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50 Awe-Inspiring White Brick Walls Shaping Airiness Indoors

Airiness shaped indoors brings the inhabitant calm, peace and tranquility as it creates and extraordinary breathable, awe-inspiring state often pursued by the individual. This splendid ambiance is often conjured in interior designs through the extensive use of stark white and light in the pursuit of serendipity.

Awe Inspiring White Brick Walls

In the attempt to change your indoor ambiance though pattern whilst using white you can use white painted wood, withered wood, tiles and custom 3D wall options that ought to remap the surface with a certain design motif, white brick walls are also a common option in industrial design.

A collection of white brick walls have been curated in the attempt to help one in the pursuit of this airy ambiance through the use of a pattern that provides rhythm,texture and depth alike : white bricks. These could be installed white directly or they can be painted but for the latter one ought to keep in mind that this effect is not reversible.

White Brick Walls Shaping Airiness Follow

timeless white brick wall with black and white picture frames

A brick wall can bring forward a gallery offering it a supporting texture.

Source Unknown

simple water brick wall in the bedroom

The white brick can be considered a design component itself greatly contributing to simply decorated spaces with a neutral almost deaf coziness.

via decor8blog.com

impeccable interior design with white brick

The wooden texture can become a focal point in both color and texture, use it to create that warm point of interest without distressing that neutral white ambiance that supports it with a contrast of coldness and stillness.

via www.home-designing.com

traditional wooden exposed beams surrounded by airy white bricks

The brick texture creates the feeling of a whole chimney despite the lack of volume, the lower shelf and above chimney mantel thus shaping the extraordinarily elegant package with very few elements.

via maiedae.blogspot.com

white brick and teal furniture rendering

The texture here creatures contrast with the mirror finish of the teal furnishing, the latter contradicts it in flatness and color alike creating a very powerful indirect contrast. The blanket on the couch and sculptural glass items on side-table in front support the strong position of the furnishings thus creating balance in the interior with little color-effort.

via www.iwantwallpaper.co.uk

shabby chic industrial bedroom with white brick wall

The dream-like dimension brought by a brick wall encourages the inhabitant to happy simplicity; notice how natural and elegant a simple mattress looks placed directly on the concrete floor above.The bedding rightfully respects the dialogue between concrete and the white wall and contributes to the scenery with the right chromatic.

via urbanoutfitters.com

white brick corner

Stainless steel and leather may look overwhelmed, subdued in the presence of a strong texture with which no connection is created.

via looknookhook.wordpress.com

minimalist bedroom design with white brick wall

An extensive wooden surface can function with a brick wall in white and give the right balance; here the proposed wood contributes with texture only, the color is faded out.

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matte black wall contrasts with white brick wall and wooden ceiling

The contrast of a wooden texture with white and black can always win the game, brick simply spices up the game.

via Rikki Snyder

white brick wall in industrial bedroom

Black and white contrasts are timeless solutions that can always become more or less through the addition of various supporting elements.

Source Unknown

faux white brick wall

A white-yellowish solution should be sustained by a strong interior statement, "God is in the details" .


brick wall in white tailored in beige bedroom

To create the illusion of time and memory and a freshly built building white brick walls can be used successfully.

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airy white brick studio rendering

Balance ought to be pursued in any setting regardless of the design expression chosen.


attic white bricks and exposed wooden beams

In an open plan kitchen-dinning-living room space the feeling of airiness can be built easier through sufficient light and white to bounce it throughout. The concrete floor grounds the interior space with a slight contrast that simply elevates the vertical planes here conveniently in white.


small attic bedroom with white bricks

The intricate detailing of the texture brings coziness in small settings.

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impeccable modern bedroom with a brick in white

Balanced and airy setting in a modern setting embracing neutral tones.

Source Unknown

dreamy shabby bedroom using white bricks on the walls

Stark white through-out anchors settings in the realm of fairy-tales, the simple awe-inspiring ambiance is often pursued but rarely materialized.


modern rustic dinning room adjacent to white brick walled kitchen

Wooden tones with memory contribute with a time fingerprint in a simple setting that sustains this dimension through the white brick wall that is not challenging the interior in chromatics.

via decorcology.com

black and white brick walls in the bathroom

Elegance can be brought in through different means, notice the intricate pattern on the floor that diminishes the brick`s importance that creates great depth as here the surface is shattered and occasionally has breaks in rhythm that might be generated by stone inserts. The sculptural mineral presence in black and the uniquely shaped sink come forward despite the immense amount of detail in an intense-extraordinarily beautiful setting.

Source Unknown

airy interior design living room with white bricks

A simple impeccable setting obtained through a perfect balance between wood and white in a setting flooded by light.

via b-vds.co.uk

rendering of a room with bricks in white

The intense dynamic of the interior above is uncertain; the pillar in white disrupts the white-purple brick surface thus creating great unbalance. The sculptural black chair and glass dining table also have an odd connection with the floor. Elements are missing and there is no balance between the interior`s components. How do you see this interior ?


wooden headboard doubled by white bricks on the wall

A white brick wall beautifully highlights the simply extraordinary wooden sculptural element that undoubtedly defines the interior.

Source Unknown

shabby chic kitchen with white kitchen wall

Balance in a chic ambiance. Simple color accents subdued to the overall theme construct a very cozy ambiance effortlessly.

via remodelista.com

small living room with white bricks

Simplicity requires a certain composition hierarchy, here uncertain.

Source Unknown

chich bedroom with wooden bricks, barn door and wooden pallet bed

Wooden pallets, brick walls and a sliding wood barn door in their simplicity are extraordinary elements that can easily carry a great interior.

Source Unknown

shabby chic kitchen with wooden bricks in white

Wooden textures testes by time, bricks with memory and greenery are a recipe for success.

via dig-mig.blogspot.dk

simple interior with white on the bricks in the wall

Simple interiors can win the day any day.

via www.iroonie.com

walnut furniture on a white background of brick

A beautiful wooden texture can always use the support of stark white.

Source Unknown

industrial white stark interior design with painted bricks

Frame the beautiful and complement it with aged items.

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bricks painted in white in modern interior design

To emphasize the feeling of space acrylic chairs have been successfully used above.

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white bricks and heavy textures on modern apartment design

Color can be substituted with patterns and authenticity in design.

via roombowl.com

airy interior with lots of light and bricks painted in white

Few elements, all sculptural in one airy space.

via modernmagazin.com

bricks painted in white used indoors

Wooden textures become focal points, black creates contrast and a dark green contributes with a neutral-subdued color.

Source Unknown

white brick walls emphasize the feeling of space

via Pinterest.com

geometric wooden shelving on white brick wall

The geometric playfulness with cozy wooden textures complements the frozen stillness of the brick wall behind in both color and rhythm through dynamic alike.

via babasouk.ca

brick wall in white

via interiordesign777.com

shabby chic white brick wall surrounded by plants and textiles

Curtains are undoubtedly key elements, here, in a space already boosting color, naturalness and coziness, perfect balance achieved.

via Lonny

white and red wooden brick interior design

The option to create withered bricks, somewhere between their natural look and the white state is common as the unfinished look describes a setting with great identity with little to no effort; the result is also closer to the industrial look of a natural brick that can enrich an interior with coziness.

Source Unknown

wooden shelves on white brick wall

Wood is always a beautiful supporting texture, here in contrast.

Source Unknown

natural material on distressed background with painted bricks

Three elements in a space with two textures shaping something unique. Authenticity in equilibrium.

via espritcampagne.canalblog.com

brick white wall with greenery and light

Emphasizing a wall with memory with light and greenery is always a good idea.

Source Unknown

airy modern Scandinavian design including white brick walls

The mirror emphasizes the feeling of space in an airy setting aided by white brick walls.

Source Unknown

white wall and bricks exposed in a splendid bohemian decor

Withered aged wood, greenery, walls that stand the age of time and recorded their part of history holding an industrial frame towards the exterior medium. This space shelters memory in an extraordinary frozen state of calm.

via cocolapinedesign.com

rustic industrial bedroom featuring white bricks

Small spaces too can shelter the white-brick wall + wood + greenery trio successfully.

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industrial loft design with white bricks

The industrial interior design has always been a mean of expression that knew how to use brick walls to its advantage regardless of their state.

Source Unknown

splendid transparent eclectic design with white bricked wall

Acrylic furnishings are often used in sophisticated small interiors to overwrite clutter.

via white-glam.blogspot.pt

white bricks on a contemporary living room background

A blue intricate rug with naturalness in pattern grounds the neutral interior design composition above, that has the individual as the main element around which all gravitates.

Source Unknown

stark white interior with light and white bricked walls

Ethereal ambiance with stark white throughout, grounded with white-wooden floors.

Source Unknown

airy white design emphasized by brick wall

by Elk Studios

brick in white and red in modern design

Notice how the brick wall has been painted in the bedroom only to enlarge that particular space.

by  Travis Dubreuil

How do you see the spaces above and the role of white brick walls in interior design  ? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.