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27 TV Mounting Ideas For Your Home | Stylish And Sensible

With multiple ways to mount your TV on the wall, you can easily find one that suits your preference. For those on a budget, I recommend a minimalist TV setup. However, if you are in the mood to splurge, you can check out waterproof TV options for your bathroom wall!

TV Mounting Ideas

Imagine planning a movie marathon with friends, only to have your necks aching after a while. 

That’s when you need a suitable TV mount at the right height to enjoy your viewing experience and add some style to an otherwise boring wall. But choosing the right TV mount and installing it correctly can be challenging, especially if the room is already full of furniture and décor pieces. 

Hence, I’ve compiled some of my go-to TV mounting ideas to help you pick a suitable one for your abode! 

Top 27 TV Mounting Ideas

Are you looking for a creative way to mount your TV? Here is the list of the 27 coolest TV mounting ideas to help you find the perfect solution for your home. Whether you want to go for a modern, minimalistic look or a more traditional one, theres something for everyone. Here is the list of the 27 coolest TV mounting ideas:

TV Mounting Ideas

1. Wood Accent Wall

Wood Accent Wall

If you’ve got a wooden or faux wood wall, a wall-mounted TV right at the center will add a sophisticated, modern touch to the room. No matter what color of wood you have, a shiny black TV will complement it well. In fact, the warmth of the wooden wall will enhance the TV screen even when turned off.

2. Floating Shelves Around The TV

Floating Shelves Around The TV

Got a plain wall with a TV wall mount? Consider adding floating shelves around it. You can add wooden shelves to recreate the previously mentioned minimal effect or choose different materials like metal. Either way, the shelves will help create a cohesive look on your TV wall while presenting your TV as the focal point.

TV Gallery Wall

An affordable way to amp up your TV wall is by adding art pieces around the mount. You can hang bold paintings or posters of your favorite movies. Or, if you have simple shelves around, add a statement décor piece, like a lamp, a crystal, or a flower vase. 

4. Ceiling Mounted TV To Create A Stunning Statement

Ceiling Mounted TV To Create A Stunning Statement

Although getting a ceiling-mounted TV may cost you more than the rest of the styles, it will instantly create a stylish impact in your space. In fact, a majority of homeowners opt for this TV mounting idea during home renovations, thanks to its ability to free up wall space. 

However, you will require a lot of planning to build a ceiling mount for your TV. Right from the ergonomics to the weight capacity of the lift mechanism - ensure you are certain about everything before opting for a ceiling-mounted TV. 

5. Vibrant TV Room

Vibrant TV Room

Sleek flat-screen TVs look great next to colorful furniture and décor. So, even if you have a room full of different colors, you need not worry about the wall-mounted TV sticking out like a sore thumb!

6. Corner Mounted TV

Corner Mounted TV

If you do not have much space to spare on the wall, consider a corner-mounted TV. But do make sure that it offers a comfortable viewing angle. 


I highly recommend a corner-mounted TV if you do not have a separate TV room or living room. As such, you can create a cozy corner in any one of your rooms with the TV securely mounted on a corner.

7. Built-In Media Cabinet

Built-In Media Cabinet

Despite the popularity of Smart TVs, one cannot deny the vintage charm of older TV sets. However, they often come with tons of wires and accessories, which you may need to store securely, away from plain sight. That’s when a built-in media cabinet can add more functionality and style to your room with the spotlight on your TV.

8. TV In Open Concept Room

TV In Open Concept Room

If you have implemented open-concept floor plans in your house, it is bound to have fewer walls. In such cases, you must be extra careful about the placement of your TV mounting bracket. It should be placed strategically to offer a comfortable viewing angle from every corner of the room. You could even invest in a movable mounting bracket. 

However, in such room schemes, one thing is for sure - your TV wall is bound to make a statement!

9. Mid-Century Modern TV Room

Mid-Century Modern TV Room

The mid-century décor is known for its minimalism, timeless aesthetics, and functionality. And what’s better than a chic TV mounted on a muted shade wall, complementing the mid-century style furniture? 

I always recommend my friends and family to stick to this style of home décor since it is easy to pull off and maintain. Plus, the clean-cut décor looks great in small apartments. 

10. Wallpapered TV Wall

Wallpapered TV Wall

If you’ve got a patterned wallpaper on your walls, I recommend keeping it simple with just a mount to watch TV and no other shelves and decor pieces. Maybe you can add a dainty lamp next to the TV to create balance. 

However, if your wallpaper features a single color scheme, you can experiment with more accessories around the TV on the wall. 

11. Neutral TV Room

Neutral TV Room

Prefer following a single color palette throughout your room? Try bringing in some contrast with a wall-mounted flat-panel display. Even if you have a grayscale theme, you can add interesting layers to the décor, like a huge statement sofa or hanging potted plants. As long as you add furniture of the same or complementing color palette, your neutral TV room will look as stylish as ever!

12. Mounted TV With Floating Entertainment Center

Mounted TV With Floating Entertainment Center

Lucky enough to get a dedicated room for watching movies, playing games, and listening to music? Then this is the best solution for you. After all, floating entertainment centers can offer a sleek overall aesthetic while adding more storage for your equipment. 

13. Waterproof TV Mounted On The Bathroom Wall 

Waterproof TV Mounted On The Bathroom Wall

Gone are the days when TVs were installed in living rooms and bedrooms only. Nowadays, besides having a separate “entertainment” room, some people cannot do without a TV in the bathroom, too! While it may sound bizarre, nothing feels quite as luxe as sipping some wine in the tub while watching your favorite Netflix series.

14. Modern Traditional TV Room

Modern Traditional TV Room

If you’re unable to choose between minimal modern aesthetic and the old-world charm of vintage pieces - why not try a fusion? Stick to a complementary color palette, and mix and match, say, a sleek lamp and an antique wooden trunk with gold carvings. Accordingly, you can install a wall-mounted TV over a rustic table adorned with vintage pieces, like a gramophone or a rotary telephone. 

15. Tile TV Wall

Tile TV Wall

Who says tiles are only meant for bathrooms and kitchens? With the right size and color of tiles, you can create a contemporary TV wall. Adding tiles to the TV wall can even be an affordable option for some, as it may not require the use of additional décor pieces, shelves, etc. 

Consider adding tiles to just one wall in the room or limit its usage to only a part of the wall. This will not only help save money but also prevent your room from looking too busy and congested. 

16. Mounted TV With On-wall Shelf

Mounted TV With On-wall Shelf

If you have a small TV room or living room, I recommend investing in an on-wall shelf located right below the TV wall mount. This will negate the requirement for a separate shelf or storage unit for hiding all the components that come with a TV, like a cable box, CD players, etc. 

You can even mount smaller components and streaming devices behind your TV by placing it at an angle. But you will have to be careful about the overall height and viewing angle of the TV, as these factors can greatly influence its picture quality.

17. Dark TV Wall

Dark TV Wall

Are you a dark academia enthusiast, or simply prefer a moody vibe? Then go for a dark TV wall. 

And when I say “dark,” I don’t just mean black and brown. Try playing around with jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red, plum, teal blue, etc. These colors will create a dramatic dark vibe in your room while maintaining a striking contrast with your TV. 

18. TV Around The Fireplace 

TV Around The Fireplace 

A TV mount over a fireplace mantel is the safest bet for any household. In fact, it’s what homeowners have been doing for ages, and rightly so. Installing the TV on top of a fireplace gives it the right height and viewing distance. 

That said, you can even place the TV beside the fireplace if you want a lower height. This works well if you have lower seating arrangements, like a low sofa, bean bags, etc. 

19. TV On A Shiplap Accent Or Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall

TV On A Shiplap Accent Or Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall

A shiplap accent wall adds more texture and dimension, much like a wood accent wall, albeit a bit more subtle. As such, it makes the perfect frame for flat-screen TVs. I personally prefer the shiplap trend with farmhouse design décor. 

Basically, the farmhouse look is all about simplicity, functionality, and comfort. Think oversized potted plants, rattan or straw furniture, matte over metallic finishes, and cozy color palettes.

20. TV Over Media Furniture

TV Over Media Furniture

Another great idea for those who require more storage space is to slip in a stylish cabinet underneath the TV on the wall. You can sneakily store CD players, gaming consoles, Wi-Fi modems, and more while creating a chic look in your living room or bedroom. 


To add some oomph to your space, I recommend investing in a high-quality cabinet or chest of drawers in a striking color. It will act as a statement piece and create balance with an all-black TV screen.

21. Minimalist TV Setup

Minimalist TV Setup

If you do not have much space or money to spare, installing a TV mounted on a blank wall with simple furniture around it is another effective idea. You can just have a small sofa, coffee table, and a flower pot next to the TV mount, and the room will look impeccable. 

However, you will have to choose your colors and textures (rugs, carpets, throws, etc.) wisely to ensure the living room does not look dull and boring. 

22. Mounted TV With Soundbar

Mounted TV With Soundbar

Despite the advancement in technology, newer, thinner TVs are often devoid of crisp audio quality. So, if you enjoy watching action movies or playing adrenaline-pumping games, you might want to invest in a high-quality sound system.

The flexibility of a wall-mounted soundbar can greatly support additional acoustics and soundproofing efforts, such as the use of acoustic panels or bass traps, which can increase the acoustic quality level in your household. Properly integrating your soundbar with your TV can contribute to a more immersive audio experience by evenly distributing sound across the room and mitigating distortions.

23. TV Mount With Industrial Décor

TV Mount With Industrial Decor

For those who like rustic industrial-style décor (shades of brown, leather texture, metallic finish, etc.), a wall-mounted TV can fit right into your industrial space. The combo looks clean, classy, fashionable, and functional.

24. Southwestern Bohemian TV Wall

Southwestern Bohemian TV Wall

If you want to create a carefree, boho vibe in your house, a TV wall decorated with earthy color artwork and macrame wall hangings will do the trick. I further recommend using woven rugs, lots of pillows (if they have fringes - even better!), and utilitarian, wooden furniture to complete the Southwestern look.

25. Framed TV

Framed TV

Framing the TV screen will ensure the device is the statement piece in the room while blending it into the background. If you have the budget to spare, you can hire the services of a professional. However, with the right material, you can make your own frame TV. For more details, you can check out my guide on “How to prop up a TV without a stand?”

26. Kid-friendly TV Room

Kid-friendly TV Room

Adding a TV in the kid’s room makes sense if both you and your kid are tired of fighting for the remote! I suggest adding colorful paintings or toys on the shelves around the mounted TV. And if you’re worried about your child’s screen time, you can always add a child lock to the TV.

27. TV Mounted Behind A Bookcase

TV Mounted Behind A Bookcase

A smart space-optimizing idea is to hide the TV inside or behind a faux bookcase. However, implementing it might get complicated, as you will have to get the right mounting bracket and invest in bespoke cabinetry. Moreover, the movement of the bookcase can be automated or manual, depending on your preference.

Another sneaky way to keep your super large TV hidden inside is to experiment with bespoke joinery that can slide open and close whenever required. This not only makes your space look stylish but also saves space.

TV LED on the cabinet in modern living room on wooden wall background, TV Mounting Ideas Conclusion.

TV Mounting Ideas Conclusion

Finally, I come to the end of this extensive guide. I hope my TV mounting ideas will help you install your television in a stylish yet functional manner. Whether you want your TV to be visible in its full glory or want it hidden, just make sure you choose the right mounting bracket. 

That said, I suggest checking out my latest guide on “Best Pull-Down TV Mount” for more information.