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Backyard Landscaping Ideas-15 Magical DIY Pebble Paths That Seem Shaped by The Wind

If you are one of the few that invest his time into a mesmerizing backyard garden you will surely love this extraordinary selection of DIY Pebble Paths. 15 magical paths have been hand picked, each better than the one before, each more detailed and more spectacular than the other one. These designs have been born through a lot of work, a whole lot of time and attention to details.

15 Magical Pebble Paths That Flow Like Rivers

Each of these pieces should serve you well, feeding your imagination and encouraging you to start your own DIY pebble path project into your own garden. The designs showcased below have been created by using river stones carefully categorized into colors and sizes. You can only imagine the amount of work invested into such a grand design. It is only natural though to increase the aesthetic values of the nature you shelter in your backyard as much as possible so it`s always worth the effort.

Photo Courtesy Judy White

Photo Courtesy themosaicman

Photo Courtesy Claire Ashman

Photo Courtesy unknown

Photo Courtesy lorifeger.hubpages.com


Photo Courtesy pebbleandcomosaics.com

Photo Courtesy Chuck Domitrovich


Photo Courtesy Scott Weber

Photo Courtesy Sarah Garner

Photo Courtesy Jeffrey Bale

Photo Courtesy Jeffrey Bale

Photo Courtesy Jeffrey Bale

Photo Courtesy unknown

What do you think about these fascinating DIY Pebble Paths? Would you invest the time and effort into a DIY project that would have this at the end? We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.