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111 World’s Most Loved DIY Projects

Do it yourself projects today are a beautiful way of to save energy, a beautiful way to recycle and an extraordinary way to spend time with family and friends, forging memories. Part of a sustainable movement that manages to recycle and up-cycle a reuse hundreds of thousands of materials and elements each year, diy projects gain ground each day as creative minds surface various original crafts each day, crafts that appeal to members of the community directly, crafts that can be replicated whilst being unique, constructing a beautiful indirect bond between crafters around the world, something that at a certain level is quite personal thanks to the input of one`s personality into the craft.

111 World's Most Loved DIY Projects

A selection of most loved Do It Yourself Projects have been salvaged from the world wide web and they represent some of the world`s most loved DIY projects around the world, the amount of social attention in DIY communities being the factor that aggregates these highly diverse and insanely epic crafts. Cast a glance below and surge inspiration, feel free to share your own crafts in the comment section below.

World's Most Loved DIY Projects

1. Organic paint wall art DIY project


Simple elements can always surprise, they can be used as stamps or stencils in brilliant easy painting ideas. Get ready to create brilliant wall art with unusual items like cabbage pieces or teddy bears, creativity has no limits and neither does painting; it is recommended to invite a little human into the diy endeavor as they are able to enhance your artwork with ease.

Find more details here.

2. Materialize a DIY Crate Bookshelf Tutorial


Storage options should never be overlooked. A solid, graphic solution that was embraced with joy by the diy community is the wooden crate bookshelve. Bring the coziness and warmth into the picture.

Step by step tutorial here

3. Puzzling Chalkboard DIY Menu Board


Chalkboard paint is opening great opportunities in DIY; with a menu realized with color and chalkboard one can obtain that chic vintage look in a familiar, simple manner. The board can also be updated with ease, making things natural, seamless.

Find the tutorial here

4. Create a DIY Dog Dining Station with Storage included


The craft requires no introduction, a simple solution to will emphasize your life and the pet`s alike while keeping as hygienic as possible.

Full instructions here

5. craft epic beer bottle centerpieces at home

paint beer bottles in epic centerpieces
Wine bottle crafts are something remarkable, one of the most discussed topic in do it yourself world and one of the easier crafts to realize. The crafts are very much sought do to the resilience of glass and the immense positive impact of up-cycling glass, an act that saves our planet a whole deal of energy.

Details here

6. Build Wall art with a painting frame and photos

realize epic wall art with pictures

A simple frame, thread and pegs are the required tools for a graphic timeless display. Choose to showcase your memories in a timeless manner, experiences shape us.


7. Learn How to make a wood floating shelves


There are numerous shelving do it yourself projects worth attempting for your interior decor yet floating shelves often win on the comparison table due to their interesting gravity-defying appeal.

Full tutorial here

8. DIY Storage ideas Farmers Market inspired fruit shelves


An open shelving for fruits might encourage the individual to consume more fruit, to keep them organized to actually become a graphic presence in their decor, inexpensive and easy to realize, the craft can be realized in one hour by a seasoned diy enthusiast.


9. epic craft series - upcycled drawers to side-tables

upcycled drawers to side tables

Becoming a side-table is something that not many drawers dream off yet few happy ones achieved this status at a certain point in life; after all, survival is key. Up-cycling summons the creativity of the crafter and more often than not gives birth to simply exemplary, unusual elements of design, filled with memory and substance, these are here to last.

Details here

10. 9$ thrift store drawer transformed into a cool functional storage


A walk to the thrift store or flea market every now and then is recommended for the health of the diy enthusiasts, this action is known to raise the interest of the individual, the appetite for crafting and it may often manifest a pure sentiment of joy in the individual if one was to purchase the foundation of a future craft. Hundreds of items await a savior and hundreds of crafters are looking for their ideal match; start your journey, today.

11. create a decorative clothes rack with one ladder and two brackets

epic ladder upcycling project

A ladder might help you achieve great success on wardrobe organizing in a graphic manner. The simple process can enhance a space in thirty minutes or less if you skip the paint job. Tailor your own solutions towards success.


12. Tailor an epic DIY dreamcatcher

diy dreamcatcher desings

A piece of cultural heritage in a contemporary shape tailored by your own hands can be a neat addition in your bedroom decor. The dream-catcher supposedly filters bad dreams as well, this thing alone making the whole craft more interesting.

13. tailor an easy diy platform bed

diy easy platform bed tutorial

Building your own bed out of natural, renewable materials in the comfort of your home can be an almost healing experience in this world driven by consumerism, a feat of strength for you and the home alike, a memory of greatness.

Tutorial here.

14. Take on an epic project- Build swings around a campfire


The outdoor experience is unparalleled, one should take advantage of its greatness as much as possible and with proper outdoor seating options and a fire-pit the recipe for success is right there, friends and family are required to complete the image. Simple and beautiful.

Full details here.

15. tailor a wooden pallet bookshelf armchair

build a neat pallet bookshelf chair

Use the simplicity of the pallet to you advantage and tailor one armchair that will hold knowledge, beauty and resources where they belong, in the comfort of our homes. The reading nook is an underrated element in today`s come yet the bookworm knows its place, share the news and put the book in its place .

Tutorial here.

16. Spice up a party with WATERMELON jell-o shots


Watermelon Jell-o Shots are interesting to say the least, these could become the focus point in festive entertaining, give jello a shot !

Instructions here.

17.  Use a pill bottle to create a hidden key storage


It is recommended to paint the bottle as well to make sure it`s presence cannot be noticed due to its glare. Simple and efficient, the craft is surely worth attention.

18. transform a dresser into a stylish bench

dresser transformed into a nech

A new life for a furniture piece translates into energy saved and memory encapsulated in a great new shape. Give an old item a chance and change the past today for tomorrow.

Details here.

19. create a brilliant cork rug

create a brilliant cork rug

Save all those corks and prepare them for grand things, one could build a cork bathroom mat, greatly emphasizing the comfort in the bathroom.

Tutorial here.

20. create a brilliant frame shelf

simple and cheap diy frame shelf
Framed shelves are really really graphic subjects that can be used in stores and homes as displays with ease. The costs are low yet the results are mesmerizing.

Full tutorial here.

21. Create a comfy colorful fire seating

create colorful comfy tyre seating
Recycling a tire it is recommended as simply sending it to the landfill can be highly harmful to our planet. Up-cycling is an option as well and with a tire you can create various seating options, flower planters and even some water ponds for a beautiful green yard, choose to transform your household with creative crafts

Details in full here.

22. tailor an epic glass bottle salvaged wood centerpiece

brilliant salvaged wood glass bottle centerpiece

One of the simplest and most beautiful crafts that one could realize for the dinner table. A wooden plank is required along with a certain number of glass bottles that will be re-purposed in an epic manner, beautifying your dinner table. Variate your flowers, refresh your decor with each dinner setting.

Details here.

23. Realize an old coffee table out of old windows

old window coffee table design

The old wooden frame windows had charm, had a familiar look that one should simply not dismiss easily. The coffee table containing up-cycled windows is a great to-go craft yet hundreds of other window re-purposing crafts do exist and hundreds can be envisioned by the creative mind. Infuse memory into your decor be re-purposing items creatively.

Details here.

24. Realize a memory - family HAND-PRINTS wall art

realize beautiful family handprints on canvas

The craft will take a few minutes and the memory will last a life-time; the wall wart will amaze your guests, beautify your decor and spread happiness and joy among family and friends. Share this craft with people you love, a simple craft for a sunny day.

Details here.

25. build brilliant diy mini pallet coasters


A simply stunning idea, one that would make a super cool diy birthday gift for a fellow do-it-yourself enthusiast. Collect the Popsicle sticks and start crating once you have enough to make a six pack of coasters. A crafty look for a creative mind.

Details here.

26. diy beautiful rustic twig frame

diy rustic twig frame craft

A rustic look is pursued by many and with simple natural items like twigs one could emphasize a dull frame into something interesting. The craft may not look like anyone`s cup of tea but realized with the little ones it can be quite creative, especially if they themselves gift the result or if one is to make a parallel to how birds create their nest for example.

Full tutorial here.

27. have fun with diy bath bombs


The process is simple, the results are soothing. A craft that deserves attention and recognition alike.

Full tutorial here.

28. emphasize your yard with a practical structure - Chicken coop


Nothing compares with fruits and veggies that you grow yourself. The egg that you collect from your own little chicken farm will not compare with the one purchased either. The chicken coop becomes an outdoor structure that often appears today in less urbanized area thanks to their practicality and efficient size. Salvaged wood from various sources is being used in the process, pallet wood being the most common choice.

Details here.

29. Learn How to Make a DIY Cloud Lighting fixture

diy magic light cloud fixture

A spectacular cloud, lighten from within. An item torn from fairy tales, a craft that might mark the childhood of a child. Splendid craft, mesmerizing to say the least.

Tutorial here.

30. upcycle a tic-tac box in a bobby pin case

upcycle a tic tac into a bobby pin case

As it happens large tic-tac boxes are a great fit for bobby pins and as you surely know, they are all over the place if not contained, as they have a will of their own. Personalize your tic tac box to fit the make-up corner; you are now closer to a clutter free home.

Details here.

31. build a simple tree swing in an hour

simple to realize outdoor swing backyard project
A craft that cannot take more than half an hour, one that invites you to spend outdoors, rocking a swing, soothing your nerves, spending time with family.

Full tutorial here.

32. transform an old file cabinet into an epic garage storage

metallic storage makeover ideas

Garage organization is not an easy task, especially when it comes to a well equipped one filled with tools and gadgets. Try to craft your way to a clutter free household.

33. learn how to make S'mores Pops

S`mores popsicles for your party

Joy may come in sweets, invite laughter and happiness with s`mores popes, it might transform your party.

Recipe here.

34. paint a diy heart sharpie mug

spectacykar diy craft project - sharpie mug

One of the simplest crafts that one could realize, a very graphic one that can be gifted to your loved ones.

Tutorial here.

35. create a lava lamp at home

create a lava lamp at home diy

A quite exquisite presence was the lava lamp back in the day, a quite sought item that was surely seen as exclusive and intriguing. Today, the do-it-yourself community surfaced practical solutions able to replicate this effect with great results in an inexpensive manner.

Details here.

36. emphasize your home office with a shinny craft

create a luxurious looking accessory for your home office

Spray paint is a must in the do it yourself world, it can transform mundane items into jewels and ti can easily replicate high end finishes found in pricey yet simple, mundane items.

37. realize epic nail polish marble mugs at home

craft epic looking marble mugs
A beautiful diy gift, one that bears uniqueness, authenticity and personality more than anything. Use a matte white to bring the color forward and create a transparent, delicate look .

38. revamp your NIGHTSTANDs with 8 dollars


Items re-purposed rely on your creativity. Choose to transform a salvaged piece of wood with color and texture for a striking accent or simply bring the wooden texture forward once again by polishing it right. A simple change can go a long way.

Full tutorial here.

39. Realize Anthropologie-Inspired epic Agate Coasters

anthropologie knock off diy agate coasters

One immersive craft that will surely gather a glimpse of well-deserved attention.

Details in full here.

40. realize an epic phone holder with washi tape

easy diy phone holder full of color
Colorful washi tape and paper rolls might be all you need to amplify your music at home.

More details here.

41. Flip Flea Market items PROFESSIONALLY

transform a tiny dresser beyond beleif

Matte gray and wood are a striking combination that one could not simply overlook. Start salvaging the flea market for jewels and rejuvenate them with color.

42. create wall art with your children with sharpies

crafts to realize with kids-wall art
Wall art is constructive, graphic and filled with memory, especially when realized with the little ones. Enjoy an afternoon craft that will forge a great memory and piece of art for your wall alike.

43. upcycle epic items from the thrift store - tray makeover

2 dollars thrift sotre tray makeover

One could purify various items in the household with stark white paired with the right texture. Start slow.

44. create a spectacular diy flameless fire pit

create an epic diy flameless fire pit
The flame-less fire pit craft above deserves the whole internet attention, for Christmas in particular this extraordinary look can invite a very cozy and warm atmosphere without producing harm. A great idea to play with.

Details here.

45. learn how to make a suspended lightbulb planter

how to make a hanging lightbulb planter

Delicacy comes in small packages, boosting transparency through glass and contrast through greenery the construct above is a clear win on this front.

46. tree coat hanger rack of immense beauty

realize an epic tree coat hanger
The tree lover might have found the perfect coat hanger in the craft above. Craft responsible from fallen trees only, there are plenty in our forests, talk to you local forester or wood supplier for the perfect, sculptural piece.

Available for purchase here.

47. build an ottoman with storage with wooden boxes

epic ottoman with storage included realized out of wooden boxes
The storage in wooden boxes can transcend the item`s shape or function; one could use wooden boxes to shape a coffee table or a ottoman that incorporates the must needed storage.

Details here.

48. epic diy color changing mugs


Imagination and some spacial paint is required to realize these stunning DIY gift; the paint is entitled termochromatic paint and it it can be found in various colors, ready to make changes, ready to build extraordinary DIY gift.

More details here.

49. paint flower pots creatively and transform your decor

painting pretty plant pots

A basic flower pot, the raw ceramic look that so many of us nestle in our homes can become so much more. One could use paint to offer it new clothes, a design choice that could subdue the planter to any design line beautifully, seamlessly.

Source unknown.

50. revamp your lampshades in minutes

revamp your lamp through a diy project

A pattern can change a great deal; one could animate a setting through an elegant, discrete modification to the lampshade, a change that would be visible only in the light-bulb`s presence. Download or sketch a city silhouette and start your transformation, today.


51. DIY pebble shower floor

river stone walk in shower makeover

Walk-in showers are high sought bathroom features these days thank to their graphic attributes and easiness. Salvage river rocks and bring in your setting an airy, refreshing natural presence.

Details here.

52. SPECTACULAR flower letters framed decoration

legendary framed flower decoration

Frame flower-letters. Simply extraordinary graphic, a flower shaped letter, framed or not, can be a beautiful addition to a wonderful celebration. Craft it and wear it proudly in your decor.


53. tailor an epic wooden boxes diy coffee table

epic wooden boxes diy coffee table design

The wooden boxes have lost ground in the favor of plastic ones and today they`re certainly harder to find yet if you happen to stumble on some of them, great crafts do await you. A coffee table can be realized with four of these in 10 minutes.

Tutorial here.

54. create chalkboard paint at home for your diy endeavors

create chalkboard paint

DIY chalkboard paint can be realized at home, the recipe is worth sharing especially if one was paint an entire fence line or a big play-room for the little ones. Chalkboards are extraordinary nests for the creativity of the little one.

Recipe here.

55. Realize a heart map wall art piece

heart map wall art decor

Transform old maps into great piece of wall art, piece that can shape extraordinary diy gift and beautiful, romantic messages.

Tutorial here.

56. craft diy twig letters for a rustic decor


Twigs too, very much like flowers can emphasize a celebration with their presence on a letter; one could use a glue gun to anchor them onto it and the rustic vibe brought into the picture will surely amaze. Needless to say that the rustic vibe could be emphasized with candle light or warm-cozy string lights in yellow.

Find details here.

57. learn how to make yarn ombre monogrammed letters

learn how to make a yarn ombre minogrammed letter

Delicate and far more resilient than natural flower-letters, the yarn-ombre letter option could be the way to go long term. These too can wear any color, any font and any additional decor along the yarn if need be.

Tutorial in full here.

58. upcycle old cd`s creatively

reycle old cds into graphic wall art

There are numerous way to reuse both cd`s and vinyls alike: one could use a laser cutter to create pretty much any wall decoration, brilliant custom-clocks can be realized or shape the new pieces manually.

Details here.

59. learn how to glitter up your life

how to add glitter to pretty much anything

Glitter can go a long way and there are numerous ways to use it in your decor. Choose wisely.

Details here.

60. create a sculptural hanging bookshelf


A sculptural piece of wood change its spatiality with ease through its simple presence. Suspended with rope in an airy, stark white flooded by light things do change, the item becoming far more important, far more spectaculous.

Source Unknown.

61. tailor your own diy masquerade ice queen mask

create a diy masquerade mask
The right mask, tailor by hand, an interesting craft worth sharing.

62. realize diy rustic lanterns for your porch

diy wooden lanterns for your porch

The lantern could embrace your patio with coziness and warmth at sunset or they can make a beautiful DIY gift.

Tutorial here.

63. Realize an epic diy glitter bowl

realize epic glitter bowls
The glitter bowl is a craft that responds to many questions simply put. Regardless of the content that it will carry, the piece enhances a decor through its simple presence.


64.  Realize beautiful embroidery hoop orbs

embroidery hoop orbs diy

Using embroidery hoops to shape wooden orbs might seem furtile yet when one can envision the orb wearing string lights suspended from a tree in the yard, carrying greenery or simply project shades thanks to a candle from within, everything changes. The sculptural nature makes the item great justice.

Details here.

65. tailor an epic toilet paper tree rack

realize a toilet paper tree rack
A tree indoors that one could found useful at times.

Source Unknown

66. Create a jar of Colorful Dreams

Nestle dreams in a glass jar, a beautiful idea that can become a timeless journal throughout ones life. Save an idea for later, save an epic dream-image for life.


67. Epic DIY BLOCK zipper pouch handbag gift


The pouch can be realized from the comfort of one`s home with ease, it can be personalized 100% thus becoming an ideal gift-storage option.

Full tutorial here.

68. Start an epic firework salt painting project


Salt can become the main element of a fun craft to realize with your little ones, cast a glance at the tutorial below.

Details here.

69. build an epic set of dip-dyed frosted tumblers

dip dyed frosted tumblers
The right color and the sculptural line planted on any item can make the design. Glass recipients can be transformed through dyeing, do it right and you have a new diy gift idea at hand a a great element of decor.

Tutorial here.

70. learn how to cut glass and start epic glass bottle crafts

44 Simple DIY Wine Bottles Crafts And Ideas On How To Cut Glass P991S homesthetics

An epic resource glass is and we have a great amount at our grasp. Learn how to manipulate glass safely at home, learn how to cut glass and the realm of possibilities wideness with thousands of crafts that require the skill. You can find more ideas and the full tutorial in the comment section below.

Details here.

71. learn how to make a cool diy ladder shelf

create an epic diy ladder shelf

A ladder shelf creates a terraced displays that brings forward all items displays with occupying a great deal of space visually. This can be used to shelter various items from the towels in your bathroom to family photos in the hallway or plants on the deck, feel free to customize with any color or texture if need be.

Full tutorial here.

72. Upcycle an old window into a timeless showcase

realize and epic display out of an old window
The great effort invested into a delicate window that we barely see anymore these days should not hit the landfil. One ought to donate it to a wood recycling center from which the enthusiast crafter can pick it up and use it for various projects if not its main role. Windows make great displays, always did, choose them to display your extraordinary family in the hallway.

Details here.

73. build a super epic diy coffee table

realize an epic Rustic X Diy Coffee table

The right coffee table should be sculpted by the mind of the owner; if the construct is simple enough one ought to build it as well. It takes a great deal of time, energy and dedication to obtain dream-material.

Tutorial here.

74. build a heart-shaped shower garland

create a beautiful heart paper garland

Use paper craft to shape temporary do it yourself decorations for your home. Inexpensive and fast to make, these can be refreshed with ease making your home look brilliant with little effort.

75. DIY Metallic mason jars realized with Spray Paint

build epic metallic mason jars

Silver and golden spray paint alike are being used by the do it yourself community to a great extent, these can transform simple items in quite fabulous ones; metallic spray paints for example can make the mason jars the graphic and inexpensive solution to a major celebration.

Details here.

76. build epic diy outdoor light orbs


Outdoor light bulbs can be realized with embroidery hoops with ease yet simply rope, glue and one balloon can work beautifully to shape the sphere needed as well.

Tutorial here.

77. craft a mason jar make up organizer for your bathroom

craft a mason jar diy organizer for your bathroom

Unbeatable combination glass and wood is; one could use the combination to materialize a beautiful organization  unit.

Details here.

78. build a CHRYSANTHEMUM mirror with plastic spoons


Plastic spoons are a pretty presence that scaled properly can become a graphic organic presence. Use them by your mirror for a truly immersive effect.

Image source.

79. Prepare for independence day with a patriotic pallet flag

patriotric pallet flag independence day

In the grand scheme of do it yourself the wooden pallet is a clear winner; the resource founds thousands of crafts and emphasizes households through coziness and warmth. The craft above illustrates how a creative mind showcased proudly a patriotic flag on Independence day with little to no costs.

Details here.

80. build a breathtaking composition of paper flowers

extraordinary paper flower backdrop tutorial

Paper flowers are easy to realize and extraordinary to gift. Be creative and create a paper flower bouquet for your loved one, the effort will surely be appreciated.

Tutorial in full here.

81. build a splendid heart-shaped wall art out of branches


Twigs might not be everyone`s cup of tea when it comes to diy projects yet some simply steal the show. The graphic installation uses a gradient effect to balance the rustic vibe out with a delicacy rarely seen or matched by mass produced items, the naturalness of the looks brings for

Details here.

82. build an epic-easy mason jar soap dispenser

epic mason jar soap dispenser

The mason jar dispense looks fresh, it wears an airy ambiance that one could find in a sea-side resort, a calm, easy, quiet craft that can bring peace.

Tutorial here.

83. build elegant succulent-planter bookends

create epic succulent planter bookends

A book-end too can shelter succulents and infuse greatness to a home with greenery; do not underestimate it, craft with love.

Tutorial here.

84. build macrame hanging planters

build epic string rack to suspend your flower pots

One should elevate greenery to a whole new levels through do it yourself projects.

Tutorial here.

85. upgrade a vase with pennies

realize an epic copper vase

Pennies are a quite graphic element that can be easily obtained. Use it to create focal points in your decor; the timeless copper pallet beautifully greets a vintage vibe.

Photo Courtesy to voneinspired.com

86. build an epic ottoman out of a drawer

trasform a simple drawer into an epic ottoman

One drawer, one ottoman. Choose the right color and textiles and the result will be breathtaking.

Find details here.

87. create breathtaking diy marble dipped mugs

build super cool colorful mugs

Few people know how great of a resource can nail polish can be. It can create a fantastic marble effect with ease, at home on mundane item like mugs. One could use white mugs to create an airy colored collection, a great house warming gift worth pursuing.

Full tutorial here.

88. learn how to make a macrame hammock

learn how to make a crocheted macrame hammock

Craft for leisure in two directions, craft the comfortable hammock chair you are about to sit on after you are done with the your highly rewardful craft.

Details here.

89. extraordinary butterflies made from recycled books

build epic diy projects with old books

Tailor a breathtaking installation out of recycled paper; this can contain butterflies, origami cranes, little colorful stars or simply put any element at all; paper crafts, when scaled and suspended, create this phenomenal immersive effect of greatness.

Details here.

90. Enhance your party with wine bottles tiki torches

realize epic wine bottle tiki torches

In a couple of minutes wine bottles can be up-cycled into tiki torches, super simple way to obtain a graphic lantern for your nights of festive entertaining.

91. Sculpt a new bench from an old door

old door new bench

A door contains all the pieces that one would need to build a pretty a cool bench, one with an airy, Scandinavian look. Put wood to good use.

Tutorial here.

92. build a wooden pallet bench with integrated storage

realize an epic pallet bench with storage

A bench with included storage is a solution that few retailers have in stores and more importantly, even fewer have one a decent price. Pallets can help here as well as the craft above beautifully illustrates a very practical bench with a huge amount of space.

Source Unknown

93. rectangular DIY sitting area with firepit

create an sitting area with a firepit
A few outdoor bricks and some wooden beams can do the trick but the included planters and lights on the bottom really change the entire craft.

Details here.

94. modern diy outdoor bench inspired by william sonoma

williams sonoma diy outdoor replica bench

A contemporary look in an inexpensive craft. Simple. Beautiful.

Tutorial here.

95. build a mint and silver diy tassel garland

realize an epic diy tasel garland

Green mint goes along great with golden textures and simple Scandinavian textures showcasing white; put them to good use in your decor at a textile level-composition-wise or in petite scaled items like a party garland.

Full tutorial here.

96. brilliant diy PROJECT tic tac toe game


A simple game that most often than not is played indoors can become really fun outdoors, especially when the environment is involved. Find more backyard games here.

Tutorial here.

97. RECLAIMED wood - rope love wall art DIY PROJECT


Present the rightful texture upfront, emphasized by a magic word that could welcome guests into your home or simply serves as motivational wall art in your household.

More information here.

98. learn how to make a diy glitter vase

wedding design ideas diy glitter vase

A great deal of succesfull DIY projects involve Mod Podge and glitter;make sure you have them in your arsenal.

Full tutorial here.

99. build a fairy mushroom house tea light holder

diy mushroom house tea light holder

One of the most beautiful diy project in the hole list, the petite fairy light is the showcase of creativity and for a child it might easily represent the realm of endless possibilities that through work, passion and dedication can become reality. A highly graphic craft that can be realized with ease, simply beautiful at all fronts.

Source unknown.

100. Use Rainbow roses to surprise a friend

rainbow roses infographic

Rainbow roses are something torn from the fairy tale realm, something able to surprise beautifully a loved one, something that can be realized at home comfortable. Simply make sure the white rose is fresh from the garden and everything will work like a charm.

Tutorial here.

101. build diy wood pumpkin decor for halloween

create wooden pumpkins for halloween

A resilient decoration that can be used any year; the color can be change to adapt to the overall design theme of the year yet the graphic shape remains. Needless to say that is a beautiful craft reference to Minecraft.

102. Up-cycle an Unused dresser into a chic bench


A beautiful second chance, one that redefined the item into something better than it was initially.

Details here.

103. charm your backyard with diy string light

unique string light across a beautiful rustic bench

Wood and string lights are the recipe for success. A simple combination for a grand design.

104. learn how to make t-shirt HeadBANDS


Swift and efficient.

Tutorial here.

105. create a socket phone pouch

build a socket phone pouch

This pouch becomes insanely relevant for the individual on the run that needs to charge the electronic device from various sockets, some of which are in the air, well isolated from any furniture. make things easy and safe with a simple craft.

106. create custom gifts - DIY popsicle stick bracelets


Have a different one, each day and consider crafting them as diy gifts.

Tutorial and details here.


A refresh in a cookie shape. Color wipes the slate clean.

Tutorial here.

108. transform an old fridge into a cool-cooler

transform an old fridge into a cool cooler
An old fridge can become a great addition to your outdoor entertaining unit. Use salvaged wood to tie things together in a graphic shape.

More information here.

109. build toilet paper bird feeders


Invite the environment closer and rejoice its presence.

Details here.

110. build mason jars aquariums with your kids



A craft that your little ones will surely love.

Details here.

111. emphasize a planter with a himmeli geometric sculpture


Simple geometric sculpture ready to emphasize your setting.

Tutorial here.

Diverse DIY projects have been featured in the gather up, all beautiful, all worth of attention. What do you think? How do you see these do it yourself projects and the whole craft movement on ensemble? We would love to hear your opinion on the subject in the comment section below.