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11 Best Soundproof Curtains for Efficient Noise Reduction

The Nicetown high-end thermal curtains, with their two-layer triple weave blackout fabric and uniquely designed silver grommets, are great for soundproofing purposes. Similarly, Deconovo soundproof curtains have a thermal insulation layer and high-density material to eliminate noise.

Best Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof curtains can prove ideal for reducing noise in your home or office. Made using mass-loaded vinyl and PVC blended with crushed limestone, these curtains are great at absorbing sounds, such as conversations and traffic noise. 

They can even be used with other soundproofing techniques for better results. Due to the popularity of soundproof curtains, you can choose from numerous options, and this guide reviews some of the best ones. 

Best Soundproof Curtains

Here's the list of the 11 best soundproof curtains for efficient noise reduction, perfect for quieting your space and enhancing your privacy.

1. Nicetown High-End Thermal Curtains - Best Full Blackout Curtains

NICETOWN High-End Thermal Curtains, Full Blackout Curtains...
  • Complete blackout curtains block light and reduce noise for...
  • Curtains measure 52 inches wide x 84 inches long per panel,...

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Nicetown is among the top brands for many people looking for curtains. Based in Nicetown-Tioga, the brand manufactures these high-end thermal curtains using polyester, measuring 52 inches wide and 84 inches long, which makes them suitable for most rooms. 

The curtains are available in a wide range of color options, including aqua, black, beige, bright yellow, gray, and more. This makes it easy to choose the one that fits your room the best. Along with that, they have a uniquely designed silver grommet for easy installation. 

Coming to the construction, this soundproof curtain is manufactured using two layers of triple-weave blackout fabric. Because of this, it works well to regulate the temperature of the room where it is installed and ensures complete privacy.

And since the manufacturer does not use harmful materials, such as formaldehyde, in the manufacturing process, these curtains are environment-friendly and completely safe to use. 

As for noise reduction, the Nicetown thermal curtains can absorb two times as much sound as standard curtains, which is possible due to their greater thickness. This provides them with greater density and prevents the entry of all loud noises in the room. 

But soundproofing walls, doors, or windows is not the only purpose for which these curtains can be used, as they are full blackout curtains. This means that they can be used to darken a room completely by keeping sunlight out when you want to nap during the day.

Color: Black | Material: Polyester, polyester blend | Pattern: Solid | Top Style: Grommet, rod

2. Deconovo Soundproof Curtains - Best Low-Maintenance Option

Deconovo Beige Drapes for Bedroom 96 Inch Long, Soundproof...
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: These room darkening living room...

Manufactured using polyester, these curtains are available in sets of two panels, and each drape measures 52 inches in width and 96 inches in length. They are great for absorbing ambient noise and can be used in almost any room. 

The curtains come with silver grommets, which are noteworthy for having an anti-rust coating, ensuring long-lasting durability. On top of that, they are thermal insulated and can be used to regulate the temperature, depending on the weather conditions outside. You can even use them to block out sunlight and keep a room dark during the daytime.

This is possible due to the high-density blackout material, which features a triple weave for greater density. Similarly, the fabric is soft to the touch and has a silky texture, which makes this curtain suitable for contemporary home décor. 

These curtains are also available in solid colors, and there are numerous options to choose from, like beige, black, khaki, etc. While testing these soundproof curtains, I discovered they are versatile and can be used in almost any room, such as the living room, gaming room, kitchen, nursery, or office. 

Moreover, these curtains do not require a lot of maintenance since they can be machine-washed easily. If you have doubts regarding the right size, contact customer service and choose the most appropriate option. 

Color: Light beige | Material: Polyester, polyester blend | Pattern: Solid | Top Style: Grommet

3. Nicetown Closet Curtains - Best Room Divider Curtains

NICETOWN Closet Curtains Sound Blocking, Bedroom Privacy...
  • CURTAIN DETAILS: The room divider curtain's fabric is super...
  • SPACE SOLUTION: Curtains can be a clever and temporary...

Another option from the Nicetown brand, these soundproof curtains have been specially designed for small spaces and partitions. They are best suited for a scenario where you want to divide a larger space into multiple smaller ones without putting up walls.

The density and heaviness of the curtains make sure that objects or people are not visible from the other side. Plus, the higher shading rate of the fabric enhances this property.

Constructed using triple-weave polyester fabric, these soundproofing curtains have a high density that can block out all unwanted noise from the area. Since they work by sound absorption rather than bouncing the sound waves, they can be used with sound masking techniques, to soundproof doors and windows

For installation, these Nicetown curtains come with 14 silver grommets that look good in modern homes and are easy to set up. What's more, you can easily remove and pack up the curtains when they need to be moved, delivering greater convenience.  

Use them in a wide variety of spaces, such as your bedroom, office, study, living room, and more. The high-quality materials coupled with superior finishing ensure these soundproof curtains will last several years without any complaints. 

Like other curtains from the Nicetown brand, this option is available in various colors and can be used for temperature regulation or as blackout curtains. 

Color:  Gray | Material: Polyester | Pattern: Solid | Top Style: Grommet

4. Miulee Soundproof Curtains - Best For Thermal Regulation

MIULEE Velvet Curtains Olive Green Elegant Grommet Curtains...
  • WELL MADE: Sold as 2 panels, each measuring 52"W x 84"L...
  • FINE DETAIL : Interior diameter of grommet hole is 1.6 inch....

The next item on this list is the Miulee soundproof curtains, which also come with thermal insulation technology for room temperature regulation. This soundproof curtain is 52 inches wide and 84 inches long, adequate for most spaces, and has a set of two panels.

Similarly, the grommet top has an interior diameter of 1.6 inches and has been designed to make it easy to slide the curtain rod through them. The curtains have a velvety texture that feels good in the hand and provides an attractive appearance by adding a touch of elegance to your rooms. 

Moreover, you can select from 15 colors, so it is easy to find an option that fits well with the decor of your rooms. And depending on the color, the blackout velvet curtains can block out 70% to 80% of sunlight. 

But the highlight of these curtains is their thermal regulation capability, which can help keep a room warm in winter and cool in summer. This is possible because of the thick fabric that limits the amount of air entering or leaving a room to make your thermoregulator more efficient.   

Besides helping reduce noise, the heavy material of the curtains also guarantees privacy, and you can use these curtains in areas like the study or home office. I would further like to point out that this curtain can be machine washed and does not require a lot of maintenance.   

Color: Olive green | Material: Velvet | Pattern: Solid | Top Style: Grommet

5. Lordtex Room Divider Curtains - Best For Privacy

LORDTEX Dark Grey Room Divider Curtains - Total Privacy Wall...
  • WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE? Each set includes 1 dark grey curtain...
  • PREMIUM BLACKOUT MATERIAL: Our room darkening curtain is...

Room divider curtains, such as this one from Lordtex, allow you to eliminate unwanted noise from a room without occupying too much space. These curtain panels have a width of 100 inches and a length of 84 inches, including 12 silver grommets. The grommets enable the curtain to be used with both decorative and regular curtain rods, thanks to their 1.6-inch interior diameter.

For making these curtains, the manufacturer has used 100% polyester fabric with similar colors on the front and back for room darkening. But what makes them stand out from the crowd is the fact that they are manufactured in an Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified factory. 

This means that the material is completely free of harmful substances and will not cause any allergies or other adverse side effects. And the triple weave blackout fabric is also thick enough to be able to block out 90% of UV rays and sunlight. This helps in darkening rooms and can be used in areas where you want some privacy. 

Alternatively, you can use the Lordtex sound-deadening curtains as room dividers for partitioning rooms and creating separate spaces. The curtains are compatible with several types of spaces and can be used in shared bedrooms, lofts, apartments, dormitories, and even classrooms. 

Sound proofing can also be achieved quite easily using these curtains, and you can hang them in front of sliding doors or even as backdrops for photoshoots for sound insulation. Due to their thickness, the curtains do not deform easily and can be machine-washed. 

Color: Dark gray | Material: Polyester | Pattern: Solid | Top Style: Grommet

6. Ryb Home Soundproof Curtains - Best For Soundproofing Doors

RYB HOME Soundproof Curtains 84 inches - 3 Layers Blackout...
  • 3 LAYERS - Package includes 2 panels total width 104 inch. 1...
  • NOISE REDUCTION - Detachable felt fabric liner is in the...

Ryb Home is best known for its custom curtains, blinds, shades, and other home products, but these soundproof curtains are a popular choice from the company. These curtains have three fabric layers - two layers for the front and back, and a detachable middle fabric made from felt.

This construction makes them a dependable option for any DIY soundproofing project since the three layers work well in absorbing sound. You can use them in front of doors, glass windows, and walls for effective noise control. 

One of the key features of the Ryb Home soundproof curtains is that they do not contain any formaldehyde or other harmful substances, making them a safe choice. This means those with allergies can use them without experiencing any side effects.

Additionally, the three layers allow this blackout curtain to keep 100% of the sunlight out, which is not an easy feat to achieve. Because of this, harmful UV rays are kept out, and you can enjoy your daytime sleep in complete comfort.  

The triple weave fabric also performs well when it comes to temperature regulation, and you can experience greater savings. With this curtain, it is possible to keep a room warm or cold easily for an extended period without the thermoregulator.

Finally, installation and maintenance are easy, and you just need to remove the detachable felt fabric liner before machine-washing the curtain. If required, you can use non-chlorine bleach while washing and even iron the curtains for a bit once they are dry. 

Color: Gray | Material: Fabric | Pattern: Solid | Top Style: Grommet

7. Buhua Soundproof Curtains - Best Patterned Curtains

BUHUA White Black Out Curtains 63 Inch Long 2 Panels,...
  • ✔️GROMMET TOP CURTAINS INCLUDES: The blackout bedroom...
  • ✔️BLACKOUT CURTAINS: Our block out sunlight curtains can...

When it comes to blackout curtains, Buhua takes a different approach. Instead of offering such curtains in a single bold color, the brand offers patterned curtains, such as this one. This curtain comes in various color options, and there are some unique ones to choose from, such as white and silver.

The Buhua soundproof curtain has a silky texture, and the foil branch pattern helps break up the monotony that is often created by solid color curtains. Hence, it can help add some style to your home without requiring a lot of effort. 

These curtains have a width of 52 inches and a length of 63 inches, which makes them suitable for most rooms. And they can even be used in spaces such as in front of doors since these soundproof curtains work by absorbing noise. Their thick and dense material can reduce sound easily, preventing them from bouncing off surfaces and creating echoes or reverberations. 

Another advantage of this construction is that you can use these curtains to block out sunlight, and they can filter out 85% to 95% of light. For people who prefer to sleep late or take a nap during the day, this curtain can provide adequate darkness for comfortable sleep.

Besides blocking light, you can use the Buhua curtains to control the temperature inside your home. The thick material helps restrict the flow of air, thus providing better heat and sound insulation. And like some of the best soundproof curtains, these can be machine washed for easy maintenance. 

Color: Grayish white | Material: Polyester | Pattern: Branch | Top Style: Grommet

8. Melodieux Soundproof Curtains - Best Living Room Curtains

Melodieux Fashion Chevron Curtains for Living Room Dining...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Fun colored Chevron print pop on off-white...
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: 1 Curtain Drape (52"W x 84"L) + 1 Matching...

Any list of the best soundproof curtains would be incomplete without mentioning these soundproof curtains from the Melodieux brand. These are premium curtains designed for bedrooms, living rooms, and more, and they come with unique chevron-printed designs. 

The curtains are available in several colors, and the off-white background with the colored chevron prints suits almost any setting. Each curtain has a width of 52 inches and a length of 84 inches, and the package includes matching tie-backs.

To make installation easy, the curtains come with eight bronze top grommets in each panel that fit up to one-and-a-half-inch curtain rods. Simply slide these grommets through the curtain rail for hanging the soundproofing curtains.    

The manufacturer has used triple weave tri weave fabric for making these curtains, which works flawlessly for the purpose of noise reduction in your living room, gaming room, or bedroom. And this material does not have a chemical coating, which makes it a completely safe option.  

Additionally, it can block 90% of light and UV rays, allowing you to use the curtains to darken a room. This also means that you can use these soundproof curtains to ensure privacy since the thick material can block visibility completely. 

I also discovered that using these curtains can make your thermoregulator more efficient, which is due to the fact that they can block the passage of air between various rooms. This means your room will get warmer or cooler as required much faster, resulting in greater energy savings. 

And you can clean the Melodieux soundproof curtains by simply machine washing them.  

Color: Red | Material: Fabric | Pattern: Chevron | Top Style: Grommet, rod

9. Deconovo Blackout Curtains - Best Option With Most Attractive Design

Deconovo 100% Blackout Curtains, Linen Noise Reducing...
  • PRODUCT INFO: 100% blackout curtains. Both sides of the...
  • DESIGN and TEXTURE: The curtains are made by faux linen...

Most blackout curtains do not block out light completely, which is why these soundproof curtains from Deconovo stand out. They are 100% blackout curtains manufactured using faux linen fabric and can filter out any light that enters your room, making them perfect for bedrooms. 

The package has two curtain panels, each measuring 52 inches wide and 72 inches long. Available in multiple colors, these curtains have the same color on both sides, making them attractive from either side. And their threads are well trimmed while the fabric is wrinkle-free, which further adds to their appearance. 

To make installation easy, there are eight silver grommets, each with an interior diameter of 1.6 inches through which the curtain rod can slide. This high-quality construction of these grommets and the soundproof curtains make them an extremely durable choice. 

Similarly, the material of the curtains is soft and heavy, which provides them with a nice texture and allows them to block outside noise easily without costing much. But unlike the competition, this material does not fade, and the curtain will retain its original appearance for a long time. 

What's more, you can use these curtains in areas where you want some privacy by creating partitions or barriers as people on the other side cannot see through the fabric. And the thick material can provide thermal insulation and can help maintain the right temperature in any room, in addition to sound reduction. 

You can even machine wash and iron these budget soundproof curtains for maintenance purposes. 

Color: Gray | Material: Linen | Pattern: Solid | Top Style: Grommet

10. Beauoop Curtain Panels - Best For Soundproofing Windows

Beauoop Rings Lattice Blackout Window Curtain Panels Thermal...
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 2 Moroccan Modern fashion Panels in...
  • THICK & SOFT FABRIC: The lattice print window panels are...

When looking for soundproof curtains, going with a renowned brand like Beauoop is a good idea, and I've reviewed one of its best offerings here. These curtain panels measure 50 inches in width and 108 inches in length, which makes them large enough to cover your doors and windows. 

Manufactured using triple weave double layer thermal insulated blackout fabric, the curtain has impressive sound-dampening qualities. It can be placed in various areas of the room to absorb any sound wave that comes in through the window and ensure that the room is quiet. This construction also provides the curtain with a high level of durability, so rest assured it will last a long time.

Functionality aside, the fabric of the curtain is soft to the touch and feels pleasant, and it is available in six color options. These feature a geometric design, enhancing your interior decor and making the curtains suitable for almost any room.

Apart from that, they work well for blocking out sunlight and can keep out 95% to 99% of light, depending on which color curtain you use. So, they can be used to create the perfect environment for watching movies in your home cinema or for taking a daytime nap. 

The heavy material also makes these curtains ideal if you want to create partitions and ensure privacy. And they work equally well for thermal insulation purposes, helping maintain an optimal temperature inside without excessive use of the thermoregulator.

This means you can enjoy the benefits of lower energy bills in addition to the other advantages offered by these great soundproof curtains. 

Color: Spa/Gray | Material: Fabric | Pattern: Geometric | Top Style: Grommet

11. Ryb Home Thermal Insulated Curtains - Best Outdoor Curtains

RYB HOME Noise - Blackout - Thermal Insulated Curtains for...
  • 3 LAYERS - Package includes 2 panels total width 104 inch. 1...
  • NOISE REDUCTION - Detachable felt fabric liner is in the...

Next up, I have the Ryb Home thermal insulated noise-reducing curtains, which come with features like detachable felt fabric for easier installation and removal. This curtain has three layers, one at the back, one at the front, and the detachable felt fabric in the middle.

All materials used in the manufacturing process are safe, and harmful substances like formaldehyde are not present. The three layers work together to absorb sound and can provide good results, though this will depend on your environment to a certain extent. 

These are also 100% blackout curtains, as the triple weave blackout fabric and the three-layer design can keep UV rays and harsh light out of your room. So, they are a great pick for rooms that are used for daytime naps. 

And this construction and design also make these curtains well-suited for building insulation purposes. You can use them to keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer without spending as much energy and saving on power bills. 

Apart from that, these curtains are extremely easy to install, thanks to the silver grommets that are provided with the curtains. Like all standard grommets, these have an interior diameter of 1.6 inches, which makes them compatible with most curtain rods.    

Lastly, these Ryb Home sound-deadening curtains are easy to maintain, and you can simply put them in the washer when they need to be cleaned. You only need to remove the felt liner and nothing else before washing it so that it does not get damaged. 

Color: Biscotti beige | Material: Fabric | Pattern: Solid | Top Style: Grommet

Best Soundproof Curtains Comparison Table

ProductColorMaterialPatternTop Style
Nicetown High-End Thermal CurtainsBlackPolyester, polyester blendSolidGrommet, rod
Deconovo Soundproof CurtainsLight beigePolyester, polyester blendSolidGrommet
Nicetown Closet CurtainsGrayPolyesterSolidGrommet
Miulee Soundproof CurtainsOlive greenVelvetSolidGrommet
Lordtex Room Divider CurtainsDark grayPolyesterSolidGrommet
Ryb Home Soundproof CurtainsGrayFabricSolidGrommet
Buhua Soundproof CurtainsGrayish whitePolyesterBranchGrommet
Melodieux Soundproof CurtainsRedFabricChevronGrommet, rod
Deconovo Blackout CurtainsGrayLinenSolidGrommet
Beauoop Curtain PanelsSpa/GrayFabricGeometricGrommet
Ryb Home Thermal Insulated CurtainsBiscotti beigeFabricSolidGrommet

Buying Guide For The Best Soundproof Curtain

These are the 11 best soundproof curtains as per my analysis, but the purpose for which they are required can vary significantly. That is why it is essential to consider certain factors when choosing between them. And I've mentioned such crucial information here in this buyer's guide. 


The dimensions or size are one of the first things to consider when looking for the best soundproof curtains. To ensure that the curtains are of the correct size, measure the spot where the curtains have to be attached, such as the front of your doors and windows.

It is important to remember that the curtain should extend at least six inches on each side as well as the top and bottom. Having a curtain larger than the window frame or door will ensure that sound does not leak from the sides, especially since curtains can only block high-frequency sounds. 

You should also check that the curtain reaches down to the floor for the same reason. Such long sound dampening curtains are often made from velvet since this texture is better for external noise reduction. In the case of larger windows, the curtains can even be extended to the ceiling, but avoid using such curtains over smaller windows. 

Additionally, look for curtains that have some extra material, which can help create a larger number of folds. More folds result in greater thickness and ensure better sound absorption. 


The weight or mass of the curtain is another factor to consider. Sound-absorbing curtains are much heavier than regular ones and also have multiple layers to prevent sound leakage. Different layers can include window liners, curtain liners, and blackout liners. Multi-layered curtains are denser and thicker and are ideal for active noise control, but the weight of the curtain will also matter when installing the curtain. 

You should make sure that your curtain rod can support their weight. The best soundproof curtains can weigh over ten pounds and require special mounts as they cannot be installed using standard curtain rods. Or you can get a heavy-duty rod and wall plugs to support such heavy curtains. 

Many soundproof curtains even require special mounts for the same reason. 


How much noise can pass through sound reducing curtains depends to a large extent on their construction. Soundproofing curtains are manufactured using various materials, with the outer fabric generally made from cotton or polyester. In contrast, the inner lining can be made from velvet, felt, wool, or suede.

These sound absorbing materials have tightly-woven fibers in multiple layers that can help absorb sound more easily. You can also go with curtains made from thermal weaves, which are similar in nature. 

Layered curtains or those with thermal weaving can also help keep your home warmer and can help in efficient energy use. Also, they can block out sunlight during the summer and keep your room cooler for the same reason. Thermal insulated curtains also the additional advantage of keeping ultraviolet rays out, which can cause the flooring and furniture to fade. 

However, these things will often depend upon the color of the curtain, and darker-colored curtains will provide improved acoustics. An alternative solution to blackout curtains is to get a blackout liner when using a regular curtain, which can help keep sunlight out.

Soundproofing curtains may be available as multilayered, insulated, or blackout options. Multilayered curtains are manufactured using various materials sewn together, while insulated ones provide additional protection against heat and cold.

NRC Rating 

NRC rating is a measure of how good a material is in absorbing sound and is measured from zero to one. Curtains that have an NRC rating of zero absorb no sound, while those with an NRC rating of one can absorb all sound completely. Generally, an NRC rating is present only in the case of good soundproofing curtains. 

When considering this factor, look for curtains with an NRC rating of 0.7 or more since they are better at noise reduction and can absorb more sound energy. That said, even the best soundproof curtains with a lot of mass usually have an NRC rating of around 0.85.

A curtain with an NRC rating of 0.85 can absorb about 85% of sound, so it is a great choice for blocking room noise, music, and other sounds. You can check out the FAQ on the product page of the curtains to learn about the NRC rating. 

Price Range 

Soundproof curtains are available at several different price points, so it is important to consider what you need and how much you are willing to spend. In most cases, the best soundproof curtains are not very cheap and are most suitable for people willing to spend a considerable amount. 

On the flip side, many curtains are available at a very low price, but these may not be able to block all noise coming into the area. That is why finding the best budget soundproof curtains isn't easy, and you need to plan carefully when making a decision. 

Installation And Maintenance

How easy it is to install soundproof curtains is a major factor you should consider when comparing various options. Most soundproof curtains that have multiple layers, especially thermal insulation ones, are heavy and will require more effort in installation. They cannot be installed using standard curtain rods due to their weight and will require a heavy-duty curtain rod. 

In contrast, noise-reducing curtains made from lighter fabrics, like cotton and linen, can be easily installed. Also, curtains may come with grommets or with a hook-and-loop fastener, which can affect the installation process. 

Aside from installation, you should look at the maintenance instructions. A soundproof curtain needs to be kept in good condition to ensure that it lasts longer. This is especially true if you work in a recording studio or similar profession.  

Many of the options available can be machine washed, which makes cleaning them a simple process. And you can even iron them to keep them wrinkle-free, but this may not be advisable in the case of all acoustic curtains. 

Soundproof Curtains FAQs

  • How does the weight of the curtain affect soundproofing?

    The weight or mass of the curtain plays a significant role in soundproofing. Sound-absorbing curtains are typically heavier than regular curtains and have multiple layers to prevent sound leakage. Ensure that your curtain rod can support the weight of the curtains, as some soundproof curtains may require special mounts or heavy-duty rods for installation.

  • What materials are soundproof curtains made of?

    Soundproof curtains are constructed using various materials. The outer fabric is often made from cotton or polyester, while the inner lining can be made from velvet, felt, wool, or suede. These materials have tightly-woven fibers in multiple layers that help absorb sound more effectively. Thermal weaves can also be used to make soundproof curtains, which offer additional benefits such as insulation and blocking out sunlight.

  • How does the price range vary for soundproof curtains?

    Soundproof curtains are available at different price points. Higher-quality soundproof curtains, which provide better noise reduction, tend to be more expensive. Cheaper options may not offer the same level of noise blocking. Consider your needs and budget when choosing soundproof curtains.

  • How easy are soundproof curtains to install?

    The ease of installation depends on the type of soundproof curtains. Those with multiple layers and thermal insulation are heavier and may require special mounting hardware or heavy-duty curtain rods. Lighter fabrics, like cotton or linen curtains, are easier to install. Some curtains come with grommets or a hook-and-loop fastener, which can affect the installation process.

  • What maintenance is required for soundproof curtains?

    It’s important to keep soundproof curtains in good condition for optimal performance. Many options can be machine washed, making cleaning them a simple process. However, not all acoustic curtains are suitable for ironing, so refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Proper maintenance ensures that the curtains last longer and maintain their soundproofing capabilities.

  • Conclusion

    There you have it!  While each of these curtains possesses impressive soundproofing capabilities, it is advisable to use them along with other soundproofing techniques, such as a soundproof blanket or acoustic panels. 

    Now, before I sign off, I would like to mention my favorites here. My top pick would be the Nicetown High-End Thermal Curtain, which comes with two layers of triple weave fabric, manufactured using safe materials and available in multiple colors.

    Another excellent option would be the Deconovo Soundproof Curtains, featuring rust-proof grommets and a high-density blackout fabric for filtering light.