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7 Best Shoes for Mowing the Lawn Comfortably | Buyer’s Guide

Cutting the grass is an activity that is left for lazy Sunday afternoons when you put on your shoes and head out to the lawn to trim the hedges and grass. However, if your favorite pair of grass-cutting shoes are worn-out and have developed holes or the sole is coming off, it’s time that you thought about getting a new pair of grass-cutting shoes. While there isn’t a specific type of shoe designed for grass cutting, you don’t want to be wearing your basic tennis shoes while doing yard work. 

Best Shoes for Mowing the Lawn

You’d be surprised to learn about the extensive range of unique niches for grass-cutting shoes when you begin your search in the market. To help you out, we’re going to be reviewing the top 7 best grass cutter shoes when it comes to shoes for lawn mowing, we bought 10 pairs of shoes that our research indicated as fit for conducting experiments with them but after a lot of trial and error, only 7 have been worth of being featured here. After the reviews, we will also share some of the important features and considerations you must account for when shopping for shoes for cutting grass, things we've learned from our firsthand experience while mowing, for science.

Best Shoes for Mowing the Lawn

Are you looking for the perfect shoes to wear while mowing the lawn? Then you've come to the right place! Here is the list of the 7 best shoes for mowing the lawn that provide the right balance of comfort and protection.

Let us proceed to the best shoes for cutting grass, after the list, we will discuss all the features you must consider when shopping for shoes for cutting grass comfortably, with that out of the way, it’s time that we start reviewing the best options out there.

Keep in mind that all these shoes are great options for grass cutting, they've all passed our tests. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what shoe is the best fit for you and allows you to comfortably cut grass on your lawn.

1. Best Shoes for Cutting Grass - KujoYardwear

Kujo Yardwear is a company that exclusively designs footwear that is meant for yard work. It’s no surprise to see these shoes take the top spot on our list. The company was founded recently, and the main goal of the brand is based on their motivation to help complete yard work without worrying about bad traction or wet feet. The KujoYardwear is the complete shoe for yard work as it does everything required from footwear that makes cutting grass comfortably easy for you.

Special Features

The standout features of the Kujo Yardwear shoes are that they boast of spectacular design and use water-resistant materials which make them more breathable as well. You won’t find this combination in most shoes but the KujoYardwear has made it possible and our team discovered through using this product that this is the combination to have. Kujo has also added an SPU toe that is waterproof and durable.

The shoe also has a standard EVA midsole that offers additional comfort with the premium inner sole. Last but not least, you get an anti-microbial liner on the shoe which guarantees that you won’t need to worry about smelly shoes after a long day of cutting grass on the lawn.

Material: Mesh and synthetic leather | Sole: Rubber | Waterproof: Yes | Breathable: Yes | Toe Protection: Yes

2. Most Durable Shoes for Cutting Grass - Merrell Men’s Moab 2

Merrell is a company that primarily deals in manufacturing hiking shoes. Since the rigors of yardwork on shoes are similar to that of hiking, this pair of shoes is ideal for grass cutting. We think that the Merrell Men’s Moab 2 are the most durable shoes for cutting grass, out of everything that we’ve reviewed on this list. They’re a great choice if you plan on edging or weeding your lawn. The upper has got a covering of suede leather which is the main reason behind the durability of the shoe.

Superb Engineering

The suede leather on the upper is a genius idea. The shoe is also breathable, as it has been interlaced with mesh. However, this means that the Merrell isn’t waterproof but they are water-resistant to some extent, our research indicates these would make extraordinary summer shoes, for times in which grass is dry. The Moab 2 has impressive engineering, as it has a closed-cell tongue and bellows that reinforce the entry points of water getting into the shoe. You also get plenty of control and traction with the Vibram TC5+ and the protective rubber toe cap.

Material: Leather and mesh | Sole: Vibram rubber | Waterproof: No | Breathable: Yes | Toe Protection: Yes

3. Best Waterproof Grass Cutter Shoes - XTRATUF

XTRATUF is a company that primarily deals in manufacturing shoes designed to be worn in marine settings, so you’ll be surprised to see them on this list. However, they make all kinds of different boots and that’s why we chose to highlight the XTRATUF Performance Series. You get highly technical boots in this series with superb protection from water and debris due to their higher cuts. However, these are mainly boots that you’d wear when wading in water since you don’t have any option to tighten them with laces which may not be suitable for a lot of people looking for shoes for cutting grass.

Complete Dryness

These types of shoes aren’t going to be comfortable for a lot of people, but one thing that they do guarantee is complete dryness for your foot. They offer full waterproof protection and that’s mainly because the boots are made from 100% rubber. It is completely sealed to prevent water from getting into the boot. The XTRATUF Performance Series also provides superb traction, as it features a chevron tread which is ideal for indoor use. Your feet will remain dry and cool with the XpressCool lining; it offers a decent amount of microbial protection, our firsthand experience would certainly recommend these for lawns where the grass is almost always wet.

Material: Neoprene and rubber | Sole: Rubber | Waterproof: Yes | Breathable: No | Toe Protection: No

4. Best Lightweight Shoes for Cutting Grass - Adidas Men’s Tech Response

Everyone is familiar with Adidas; it is among the most respected and well-known manufacturers of sports shoes. Most people do own a pair of old Adidas shoes that can be used for cutting grass. You can buy a less expensive pair of Adidas shoes specifically designed for cutting grass. The great quality of the Adidas Men’s Tech Response shoes is that they are lightweight, breathable, and have a soft sole, which allows you to comfortably cut grass.

Superb Feel

The shining light of the Adidas Men’s Tech Response shoes is that they offer a great feeling when you’re wearing them. These shoes are perfect for tackling landscaping and yard work, and you don’t need to worry about water getting inside the shoes as well. The Tech Response shoes also offer a superb combination of TRAXION grip and THINTECH tread, which allows you to transition seamlessly from the ground to the floor. Practical knowledge taught us that you also get supreme comfort with the Cloudfoam sock liners, a comfort that was greatly appreciated by the testing team.

Material: Synthetic leather and mesh | Sole: Rubber | Waterproof: No | Breathable: Yes | Toe Protection: No

5. Best Boots for Cutting Grass - Timberland PRO Pit Boss

A lot of people will consider it a sin if you wear your Timberlands when out cutting grass, but these boots were mainly designed to be used as work boots. The Timberland PRO Pit Boss is the ideal work boot as it comes with a steel toe for protection against heavy machinery, wheels, and blades, as per our team's expertise: that’s the necessary protection you’ll need if you’re involved in commercial landscaping jobs.

Superb Build

Apart from the safety offered to users from the steel toe the Pit Boss boots provide you with the signature Timberland thick rubber sole and classic leather upper. With these two features combined, you get one of the most durable shoes for cutting grass, and you can take advantage of the patented comfort suspension technology, which elevates these boots to another level. However, you should note that the Timberland PRO Pit Boss is heavier than any of the other shoes we have reviewed in this list.

Material: Leather | Sole: Rubber | Waterproof: Yes | Breathable: No | Toe Protection: Steel toe

6. Best Steel-Toe Grass Cutter Shoes - Keen Utility Braddock Low

Keen is one of the newest shoe manufacturers on our list but they’ve managed to establish a stellar reputation for designing high-quality footwear. They first introduced ‘protective sandals’ but nowadays Keen manufactures the safest and most durable footwear on the market. Their Braddock shoes come with the best steel toe for cutting grass, but they’re also the most expensive pair on this list.

Outstanding build

The major stand-out point for Keen’s shoes is the steel toe which has a fully wrapping cup for the outsole as well. The patented KEEN Grip Technology on the outsole ensures that you don’t need to worry about traction whether indoors or outdoors. The Braddock’s upper is made from durable and thick nubuck leather with a TPU shank, thick seals, and a PU heel for greater flexibility, our findings show that not all people find it comfortable though, but if you do, it's one of the best if not the best shoes out there, so do give them a go, they must be the based out there after trying out this product, just make sure they fit well.

The Braddock also boasts a metatomical footbed with the most responsive and comfortable inner soles in a working shoe reviewed by us.

Material: Leather | Sole: Rubber | Waterproof: Yes | Breathable: Yes | Toe Protection: Steel toe

7. Best Budget Shoes for Cutting Grass - Crocs Classic Clog

Whenever you’re discussing less-expensive shoe options for yard work, you’re bound to bring up the Crocs at least once in the discussion. Crocs are one of the most polarizing shoes on the planet due to their outrageous designs, but they prove to be useful in a lot of ways. One of the most important features of the Classic Clogs is their price, as they’re the cheapest product we’ve reviewed. This makes them the best budget shoes for cutting grass, even though most people wouldn’t choose to wear them, our research shows.

If you are thinking about getting the Classic Clog, you should know that these shoes aren’t designed for heavy-duty landscaping work since they don’t provide you with adequate protection.

All-Round Capabilities

Crocs are a great shoe to have for various kinds of chores and outdoor work. They provide you with a casual experience in the yard. If you’re talking about comfort, the Classic Clogs are easily the most comfortable shoes on this list since they’re designed to provide comfort to the user. You can also choose to wear them with or without socks and are waterproof as well. The open design of the Crocs makes them breathable but leaves you without protection. They’re also lightweight so you won’t be fatigued when wearing Crocs and cutting your grass.

Material: Croslite foam | Sole: Croslite foam | Waterproof: No | Breathable: No | Toe Protection: No

Best Shoes for Mowing the Lawn Comparison Table

ProductMaterialSoleWaterproofBreathableToe Protection
KujoYardwearMesh and synthetic leatherRubberYesYesYes
Merrell Men's Moab 2Leather and meshVibram rubberNoYesYes
XTRATUFNeoprene and rubberRubberYesNoNo
Adidas Men's Tech ResponseSynthetic leather and meshRubberNoYesNo
Timberland PRO Pit BossLeatherRubberYesNoSteel toe
Keen Utility Braddock LowLeatherRubberYesYesSteel toe
Crocs Classic ClogCroslite foamCroslite foamNoNoNo

What is a Pair of Shoes for Yard Work

Through our research, trial, and error, we discovered that a pair of shoes for yard work is specifically designed to protect your feet from hazards such as thorns, dirt, stones, and mud.

Garden shoes provide a layer of protection between your feet and the ground and help keep your feet dry in wet conditions. Shoes for garden work come in a variety of styles and materials: lightweight canvas or synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester, while others are constructed with waterproof leather or rubber. Boots provide additional coverage and protection but can be bulky and heavy to wear during extended periods of yard work.

The type of shoe you choose must be comfortable and appropriate for the task at hand.

Types of Shoes for Yard Work

Steel-Toe Work Boots

Steel-toe work boots provide the utmost protection for your feet as they have a rigid steel plate in the toe area that keeps your feet safe from potential hazards such as flying debris, rocks, nails, and other hazards in the work area.

Steel toe shoes or boots are waterproof too, which makes them ideal for working in wet conditions another advantage that is rarely discussed is the fact that they provide excellent arch support and cushioning for comfort, they also provide the option of adding your own sole, making them a great choice for all-day wear.

Garden Shoes

Garden shoes are designed to provide an extra layer of protection from moisture and dirt mainly so they are a bit more lightweight, being typically made from neoprene, a waterproof material that is also breathable, so your feet won’t get too hot.

Garden shoes offer a good grip on wet or muddy surfaces, so they are ideal for working in the rain or a damp garden, they are usually water resistant and occasionally waterproof but the latter option restricts the breathability of the shoe our findings show.

Waterproof Wellington Boots

Wellington boots need no introduction, especially when it comes to yard work.

Wellingtons are made from rubber and come up to the knee, providing extra protection from water and mud, unless something abrupt happens they are also very durable and can withstand wear and tear for a lifetime, so they are perfect for heavy-duty tasks.


Lightweight and easy to use, clogs are a great option for those who don’t want to wear heavy work boots. These are the comfortable option but they still feature a slip-resistant sole for good traction. Clogs are also easy to clean and can be wiped down with a wet cloth after use, they are often used for light yard work activities such as trimming hedges or picking up leaves.


If flexibility is key for you, as it is for me, sneakers are the way to go, despite all the hazards that may come our way.

Sneakers are breathable and lightweight and provide good cushioning for your feet sufficient for most tasks thus allowing you to stay on your feet for long periods of time.

Sneakers are also affordable and you can find them absolutely everywhere unless you already have some old athletic shoes that would go great with your garden.

Buying Guide for the Best Shoes for Cutting Grass


Comfort is the most important when purchasing grass-cutter shoes, like with any shoe.

Look for shoes that provide good cushioning, especially in the heel and arch, as these areas are most prone to impact and strain when cutting grass, having the ability and space to add your own sole would be a great option too.

 The material must be lightweight and flexible to allow for natural movement and reduce foot fatigue during long sessions.


Breathability is essential for shoes designed specifically for mowing grass as it ensures it keeps your feet dry and comfortable, cool even during prolonged use.

A good pair of shoes with mesh linings or other breathable materials are highly recommended as this helps to wick away moisture and keep feet comfortable.


It goes without saying that you should be waterproof to keep your feet dry while you enjoy the great outdoors. If waterproof shoes are not an option on your favorite shoe, having them water-resistant is the best next thing, these usually have a coating to ensure proper protection and keep feet dry. 


I enjoy cutting wet grass a great deal, it adds a whole other dimension to the freshly cut grass aroma and atmosphere, and it is great for mowing lawns too but grass in your lawn might be wet and slippery. It is a result of paramount importance for my safety to put on a pair of shoes that have great traction. I personally use my hiking boots for this task and they are a great, simple solution that performs better than dedicated shoes in my experience, with a pair of good hiking boots getting your feet wet or slipping is not an option.

Important Features to Consider

When you’re looking for the best shoes to cut grass in, there aren’t a lot of important features to look for but you must pay attention to the basics. We have outlined a few of the crucial ones to help make it easier for you to shop for the best shoes to cut grass in. Here’s what you must consider:

  • The Outsole

When it comes to choosing shoes for cutting grass, one of the most important features you need to look at is the outsole of the shoe. This determines the traction the shoe is capable of on grass. The material of the outsole, along with the tread, is either going to make it easier or difficult for you to get a stable footing when you’re cutting grass. The best option out there are shoes with soft-tip cleats that have been designed by manufacturers to provide greater traction over soft ground.

You should look to buy shoes that have an outsole made of hard rubber, rather than choosing one with a gum rubber outsole. This is mainly because gum rubber doesn’t provide you with great traction outdoors since it’s too soft to withstand the rigors of daily outdoor work like lawn mowing.

  • The Upper

One of the most important things you need to be looking for when buying shoes for cutting grass is whether they can withstand the abuse you’ll put them through. Therefore, try looking for shoes that will be suitable for other outdoor work, instead of specifically looking for shoes to mow. When it comes to the upper material of the shoe, the safest choice would be to go with leather, as it is waterproof and extremely durable if it is sewn and sealed properly.

However, leather isn’t light by any means, especially when you compare it with modern synthetics that are used in shoes today. Even though synthetic materials offer great durability, they can’t match the durability offered by leather lawnmower shoes. Another thing you should consider is the design of the upper which can enhance features of the shoes in various ways, like making it more breathable, more water-resistant, or more durable.

  • The Cut

How high the shoe goes up the leg is known as the cut; this also refers to the point where a standard shoe transitions from a normal shoe and turns into a boot. A lot of people used to cutting grass prefer having shoes with higher cuts than normal, as this prevents debris and water from getting into the foot and protects the lower leg. However, high-cut shoes don’t tend to have great breathability and restrict mobility somewhat.

Alternatively, a lower-cut shoe is going to be designed to be more comfortable and lighter, but then it doesn’t provide you with protection against water and debris getting inside the shoe. Therefore, it comes down to personal preference, as you’ll need to sacrifice one thing to gain other benefits.

  • The Toe

The toe of the shoe isn’t the biggest consideration especially when you’re choosing shoes for cutting grass since such shoes are considered work shoes. However, the equipment used for cutting ground is dangerous and may injure you if you’re not careful. Therefore, you must look for shoes that are designed to protect your foot from any accidents. That’s where a steel-toed boot is a good option; but the only problem you’ll face with them is that they’re very heavy and you’ll quickly feel fatigued when you’re wearing them, compared to other types of shoes.

Should you wear shoes when mowing the lawn?

If you’re enjoying your time outside mowing the lawn this summer, wearing the right type of shoe is key, unless you really enjoy doing it barefoot, which we don’t recommend. Mowing shoes are designed for professional landscapers and gardening enthusiasts, landscapers who might mow regularly, and they provide more stability as well as considerable protection from potential injuries from sharp objects or slips.

The scope with these shoes is for the sole of the shoe to provide good traction and grip when walking on wet grass or in damp conditions while the upper part of the shoe should provide protection against debris that might fly around while mowing. Lawn mowing shoes can also prevent blisters and other irritation in long mowing sessions, especially as mowing is quite a repetitive motion in a pattern.

Should I use water-resistant or waterproof shoes for yard work?

All yard work should be done with you in a comfortable position so the right pair of shoes can make a big difference. Water-resistant or waterproof shoes are the key choice for lawn mowing, as wet grass is quite a common occurrence, and thus keeping your feet dry is a measure of comfort that will allow you to enjoy the mowing process.

Please note that these shoes protect your feet against wetness, yes, but they also provide better durability and wear and tear overall. Lawn care professionals do recommend also not overlooking the safety aspect as the right shoe will maintain a good grip on the ground and prevent slips or falls due to wet surfaces.

Are hiking shoes good for yard work?

Hiking shoes are absolutely great for yard work, especially if you have a large area to cover. They provide far more support than regular lawn shoes and have more grip, so they are ideal for mowing the lawn, they are basically overkill in all aspects, which is a great thing in this setting. If you need more protection from debris, then landscaper boots may be the way to go but that is rarely the case while mowing.

Shoes with thicker soles in general will help protect your feet and ankles when working outdoors in wet or uneven terrain and hiking boots are just that, needless to say, hiking books are water-resistant if not waterproof. It goes without saying that the best part about these shoes is that they can handle a variety of outdoor activities without needing to be changed out every time, you can also hike in them. Hiking shoes may not be the ideal choice for every yard job, but they are definitely worth a great option, especially for low mowing.

Do you need steel-toe boots for landscaping?

Enthusiasts and professionals alike agree that working in the lawn care industry, requires the right necessary shoes but they also agree that steel-toe boots are not always necessary for landscaping tasks. Yes, they can offer extra protection from sharp objects and rough terrain if you’re working in an area containing sharp rocks, thorny shrubs, or other hazards, steel-toe boots are a good investment.

Steel-toe boots make sense in the right environment as they offer more security than regular boots thanks to a reinforced toe cap that protects your feet from puncture wounds and impact injuries. It is worth noting that teel-toe boots typically come with additional features such as oil resistance and increased slip resistance to further increase your traction on uneven ground.


There is no shortage of variety out there when it comes to choosing shoes for cutting grass comfortably, and we’ve 7 of the best lawn mowing shoes available in the market. However, what you end up choosing depends on your approach towards cutting grass and your shoe preference. In our testing session The Kujo shoes KujoYardwear is our top choice for people but the XTRATUF is a better choice if there’s more water involved our research suggests.

If you’re looking for cheaper options, the Adidas and the Crocs are suitable choices even if they don’t offer much protection for your feet. On the other hand, if you’re looking for shoes that will allow you to handle professional-grade yardwork, the Keen and Timberland are the best mowing shoes on the market.

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