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6 Best Swimming Pool Volleyball Set | Reviews + Guide

We found that the GoSports Splash Pro Pool Volleyball Net comes at the top of the list because of its sturdy build and adjustability. Likewise, the Swimways Poolside Volleyball Set and Poolmaster Across In-Ground Pool Volleyball Net are viable options for children and adults. 

Swimming Pool Volleyball Set

The goal of buying the best pool volleyball nets is to have a fun and relaxed time in the pool. So, if you plan on spending some quality time with friends and family in the swimming pool of your backyard, you know what’s needed. 

Setting up a pool volleyball net set is pretty simple, provided you follow the steps mentioned in the instruction manual. But finding one that meets your pool size requirements, allowing you to keep your loved ones entertained for hours together with a fun sport like volleyball, is no easy feat. 

There are many options on the market, and finding a suitable pool volleyball set can take time and effort. So, we took the responsibility of seeing some of the best options and reviewing them for you. There is certainly one option in this list that would suit your needs. 

6 Best Pool Volleyball Sets

1. GoSports Splash Pro Pool Volleyball Net - Best For Playing Like A Pro

GoSports Splash Net PRO Pool Volleyball Net Includes 2 Water...
  • POOL VOLLEYBALL: Splash into the ultimate pool day and play...
  • ADJUSTABLE NET: Splash Net PRO is compatible with virtually...

When it comes to choosing the best pool volleyball nets, GoSports is a brand to take into consideration. 

This pool volleyball net has sturdy bases that keep the net intact and uptight. Even after hours of splashing around in the swimming pool, the net won’t be tipping over. Engineered to withstand all the fun and frolic that comes with pool volleyball, this setup is perfect for a sunny day. 

Moreover, the GoSports Volleyball Net is compatible with all kinds of inground pools, be it lap pools, rectangular, or even rounded pools. The net straps can be adjusted according to the pool size and can be extended up to 25 feet. 

Coming to the other inclusions of the set, you get two volleyballs and a ball pump with inflation needles besides the volleyball net and posts.

The only issue is that you won’t be able to adjust the height of the volleyball net posts. This might make it difficult for children to play freely in this setup.

But overall, it is an ideal option for any adult pool party or just a casual day at the backyard with friends and family. You can either opt for the red or blue color variant, depending on your preferences.

Material: Plastic poles and nylon net | Packaging includes: Adjustable volleyball net with two side posts, two volleyballs, a ball pump with an inflation needle | Pool Compatibility: In-ground pools - lap pools, rectangular pools, rounded pools, etc. | Net Width: It can be extended up to 25 feet | Color: Blue or red

2. SwimWays Poolside Volleyball Set - Best For Both Children And Adults

SwimWays Plastic Multi-Sport Volleyball Set, Includes 2...
  • SUMMER FUN: Keep active this summer with the SwimWays...
  • DURABLE: This outdoor swimming pool game's durable 24 ft...

Here we have reviewed the pool volleyball net manufactured by SwimWays. The brand makes recreational water products for all age groups and it’s respected for its high quality pool volleyball equipment. 

On that note, the SwimWays Poolside Volleyball Set has been specifically designed for inground pools. The pool volleyball net measures around 24 feet in width and fits seamlessly across all pool sizes and types. 

Explicitly recommended for children aged six and above, the swimming pool volleyball setup is easy to assemble. It includes a volleyball, two heavy-duty side posts, a volleyball net, and an inflating needle. And no tools are required to put all the accessories together. 

Overall, the product is a good choice, but the only thing that might be a problem is that the side posts are a bit lightweight. As a result, the entire setup might tip over frequently. But there’s a solution to this problem - all you have to do is fill both the heavy-duty side posts with either sand or water to keep the entire setup stable.

Material: Plastic | Packaging includes: Two heavy-duty side posts, a volleyball net with a ball, an inflation needle, and an instruction manual | Pool Compatibility: Suitable for most standard size in-ground pools | Net Width: It can be extended up to 24 feet | Color: Blue

3. Poolmaster Across In-Ground Pool Volleyball - Best For Across-Pool Volleyball Sport

Poolmaster Across In Ground Swimming Pool Volleyball Pool...
  • Specially designed for across-pool volleyball action;...
  • Pool game bases can be filled with water or sand for...

Poolmaster has been a leading name since 1958, known to produce pool and spa products. Famous for its durability, high quality product line, and quick service, this brand also makes pool volleyball sets. 

As such, this pool volleyball set, including a volleyball net, sturdy side posts, a ball, and an inflating needle, is designed for across-pool volleyball sports. 

You can set it up anywhere, be it in your swimming pool, backyard, or any other surface. The pole is 30 inches in height, and the net size is 16 feet, extending up to 38 feet. So, it can fit in almost every kind of pool with perimeter decking. We’d recommend this one for pool parties, picnics, beach outings, or any other getaway. 

The side posts of this pool volleyball set can be filled with sand or water for stability. Meaning, there’s no scope of it tipping over at any point during the game. 

Overall, the product is ideal for children and adults who want to spend a fun summer afternoon playing volleyball in the comfort of their swimming pool. The only issue is that we noticed the caps for the poles were a bit too small and difficult to fit, which made the assembly process comparatively time-consuming.

Material: Nylon | Packaging includes: Volleyball net with 30-inch tall upright poles and two bases, a deluxe ball, and an inflating needle | Pool Compatibility: Suitable for larger pools with perimeter decking | Net Width: It can be extended up to 38 feet | Color: multicolor

4. Omotiya Pool Volleyball Net Set - Best For A Small In-Ground Pool

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The inflatable pool volleyball net manufactured by Omotiya is a suitable lightweight and portable pool game setup option. While helping build hand-eye coordination, this pool volleyball set offers many advantages, which is why we have included it in our review list. 

To begin, the  volleyball net is made of high-quality ABS material, making it lightweight yet durable. It can be set up anywhere, be it swimming pools, your lawn, or beaches. Moreover, it comes with a six-gallon capacity water base that makes it all the more stable. You can fill this uniquely-designed base with water or sand to prevent the net from tipping while enjoying a pool game with your family. 

The pool volleyball set is compatible with all kinds of inground pools, including rectangular pools, lap pools, and rounded pools. The sturdy net can be extended up to 16 feet, and the set comes with other accessories, including two colorful volleyballs, a pump with an inflation needle, and a sturdy net with two side posts. 

One can easily clean the entire setup by spraying water on it. What’s more, the instruction manual provided with it makes the whole assembly process much easier and hassle-free. However, we felt that the expandable width of the net was not close to the previous three options on the list. This is a small pool volleyball net that would be a better choice for a relatively smaller pool.

Material: High-quality ABS material | Packaging includes: Volleyball net with uptight poles and high-capacity bases, two colorful balls, a pump and with inflating needle | Pool Compatibility: Suitable for smaller in-ground pools (rectangular pools, rounded, and lap pools) | Net Width: It can be extended up to 16 feet | Color: Blue and yellow

5. Kidditoy Pool Volleyball Set And Basketball Hoop - Best Summer Gift For Kids And Adults

KIDDITOY Pool Volleyball Set & Basketball Hoop - 125''...
  • 125" EXTRA LARGE & ENDLESS FUN: Every family is worth...
  • A MUST-HAVE SUMMER HIT: The competitive rush you get from...

The next option in our inflatable pool volleyball net sets list is the Kidditoy Pool Volleyball Set and Basketball Hoop. This option is suitable for inground pools and can be easily set up across any swimming pool irrespective of the shape and size.

This is a complete pool volleyball set, including an inflatable pool volleyball court, a basketball hoop, a volleyball, and a basketball. You can easily set them all up using the instruction manual that gives a pretty clear picture of the assembly. And the net has straps on both sides that will help you to adjust it according to your requirements. 

Now’s when we’ll mention the floating weight bags of the Kidditoy Pool Volleyball Set. They act as anchors, similar to bricks and sand bags, thereby stabilizing the volleyball net to prevent it from tipping. Moreover, the net and other equipment are pretty sturdy because of the PVC material, which is 30 percent thicker than the others. 

The brand’s excellent customer service can cater to your needs, listen to your complaints, and act accordingly. And while most other brands focus on volleyball sets and balls, Kidditoy has also added a basketball and a hoop. This makes this swimming pool volleyball set stand out from the other options on the list. The only complaint we have is related to the size of the volleyball that is included in the set - it’s a bit too large to play with.

Material: 0.3 mm PVC | Packaging includes: Volleyball net with two side posts, basketball hoop, two weight bags, a 21-inch inflatable volleyball, 13-inch basketball, and instruction manual | Pool Compatibility: Any small inground pool | Net Width: 125 inches | Color: Blue and orange

6. Dunn-Rite Deck Volly Water Game - Best For A Sturdy Setup

Dunn-Rite DMV100BR DeckVolly Water Game Activity Aluminum...
  • Regulation size set includes red/white/blue soft touch water...
  • Mounts directly to concrete surrounding your pool via two 2...

The Dunn-Rite Deck Volley Water Game pool volleyball set comes with an adjustable net, side posts, and a ball. It consists of every accessory and hardware that you may need to arrange a pool party. 

This net can easily fit into any inground pool, and its height and length can be easily adjusted according to the size of the pool. It can be set up within just a few minutes, provided you are well-acquainted with the steps and can extend up to 24 feet. And you need not worry about the volleyball net tipping over as it comes with sturdy aluminum posts and anchor caps. 

As such the entire setup is sturdy and you won’t have to pause your fun. However, assembling all the accessories and hardware together can be a tad bit complicated for a first-timer.

Material: Powder-coated aluminum posts with brass anchors and nylon net straps | Packaging includes: Adjustable net, two aluminum posts, a volleyball, and other hardware for setting up the swimming pool volleyball set | Pool Compatibility: Compatible with any inground pool | Net Width: It can be extended up to 24 feet | Color: red, white, blue

Swimming Pool Volleyball Set Buying Guide

We know that purchasing the best pool volleyball nets is more challenging than it may sound. You need to buy a pool volleyball set that includes all the required accessories, is sturdy, and meets your pool size requirements, or you'll just be wasting money. Keeping that in mind, here are some essential factors to consider before buying a pool volleyball set.

1. Price

Customers often need clarification regarding what price they should pay to purchase a pool volleyball net set. It is advisable to shop for a pool volleyball set that is within a reasonable price range. Most of the brands available on the market are available in a diverse price range. 

You may opt for a cheaper volleyball net that will last for a season or two, but a more expensive one (not too expensive though) will give a much better performance and last for many years. 

2. Above Ground Vs. In-Ground Pool Volleyball Net

There are two types of swimming pools- above-ground and in-ground. While all the pool volleyball sets we have reviewed are for standard size in-ground pools, you can also set them up in an above-ground pool setting.

Just ensure that the net width is expandable enough to fit your pool size. And the volleyball net set should include heavy-duty posts with sturdy bases so that you can set them up even on the deck surrounding your swimming pool. 

The fill-in bases will prevent the net from tipping over - so you're all set to have a fun, sunny day with your family and friends. 

3. Ball

Make sure that the volleyball net set you choose to buy comes with a volleyball made of inflatable vinyl because it is more durable compared to other materials. It’s even better if the set includes a basketball and hoop along with other pool toys. These inclusions will only increase the fun.

4. Inflatable Vs. Non-Inflatable Pool Volleyball Set

You should choose an inflatable pool volleyball set if you're looking for a leisure volleyball game where mostly children are involved. However, if you're looking for a more serious and intense pool game, then a non-inflatable pool volleyball set is what you will require. 

5. All-Weather Components

It is essential to check that all the equipment of your pool volleyball set is built with all-weather materials. Your pool volleyball set will be exposed to water, sunlight, sand, and other factors that might cause damage. Therefore, one should always ensure quality and durability before buying a volleyball set. 

Top Swimming Pool Volleyball Set Final Verdict

Now that we have ended with the list of six best swimming pool volleyball sets, we hope you have found your match. 

Before wrapping up, allow us to list our favorite products from the list. GoSports Splash Pro Pool Volleyball Net is one of our top recommendations owing to its sturdiness, adjustability, and brand value. 

You can also check out the Swimways Poolside Volleyball Set if you're looking for some fun water sports to enjoy with your family. However, the Poolmaster Across In-Ground Pool Volleyball set could be a suitable choice if you're looking for a more study setup to play across-pool volleyball.