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Top 19 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast Beginner

Cute feminine crafts

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In the constantly rising DIY community choosing the right craft as a beginner can become quite challenging. Materials, tools, colors, all differ, leading to significantly different areas dedicated to certain niches. So how do you find your own field of creativity? It is recommended to start with a rather small scale in the beginning and work your way up from there. Choose natural materials and invest time into their research as the proper texture and hue can do half the work for you.Opt for crafts that require few tools in order to avoid poor investments until you decide on a path. We have selected 19 Cute DIY Crafts perfect For the Enthusiast Beginner from a variety of domains to get your imagination going, cast a glance and choose your favorite.

1. Use wire to create delicate Christmas tree angels

Wire is a material most of us have lying around the house and is easy enough to twist and bend into any desired shape and with the winter holidays coming up try forming your very own personalized angel ornaments. Use copper wire if you can find some for a special appeal.

Top 20 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast (11)


2. wood and leather can form an elegant feminine diy hanging organizer

The second craft on our list is a tad more complicated as it involves some sewing skills yet the end result is so sophisticated that it is worth the hustle. Choose any material you desire instead of leather and opt for an aged piece of wood if you are going for the vintage look.

Top 20 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast (1)


3. never loose your keys around the house again

Loosing the house keys is so common and getting organized enough to prevent this from ever happening is challenging. Start disciplining yourself with the help of this wooden key holder perfect for any hallway, including really narrow ones.

Top 20 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast (7)


4. prepare for the winter season with delicate wooden snowflakes

The craft below proposes recycling wooden clothespins into surreal winter snowflake decorations for your Christmas tree. Add a layer of glitter on top for a sparkly effect.Two different sizes have been used here for a tri-dimensional appeal.

Top 20 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast (5)


5. find creativity even in the most mundane of items

Have you ever considered using matches to form word displays? The bright contrast between the red of the tip and the pure white background is incredible.

Top 20 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast (2)


6. create an unusual unique winter wreath

Each year we purchase or make the classical Christmas wreath that welcomes guests and family into our homes from the front door. This year we invite you to try out something different in shape and texture, simple yet elegant at the same time.

Top 20 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast (4)


7. dress pinecones in pastel hues

Pinecones are versatile items used usually in winter decorations. This year add a fresh layer of paste hues on top of them for a change of decor.

Top 20 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast (3)


8. an army of pinecone elves can decorate your home

Felt, pinecones and wooden balls were used and merged to create this cute little elf army. This craft is a very educative and creative one for your little ones as well.

Top 20 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast (9)


9. transform pinecones into christmas tree ornaments

Unravel the many beuatiful layers of wood from pinecones and reuse them into start shaped Christmas tree decorations. Add a layer of glaze for protection and extra shine.

Top 20 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast (13)


10. use tree branches to form a delicate heart wall art piece

The perfect craft for valentine’s day comes in the shape of a heart, of course. Use tree branches on a created pattern and pastel colors to paint the heart in the end. Use a bigger branch to suspend the heart from on your wall.

Top 20 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast (8)


11. protect your furniture with mini pallet coasters

If you, like us, have been saving up on Popsicle sticks, it is time to use them in creating cute pallet coasters.

Top 20 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast (10)


12. complete the nursery decor with a specially designed wooden shelf

In the fairyland of the nursery add a specially designed shelf that will fit the theme.

Top 20 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast (6)


13. a wooden sled ORNAMENT is the go to craft this year

Another wonderful simple craft for the Christmas tree using Popsicle sticks, glue and a little bit of rope.

Top 20 Cute DIY Crafts For the Enthusiast (12)


14. transform wood slices into santa ornaments

Replace your store bought Christmas tree ornaments little by little each year with hand made ones. This year create wood slice Santa ornaments that will add the needed pop of color to the greenery.



15. express affection in a BEAUTIFUL craft

Got a few wood slices on your hands and no idea where to use them? Glue them together on a heart shaped pattern and create the most beautiful wall art piece to offer on a special occasion.



16. using everyday items to create the extraordinary

Another cute lovely shape taken by the Popsicle stick – an airplane model. Use it as a magnet or to hold photos on a string display.



17. create your own gift tags this year

Personalizing gifts is something we highly recommend you to try. Start with the gift tags and insert natural materials into their making such as twigs or burlap.



18. use copper pipe to form an elegant chic desk lamp

For the most advanced of you, the following lamp is the right craft to take on. Simply use copper pipe  and fittings to form a body for your lamp than insert any bulb vintage looking or not with its attached cord to complete the project.



19. transform a wooden container into a JEWELRY box

You can use rope to add volume to a wooden box than paint it with silver acrylic paint for a metallic appeal.



What do you think about the above presented diy crafts? Which one would you recommend to a diy beginner? Feel free to share your thoughts on the subject in the comment section below.

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  1. I’m not good when it comes to DIY stuff, however I hate spending money on stuff onto something that can be easily created at home with little more time.

    Out of all these DIY crafts, I find the one about creating mini-pallets a good idea, since it’s easy to create for me (I think so) and will add a variety to my centre table and something to show off to my friends and family this holiday season.

    I’ll let you know once I create those pallets and visit this site once again to refer more stuff.

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