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32 Easy DIY Home Projects You Can Do In A Weekend

Weekend projects are the most fun. Starting a DIY Home project that is supposed to take you just one weekend to finish can definitely encourage you to start it rather soon. And seeing the end result in a matter of hours is the right start for a DIY beginner, boosting confidence in your crafting skills and inspiration. We have chosen a range of rather simple clever ideas and project we thought you could try as a beginner and can help you empower your creativity while being easy and fast to make. Browse through  the gallery to learn how to make that cleaning slime everyone seems to love, revamp on old lamp or dusty looking kitchen utensils or simply create a beautiful minimal wooden bench perfect for your porch with special designed room for plants. Let your creativity and inspiration take control and guide through your weekend DIY home projects. Enjoy!


1. DIY cleaning slime

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2. DIY wooden bench

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Source Unknown / Discovered via Pinterest.com

3. DIY rainbow soap

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4. Using mason jars as flower vases

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 The Sweetest Occasion

5. Reorganizing your drawers with color

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 IHeart Organizing

6. Glittering an old lamp

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7. Dipping utensils in paint

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 House of Earnest

8. Creating the perfect mouse pad

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Lovely Indeed

9. Using paint chips to create a lamp shade

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10. Repainting bar stools

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11. Add chalk paint to coffee cups

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12. Repurpose old items

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The Glitter Guide

13. DIY chalkboard paint in any color you like

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 A Beautiful Mess

14. Glitter your way into art work

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Penny Pincher Fashion

15. Use cork and paint tot create coasters

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16. Add color to your sofa

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 Honeybear Lane

17. Turn a mason jar into a flower vase with gold paint and glitter

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18. Revive old trays with new stripes

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The Glitter Guide

19. Add glitter to old clutches

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20. Add color to you ice-cream cups

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 Centsational Girl

21. Dip in gold your party glasses

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 House of Earnest

22. DIY chalkboard spice jars

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Sarah Hearts

23. Funny messages to boost your day

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 Domestic Charm

24. Organize your jewelry in style

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Tatertots & Jello

25. Learn to make pillow cases without sewing

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 Organize and Decorate Everything

26. Creating a shimmering panel for your bedroom

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27. Reviving old cups and jars

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28. Making a door sign

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Lauren Conrad 

29. Create beautiful storage boxes

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 IHeart Organizing

30. Using drift wood as jewelry holder

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31. Wood family photo display

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32. Create paper decorations for a tea party

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Do you consider these projects easy enough to be done in a weekend? Which one would you choose?We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.