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12 Quietest Window AC Of 2023 | Your Ultimate Guide

The Midea window AC is a smart air conditioner with a U-shaped design, DC inverter technology, and Energy Star rating. Similarly, the hOmeLabs window air conditioner features several cooling modes, a 24-hour timer, and is CSA, DOE, and CEC certified.   

Quietest Window AC

When compared with portable air conditioners, window ACs are much more efficient and affordable. They are also easier to install and last for a longer period. But for many people, they are the best choice just because they are quieter, and the noise produced is considerably less. 

But finding the quietest window air conditioner isn't easy, with so many options available. That's why I've reviewed the best ones in today’s guide.  

12 Quietest Window ACs

1. Midea Window Air Conditioner - Best Smart Window AC

Midea 12,000 BTU U-Shaped Smart Inverter Air...
  • ULTRA QUIET - The U-shape design of Midea U Smart Inverter...
  • MORE THAN 35% ENERGY SAVINGS - With the advanced DC Inverter...

Midea is among the largest manufacturers of home appliances, and this smart window AC with ultra-quiet operation is one of its best offerings. It features a unique U-shaped design that helps block noise, ensuring a comfortable experience. 

Noise levels, measured in decibels (dB), are also reduced thanks to the inverter system, which is extremely efficient and operates with minimal vibrations. In fact, the noise levels are as low as 42 dBA, which is similar to that in libraries. This makes this appliance ideal for bedrooms, studies, and similar areas. 

Another thing I liked about this smart window AC from the Midea Group is its DC Inverter technology, which helps save energy and brings your electricity bills down. Thanks to this technology, this AC can save about 35% more energy compared to many competing options. And it is the first air conditioner to receive the Energy Star Most Efficient 2022 certification.  

Aside from that, the U-shaped design allows your window to open even after installing the AC. But this window air conditioner further comes with an Anti-Theft Mechanism that allows locking the window for security purposes. 

I love that it is Wifi enabled, and you can control it easily via the Midea Air smartphone application available on Android and iOS devices. You can even use the voice user interface to activate the AC using Google Assistant or Alexa.

Cooling power: 12,000 BTUs | Weight: 58.9 pounds | Energy Star: Yes | Special Feature: Dust filter, fast cooling, dehumidifier

2. hOmeLabs Air Conditioner - Best Window AC With Multiple Cooling Modes

hOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner 6000 BTU - Eco Mode, LED...
  • Smart Control Air Conditioner – This Wi-Fi enabled 6,000...
  • Energy Efficient - Higher energy efficiency offers more...

Coming with features like multiple cooling modes and a 24-hour timer, this option from hOmeLabs is another quiet window conditioner worth considering. It has 5 cooling modes, including cool, dry, fan, Eco, and Follow Me, that make it suitable for different air conditioning requirements. 

The window air conditioner can be installed in any room having up to 250 sq ft of space. It is also Wifi enabled and can be paired with your smartphone using the hOmeLabs app. Once paired, you can remotely control the cooling, while the air conditioner even works with Google Assistant and Alexa. 

There is also a remote that makes it easy to adjust the settings. Apart from that, this window air conditioner operates noiselessly, with sound levels ranging between 52 and 56 dB. So, you can keep it running while reading a book, watching TV, or sleeping without getting disturbed.

Furthermore, this is one of the most energy-efficient options and comes with Energy Star certification. But that's not all; this quiet window air conditioner is also CSA, DOE, and CEC certified, making it an incredibly safe option for everyone. 

Another thing you should know about this hOmeLabs product is that it is a multifunctional AC. It can be used to cool a room, remove humidity, or eliminate stale air. Plus, it is very easy to install and does not require a professional, taking as little as 15 minutes. 

Cooling power: 6,000 BTUs | Weight: 44.4 pounds | Energy Star: Yes | Special Feature: 5 cooling modes

3. TOSOT Window Air Conditioner - Best Option With Adjustable Air Vents

TOSOT 8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner - Quiet Operation,...
  • MORE SILENT: With improved drainage outlet, a max noise...
  • EFFICIENT COOLING: Cool your room fast with 8000 BTUs of...

TOSOT is a well-known brand specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality cooling appliances, such as this window AC with adjustable cooling vents. I've included it on this list of the quietest window ACs since it operates at 42 dB, which is barely audible in most cases. 

It is also a powerful window air conditioner with 8,000 BTUs of cooling power, and you can use it in rooms having up to 350 sq ft of space. This means it is suitable for bedrooms, dormitories, and even small apartments. 

The standout feature of this window AC unit is its adjustable air vents. These are slanted vents that you can adjust as required, and they blow air up to 20 feet away. This makes it possible to cool the room quickly and efficiently. 

Speaking of efficiency, the TOSOT quiet window air conditioner comes with an Energy Efficiency Ration or EER of 12.0 and has an Energy Star rating as well. This means you can enjoy lower power bills while ensuring lesser environmental impact. There is also a drain plug which makes it easy to remove water from the unit when required. 

You can control the AC using the provided remote and the LED Light Touch control panel. As for installation, the AC window air conditioner comes with all the required components, such as side panels and foam. Detailed instructions are also provided so you can complete the installation quickly. 

Cooling power: 8,000 BTUs | Weight: 62 pounds | Energy Star: Yes | Special Feature: Fast cooling

4. Haier Ultra Quiet Window Air Conditioner - Best Option For Small Rooms

Haier 6,200 BTU Ultra Quiet Window Air Conditioner for Small...
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT FOR SMALL ROOMS: Three fan speeds and four...
  • ULTRA QUIET - This quiet air conditioner reaches sounds as...

The next window air conditioner on this list comes from Haier, featuring 4 cooling modes and 3 fan speeds for meeting different cooling needs. It is also an energy-efficient option with an Eco Mode that turns the compressor and fan off to save energy. 

Additionally, it is among the quietest window air conditioners since the noise levels remain around 42 dB when the unit is running. So, you are not likely to get disturbed while sleeping, working, or watching TV, even with continuous operation.

The Haier Ultra Quiet window air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 6,200 BTUs, making it most suitable for rooms having up to 250 sq ft of space. This means it is ideal for guest rooms, small bedrooms, home offices, and studio apartments. 

To make it easier to control the unit, you get a remote with simple digital settings that can be adjusted easily. Or you can use the controls provided on the panel of the unit itself. 

The air conditioner is multifunctional and can be used to remove humidity from a room. Another feature that I found to be quite handy is its drainless design. Unlike many other window air conditioners, the moisture that condenses does not drip onto the floor as water. Instead, it evaporates, so there is no need for a drain pan or bucket.

Cooling power: 6,200 BTUs | Weight: 56 pounds | Energy Star: Yes | Special Feature: Remote control

5. LG Dual Inverter Smart Window Air Conditioner - Best For Large Rooms

LG 14,000 BTU Dual Inverter Smart Window Unit Air...
  • Ultra Quiet Operation: Revolutionary DUAL Inverter...
  • 25% More Energy Efficient: DUAL Inverter technology is up to...

Another option worth considering when looking for the quietest window air conditioner is this dual inverter smart window AC from LG. It features a Dual Inverter technology that makes it one of the most powerful yet efficient air conditioners in the segment.

The LG dual inverter AC is up to 25% more efficient than other regular units with Energy Star certification. This means you can get better cooling while saving more on utility bills, which is another reason why this air conditioner is a worthy choice for most households.

Controlling the unit is also quite easy, thanks to the LG ThinQ technology, which allows you to start or stop the cooling and change the operating mode remotely. You can even adjust the temperature in a similar manner, while the AC is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

I also found that this quiet window air conditioner from LG Corporation has multiple fan speeds for different cooling requirements. There are four speeds to choose from and an Auto Cool function for the most customized cooling experience.

Despite its powerful performance, the unit does not make much sound, and the noise levels can go as low as 44 dB when the AC is in sleep mode. Also, you can install this air conditioner in rooms having up to 800 sq ft of space, making it an excellent choice for large rooms.

Cooling power: 14,000 BTUs | Weight: 98 pounds | Energy Star: Yes | Special Feature: Auto-restart

6. Haier Window Air Conditioner - Best Option With LED Display

Haier ESAQ406T Serenity Series 6, 000 BTU 115V Window Air...
  • 2016 energy star: 12.2 efficiency Ratio (EER)
  • 6, 000 BTU room air conditioner for window-mounted...

Next up is another quiet window air conditioner from Haier, which comes with an Energy Star certification and an LED display. Having a cooling capacity of 6,000 BTUs, this window unit can deliver efficient cooling in rooms with an area of up to 250 sq ft. 

Being an Energy Star-certified product, it is an efficient option with a 12.2 energy efficiency ratio. So, those looking to get a reasonable level of cooling without a corresponding increase in their utility bills will find this a suitable option. 

As for the cooling functions, this unit offers four modes: a cooling mode, an energy saver mode, a fan mode, and a dehumidification mode. The last one can be pretty handy when you need to get rid of moisture and bring down the humidity levels. 

But the feature that I found to be most useful is the light-emitting diode (LED) display on the front panel of this quiet window AC unit. This digital display accompanies the electronic control panel and makes it easy to adjust the settings as per your cooling requirements. In addition, there is a button lock and a timer that add to the user experience.   

The window AC unit also does not make a lot of noise during operation, which is possible due to the compressor blanket. When the air conditioner runs on a low setting, the noise levels can go as low as 44 dB, which is one of its biggest advantages.

Cooling power: 6,000 BTUs | Weight: 55.6 pounds | Energy Star: Yes | Special Feature: LED display

7. GE Appliances Window Air Conditioner - Best Window AC For Dehumidification

GE Profile Ultra Quiet Window Air Conditioner 8,200 BTU,...
  • ULTRA QUIET - This quiet air conditioner reaches sounds as...
  • SMART, EASY OPERATION: Integration with the SmartHQ app...

A smart AC that offers quiet performance, the GE Appliances window AC is the quietest air conditioner for medium-sized rooms. It is most suitable for those who like to control their devices using their smartphones, thanks to its SmartHQ app that makes home automation easy. This mobile app allows you to control the air conditioner easily, as well as create cooling schedules and monitor its operation.

Additionally, the unit supports voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, making it very convenient to turn the appliance on or off remotely. And it comes with four cooling modes and three fan speeds for different requirements. There is also an Eco Mode that can be used to turn off the compressor and the fan to save electric power.

Another thing I liked about this quiet air conditioner from GE Appliances is that it comes with a dehum mode. This mode can be turned on to get rid of humid air in the room for greater comfort and breathability. And the unit already uses less energy than many competing options since it comes with an Energy Star certification. 

Coming to the cooling capacity, this is an 8,300 BTU air conditioner, which means you can install it in rooms having an area as large as 350 sq ft. Thus, it is a great fit for most medium-sized rooms.

The installation kit includes everything you require to set up the unit, such as the window seal kit, and the installation process is also simple.    

Cooling power: 8,300 BTUs | Weight: 58 pounds | Energy Star: Yes | Special Feature: Remote control

8. Dreo Window Air Conditioner - Best Option With Variable Speed Feature

Dreo Window Air Conditioner, 8000 BTU U-Shaped Inverter AC...
  • Cools Large Rooms: Efficiently cools down your room or...
  • Install in Minutes, Cool 4 Seasons: Thanks to its...

Moving on with the list, I bring you the Dreo window air conditioner, which has a cooling capacity of 8,000 BTUs and a 15.0 CEER rating. With its large cooling capacity, this can be counted among the quietest window AC units available for large rooms.

Directional air louvers are also present that blow air in all directions, which allows more effective cooling for areas having up to 350 sq ft of space. Additionally, its variable speed feature helps the unit operate more efficiently and quietly. 

The pre-assembled design is also noteworthy since it makes installation a simple affair that won't take much time. You can save up to 50% of the time spent on installation when compared to many other window air conditioners. 

Aside from that, the noise canceling mechanism does a good job of reducing sound while the unit is operational. The sound levels are maintained at 42 dB, so this is a good option for bedrooms, offices, and studies.  

Then, there is the fact that this is another of the quiet window air conditioners that come with an Energy Star certification. And the Dreo Inverter Compressor inbuilt into the unit can provide you with up to 35% more energy savings than regular compressors. Despite that, cooling is faster since this air conditioner operates at higher frequencies right from the moment it is powered on.

And for those who like greater control, this Dreo air conditioner comes with five cooling modes.  

Cooling power: 8,000 BTUs | Weight: 62.7 pounds | Energy Star: Yes | Special Feature: Inverter compressor, dehumidifier, fast cooling

9. Emerson Quiet Kool Window Air Conditioner - Best Option With Split Air Exhaust Vents

Emerson Quiet Kool 15,000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner,...
  • 3-in-1 Window Air Conditioner: This powerful window unit...
  • Smart Capabilities: This Wi-fi enabled, window ac unit with...

Now I'll be reviewing the quiet window air conditioner from Emerson Quiet Kool that comes with smart voice control and a programmable timer. This is a powerful AC with a cooling capacity of 15,000 BTUs making it suitable for areas having up to 700 sq ft of space, such as large rooms. And it operates with minimal sound, with noise levels not exceeding 52 dB.  

The Emerson Quiet Kool AC is also a good choice if you need a smart option since it is Wifi enabled. It even supports voice commands through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and can be paired with these AI assistants using the Smart Life feature. Moreover, you can easily control the air conditioner using the HE Smart smartphone application.  

I especially found the 24-hour programmable timer to be quite handy, which can be set using both the remote control and the onboard controls. This mode, combined with the intelligent sleep mode, delivers the best automatic cooling without needing to fiddle too much with the controls. 

And when using these features, the window air conditioner will automatically control the temperature and fan speed to ensure efficient energy use. So, you can expect more savings on your power bill. 

Another impressive thing about the unit is that it comes with split air exhaust vents, which work effectively with different fan speeds to blow cold air in the required directions. This ensures proper cooling in the entire room, even in the most extreme heat. 

Cooling power: 15,000 BTUs | Weight: 119 pounds | Energy Star: No | Special Feature: Split air exhaust vents

10. KEYSTONE Window Air Conditioner - Best Air Conditioner With Heating Option

Keystone 18,000 230V Window Air Conditioner, 16,000 BTU...
  • Reliable Heat & Cool: Our powerful 18,000 BTU cooling...
  • All in One Unit: Enjoy powerful cooling, supplemental...

The KEYSTONE quiet window air conditioner is one of the highest-rated ACs in the United States and features a huge cooling capacity along with a powerful heating option. With a cooling capacity of 18,000 BTUs, it is an extremely powerful window AC that can cool even the largest rooms easily and quickly.

But its standout feature is its heating option, which can work with other heat sources and keep the room comfortable in extremely cold weather. There is a single heat speed option for that purpose, along with three fans and three cooling speeds. 

In addition to that, the unit is capable of dehumidification and can remove up to 3.8 pints of moisture in an hour. This feature is indispensable in keeping the room dry and comfortable during humid weather. And if you need to control the direction in which the air blows, the four-way adjustable airflow direction feature makes it easy to do so.

As for the noise levels, this quiet window air conditioner from KEYSTONE, despite its large cooling capacity, operates at 60 dB. This means that the sound produced will not be much louder than that of people talking and can even go lower when the unit runs in energy-saving mode. 

Installing this quiet window AC unit is also easy since it has a removable chassis and a window kit. And you can view the settings on the LED display and change them as required using the provided remote. 

Cooling power: 16,000 BTUs | Weight: 117 pounds | Energy Star: No | Special Feature: Heating

11. Emerson Quiet Kool Window AC - Best Option With Washable Filter

Emerson Quiet Kool 6000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with WiFi...
  • Quiet Cooling: This 6,000 BTU window air conditioner...
  • Smart Voice Control with Alexa and Google: This Wi-fi...

Since Emerson Quiet Kool is such a popular brand, I decided to include another offering from the brand here. This one comes with a 3-in-1 function that can help cool the room, improve air circulation, and get rid of the humidity. There is also a large LED digital display that makes it easy to monitor the settings while the window AC is operational.

Like other smart window air conditioners, you can pair this one from Emerson Quiet Kool with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant since it is Wifi enabled. You just need to download the HE Smart application and use the Smart Life skill to do that. 

Installing the smartphone application allows you to remotely control the quiet window air conditioner. This includes the programmable 24-hour timer and sleep mode, which can automatically adjust the fan speed and temperature to maximize energy efficiency.

And speaking of energy efficiency, this air conditioner even comes with an energy star rating, so you can expect greater savings on your utility bills. Then, there is the washable filter that can be removed easily for cleaning and makes maintenance very easy. 

Also, like the other option from the brand I mentioned above, this one comes with split air vents. Two vents on the unit allow controlling the direction of the air that comes out from the window air conditioner. This, along with the three fan speeds, makes it easy to adjust the cooling as required at any given moment. 

Cooling power: 6,000 BTUs | Weight: 44.5 pounds | Energy Star: Yes | Special Feature: Easy-access filter

12. Acekool Smart Window Air Conditioner - Best Window AC For Single-Hung Windows

Acekool 9000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner, Window AC...
  • ❄ Faster & Powerful Refrigerating: 8000 BTU Window...
  • ❄ Smart Window Air Conditioner: The Acekool 8000 BTU smart...

No list of the quietest window air conditioners is complete without mentioning the Acekool smart window AC, which has an easy-to-remove air filter and a powerful Eco mode. It has a cooling capacity of 8,000 BTUs, which is well-suited for rooms having up to 350 sq ft of space.  

You can control the cooling remotely by downloading the smartphone application since this quiet air conditioner is Wifi enabled. Because of this, it can even be used with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. 

The Acekool smart window air conditioner operates at a noise level of 53 dB, making it ideal for situations where you do not want to be disturbed. Since it can help maintain sound levels similar to that found in libraries, it is a great pick for bedrooms, studies, offices, etc.

Besides the low-noise operation, this window AC unit features easy installation. You will not require professionals and can complete the installation yourself. And the window air conditioner can be installed on the windowsill of both single-hung or double-hung windows.

Maintenance is also quite easy on this AC model, thanks to its easy-to-remove filter. This does not require disassembling the entire unit, and you just need to pull out the handle and wipe it clean. The filter can even be washed when needed, simplifying the process.

Finally, the R32 high-efficiency refrigerant helps lower the temperature quickly while reducing energy consumption. So, you can enjoy faster cooling along with greater savings.

Cooling power: 8,000 BTUs | Weight: 45.3 pounds | Energy Star: Yes | Special Feature: Google Assistant, Wi-Fi

Comparison Of The Quietest Window ACs

Quietest Window ACCooling powerWeightEnergy StarSpecial Feature
Midea Window AC12000 BTU58.9 lb.YesDust filter, fast cooling, dehumidifier
hOmeLabs AC6000 BTU44.4 lb.Yes5 cooling modes
TOSOT Window AC8000 BTU62 lb.YesFast cooling
Haier Ultra Quiet Window AC6200 BTU56 lb.YesRemote control
LG Dual Inverter Smart Window AC‎14000 BTU98 lb.YesAuto-restart
Haier Window AC6000 BTU55.6 lb.YesLED display
GE Appliances Window AC8300 BTU58 lb.YesRemote control
Dreo Window AC8000 BTU62.7 lb.YesInverter compressor, dehumidifier, fast cooling
Emerson Quiet Kool Window AC15000 BTU119 lb.NoSplit air exhaust vents
KEYSTONE Window AC16000 BTU117 lb.NoHeating
Emerson Quiet Kool Window AC6000 BTU44.5 lb.YesEasy-access filter
Acekool Smart Window AC8000 BTU45.3 lb.YesGoogle Assistant, Wi-Fi

Quiet Window AC Buying Guide

Even after knowing about the quietest window air conditioners available, picking the right one from the list can still be confusing. Not only do the various options offer different features, but they are designed for specific requirements. That's why it is important to consider certain factors, such as the cooling capacity, power requirements, price, etc. 

In this section, I've mentioned some of the most important factors to consider when selecting the quietest window air conditioner. These factors will help make it easier to determine the most suitable option. 

1. Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of air conditioners is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs per hour. One BTU refers to the rate at which the temperature of one pound of water can be increased by one degree. This means an air conditioner with more BTUs has a larger cooling capacity and is more powerful.

In general, window air conditioners have a larger cooling capacity than other types of air conditioners. However, it is crucial to select a unit with a BTU level suitable for the room where it is to be installed for the best cooling. Installing a window air conditioner that does not have enough cooling power (BTUs) to cool the space will force it to run continuously.

This will result in higher power bills and lead to faster wearing out of the AC components as well as a reduction in the lifespan of the unit. Cooling will also take much longer, and the noise levels will increase as the unit struggles to function properly.

But getting the quietest window air conditioner with the largest cooling capacity is also not a great idea. A window air conditioner with a much bigger cooling capacity than is required for the room will cause uneven cooling. It will also result in the AC turning on and off repeatedly, which can lead to more power consumption. 

In such cases, you may find some areas of the room to be uncomfortably humid despite the air conditioner being operational. That is why I recommend determining the cooling requirements for the room before deciding on the AC unit.   

2. Durability

Window air conditioners require considerable investment, so finding an option that won't break down quickly and can last for a long time is crucial. Keep in mind that the major portion of a window air conditioner remains outside the window where it is installed and is exposed to the elements. So, it should be sturdy enough to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.  

Going with reputable brands when looking for quiet window air conditioners is one way to ensure you get a reliable option. Such brands have been in the industry for a long time and have built their reputation by providing high-quality, durable products. However, that does not mean you should not look at other options.

Finding a sturdy window air conditioner from a relatively new brand is also possible. Alternatively, there have been instances where products from established brands have failed to meet the standards of durability expected from them.

So, the best method of ensuring you can find a durable window air conditioner is to check out the customer reviews of different options. Customers who have used the air conditioner you are considering will be able to provide first-hand information regarding its durability and performance.

3. The Installation Process

Another factor to consider when searching for the quietest window air conditioner is the ease of installation. Easy installation goes a long way in ensuring a good user experience and helps avoid spending more on a professional service. The opposite is also true, and if installation is complicated, it can ruin the experience, even if you have the best window air conditioner. 

Most window air conditioners are compatible with double-hung windows, while a few can even be installed in single-hung ones. Then, there are some that come with special mounting hardware for wall installations, depending on the brand and type of unit. 

When choosing between various quiet window air conditioners, try to find out about the installation process. In many cases, window air conditioners can be installed easily without the help of professional installation services, but this may not always be the case.

Window AC units with mounting hardware allow you to install the air conditioner even if its dimensions are incompatible with the window. But it is a good idea to take the measurement of your window first, especially its width. 

Then, check the specs of the window air conditioner to find out the maximum and minimum width required for installation. The unit doesn't have to be an exact fit since window AC units generally come with a window installation kit. These include side curtains that can seal off any gaps on the sides of the window air conditioner. 

If you plan to install the window AC unit through the wall, first, make sure it supports such an installation and comes with a proper kit for the purpose. Check the owner's manual to see whether clear installation instructions have been provided.

4. Power Requirements 

Since window AC units are the most powerful when it comes to air conditioners, they require more power. That is why they do not run on standard electrical circuits present in most homes and require special circuits with higher capacities. 

What type of circuit you need for installing a quiet window air conditioner will depend on its cooling capacity. Usually, window air conditioners require 115V, 125V, or 125V electrical circuits. A window AC unit with a cooling capacity of less than 15,000 BTU can be installed on a 115 to 125V circuit, which is found in most residential structures.

However, when installing quiet window air conditioners with a capacity of over 15,000 BTUs, you will need a circuit with 220V or higher. Such units will also require special wiring, and you may need to hire an electrician to get them installed. 

You can find the power requirements by reviewing the specifications on the product page. This will also provide information regarding the correct plug type required for the window AC unit, another important aspect of the installation process.

5. Energy Efficiency

Window air conditioners are great for reducing power consumption and saving energy. But how much energy you can save will depend on various factors. These include the size of the window AC unit, the Energy Star rating, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER, and the Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER.  

Going with an Energy Star-rated option will provide a better experience when searching for quiet window air conditioners. Most of the window AC units that I've mentioned above come with this rating, and these usually consume around ten percent less energy than those without an Energy Star rating. 

Then there is the EER, which lets you know the number of BTUs used by the quiet air conditioner for one watt of power. Window AC units that have a higher EER are more energy efficient. The US Department Of Energy recommends using a window air conditioner with an EER of at least 10.0 for optimal performance and maximum energy savings. 

6. Additional Features

Most modern window air conditioners have several features and can do more than just cool your room. They often perform functions such as heating the room and getting rid of humidity, eliminating the need to use separate appliances for such purposes. Such functions are usually available in the case of reversible window air conditioners.   

If you're living somewhere that experiences extreme summers and winters, a reversible quiet window air conditioner can be a good choice. You can use it for cooling during the summer and as a central heating unit in winter. 

Reversible window AC units operate by reversing the refrigerant flow so that it works as an evaporator and condenser simultaneously. For that purpose, they have a heat pump with a reversing four-way heat valve. So, they can help maintain an optimal temperature without requiring separate appliances for heating and cooling.

And besides saving on a separate heater, you will have greater savings since heat pumps do not require as much power as a regular heater. There is also less impact of such window air conditioners on the environment, and the noise levels are lower. 

7. Maintenance 

While window air conditioners have a longer lifespan than portable ones, they require proper maintenance to keep them in good condition. Since the larger portion of a window air conditioner remains outside the window, it is always exposed to the elements. Dust and dirt can easily find their way into the chassis of the unit.  

When dust particles accumulate on the air filter of the window air conditioner, they can restrict airflow and reduce the operating efficiency of your AC. To prevent that from happening, it is important to clean the chassis at least once a year.

I recommend searching for the quietest window air conditioner with a slide-out chassis, which can make maintenance very easy. Additionally, look for options with washable air filters since you just need soap and water to clean them. 

You may also consider looking for window air conditioners that have features like mosquito nets that can prevent insects from entering your home. 

8. Noise Levels

It should be obvious that the operational noise levels of a window air conditioner are among the most important factors to consider when looking for the quietest window air conditioner. If you get disturbed even by the slightest noise, selecting the wrong air conditioner can make for an unpleasant experience.

While it is possible to reduce the noise produced by most window air conditioners, opting for an option that makes less noise is better. To do so, compare various options and check the specs sheet to determine the operational noise levels. High-end options generally offer multiple cooling and fan speeds, which can determine the noise produced.

Running your window air conditioner at lower speeds can reduce the noise produced significantly. Additionally, features like digital thermostats and timers can be very helpful in ensuring that the unit only turns on when the temperature is uncomfortably high.

Proper installation can help reduce the noise and improve the performance of your window air conditioner. Loose components and parts like side panels and gaskets can make even the quietest window air conditioners noisy. So, check that the gaps are filled with foam, and mounting parts are tightly secured.

Adding soundproofing curtains and or thermal curtains around the window AC unit can marginally reduce noise and improve performance, as they prevent excessive heat from entering the room. However, it's crucial to ensure that the curtains do not restrict airflow through or out of the unit, as this is vital for proper functioning.

Finally, regular maintenance will help prevent the airways and fan blades from getting clogged with dirt. Dirt can damage the bearings and lead to noise.

9. Budget 

In most cases, the budget will determine which option to choose when looking for the quietest window air conditioner. You may find that a particular option is too costly, but before making a decision, compare the pricing with other similar options and the features they offer.

Alternatively, if you find a good option, consider looking at different companies, as some may be offering the same unit at a lower cost. Going with an established brand might help find a reliable option quickly, but it may be costlier than one from a relatively newer one. 

Also, you might get better support and overall experience when dealing with a well-known brand. But some newer brands may offer a similar product and good service at a lower cost. 

Silent Window AC FAQs

  • How does a window AC work?

    Window air conditioners are the simplest of all AC systems and use two air cycles to function – the room air cycle and the hot air cycle. There is an insulated partition within the chassis of a window air conditioner that separates the room air and hot air compartments.

    In addition, a window AC has condenser and evaporator coils, a compressor, a thermostat, a filter, a blower, and fans. A fan within the unit cools the room by blowing hot air over the evaporator, while another fan outside keeps the condenser cool.

    A. Room Air Cycle   

    The air inside the room where your window air conditioner is located is called room air. When the unit is turned on, the blower starts up, followed by the compressor, which starts cooling the evaporator or cooling coil. The blower, which is present behind the evaporator coil, starts pulling in hot room air along with dust and dirt particles.

    This air passes through the filter, which separates the dust particles and prevents them from passing through. After going through the air filter, the air passes over the cooling or evaporator coil. The temperature of this coil is considerably lower than that of the room air, which allows the refrigerant inside the coil to absorb heat from the air. 

    As the temperature drops, moisture condenses on the surfaces of the cooling coil to form dew, as the dew point of the air is higher than the coil temperature. Dew formation reduces the moisture from the air, eliminating humidity from the room.

    This air, which has low temperature and low humidity values, is pulled in by the blower and pushed out at high velocity into the room through a metal duct. It comes out from the front panel of the window air conditioner and helps keep the room cold and humidity-free.

    However, the air within the room has a higher temperature and contains moisture, which is absorbed by the cool air that comes out from the AC. This makes the air hotter, so it gets pulled back into the window air conditioner, and the cycle continues. 

    B. Hot Air Cycle

    The hot air cycle uses atmospheric air to cool the condenser, which is that component of window air conditioners that remains outside the room. It has a propeller fan that pulls in the outside air, which has a high temperature and passes it over the condenser. 

    When this air passes over the condenser, it absorbs heat from the refrigerant, which is present inside the condenser and has a high temperature. This further increases the atmospheric air temperature, which can be felt at the back of the unit. 

    The refrigerant becomes cooler once the atmospheric air absorbs heat from it, allowing it to enter the expansion valve. Once there, it passes to the evaporator coil while the hot external air enters the atmosphere. Again, fresh air is pulled by the propeller fan and passes over the condenser, allowing the cycle to continue.

  • What factors can cause a window air conditioner to make noise?

    There can be several reasons why your window air conditioner is making noise, such as:

    • Defective Or Broken Fans

    Loose, broken, or bent fans or fans with dirty blades are among the most common causes of noise in a window air conditioner. If your window AC is making banging or rattling noises, defective fans are the most likely cause.

    • Improperly Lubricated Fan Motor

    If the fan motor of your window air conditioner is not lubricated properly, it can make screeching noises when the AC is turned on. You can get a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technician to take a look at the problem in that case. 

    • Compressor Operating At An Extremely High Temperature

    Sometimes, when the compressor of your window air conditioner is operating at an extremely high temperature, it can lead to a pressure buildup. In such cases, you may hear a screaming or hissing sound coming from the air conditioner. 

    • Damaged Or Broken Coil Fins

    Another reason for a noisy window air conditioner may be dirty or bent coil fins. They may need to be cleaned and straightened if that is the problem.

    • Buildup of Dust

    The chances of dirt and debris buildup in window units are quite high since the larger portion of such units remains outside the window. If too much dust accumulates within the chassis, you may hear a humming sound when the AC is turned on.

    • Refrigerant Leak 

    Refrigerant leaks can result in a gurgling or hissing sound, and it is crucial to resolve the issue as soon as possible as it can cause health issues like poisoning.

    • Loose Screws

    When window air conditioner units are operational, their vibration can cause the screws of internal components to become loose. This can lead to a rattling noise when the appliance is switched on.

    • Incorrect Amperage Or Faulty Power Cord

    If the power cord of your silent window air conditioner is damaged or worn out, you may hear a buzzing sound. This sound can also be heard if the unit is plugged into the wrong power outlet. 

  • How can you make window units quieter?

    If you’re having difficulty looking for the quietest window air conditioner, try out these steps to make your noisy window air conditioner quieter. 

    • Make Sure The Unit Is Installed Correctly

    Check that the window air conditioner sits properly on the window sill and there are no gaps. In case there are, use putty or caulk and fasteners to seal them up and prevent the passage of air. This can help make the unit more effective and help reduce noise. 

    • Place A Rug Below The Window AC

    A rug can be very effective in absorbing the reverberating noise produced by the motor of the air conditioner while it is running. 

    • Cover The Air Conditioner With A Blanket

    Covering the AC unit with a blanket can also help absorb vibrations from the AC motor. But when doing so, make sure not to cover the outlets and vents from where the air blows out. 

    • Ensure Proper Insulation

    If the building insulation is damaged or worn out, it can allow sound waves to pass through easily. So, make sure to replace any torn insulation and use moisture-resistant material for the purpose. 

    • Check The Internal Components Of The AC

    Taking a look at the internal components of the window air conditioner can help identify the cause of the noise, making it easier to come up with a solution. For instance, the fan blades may be bent and cause noise by hitting the front grille. Or nuts, bolts, and screws may have become loose and may need to be tightened. 

    • Avoid Running The Unit At Maximum Power

    Even if you run the quietest window air conditioner at maximum power all the time, it may start to make some noise. So, avoid doing that and, instead, search for ways by which the unit can function more effectively at lower power levels. You can create a temporary awning above it or place it in a more shaded area. 

  • Can you install a quiet window air conditioner yourself, or is professional installation required?

    As I mentioned before, when it comes to installing air conditioners, window units are the best choice. They do not require any special skill or expertise and can be installed without the help of professionals. You just need to remember a few things when installing quiet window air conditioners. 

    Firstly, make sure to select an option that fits your window properly, as window AC units are available in various sizes. Most window air conditioners are compatible with double-hung windows, though some may also be compatible with single-hung ones. You can find out the dimensions of the air conditioner on the specs page. 

    Selecting the right option will make installation easier since it will ensure that the unit fits properly into the window without leaving any gaps for air to pass through. This also means that you won’t have to put in additional effort to seal the gaps using insulation and other materials. 

    Another thing to keep in mind is the weight. Window air conditioners are quite heavy, and picking them up and placing them in the window can be a bit difficult. I recommend asking friends or family members to help when doing that to avoid accidents and injuries.

    Finally, make sure to install the unit on a circuit that can support it, as window air conditioners with a larger cooling capacity require more powerful circuits.

  • How to clean your window air conditioner to ensure it stays quiet?

    Regular cleaning can help your quiet window air conditioner last longer and operate more efficiently and noiselessly. To get started, you will require a few things, most of which may be present at home or can be bought from the nearby home supply store.

    Items Needed 

    • Vacuum with hand attachment
    • Warm water
    • Detergent or soap
    • Toothbrush
    • Bristle brush
    • Cloth or rag
    • Hydrogen peroxide
    • Can of compressed air

    A. Cleaning The Air Filter

    Make sure to disconnect the window air conditioner from the power source before you start cleaning. Usually, this will require removing the front panel first, though some units have filters that can be simply pulled out. Check the owner’s manual to find out how to remove the air filter from the unit. 

    Once the filter is removed, use a vacuum with a hand attachment to remove the dust accumulated on it. Then, use soapy water to wash the filter and scrub it using the bristle brush. Let the filter dry completely before you reinstall it. 

    B. Cleaning The Coils

    After removing the front panel, locate the evaporator coils and gently wipe them clean with a toothbrush. Do the same with the fins present on the coils but make sure to be very careful as these can easily get damaged. Once done, blow compressed air onto the coils and fins to remove any remaining dust. 

    C. Cleaning The Exterior

    Use a damp rag or cleaning cloth to wipe the exterior panel of the air conditioner. If it has become extremely dirty, remove it and submerge it in water containing soap and use a rag or a brush to clean it. Let the panel dry properly before reinstalling.

    After you finish cleaning the grille, use the cloth to wipe the sides and the top of the window air conditioner. Also, empty the plastic or metal drip tray, if present, and wipe it clean.

    D. Preventing Mold Growth 

    To prevent mold growth, you can put some hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and spray it on the exterior of the window AC. Allow ample time for all the parts to dry before placing them back and plugging in the air conditioner. 

  • Verdict

    The right window air conditioner can provide relief from the sweltering heat in the summer, eliminate humidity, ensure better air circulation, and do it all without making any noise. 

    However, choosing between them can be a bit challenging, so here are my top recommendations. The Midea window air conditioner is a great pick that comes with a U-shaped design that helps with overall windows noise reduction, is Energy Star certified, and even has an anti-theft mechanism.

    Then, there is the hOmeLabs air conditioner with 5 different cooling modes and a 24-hour timer, while having multiple certifications.