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The 3 Best Finish Mowers Of 2023 | The Ultimate Guide

The Titan Attachments 3 Point PTO Finish Mower is the best budget-friendly pick for evenly mowing any type of terrain. However, the Swisher FC15560CL is ideal for larger areas with its 60-inch cutting width. 

Best Finish Mower

Whether you have a large lawn or a tiny garden to maintain, a high-quality finish mower can make all the difference.

Finish mowers, also known as finishing mowers or grooming mowers, have a higher workload capacity than regular push or riding mowers. Unlike a brush hog, it is a type of rotary mower specifically designed to provide the perfect cut with the help of multiple spindles.

Hence, we have tested and ranked the best finishing mowers on the market to provide you with unbiased recommendations. Our article covers all the important aspects, like the key features of each finishing mower, performance, durability, etc., to help you make a smart purchase. 

Listed below are the best finish mowers:

  • Titan Attachments 3 Point PTO: The Titan Attachments 3 Point PTO is an affordable mower that offers a balance of price and performance with a 48-inch cutting width. Its limitation lies in the need for post-assembly greasing.
  • Swisher FC15560CL: The Swisher FC15560CL is suited for professional mowing contractors, this mower pairs a robust 15.5 HP engine and a wide 60-inch cutting deck. Its premium features come with a higher price tag.
  • King Kutter 6' Rear Discharge: The King Kutter 6' Rear Discharge showcases versatility with a 6-foot cutting width and a unique flex hitch system, it lacks quick hitch compatibility.

1. Titan attachments 3 point pto finish mower - Most affordable finish mower with rear discharge

Designed to tackle large lawns with precision and efficiency, the Titan Attachments 3 Point PTO Finish Mower is one of our topmost recommendations. This robust machine is equipped with a heavy-duty 3-point hitch that ensures quick and even cutting in any type of terrain. 

We also like the cutting deck that offers a generous cutting width of 48 inches and adjustable cutting height, allowing you to achieve the desired grass length effortlessly. Plus, the adjustable cutting height can be easily set using the conveniently located adjustment lever. 

The durable iron and steel construction and heat-treated blades ensure long-lasting durability, even after regular usage. You’ll also appreciate the rear discharge system that ensures uniform distribution of grass clippings across the entire area, making it particularly beneficial in vineyards or orchards. As a result, you don’t need to worry about grass buildup and damage to valuable grape vines or fruit trees. 

Notably, this finish mower features four solid wheels, making maneuverability a breeze. It ensures easy navigation around obstacles and tight corners, providing a seamless mowing experience. 

Owing to its user-friendly design, this product is quite easy to assemble. With some gear oil or grease, you should be able to assemble this finish mower to any tractor within 45 minutes. 

Cutting Width: 4 feet | Number of Blades: Three | Type of Blades: High-grade steel and heat-treated | Type of Discharge System: Rear

2. Swisher FC15560cl - Best finish mower for mowing contractors

The Swisher FC15560CL stands out as one of the best commercial finish mowers on the market due to its exceptional power, precision, and convenience. Its 60-inch cutting width is ideal for large areas and offers a clean cut when attached to tractors, ATVs, and other utility vehicles. It also quickens your mowing process by reducing the number of passes needed to complete the job. 

Featuring a 15.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine, this mower can handle even the toughest grass and vegetation. Plus, the tow-behind mower features a 12-volt key starter that ensures hassle-free operation, allowing you to start the mower quickly with just the push of a button. 

In terms of construction, too, this finishing mower gets brownie points for its heavy-duty build and rugged deck. These factors not only contribute to its durability but also enable the user to effortlessly tackle tall grass, brush, and weeds. Not to forget, the 1.5"-5.5" adjustable cutting height lets you choose the desired grass length, ensuring a customized finish.

Moreover, the G6 Gator commercial mulching blades provide a clean and even cut, delivering professional results. And thanks to the true floating deck, the mower follows the contours of the ground, making it ideal for the rough stuff! 

Unlike the previous recommendation, this mower does not feature a rear discharge mechanism. However, side discharge spreads the grass out and offers more flexibility. 

Cutting Width: 5 feet | Number of Blades: Three | Type of Blades: G6 Gator commercial mulching blades | Type of Discharge System: Side

3. King Kutter 6’ rear discharge finishing mower - Most versatile finishing mower

Last but not least is the King Kutter RFM-72-OK Rear Discharge Finishing Mower with its top-notch quality and design. Built to handle large areas with precision, this mower guarantees a fine, even cut. 

First off, it features a 6-foot cutting width, enabling efficient mowing of extensive areas in less time. The cutting deck further boasts a 3/16” thick steel construction, ensuring durability and resistance to wear and tear. As such, the quality of the components and construction make it a reliable choice for long-term lawn maintenance. 

Moving on, the three cast iron blade spindles enhance the precision of each cut, while the rear discharge feature ensures grass clippings are distributed evenly across the mowed area. We also have to mention the innovative free-floating flex hitch system that seamlessly adjusts to the contours of the ground, resulting in a smooth finish. 

What’s more, this finishing mower is designed with user convenience in mind, as it features a height adjustment system. As such, you can easily modify the cutting height according to your preference or specific lawn conditions. 

Finally, like all other King Kutter finish mowers, this unit is also available in 4’, 5’, and 6’ single belt (mechanical) designs with easy adjustment. On the other hand, the 6’ and 7’ double “V” belt designs are suitable for larger lawns or light commercial use, like tractor pulling. 

Cutting Width: 6 feet | Number of Blades: Three | Type of Blades: Heat-treated cast iron | Type of Discharge System: Rear

What are the best finish mowers?

Choosing a finish mower is a significant decision, often based on crucial factors such as cutting width, number of blades, blade type, and discharge system type. This table compares some of the top-rated finish mowers on the market, detailing each product's cutting width (measured in feet), number of blades, type of blades used, and type of discharge system.

ProductCutting WidthNumber of BladesType of BladesType of Discharge System
Titan attachments 3 point pto finish mower4 feetThreeHigh-grade steel and heat-treatedRear
Swisher FC15560CL5 feetThreeG6 Gator commercial mulching bladesSide
King Kutter 6’ rear discharge finishing mower6 feetThreeHeat-treated cast ironRear

Buyer’s Guide - How To Choose The Best Finish Mower For Your Tractor

1. PTO Horsepower Rating

First, determine the PTO horsepower rating of your tractor. Then consult the specifications of the mower models to find the right match. Compact tractors with 15 to 20 PTO HP can handle finish mowers up to 72 inches, while 35 PTO HP are suitable for mowers up to approximately 90 inches. 

Larger multi-wing mowers usually require rear hydraulics, which is typically available on tractors above 50 horsepower. 

2. Side Discharge Vs. Rear Discharge

According to how you want your grass clippings to be distributed, you can choose between rear and side discharge systems. Rear discharge ensures uniform distribution of grass clippings across the entire area. On the other hand, side discharge moves the clippings to the side, leaving them in a row-like formation. 

While rear discharge mowers are preferred for their even distribution, side discharge models offer superior cutting quality and flexibility. They are also capable of handling larger volumes of turf-type grasses compared to their counterparts. 

3. Area To Cover

Grooming mowers feature various sizes of cutting decks, typically ranging from 48 inches to 99 inches, suitable for compact tractors. Commercial options can even reach widths of up to 20 feet. 

When dealing with expansive areas, it is advisable to select the largest cutting deck that your tractor can handle. 

Does Bush Hog manufacture finish mowers?

Known for creating the first rotary cutter, Bush Hog is still gaining popularity for its finishing mowers. These mowers are built for exceptional performance, catering to contractors, property owners, lawn care professionals, and more. With clevis hitches, hitch arms, and a floating A-frame, these mowers provide extra protection against obstacles and hazards while mowing. 

To prevent soil compaction and tracking, Bush Hog finish mowers incorporate offset wheels, while the use of overlapping blades ensures a groomed appearance. Plus, the brand manufactures low-maintenance machines, making them all the more popular. 

What are the different types of fixed blades in finish mowers?

A lawn mower may feature straight blades, gator blades, mulching blades, high-lift blades, or low-lift blades. 

Standard or straight blades are slightly curled, allowing the user to cut through dense grass on all kinds of soil. On the other hand, gator blades boast a curved teeth design, ideal for mulching leaves for fertilizing soil. 

Mulching blades boast numerous curves, making them suitable for different purposes, while high-lift blades are ideal for tall-grass clippings. And lastly, low-lift blades offer effective yet silent mowing and are suitable for sandy regions. 

After extensive research and practical use, it’s safe to say that the Titan Attachments 3 Point PTO Finish Mower is our top pick among the best finish mowers. Not only does it offer effortless cutting and contouring with the floating hitch, but it also provides durability at an affordable price. 

However, if you have to maintain large commercial areas, like a park or a golf course, consider the Swisher FC15560CL. Its cutting deck, with an overall width of 60 inches, is suitable for all types of utility vehicles, providing a convenient and effortless mowing experience.