull-down TV wall mount that has a heavy-duty steel construction, which is both durable and lightweight. It has an eye-level height for a better viewing angle of your wall-mounted TV on the fireplace mantle. Its wide adjustability will help you avoid neck pain, and TV glare since its full range motion allows you to swivel it up to 30 degrees left or right. 

Equipped with features such as pull-down handles, a cable management system, and dual gas pistons, the MantelMount MM340 is very easy to adjust. Its full flexibility, coupled with adjustable stops and safety bowls, will make watching TV a hassle-free and space-efficient experience. Moreover, it can travel up to 27 inches in height so that you can mount it as per your preference and space availability. 

You can also use this as a ceiling TV mount, as its sliding wall plate and gas piston stabilization can hold your flat-screen TV securely while allowing both swivel and tilt. So, the MantelMount MM340, with its screen size capacity ranging from 44 to 80 inches, delivers a sturdy and efficient performance.

Mounting Type: Wall Mount | Movement Type: Swivel, Tilt | Max Screen Size: 80 inches | Max Tilt Range: 30 degrees | Weight Capacity: 20 to 90 lbs

2. Best For Heat Sensor Handles - MantelMount MM540 Pull-Down TV Mount

Coming from the MantelMount brand, the MM540 Pull-Down TV Mount is a lightweight option with a full range of motion that allows you to tilt your TV in more than one direction. With its easily adjustable viewing angle, you can mount your TV 27 inches vertically upwards or remove it from the wall for up to 19 inches. Simply swivel the TV mount, and its auto-straightening system will automatically adjust the height for you. 

The MantelMount MM540 includes advanced safety features, including gas piston auto stabilization, built-in soundbars, auto-straightening, and heating sensors. So, this pull-down TV mount has varied features that will help you enjoy your TV time from any seating arrangement or position! 

Moreover, you can use this TV mount with good cable management to remove any unsightly, fussy wires hanging. The MM540 combines style with efficiency as it has a TV weight capacity of up to 90 lbs. Hence, you can easily pull out your Liquid-Crystal Display screen and watch TV without worrying about its safety. 

Mounting Type: Wall Mount | Movement Type: Swivel | Max Screen Size: 80 inches | Max Tilt Range: None | Weight Capacity: 90 lbs. max

3. Best For Programmable Remote - VIVO Steel Electric TV Wall Mount 

This Electric TV Wall Mount from the VIVO brand is an ergonomic TV mount option with solid steel construction and motorized design. Its full-motion TV wall mount engineering carefully places the screen in a position that reduces screen glare and neck and back strain. Vivo Electric TV Mount is the first of its kind with a smooth motorized system that has a 101-degree pull and a height adjustment of up to 23 inches. 

To ensure viewing comfort and better picture quality, you can manually swivel the TV mount 25 degrees left or right, depending on your eye level and distance. These TV wall mounts also come with a programmable remote that can save its previous angle or mounting position for better accessibility. 

Furthermore, the additional cable clips ensure smooth cable management, so you won’t have messy wires hanging all over your TV mantel mount. It can fit a TV size ranging from 37 to 70 inches and has a maximum weight capacity of up to 77 lbs. Vivo also offers a three-year warranty and tech support for customer satisfaction. 

Mounting Type: Wall Mount | Movement Type: Swivel | Max Screen Size: 70 inches | Max Tilt Range: 25 degrees | Weight Capacity: 77 lbs. Max

4. Best For Space Saving - TechOrbits Motorized TV Ceiling Mount 

Don’t have enough room on walls for TV wall mounts? The TechOrbits Motorized TV Ceiling Mount can store the retracted monitor on the ceiling and provide you with an unobstructed view when in use. 

Compatible with TV screen sizes ranging from 23 to 55 inches, this ceiling TV mount can be attached to flat, sloping, and even pitched ceilings. Its various mount patterns, including 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, and 400x400, are compatible with the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) guidelines.

Made from heavy-duty steel, this ceiling TV mount is strength-tested, so its adjustable crane and tilting mounts are strong enough to carry up to 77 lbs. It also has sturdy keyhole TV brackets for easy installation and four different height adjustment settings. Simply screw it as close to the ceiling as possible to achieve a cleaner look. 

Moreover, you need not worry about sudden jerks and tension since its powerful electric motor smoothly glides the screen up and down.

Since the TechOrbits Motorized Ceiling TV Mount has an RF remote, you can operate it to change screen levels (+3 or -3 degrees). Use its programmed settings to further increase its tilt to 75 degrees, even from different rooms or when you’re not in the line of sight. TechOrbits provides a lifetime warranty and easy installation guide for all its tilting TV mounts, along with all the necessary hardware.

Mounting Type: Ceiling TV Mount | Movement Type: Tilt | Max Screen Size: 55 inches | Max Tilt Range: 75 degrees | Weight Capacity: 77 lbs. Max

5. Best For Fireplace Mantle - Mount-It! Fireplace TV Wall Mount

Mount-It! TV Wall Mount has an advanced wall plate with spring-assisted height adjustment that allows easy lifting and lowering of the TV without any hassle. Specifically designed for fireplace mantel use, its height can be adjusted up to 24.8 inches for comfortable viewing. The Mount-It! brand takes the safety of your family and equipment very seriously, so its TV mounts are tested to 4 times their maximum weight capacity. 

Further, it is made from high-quality metal with an aesthetic black finish that is both durable and lightweight for better longevity. Mount-It! TV tilting mount fits various screen sizes ranging from 42 to 70 inches in size, depending on the VESA patterns. Its compatible mounting patterns include 200 x 200, 300 x 200, 300 x 300, 400 x 200, 400 x 300, 400 x 400 and 600 x 400 specifications. However, you must ensure your screen size complements the wood stud placing to get the correct fit.

You can also achieve optimal cable management with its integrated cable clips that keep your pull-down TV mount mess-free and organized. Moreover, the Mount-It! brand offers trustworthy, speedy customer service in case of faulty electric motors and broken parts, and efficiently guides you through the installation process. 

Mounting Type: Pull-Down TV Mount | Movement Type: Swivel, Tilt, Rotate | Max Screen Size: 70 inches | Max Tilt Range: 30 degrees | Weight Capacity: 72.6 lbs

6. Best For Heavy-Weight Capacity - StarTech.com Ceiling TV Mount

Manufacturing TV mounts and other electronic accessories since 1985, StarTech.com has some of the best quality pull-down TV mounts on the market. Its ceiling TV mounts have a telescopic pole design, which is ergonomic, space-saving, and durable. 

This 3.5 to 5-foot pole design will keep your flat-panel display suspended at your desired height or eye level. What’s more, it has an easily adjustable viewing angle of 25 degrees for optimal comfort.

Moreover, StarTech.com’s ceiling TV mounts allow you to swivel and tilt the TV up to +/- 180 degrees, making it one of the best full-motion mounts. It can also be a good option for kids since its steel pole can be extended from 8.2 to 9 feet with a height extension of a maximum of 19.6 inches. 

Besides, this mount accommodates LED, LCD, and plasma screens ranging from 32 to 75 inches in size. Unlike many TV wall mounts and ceiling tilt mounts, it can withstand up to 110 lbs of TV weight without unwanted tension. Finally, this pull-down TV mount stands out for its easy installation due to its additional concrete anchors and simple hook and mount design.

Mounting Type: Ceiling TV Mount | Movement Type: Tilt, Swivel, Articulating | Max Screen Size: 75 inches | Max Tilt Range: +/- 180 degrees | Weight Capacity: 110 lbs. max

7. Best Built-in Spring Gauge - Atlantic Spring Arm TV Mount

The Atlantic Spring Arm TV Mount is an affordable TV wall mount option with a sleek, ergonomic design. Its space-saving dimensions are compatible with most VESA standards and specifications so that it can accommodate a wide range of screen sizes. What’s more, its sturdy built-in spring gauge helps you smoothly pull down and retract the TV mount without the risk of breakage and tension. 

Built with heavy-duty alloy steel, this spring arm TV mount can securely hold onto your TV stand and mounting template. It has a full range motion with a +/- 360-degree swivel that helps reduce glare and eye or neck strain. Moreover, Atlantic’s open wall plate design allows an articulating movement of up to 180 degrees left or right for comfortable post-install leveling. 

Further, this lightweight pull-down TV mount extends very easily from the wall and carries up to 66 lbs of TV weight. With an efficient cable management system and elegant black finish, it can carry most television screens without the need for frequent maintenance. And lastly, the brand caters to customer satisfaction by coordinating speedy replacement in case of damaged parts such as cranes and mounting holes.

Mounting Type: Wall Mount | Movement Type: Swivel, Articulating | Max Screen Size: Not specified | Max Tilt Range: None | Weight Capacity: 66 lbs. max

What is the Best Pull-Down TV Mount?

This section provides an in-depth comparison of the finest pull-down TV mounts available in the market. The table below meticulously evaluates critical features, including mounting type, movement type, maximum screen size, maximum tilt range, and weight capacity.

ProductMounting TypeMovement TypeMax Screen SizeMax Tilt RangeWeight Capacity
MantelMount MM340 Pull-Down TV MountWall MountSwivel, Tilt80 inches30 degrees20 to 90 lbs
MantelMount MM540 Pull-Down TV MountWall MountSwivel80 inchesNone90 lbs. max
VIVO Steel Electric TV Wall MountWall MountSwivel70 inches25 degrees77 lbs. max
TechOrbits Motorized TV Ceiling MountCeiling TV MountTilt55 inches75 degrees77 lbs. max
Mount-It! Fireplace TV Wall MountPull-Down TV MountSwivel, Tilt, Rotate70 inches30 degrees72.6 lbs
StarTech.com Ceiling TV MountCeiling TV MountTilt, Swivel, Articulating75 inches+/- 180 degrees110 lbs. max
Atlantic Spring Arm TV MountWall MountSwivel, ArticulatingNot specifiedNone66 lbs. max

Buying Guide for the Best Pull-Down TV Mount

Pull-down wall-mounted TV system is a one-stop solution for space-saving and interior designing, especially if you want to have a television on top of your mantelpiece without risking heat damage. However, it is quite challenging to choose the best TV wall mount or ceiling system, given the wide variety available on the market. So, here are some parameters you must keep in mind: 

1. Weight Capacity

You must ensure that the pull-down TV mount, be it for the wall or ceiling, can bear the weight of your TV screen. Look at its maximum weight capacity in the product specifications and see if its capacity aligns with your TV weight. If you carelessly purchase pull-down TV mounts, there are high chances of accidents and breakage. 

A TV mount that cannot withstand your screen’s weight is also a potential health hazard since it can fall on you or a family member. The best way to avoid this is to purchase a TV mount that can bear twice or more the weight of your screen and other accessories.

2. Range Of Motion

If your TV is set below your eye level, you may experience neck sprains, whereas if it is mounted too high, there are high chances of eye strain and screen glare. Such faulty mounting settings, be it the horizontal or vertical angle, can affect the picture quality and cause severe musculoskeletal illnesses like fibromyalgia, spondylitis, and migraines. Getting an adjustable pull-down TV mount with varying swivel angles will eliminate these risks and help you enjoy your watching time.

So, there’s no point in purchasing pull-down TV mounts if they don’t have a full range of motion. Swivel, tilt, and articulating are the most popular movement types offered by TV ceiling and wall mounts. So, ensure you’re aware of the swivel and tilt degrees, or the limited motion may result in eye strain and backache. You can also opt for the articulated ones since they offer more flexibility, with both arms being extendable for swiveling.

Moreover, if you want a TV mount for your patio or other outdoor areas, go for a TV mount with a large swivel range to reduce glare.

3. Built-In Cable Management

Tangled wires hanging around your TV screen is not a good way to upgrade your living room aesthetics. But the wires are also important for a good connection, so the best way to give your space a clean and tidy look is to get TV mounts with integrated cable management. Many TV mount brands go about it in different ways, but built-in cable clips are the most popular organization feature. 

Other high-end pull-down TV mounts offer wire concealment boxes or shelves that complement your overall living room aesthetic.

4. Adjustment- Height and Mobility

Besides saving space and accommodating big screens in small areas, pull-down TV mounts offer height adjustment for increased mobility and accessibility. So, other than the swivel and title angles, you must pay attention to its horizontal and vertical movements. The better the adjustment range, the more you can move your TV mount to get a comfortable viewing angle. 

Some full-motion mounts also offer a rotating feature, which means you can view your display screen from practically anywhere in the room. 

5. Safety Features

Security is one of the most significant criteria you must factor in while purchasing a pull-down TV mount. This is especially important if you have kids or pets in your house who can come in harm’s way. To tackle this issue, look for safety measures that securely hold the television screen in place and prevent it from falling or being knocked down from its wall or ceiling plate.

6. VESA Patterns

Most TV sets are compatible with VESA standardized patterns: that is, the mounting holes on the back have a standard distance between them. So, you will need to purchase a TV wall mount or ceiling component that works with the particular pattern of your TV.  The patterns that are most often listed in the product description are 200x200, 400x400, etc.

7. Budget

You must understand that a pull-down TV mount is usually not very cheap. So, you must be open to a wide price range and try to get as many features as possible. Research the technical features that come with a TV mount, and select the ones you need. If you find a mount that fits your criteria, it is best to go for the one with high-quality materials to get the value for money.

8. Aesthetics

It is quite difficult to conceal all the stray wires and get a clean look while setting up your TV or home theater system. So, the best pull-down TV can give your set-up a professional look with its built-in cable clips and cubby holes for better organization. Look for ones with extra storage units and other ergonomic benefits, so that you can use it as a wonderful alternative to big pieces of furniture.

What size TV can be mounted with a pull-down TV mount?

Pull-down TV mounts are versatile and can support a wide variety of TV sizes. Typically, they can accommodate TVs ranging from 32” to 70”.

What is the maximum weight capacity of a pull-down TV mount?

The weight capacity of pull-down TV mounts usually tops out at about 110 lbs. However, specific capacity guidelines should be referenced within the accompanying instructions of your individual mount.

What type of mounting hardware is included with a pull-down TV mount?

Common inclusions in the package with a pull-down TV mount are all necessary mounting hardware like screws and anchors. However, to ascertain compatibility, you should cross-verify the mounting gear with the specifications of your wall.

Does the pull-down TV mount require professional installation?

While pull-down TV mounts are engineered for straightforward self-installation, if you are hesitant or unfamiliar with the process, hiring a professional installer is a recommended alternative.

How much space is needed behind the TV for a pull-down TV mount?

A clearance of approximately 3–4 inches between the wall and the back of the TV is required to accommodate a pull-down TV mount, ensuring proper installation and operation.