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35 Fun Ways Of Reusing Bottle Caps In Creative Projects

When it comes to bottles, their re-purpose can be a very easy project, with plenty ideas available on the internet. But if we reuse the bottle, why not find creative ways of re-purposing the bottle caps as well? Plastic or metallic, bottle caps can be transformed into beautiful art pieces with little to no effort from your part. Hence, we have prepared a collection of 35 Fun Ways Of Reusing Bottle Caps In Creative Projects . Some ideas may require a little bit of patience before gathering the right amount of bottle caps you will need in order to fulfill the project.The design ideas showcased will portray bottle carp art at its best, forged with creativity, good design taste, patience and love. If you are to pursue bottle cap crafts for your home make sure you gather your family, friends and loved ones to participate in the piece of art that will remain in your memory for years to come.

epic bottle cap art and bottle craft arts

Needless to say that if the bottle caps used in the craft are the result of a personal collection enjoyed with your dear ones, the end object will become even more powerful, more personal and far more important. If you`ve choose to showcase your collection in a graphic shape, keep collecting the bottle caps as wall art pieces can take many shapes and sizes and it will be a shame not to boost your interior decor with authenticity.

Fun Bottle Cap Artistic Crafts

If you are equipped with plenty of creativity and one main ingredient, you can create 35 „new” and amazing projects!

bottle cap arts map of USA

You can create a map of USA, idea from Man Made.

bottle recycled cap flower propeller crafts

A nice propeller for your flower pot, from The Experimental Crafter.

super cool cap crafts X O game

An unique and fun Tic Tac Toe gamie from Bottle Cap Co.

 cap coaster wearing great artistic colors

Chakra trivets from Retrcamme.

 create letters as cap arts and crafts

You can create letters to decorate your wall. Idea from Aileen Rae.

get creative with sparkling bottle cap crafts

Fun, simple and unique jewellry, from Creative Kismet.

bottle Decorated thumbtacks and magnets

Decorated thumbtacks and magnets from Martha Stewart.

beautiful mirror frame decorated with caps

Decorated frame from ESOB Designs.

immense beauty in bottle cap crafts ready for your decor

Christmas tree hanging ornaments.

artistic bottle cap flower design

A nice flower card, idea from Crafty Morning.

bottle cap privacy curtain wearing colors

Bottle caps hangings, via Flickr.

beautiful bottle cap wall art

An idea to decorate your kids’ romm, via Beneath My Heart.

super cool bottle cap backsplash in airy kitchen decor

A panel to protect the wall from splashes, from Apartment Therapy.

simple accessory realized with a plastic cap

A ring that looks like a pincushion, idea from Pretty Prudent.

beautiful colorful serving tray realized with bottle caps

A serving plateau via Sweet Something Designs.

bottle cap bar serving area to craft at home

A decoration for you table, via Rettocamme.

creative key-rings decorated with bottle caps

Fun and unique key chains, from Vitamin Ha!

keep beer tracks with bottle caps wall art of great beauty

A case to display your bottle caps, via Chris Oneill Designs.

create bottle cap artistic jewelry

Jewelry, idea from Over the Top.

tailor super beautiful bottle cap magnets for your fridge

Magnets decorated with nail polish, via Buzzfeed.

cool bottle cap mat for your bar

Create a bar mat out of your favorite beverage`s bottle caps.

35 Fun Ways Of Reusing Bottle Caps

Decorate your beautiful Christmas tree with bottle cap Christmas decorations.

creative bottle caps projects-homesthetics (2)

Use bottle caps to realize beautiful garden decorations, here two owl designs have been showcased, one realized with the help of a CD, kitchen utensils and painted cardboard and one realized with bottle caps and a simple metallic box.

heart shaped bottle carp art piece 35 Fun Ways Of Reusing Bottle Caps

Plastic bottle cap craft showcasing a beautiful heart wearing three colors from different bottle caps.

heart shaped bottle cap curtain 35 Fun Ways Of Reusing Bottle Caps

Use thousands of plastic bottles to materialize a beautiful door curtain. Simple to realize once you have all the caps you need.

creative bottle caps projects-homesthetics (5)

Create extraordinary magnets with the pictures of your loved ones.

creative bottle caps projects-homesthetics (6)

Creativity can take any shape and size, a super cool owl has been sculpted with beer bottle caps.

creative bottle caps projects-homesthetics (7)

Use bottle caps to realize outdoor wind chimes.

rainbow colored bottle cap art installation

Colorful rainbow gradient obtained through the clever use of plastic bottle caps.

creative bottle caps crafts and projects-homesthetics (9)

Petite bottle cap candles ready to be used around your bathtub, simple and inexpensive, a great craft to pursue.

 bottle cap art portraying a human eye, great detail obtained through overlapped caps of different colors.

Breathtaking bottle cap art portraying a human eye, great detail obtained through overlapped caps of different colors.

creative bottle caps projects-homesthetics (11)

Painted bottle caps ready to be used as paper clips or magnets.

creative bottle caps projects-homesthetics (12)

Colorful curtain showcasing a wave in a tropical setting.

creative bottle caps projects-homesthetics (13)

Splendid, colorful bottle cap wall art with a brick background.

35 Fun Ways Of Reusing Bottle Caps

Christmas tree wall art realized with cork left bare and painted alike. The Christmas tree is decorated with colorful bottle caps.

creative bottle caps projects-homesthetics (15)

Use bottle cap crafts to create Christmas Tree ornaments, glitter can always emphasize your craft.

35 Fun Ways Of Reusing Bottle Caps into artistic crafts

Folded bottle caps can become beautiful stars for your tree.

practical and creative bottle caps projects-homesthetics (17)

Patience and hard work is always rewarded, collect enough bottle caps to use them in your bathroom floor. Everything is cover with a transparent hygienic resin that keeps everything insanely easy to clean, beautiful and safe.

creative bottle caps art projects-homesthetics (18)

Display your love for adventure with a bottle cap artistic installation that contains the rarest beverages you`ve drank while travelling.

35 Fun Ways Of using Bottle Caps art

Artistic snowfall installation realized with bottle caps.

creative bottle caps crafts and projects-homesthetics (20)

Plastic bottle caps used for lighting fixtures, bags, bench decorations, vases protection and fridge magnets spread color and joy in their setting.

What do you think about these bottle cap artistic showcases? We would love to hear your valuable feedback on subject in the comment section below.