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9 Best Shed Alarm Systems for Enhanced Security

Best Shed Alarm Systems

Contrary to popular belief, your home is not the only place that needs an alarm system to protect it from theft. While the shed is a part of a home, securing it is more often than not an afterthought for many homeowners, which is a big mistake.

Home sheds that do not have an alarm system are five times more vulnerable to theft as compared to those that do have an alarm system. One of the reasons for an increase in theft in garden sheds and garages is because many people use that space for storage of garden equipment and other tools.

While most homeowners do not think of securing their garage or garden shed, but if they own expensive power tools, a ladder, or a motorcycle or another vehicle, then getting a shed alarm system is going to make sure their belongings are protected.

One of the main reasons why you need to keep your garden shed or garage secure is because insurance policies often do not cover equipment and belongings that are stored in a garden shed or garage. While you can have it added to your existing home insurance policy, it will bump up the price and does not guarantee the safety of your belongings that are stored away in the shed.

This is why it is important for those who own expensive lawn maintenance and other equipment that’s stored in the shed or garage to not just have a padlock on their shed but also invest in a good quality shed alarm system. 

Top Shed Alarms for Your Home

Best Shed Alarm Systemsss

A shed alarm can be used as a reliable deterrent against burglars and can keep your garden shed or garage protected at all times. The following are some of our top picks of shed alarms that are available in the market today.

1. Z-Wave Plus Rare Earth Magnets Door & Window Sensor

Ecolink is a reliable name when it comes to delivering efficient door and window alarm systems for homes, garages and garden sheds. The company’s Z-Wave Plus door and window sensor system is the latest in the lineup of home security systems that have been released by the company. One of the main selling points of the Z-Wave Plus home security system is that it uses the company’s latest Z-Wave Plus technology, which is a significant upgrade from the previous Z-Wave software.

Z-wave Plus Rare Earth Magnets Door & Window Sensor, White &...
  • COMPATIBILITY: The Ecolink Door/Window is manufacturer...
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL: Easy installation by simply pulling the...

New Design and Function Upgrades

What makes the Z-Wave Plus home security system unique is that it offers rare earth magnets, which is an industry-leading feature of home alarm systems. What makes the rare earth magnets unique is that they are designed to provide a 5/8-inch gap. This makes them ideal for commercial or double-hung windows.

Ecolink is the leader in designing home alarm systems that are efficient and reliable. The products the company delivers includes premium quality wireless security systems, and intelligent home automation devices. The Z-Wave Plus technology makes it compatible with SmarThings, which means it can be integrated into a variety of Z-Wave home security hubs. The all-new Z-Wave Plus alarm system is the latest premium security product in the company’s lineup which offers an exceptional level of protection for any garden shed or garage.

  • Uses the latest Z-Wave Plus technology
  • Easy to install
  • Offers reliable protection
  • Boasts of a three-year battery life
  • Powerful magnets and sensors
  • Available in white and brown
  • Reliable reporting of “open” events
  • Large size
  • Occasionally fails to report a “closed” event 

2. Smart Door/Window Alarm Sensor Wireless Home Security System

The Smart Door/Window Alarm Sensor Wireless Home Security System offers the ultimate in DIY protection. This DIY kit comes with an easy-to-understand user manual for a hassle-free installation. The robust design of the alarm system means that it requires little to no maintenance. The extremely long standby battery can last for nearly a year, which means that users do not have to continuously check and replace the battery pack.

Wireless WiFi Door/Window Sensor Notification Reminder, Work...
  • 【24 Hours Intelligent Security】:The Savori smart door...
  • 【Fast Instant Alerts】: Support EZ or AP mode for 2.4G...

Well Made Alarm with Plenty of Features

Sonew is another company that has become a household name when it comes to designing home alarm systems that are portable and reliable. Living up to the brand’s name, this home alarm system also offers plenty of features, which enhances its efficiency and level of protection. One of the stand out features of the Smart Door/Window Alarm Sensor Wireless Home Security System is the free App mode that allows you to monitor your property remotely.

Other features that make this home and shed alarm system stand out from the rest is the one-click Wi-Fi connectivity, AP mode, and an incredibly long transmission distance which can send a strong network signal up to 45 meters. Another unique feature with this security system is that it can operate independently, without being connected to any hub. It is also compatible with Google Home and Alexa, which makes it easier to operate and monitor.

The company is so confident in their home security system that they are also offering a one-year warranty along with lifetime technical support. While the product comes with a built-in battery, the long-lasting battery pack offers 10 months of standby power.

  • Standby battery time is up to 10 months
  • Compatible with Google Home and Alexa Echo
  • Loud alarm sound
  • Can work independently of hubs
  • Strong network signal of up to 45 meters
  • Easy to install
  • Requires low maintenance
  • The batteries are built-in
  • Wi-Fi connection supports only 2.4G 

3. Doberman Security SE-0104-2PK Motion Detector Alarm/Chime

Doberman Security offers a whole range of unique security products that are highly efficient and boast of a premium quality build. The company has been responsible for designing some of the most top-rated home security systems available in the market today. These systems vary in price and function and are highly efficient when it comes to everyday use.

Doberman Security SE-0104-2PK Motion Detector Alarm/Chime -...
  • INFRARED TECHNOLOGY - This detector uses infrared sensors to...
  • WIDE COVERAGE - Sensors cover a wide area: 15 feet out from...

Unique High-Quality Security Products

The Doberman Security SE-0104-2PK Motion Detector Alarm System offers the latest in security features from Doberman Security. This device features infrared technology that is used to detect motion and trigger the extremely loud 100db alarm. With sensors covering an area of up to 15 feet away from the device, this alarm system offers wide coverage.

What makes this alarm system a great choice for many homeowners is that it is easy to use and offers superior protection. The system is also extremely easy to install and comes along with an adjustable mount which allows you to easily position the system where ever it is needed. The adjustable swivel mount means that the unit can be rotated to 270 degrees. The compact design and easy mounting makes this the perfect choice for keeping your garden shed or garage protected.

  • Sturdy and well-built design
  • A solid infrared detection system
  • Waterproof construction
  • Its loud 100db chime is extremely loud
  • The alarm sounds for 20 sec before setting up again
  • Sends automatic notification during an intrusion in the shed or garage
  • Uses lithium 9v batteries
  • 90 days parts warranty
  • No adjustable volume control for alarm or chime
  • An extremely sensitive motion detector that can go off prematurely 

4. Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm

This is another premium quality home alarm system from Doberman Security. This particular device is a great choice for those who are looking for a compact and lightweight alarm system that provides the same level of efficiency as the brand’s other alarm systems. What makes this product unique is that it is one of the few lightweight alarm systems that work efficiently when it comes to sounding the alarm after motion is detected.

Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm (4...
  • DETECTS WINDOW VIBRATION – Instantly alerts you of a...
  • UNIQUE ULTRA-SLIM DESIGN – Perfect for your home, office,...

Lightweight Design Sticks on All Types of Surfaces

The Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm has been specifically designed to secure windows of all types. The lightweight design and heavy-duty sticking power mean that this alarm system will easily stick on just about any window or any other surface without falling or losing its grip. Since this compact alarm system can be stuck on windows, it is the ideal choice for the windows in homes or garden sheds. The long-lasting battery power of the alarm system means that it is not going to require you to change the battery often.

The only downside of the Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK is that it does not send any notifications if the sensors are tripped. But, that’s not what the company has advertised. According to the manufacturers, this is purely an alarm system that’s been designed to stick on windows, and that’s exactly what it does. The system also features the latest vibration trigger technology in the sensors which do not go off during rain or snow. The device is also easy to install and does not include any unnecessary wiring.

  • Easy installation, just peel the sticker on the back and stick to on the glass
  • Can stick to any type of glass
  • Comes with an on/off switch
  • High level of sensitivity
  • Energy-efficient function
  • Too sensitive for some situations
  • Level of sensitivity is not adjustable 

5. Honeywell 5816OD Outdoor Wireless Magnetic Contact

Honeywell is a well-known brand in the home security system niche. The company has been around for a while and offers a range of home security solutions that range from simple to advance security systems. The Honeywell 58160D Outdoor Wireless Magnetic Contact security system is a simple, yet efficient device which offers protection for your home, garden shed or garage.

Honeywell 5816OD Outdoor Wireless Magnetic Contact
  • Wireless for easy installation
  • Battery-powered

Portable and Convenient Design

The main selling point for the Honeywell magnetic contact home security system is its robust build. This home security system is not only waterproof but has been designed to withstand extreme temperatures with ease. The wireless transmitter technology that’s been integrated into its design offers excellent motion detection even when working in extreme temperatures.

The Honeywell 58160D Outdoor Wireless Magnetic Contact security system features two zones, which can be adjusted according to your requirements. The first one is a closed circuit contact where the devices can be wired directly. The second loop is the magnetic reed switch that has been built into the system and can be used to protect sheds and garages.

This security is the best choice for those who are looking to protect their outdoor equipment while using outdoor rated magnetic pull apart contacts. As a security measure, this transmitter operates on a 7-digit serial number. It also needs a loop number that can be programmed into a wireless zone in the control.

  • Hassle-free installation
  • Comes with an alarm and chime option
  • Can be customized to send a push notification, text, or email
  • Unique tamper feature makes it difficult to rip off
  • Can be used in conjunction with other home security systems
  • Easy to pair with other similar devices
  • Long battery life
  • Works only with Honeywell and 2GIG alarm systems
  • Does not send restore signal unless physical contact is restored 

6. Doberman Security SE-0119A Wireless Door Alarm

If you’re looking to protect your home, garden shed or garage, but are on a budget then this is going to be the best alarm system for you. Doberman Security is a household name in the home security system market. The company is responsible for building some of the most efficient home alarm systems that are available in the market today. While the brand is known for designing high-end security systems which features all the bells and whistles of a high-end home alarm system, they also design simple to use alarm systems.

Doberman Security SE-0119A Wireless Door Alarm with 2 Remote...
  • MAGNETIC TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY - 100 dB alarm alerts you of...
  • Alarm can be programmed for use with up to 5 remote...

The Doberman Security SE-0119A Wireless Door Alarm can be considered as the barebones version of Doberman Security’s premium home security products. But that doesn’t mean that this device is not worth investing in for those who are looking to protect their home, garage or garden shed.

Super Loud Alarm

While the Doberman Security SE-0119A Wireless Door Alarm has been designed for those who are looking for a simple, yet efficient home alarm system, you do get a surprisingly loud device. When triggered, this compact alarm system sends out a 100db alert which notifies you of an intruder in your home or garden shed.

Other notable features of the Doberman Security SE-0119A is that it can be programmed to be operated with up to 5 remote controls. This is to ensure that every member of the family has a remote for the alarm system.

The range of the remote control for this home alarm system is around 35 feet, which is more than enough for medium to large size homes. The unit works on 3 AAA batteries and its peel and stick feature mean that it can easily be installed on wood, glass, and other surfaces. The SE-0119A is the perfect option for protecting your home, garage or garden shed from intruders.  

  • Features magnetic trigger technology
  • Comes in manual and remote-controlled on/off options
  • Ideal to protect your home or garden shed
  • Extremely loud alarm
  • Easy to install
  • Remote controlled up to a range of 40 feet
  • Requires 3AAA batteries
  • Cheaply made
  • Can be easily disarmed by pressing the off switch on the device
  • Flimsy remote control
  • The sticky foam tends to lose its adhesive properties after some time

7. Wsdcam Wireless Anti-Theft Door and Window Security Alarm

The Wsdcam Wireless Anti-Theft Door and Window Security Alarm is a mid-tier home alarm system that’s been designed to offer protection against intruders. The easy installation and straightforward design of this home alarm system make it the ideal choice for those looking to protect their homes, garages and garden sheds.

wsdcam 113dB Bike Alarm Wireless Vibration Motion Sensor...
  • Suitable for Bikes, Electric Bike, Motorcycles
  • Vibration alarm, 7 level sensitivity adjustable

The home alarm system has been constructed with durable plastic and can be attached to all types of surfaces. The easy to use design makes using this home alarm system a breeze. The system features a large button in the middle of the device which is used for arming. Below that are the disarm, panic and doorbell learn code buttons which are large and easy to find.

Basic Home Security System with a Loud Alarm

The Wsdcam Wireless Anti-Theft Door and Window Security Alarm is a magnetically triggered alarm system that features an extremely loud 105 dB alarm when triggered. This wireless home alarm features 4 modes that allow you to control the device from up to 45 ft.

The versatile design of this home alarm system means that it can be used as a door and window alarm, along with a door open chime/pool alarm for kids. But, this alarm system is more effective when keeping a garage or garden shed protected. The loud alarm means that it can easily be heard by those in the house so that they can alert the police. This alarm system is powered by two AAA batteries. The energy-efficient design offers long-lasting battery life, which can last for up to 10 months.

  • Very loud alarm
  • Easy to install
  • Can work inside and outside a door or window
  • The remote key fob has an excellent range
  • Features a “panic” button
  • Can program up to 50 alarms with a single remote
  • 1-year standby battery life
  • Instructions can be confusing
  • Arming (turning it or off/on) is just as loud as the alarm
  • AAA batteries are not included

8. SABRE Wireless Home Security Alarm with Loud 120 dB Siren

SABRE is another popular name when it comes to premium quality home alarm systems. The brand offers many efficient solutions to give homeowners peace of mind while they are at work or traveling. The SABRE Wireless Home Security Door Window Burglar Alarm is one of the more efficient products that’s been introduced by the company.

SABRE Wireless Home Security Door Window Burglar Alarm with...
  • ATTENTION-GRABBING: Extremely loud 120dB alarm helps...
  • USER-FRIENDLY: 3 adjustable settings (off/alarm/chime);...

Loud 120 dB Alarm System

This particular home alarm system is being touted as one of the loudest alarm systems that are available in the market today. Whenever the sensors on this alarm are triggered it will result in an incredible 120 dB alarm that’s loud enough to wake up the neighbors. Considering its affordable price, the SABRE Wireless Home Security Door Window Burglar Alarm with LOUD 120 dB Siren offers more value for your money as compared to softer alarm systems.

Apart from the incredibly loud alarm of this home security system, you also get to use an extremely user-friendly product. The manufacturers have designed this product keeping the users in mind. With the SABRE wireless home security system, you get a device that can be installed just about anywhere and on any surface. Its versatile design makes it the perfect choice for protecting your home, garage or garden shed.

When you purchase a SABRE product what you get is a product that’s backed with more than 40 years of experience. That’s how long the company has been designing and manufacturing home security products. For those who find the installation process difficult there’s also a free instructional video that’s been provided by the company on their official website.

  • Sturdy, user-friendly design
  • Power sensors
  • A battery indicator that lets you know when the battery runs out
  • Loud 120-decibel alert
  • Includes “chime” mode
  • Alarm audible from up to 300 meters away
  • Affordable home alarm system
  • On/Off switch is inconveniently placed
  • Basic design
  • 120 dB alarm might be too loud for some people

9. GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm

GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm offers an efficient and reliable home alarm system that protects your home, garage, or garden shed. The company has been designing home security products for some time and always offers premium quality security devices that have been built keeping the user in mind.

GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarm, 4 Pack, DIY...
  • Safe and Secure – Ward off would-be intruders with a...
  • User Friendly – Features an easy-to-use OFF/CHIME/ALARM...

Cost-Efficient Security Solution

With the GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm, you get a simple and easy-to-use home security system that’s also cost-effective. One of the main standout features of this security product is its loud alarm which sounds whenever the sensor is triggered. The extremely loud 120 dB alarm is loud enough to frighten away any burglars from your home or garden shed.

Similar to other home security products available in the market, with the GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm what you get is simple and efficient DIY home protection. The security device is easy to install and comes with a convenient low-battery indicator so you can check on the battery life of the device. This home alarm system also comes with a 90-day limited warranty.

Thanks to its versatile design, the GE Personal Security Alarm is the ideal choice for protecting your home, garage or garden shed.

  • Loud 120 decibel alarm
  • Sturdy build using premium quality materials
  • Lightweight and versatile design
  • Features low battery indicator
  • Easy chime/alarm/off controls
  • Comes with a 90-day limited warranty
  • Easy to install does not require any wiring
  • Build-in battery cannot be replaced
  • Needs to be mounted using double-sided adhesive tape
  • On/Off switch located inside the device
  • For indoor use only
  • Not waterproof 
  • Product contains chemicals

Best Shed Alarm System

Choosing the Best Shed Alarm System for You

Because of the popularity of shed alarm systems, there’s a range of options available in the market, all of which offer various features and functions. While some shed alarm systems only feature an external siren that goes off whenever the alarm is triggered, other shed alarms also feature motion detectors as well.

Since there are various types of garage and shed alarm systems available, there’s going to be no dearth of options. But, all shed alarm systems are not equal, which is why you need to find a high-quality shed alarm system that offers you the best security features.

In case you were wondering, the following are some of the different types of shed alarm systems that are available.

Dialer Alarm SystemThis type of shed alarm system dials a phone number once the alarm is triggered. This phone number is specified by the owner of the alarm system. The alarm can be pre-set to either dial the user’s phone number or some else’s phone number whenever the alarm is triggered. The idea is to alert someone who can then notify the police.

Bell Only Unlike the Dialer Alarm System, the Bell Only alarm system is only going to make a loud sound when someone tries to break into your garage or shed. Since it does not automatically notify anyone, the loud sound of the alarm itself is enough to frighten away any burglars.

Smart Home Security SystemsThis is the latest generation of alarm systems that’s available in the market today. These alarm systems also notify someone when the alarm is triggered. Similar to the dialer alarm system, this type of alarm also allows you to nominate a person who will then be notified by the alarm system whenever it is triggered.

Connected —The connected alarm system can be integrated with an existing home security system. This is an ideal choice for those homeowners who already have a home security system and are looking for an alarm system for their shed or garage as well. One major benefit of the connected alarm system is that it can be integrated with your existing home security system, which means you can monitor your shed or garage using the same software and mobile applications of your home security system.

Wired vs. Wireless When choosing a shed alarm system, you may have to decide between wired and wireless systems. While both are efficient in providing your shed or garage with the protection it needs while you’re away, a wireless alarm system does have its advantages.

One of the main advantages of owning a wireless shed alarm system is that there are no wires used to connect the various sensors and cameras. Furthermore, being a wireless system, you get to monitor the activity in your garage or shed from a remote location via your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Shed and garage burglaries are not unheard of, especially when they contain expensive garden tools, bikes, and other equipment. It is also common for burglars to target the sheds or garages of multiple homes in the same neighborhood, yet many homeowners do not realize the importance of getting a shed alarm system to keep their belongings safe.

If you own valuable lawn equipment or are a handyman who values power tools and other essentials, then getting yourself a good shed alarm system is going to be a wise choice. To make your life easier, we have combed the internet and have listed the 9 best shed alarm systems for your home.

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