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11 Best Foldable Cane Seat of 2022

Best Foldable Cane Seat

Healing from a hip or knee surgery, or is it that age is taking a toll? A cane seat is the perfect companion to choose and happily we have the best foldable cane seats right here!

It will be the best walking guide and provide a seat every time you feel tired. You do not have to depend on finding a place to sit or bend too low to reach one. A foldable cane seat can be a blessing in disguise for anybody who finds it difficult to walk for an extended period.

Now we know what the most challenging part is. Choosing the best one from a multitude of options in the market can indeed be very stressful. This is where we decided to swoop in and make it easy for you by creating a list of the 11 best foldable cane seats.

Sit back and sip on your coffee as you read through our detailed reviews. We have kept in mind all kinds of considerations and even added a buyer’s guide to aid in your decision-making.

So, without further ado, let’s get going!

Best Foldable Cane Seat  

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageM-GYG Folding Cane Seat Combo
  • Weight capacity of 400 lbs
  • Heavy-duty thick aluminum
  • Tripod design
hstcstbl-table__imageDrive Medical Deluxe Folding Cane Seat
  • 9" diameter seat
  • Extruded aluminum tubing
  • Height capacity of 34 to 38 inches
hstcstbl-table__imagePortable Walking Chair (Cane / Stool) from The Stadium Chair
  • Tripod with steel legs
  • Capacity of 250 lbs
  • Durable heavy canvas
hstcstbl-table__imageDrive Medical Folding Lightweight Adjustable Height Cane Seat
  • Seat diameter of 9 inches
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • Vinyl tipped legs
hstcstbl-table__imageThe Switch Sticks Seat 2-in-1 Folding Walking Cane Seat
  • Weight capacity of 220 pounds
  • Soft and smooth grip handle
hstcstbl-table__imageFolding cane chair by MacSports- Walking stick with stool
  • Weight capacity of 225 lbs
  • 600 Denier polyester fabric
  • Weighs 2 lbs
hstcstbl-table__imageYAO RUIRUI Folding Cane Seat
  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • Adjustable height
hstcstbl-table__imageJUVO Travel Folding Cane Seat
  • Wide comfortable seat of 9 inches
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • Replaceable blue cane tip
hstcstbl-table__imageCanes G&M LED Folding Cane Seat
  • Weight capacity of 212 kg
  • Comes with a LED light
  • Adjustable height
hstcstbl-table__imageFreshore Heavy-Duty Folding Cane Seat
  • Durable stainless steel tube frame
  • 4 strong legs
hstcstbl-table__imageDrive Medical Folding Lightweight Cane with Sling Style Seat
  • Extruded aluminum tubing
  • Seat height of 20.5"
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs

Best Foldable Cane With Seat

  1. M-GYG Folding Cane Seat Combo

Are you looking for a safe companion for your older parents? The Folding Cane Seat Combo from the house of M-GYG may prove to be an exceptional option to choose. It is lightweight and provides a super comfortable solution every time one needs to sit.

Adjustable Folding Cane with Seat Large Capacity Lightweight...
  • Heavy Duty Cane with a Seat - this delux seat canes with the...
  • Fully Assembled and English Manual- this adjustable walking...

Why Did We Like It?

With a body made of durable aluminum alloy, this multipurpose walking stick is known for its versatility. It can carry an astonishing amount of load at 400 lbs. This is something striking as most other products do not have such a high weight capacity.

Accompanying this feature are durable vinyl tipped contoured legs. These legs are very sturdy and have tips that make them resistant to falling. You do not have to worry about the chair slipping even on smooth and shiny surfaces. Furthermore, the tripod design adds on to the stability here.


Additionally, the seat is very easy to unfold and then fold back. It stands at a height of 18 to 22 inches, making sure that you would not need to bend too much.

Packed with such brilliant features, we were also pleased with its price. It is pretty affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We found that this product is not meant for people with larger body frames. Although the seat’s weight capacity is high, the diameter is not adequate. So, it may get uncomfortable for some people to sit on it. Long story short, we would recommend you to keep that in mind before you buy it.

  • Known for its stability
  • Seat height of 18 to 22 inches
  • Vinyl tipped contoured legs
  • Easy to open
  • Not meant for large body frame
  1. Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Cane Seat

Let medical conditions not stop you from experiencing long walks amidst nature. Bring home the Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Cane Seat and transform every walking experience to a lovely one. You will get help while walking, and there’s also a seat waiting for you whenever needed.

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Cane Seat, Black
  • Provides a comfortable seat to rest on when open, and a...
  • Manufactured with sturdy, extruded aluminum tubing in a...

Why Did We Like It?

Known to be lightweight, stable, and comfortable, this unit is a loved choice among people. It weighs only 1.3 lbs., which is lower than most options here but do not think of it as weak. This can withstand a whopping 250 lbs. weight without falling off.

We also loved the body of the product, mostly made of aluminum with vinyl contoured tipped legs. These legs are beautifully made and will firmly stay on the ground without slipping. Even if the surface is uneven, you do not need to worry about it.


Adding on, we found it to be an excellent fit for those with pain in their lower backs. The seats are comfortable and will not aggravate the pain in any way, providing relief whenever you need it during walks. With a height capacity of 34 to 38 inches, you would not need to bend down to sit, giving you more relief.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only drawback we faced here is with the handles. It is made out of plastic, and thus the grip is slightly slippery. It may be a problem for those who have sweaty palms. See if you can put a rubber cover over these to ensure the hand does not slip.

  • Weighs just 1.3 lbs
  • Vinyl contoured tipped legs
  • Tripod design
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • Handles made of plastic
  1. Portable Walking Chair (Cane / Stool) from The Stadium Chair

Looking for a fashionable product that compliments your style as well as functions as a stick and a chair? The Portable Walking Chair from The Stadium Chair will provide you with all of that and more. It is known for the sheer amount of reliability along with a classy design that it brings along.

Portable Walking Chair (Cane / Stool) from The Stadium Chair...
  • Tri-pod with steel legs for support. Durable heavy canvas...
  • Open: 20 x 13.5 x 26 Closed: 3 x 3 x 37.5

Why Did We Like It?

Made from thick canvas material, we loved the seat and the comfort it provides. To support it properly, the product has 3 legs, which are sturdy and can take up to 250 lbs. It is a great option for anybody who may not be able to stand for too long. We even took this one out to the field where there were no chairs, and this provided us with instant seats.

To add on, the material that has been used is pure steel. Steel, as we all know, is super strong and reliable. We gave it to our parents who have difficulty walking for long distances to take with them on their leisurely walks. Now they have a seat every time they are tired in between walking.

Also, the seat is wide enough for anybody to sit comfortably. This is important for those who want to use this to sit for hours.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the rest of the body is very sturdy, it comes with plastic tips on its steel legs. Now the steel may be strong, but the plastic tip is made of thin material, and there is a chance that it may break off. So it may not be a great option for heavier people.

  • Seat made of thick canvas
  • Known to be reliable
  • Attractive black color
  • Plastic tips
  1. Drive Medical Folding Lightweight Adjustable Height Cane Seat

Are you looking for a cane seat where you could adjust the height? The Drive Medical Folding Cane With Seat is a perfect option to choose. It will give you the benefit of working with the height and adjust it according to your needs. Read on to find out more!

Drive Medical RTL10365-ADJ Adjustable Lightweight Folding...
  • Provides a comfortable seat to rest on when open, and a...
  • Manufactured with sturdy, extruded aluminum tubing

Why Did We Like It?

First off, we will begin with the seat. Though it is not a very big one, one can fit into it comfortably. The seat diameter is 9 inches, enough to give you some rest whenever you need it. The company has tried to keep the body compact, so it is easy to carry as well as store.

The seats are easy to unfold when required, and one can easily do it on their own. The three legs move swiftly to form a sturdy base, and you can place it on the surface.

Also, you can use it as a walking stick anywhere from beaches to amusement parks. This will give you the stability and the extra help you need while walking. Fit for senior citizens; this can be their companion on walks they want to go on alone.

Along with this, the cane seat features aluminum tubing. We have dropped it a few times, but there are no visible scratches.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although it works very well on even surfaces, this may not be the best option to use on uneven grounds. The legs tend to slip, and on rocky surfaces, it may not find proper footing. Without proper balance, there is no guarantee that it would not tip. So always make sure that the surface is plain beforehand.

  • Tripod design for more stability
  • Extruded aluminum tubing
  • Lightweight at 1.3 lbs
  • Height of 34-38 inches
  • Cannot be used on uneven grounds
  1. The Switch Sticks Seat 2-in-1 Folding Walking Cane Seat

Do you or your parents need to wait in line for long hours? The Switch Sticks Seat 2-in-1 Folding Walking Cane Seat will give you the much-needed comfort. It is a perfect choice for those times when you may need to be on your feet for long.

Switch Sticks Walking Stick, Walking Cane, Cane Chair, Quad...
  • FOLDING WALKING CANE WITH SEAT provides durability while...
  • WALKING STICK has a non slip tip to provide extra safety and...

Why Did We Like It?

We loved the conveniently designed multipurpose product, which gave us the support of a walking stick along with a seat every time we needed to rest. Not only for senior citizens, but this is also perfect for shopping sprees and then long hours of waiting at the checkout counter too!

It can also hold up to 220 pounds and perfectly fit individuals between 5 feet to 5 feet 10 inches. If you fall within this height range, this walking stick will suit you perfectly well.


To add on to the convenience, it comes equipped with a soft handle with a comfortable grip. Holding on to something for long hours can become uncomfortable, but with this option, there is nothing to fret about.

Lastly, we have to mention how easy it is to carry and store it in an airplane. It fits into the overhead cabin snugly.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although it is seen as a perfect fit for people up to 5 feet 10 inches, anybody taller than that may not be able to use this comfortably. They may need to bend down a little, but doing so for hours at end may lead to backaches. So buy according to your height.

  • Easy to store in aircrafts
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Vibrant and colorful
  • Not suitable for tall people
  1. Folding cane chair by MacSports- Walking stick with stool

Transform even the most tiresome walks into a great one with pit stops in the middle. The folding cane chair from the house of MacSports is a modern and stylish product that functions incredibly well as a walking stick as well as a chair.

Folding cane chair - Walking stick with stool
  • Durable 600 Denier polyester fabric and 19mm powder-coated...
  • Folds flat and secures with Velcro for easy transport and...

Why Did We Like It?

First off, we should tell you about how easy it is to carry around this product. It is lightweight and weighs only 2 lbs. So be it senior citizens or a person with disabilities, anybody can carry it with ease.

Even though it weighs so less, it can take up to 225 lbs of weight, making it very beneficial for heavier adults. Also, if you need these chairs for a hospital, it is always good to opt for ones that take any patient’s weight while being easy enough for them to carry on their own.


Accompanying this feature is the velcro straps. We loved how easy it was to handle it. When you are not sitting, the seat is folded and held by a strap, which prevents it from opening.

Lastly, the seat made of 600 Denier polyester fabric is very comfortable, and you do not need to be worried about damaging it at all.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only issue with this product is that it tends to slip on smooth surfaces. If you place it on a glossy wet or smooth plain, be very careful while sitting down. We have learned it the hard way, and thus we want to warn you from beforehand.

  • Velcro strap for better mobility
  • The fabric used is very durable
  • Fits into an overhead bin in a flight
  • Removable cane tip
  • Slips on glossy smooth surfaces
  1. YAO RUIRUI Folding Cane Seat

Being a very lightweight and comfortable option, the YAO RUIRUI Folding Cane With Seat is much loved by many customers. It is known for its durability and non-slip design, which makes it stand out. If you were looking for support for the senior citizens at home, this is the one to go with.

RUIRUI Folding Lightweight Adjustable Height Cane Seat,...
  • Lightweight but Heavy-duty Cane Seat -- Made of high-quality...
  • Ergonomic Handle with LED Light -- The ergonomic handle...

Why Did We Like It?

We loved the adjustable height option. This is a very important feature if more than one person is going to use it. Also, in case it is to be used in front of a wall or table, the adjustable feature will make sure the person can sit and enjoy.

It is very easy to adjust, and one can do it by themselves with the help of buttons on the seat itself.


Also, with an aluminum alloy body, there is no doubt about the sturdiness that it shows. It is strong and can easily stand on rough surfaces, thanks to the tripod design.

To top it all, the legs’ tips have a protective cover, which prevents it from skidding on smooth surfaces. It also gives the chair a proper grip and allows it to stand strong.

What Could’ve Been Better?

With such brilliant features comes a higher price tag. It is slightly more expensive than the rest of the devices above, but it would not cost you an arm and a leg. If you can go slightly above your budget, this is a recommended product to choose.

  • Walking stick height of 31 inches
  • Known to be very stable
  • Heart-shaped seat measuring 8 ½ x 9 ¾ inches
  • Pros
  • On the pricier side
  1. JUVO Travel Folding Cane Seat

Do you want to be on the move but have gone through a hip or knee surgery recently? Well, the JUVO Travel Folding Cane With Seat will give you much-needed mobility. With this in hand, you can walk very easily while carrying a classy cane along with.

Juvo Combo Travel Seat and Cane, Walking Cane with Padded...
  • Stylish folding cane and comfortable seat in one
  • Weighs only 2 pounds

Why Did We Like It?

We know hip issues can be problematic, and if you need that extra support, this is the product that will provide you with it. With a weight capacity of 250 lbs, this stands strong, and almost anyone can sit on it without the fear of it collapsing.

Adding on, the rubberized handle is a brilliant addition to this unit as it enables you to hold properly. However, wet or sweaty your hands are, it would not affect your grip at all. If you plan to walk for long hours, a soft grip prevents fatigue.


On top of it, the product has easy-to-open collar slides. These enable you to open the seat with the least amount of effort and can be done by a person of any age. It is lightweight at 2.1 pounds, and people with lesser muscle strength can also carry it.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only problem we had was with hard and shiny floors. It tends to slip on it, and so one should be extra careful while sitting. We wished this could have been prevented with better tips. But we found that it works very well on grassy surfaces and will not move at all. Place it firmly, and you are good to go.

  • Rubberized comfort handle
  • Seat height of 20 inches
  • ⅞ inch aluminum tubing
  • Built-in a modern contemporary style
  • Slips on hard floors
  1. Canes G&M LED Folding Cane Seat

Need a sturdy cane seat to use after a hip replacement surgery? The Canes G&M LED Folding Cane Seat will serve you well with its high strength and versatility. The seat is perfectly shaped, so it is easy to sit on. Carry your seat around with no extra effort!

AW Portable Folding Walking Seat Cane Stick 3 Legs Height...
  • [2 In 1 Handy & Portable Folding Seat Cane]: Serves as a...
  • [Height Adjustment]: Seat height can be adjusted from 17" to...

Why Did We Like It?

First off, we loved the huge weight capacity that it had. It can take a load of up to 212 kgs, which will make sure any individual can sit on it comfortably. If you need to purchase a cane seat for a nursing home or center where you need something that could suit anybody, this is a brilliant choice.

Besides this, the product also comes with a LED flashlight. It makes for a perfect option to take along on hikes and walks at night. With a light to guide you through, you can feel safe at any place.

41LYqkKwZ L

Also, it does not weigh a lot, and at 3.1 lbs, it can easily be carried by senior citizens without the fear of fatigue. We could trust our parents to go on walks after their surgery, thanks to this.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We found that the instruction booklet arrived written in Chinese. Since we have no knowledge about this language, there was no way to read it. We had to ultimately check-up online videos to understand the process fully. It is not difficult to use, but an English version of the booklet would have made it simpler.

  • Can be taken on hikes
  • Seat can be adjusted from 19- 22.4 inches
  • Made with high strength aluminum alloy
  • Replaceable rubber tips
  • Instruction booklet is in Chinese
  1. Freshore Heavy-Duty Folding Cane Seat

Shift from a 4 legged quad cane to a non-straddle bench chair within seconds with the Freshore Heavy-Duty Folding Cane Seat. It is designed to provide ultimate comfort and the feel of a proper seat that you can enjoy anytime you feel like while walking.

Freshore® Walking Stick Folding Cane Seat for Women/Men...
  • Walking stick height:33.5",Seat Size:15.7"x17.7", Suitable...
  • When Folding is a safety walking 4 legs quad cane , when...

Why Did We Like It?

We loved the sweat-absorb soft sponge handrail. These are super comfortable to hold, and while sitting for long hours, do not become a cause of irritation. Our grandparents loved these and would not go anywhere without it.

These armrests will assist you as you try to stand up and sit down. Additionally, the four-legged design is a boon to have. It is rare to see 4 legs instead of the usual tripod design and accompanied by anti-slip rubber feet; it becomes an all-rounder option.


Also, because it is lightweight and easy to carry, this is a great option if you need to go up and downstairs a lot. Carrying a heavy stick becomes very troublesome in such cases, but here, you would face none of that.

Lastly, we will mention the fabric seats, which are as comfortable as patio chairs and are a better option than metal seats.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although it is specified that the cane seat can take weight up to 250 lbs, it is best not to use it for weight above 220 lbs. If you are on the heavier side, think twice before buying it as it collapses under heavy load. But it will work just fine for anyone under 220 lbs.

  • Breathable fabric seat
  • Can be used at camping
  • Known for its stability
  • Suitable until a height of 6.1 feet
  • Cannot take the specified weight
  1. Drive Medical Folding Lightweight Cane with Sling Style Seat

Lastly, we have another incredible product from the house of Drive Medical. The Folding Lightweight Cane with Sling Style Seat will give you the comfort of sitting on a wider seat. With a breadth of 15.5 inches, this will fit anybody with a larger frame.

Drive Medical RTL10360 Foldable Walking Cane with Seat,...
  • Provides a comfortable seat to rest on when open, and a...
  • Four sturdy legs with vinyl contoured tips and a nylon sling...

Why Did We Like It?

This is a nylon sling bench that gives you the comfort of sitting on fabric. We prefer this over sitting on a hard surface any day.

Also, to support you better, the product comes with 4 legs instead of the common three-legged design. The 4 legs are made of aluminum, making them strong enough to support 250 lbs of weight. The 4 legs will guarantee more stability and ensure that it does not collapse if you move in your seat once in a while.


Adding on, we thought that the height was pretty impressive as it was tall at 34 inches. The height of the seat is 20.4 inches, which should not make you bend too low, making it a great fit for anybody with knee surgery.

What Could’ve Been Better?

While sitting down, slowly ease yourself in instead of sitting abruptly. If you sit down suddenly and exert force on the seat, it may collapse, or the whole chair may fall over. This may become dangerous for anyone with a hip or knee injury.

  • Nylon sling bench
  • Vinyl contoured tips
  • Seat dimensions of 15.5″ x 6.25″
  • Can break if you sit abruptly
511xZ9 yMgL

Foldable Cane Seat Buyer’s Guide

A cane seat can be a blessing for some who need support or that extra help while walking. But every option may not be suitable for all. To make this choice easier, we have listed some points which will help you take a decision.

Adjustable Height

The height of the seat and cane is a very important factor. A smaller option may be the best choice for a shorter person, while a taller individual would need to bend a lot to be using it, thus defeating the purpose of comfort.

Again a product suitable for a person above 6 feet will not work with a person under 5.5 feet. So be very careful and make sure that you take the standing height as well as the height of its seat into account before purchasing.

Weight Capacity

This is another vital concern when it comes to cane seats. Every one of them comes with different weight capacity, and if you are on the heavier side, it is best to check it. While some have a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds, others could go up to 400 kgs or more. These can also be used to keep things while shopping.

The ones with a lower weight capacity are usually lighter than those with a higher weight capacity.


If you have a larger frame, make sure the seat is broad and can accommodate you properly. There are many seats with sizes as small as 6-7 inches and maybe super uncomfortable for anyone with a larger frame.

Also, the seat could be made of metal or fabric depending upon the model you choose. Breathable fabric is one of the best choices, followed by any fabric as they provide a softer base.

Tips of Legs

Most of the units have a tripod design while you will also get 4 legged options. Now it is not enough that the legs are sturdy; it is very important to see what the tip is made of. Since it is the tip that would touch the ground, it is best to always go for anti-skid material.

Best Foldable Cane With Seat  


A folding cane with seat can be the solution whenever you want to go out post a surgery or if your muscles are not strong enough. And we hope that with the information provided above, you are now well equipped to deal with any kind of situation.

Without further ado, we will tell you about our favorites from the list. With a whooping weight capacity of 400 kgs, the M-GYG Folding Cane Seat Combo is the best choice. It can take a load with ease, and what’s more! The seat is comfortable too.

If you are looking for the best adjustable product, the Drive Medical Folding Lightweight Adjustable Height Cane Seat is a great option. It can be used by people of all heights with ease.

With this, we come to the end of this guide. It is time to get back to those beautiful walks that you have been missing out on. Take a break every time you feel you deserve one.

Happy shopping!

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