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10 Best Ice Packs for Coolers: Which Ones Should You Buy?

Looking for the best cooler ice packs can be difficult as many options are available in the market.

Best Ice Packs for Coolers

Thankfully I’ll discuss various food and ice packs so you can make the best decision for your refrigerator and cooling needs.

This guide has gathered the best ice packs, and we will explain how each pack can be your best pick for your individual needs.

Best Ice Pack for Coolers Picks

Each one of these is available at Amazon, eBay, or any other online retail shop of your choice to choose your brand of ice pack manufacturers.


You can even find the best place for fridges or mini-freezers on these sites.

Here are the top 10 picks for best ice packs from my own experience with each ice pack and how they performed for your future meal to stay cold.

1. Cooler Shock 3X Large Reusable Freeze Packs for 5 - Best Overall

There is no better way of keeping drinks cold than the Cooler Shock reusable ice packs 3X against heat.

One of these triple-insulated 12-ounce bags can keep their cooler cold for 20 hours with a very tight lid and can even replace 18 pounds of ice.

The five-pack of bags contains a non-hazardous coolant powder which you can unscrew and add water to turn the powder into a cooling gel mixture for a gel pack.

Afterward, you can make gel ice packs with the provided five bags by filling them with the mixture and placing each bag into the freezer for 12-14 hours at 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

These gel-based ice packs also act as reusable ice packs with high-performance, plastic exteriors that are fit for any food, preserving them long and cold.

These Cooler shock packs are also for large coolers, but in turn, these few ice packs take up a lot of room in the cooler but stay cold longer than my other ice packs, for twenty-two hours.

Here’s the BEST PART! It is affordable and perfect for keeping drinks ice cold for the many parties I hosted for close friends and family.

Price: $29.99 | Material: Plastic with polyethylene insulation | Freezing Point: 18 degrees Fahrenheit | Chamber Depth: 6.5 inches | Weight: 12 ounces

2. Arctic ICE Chillin' Brew Series - Best Value/Runner-Up

A flat ice pack, when frozen, expands into a bulbous mass, sometimes too large to fit onto small coolers, but this Arctic Ice Chillin' Brew pack has a pattern for keeping its shape intact.

The design of the Arctic Ice Chillin Brew also expands the overall surface area of the pack allowing you to keep more of your food cold, helping me keep my larders cool on the go.

The moded design of these ice packs also allows each pack to interlock and stock amongst themselves for maximizing keeping my food and drinks chilled.

Its low 28-degree Fahrenheit freezing point keeps drinks cold and meat fresh for any event or travel for eight hours


This is fifty percent longer than using ice.

The flat shape and the six size options would have this small ice pack fit into most coolers and even have a handle for convenient removal.

The ice packs' sizes, from small to extra large, are designed with leakproof caps and UV-stabilized color containers for extended use and a melting point of 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, some of the larger ice packs were too large to fit into my cooler, and I need to use my 12 x 9-inch for one to barely fit, so keep this in mind as you use these ice packs.

Price: $16.13 | Material: Plastic | Freezing Point: 28 degrees Fahrenheit | Chamber Depth: 10.93 inches | Weight: 0.75-10 pounds

3. Nordic Ice No-Sweat Reusable Long-Lasting Gel Pack - Best Budget Pick

Rather than invest in ice packs, you would want more solid but expendable cooler packs; you should instead invest in Nordic Ice reusable gel packs.

The company is famed for its solid cooling technology in multiple industries, even for medicine shipping, and its cooling power is more than enough.

You can trust the gel pack to keep barbeque and beverages cold. 

This gel pack also keeps medicines cold and stops condensation due to the temperature-sensitive material.

This reusable cooler ice pack is insulated with multi-layered polymer plastics and a patented gel, encouraging multiple uses in the short term as they are sold as a set of three.

They even freeze quickly in about two hours and last about 12 hours while not taking too much space in a lunch box or a large cooler by their lightweight 7-by-3-inch design.

Price: $10.91 for 3 packs | Material: Polymer Plastic | Freezing Point: 32 degrees Fahrenheit | Chamber Depth: N/A | Weight: 1 pound

4. YETI ICE Reusable Ice Pack - Best for Durability

The hard plastic exterior of this Yeti ice pack can be considered one of the most scientifically developed ice packs out there due to its non-sweat, re-freezable, and reusable.

All the while keeping the cold all day long as the YETI ice pack also comes in different pound options, 1-4 pounds, while also being able to mix and match them.

These Yeti ice packs boast durability and convenience, with their rectangular donut shape making freezing easier than others.

Indeed, the superior durability makes this ice pack the best-suited option for camping and hiking trips to protect your food from any animals while not leaving any sweat.

Although these refreezable and reusable cooler ice packs are considered expensive and only sold individually, the benefits provided may justify the price and quantity.

Price: $15 | Material: High-density polyethylene, food-grade phase-change liquid | Freezing Point: 28 degrees Fahrenheit | Chamber Depth: 10 inches | Weight: 1.65 - 4 lbs

5. FlexiFreeze Reusable Ice Sheets 4 Packs - Best Flexible

The FlexiFreeze ice reusable packs are very flexible in various ways, from how you can cut the sheet to fit your needs and how flexible they are for insulating items.

The very ice sheets are water-based and chemical-free for the eco-minded, but also this translates into how you can twist the sheets to fit anywhere.

You can reuse these expensive ice packs to freeze yourself a fresh batch of 44 ice cubes overnight from your refrigerator with every ice cube creation like an icemaker.

However, due to their water-based construction, this ice sheet does not have the same refrigeration abilities as a gel pack despite being able to keep solid for a few hours.

One test during a 60-degree temperature day tested the sheet wherein refrigerated snacks kept their cool for three hours but melted in about eight hours.

Should the sheets be damaged, there will be barely any mess or toxicity exposure.

Overall, these sheets are perfect for any outing, from an afternoon picnic to a beach trip, as you can cut them for any container to keep.

Price: $19.99 for four packs | Material: Soft Ice Sheet | Freezing Point: 32 degrees Fahrenheit | Chamber Depth: N/A | Weight: 7 pounds

6. Igloo MaxCold

The LARGEST ice pack among the most popular ice packs for those looking to replace using regular ice cubes for their drinks.

Due to its sheer size, this high-quality ice pack produces a large bulge in the middle due to the moisture inside expanding as it freezes, but its structure remains intact.

Although it must be within large containers, you can reliably place it within hard or soft coolers to keep the chill at any temperature.

The large set also can keep frozen for twelve hours or more, even on a hot day, while being easy to carry due to its ridges.

However, this would cause the thicker ice packs to be difficult to stack on top of each other while also needing to be hand-washed instead of using a dishwasher to clean them.

Price: $16.99 | Material: Plastic | Freezing Point: 30 degrees Fahrenheit | Chamber Depth: 29.5 inches | Weight: 0.5-5 pounds

7. LotFancy Contoured Freezer Packs

As you store many cans and bottles, ice is paramount as it can easily sneak into any crevice and create more contact with your drinks, but ice can be messy.

To avoid this mess, this ice pack uses gel and has three grooves on each side to accommodate drinks of any size, and this is doubly so for providing four packs.

These four packs can also create multiple rows to hold your drinks while they keep cool for hours on end.

The extra weight won't break the hard shells because the polyethylene makes up the pack, resulting in thicker ice packs that won't deform.

Price: $13.99 for two packs | Material: High-density polyethylene | Freezing Point: N/A | Chamber Depth: 8.4 inches | Weight: 5 pounds

8. Polar Tech Ice Brix Viscous Cold Pack

A very budget-friendly ice pack with Polar Tech Ice Brix can keep their food cold at a lower temperature.

This gel results in a moisture-resistant and long-lasting ice pack, wherein you can keep your beverages chilled for up to 12 hours with a single pack.

This good ice pack is also made from leakproof plastic, preventing any melted ice or excess liquid from spilling.

Price: $12.94 for 12 packs | Material: Gel and Polymer | Freezing Point: 18 degrees Fahrenheit | Chamber Depth: N/A | Weight: 1 pound

9. Tourit Reusable Ice Packs

The Tourit ice packs act as a sleek cooling system as they are sold as packs of four, each weighing 0.5 pounds, and are small enough for smaller coolers or while traveling.

These freezer packs can remain frozen for eight to ten hours and can be mixed and matched for minimum or maximum cooling capacity.

They can also be mixed in with your food and beverages for even cooling and come with many ice packs to make your cooler colder.

They are suitable for outdoor trips due to their Bisphenol A (BPA)-free plastic durability.

Price: $11.99 for 2 packs | Material: BPA-free plastic | Freezing Point: 32 degrees Fahrenheit | Chamber Depth: N/A | Weight: 2 pounds

10. Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Ice Packs

Are you packing a lunch bag or mini-cooler to store your fruit and sandwich snacks on the go? Then consider the compact Fit&Fresh ice packs to keep your snack cool.

The compact ice pack won't take up too much space within your cooler while having enough cooling power to keep things cold and your snacks cool in your lunch bags.

These slim ice packs can keep their cold temperatures for up to twelve hours and come with four ice packs.

For coolers with limited space, you can even stack the slim ice packs amongst themselves for larger coolers to keep the cooler chilled.

However, the small ice packs are not enough to keep food or even a beer bottle for 3 hours or in large containers with a single ice pack.

The packs don't last as long frozen as similar packs and would need multiple ice packs to stay cold.

Price: $7.99 for four ice packs | Material: BPA-free plastic | Freezing Point: 32 degrees Fahrenheit | Chamber Depth: N/A | Weight: 1 pound

Best Ice Pack for Coolers Picks Comparison Table

Top Cooler Ice PacksPriceMaterialFreezing PointChamber DepthWeight
Cooler Shock 3X Large Reusable Freeze Packs$29.99Plastic with Polyethylene Insulation18 ℉6.5 inches0.75 lbs
Arctic ICE Chillin' Brew Series$16.13Plastic28 ℉10.93 inches0.75-10 lbs
Nordic Ice No-Sweat Reusable Long-Lasting Gel Pack$10.91 for 3 packsPolymer Plastic32 ℉N/A1 lb
YETI ICE Reusable Ice Pack$15High-density Polyethylene28 ℉10 inches1.65-4 lbs
FlexiFreeze Reusable Ice Sheets$19.99 for 4 packsSoft Ice Sheet32 ℉N/A7 lbs
Igloo MaxCold$16.99Plastic30 ℉29.5 inches0.5-5 lbs
LotFancy Contoured Freezer Packs$13.99 for 2 packsHigh-density PolyethyleneN/A8.4 inches5 lbs
Polar Tech Ice Brix Viscous Cold Pack$12.94 for 12 packsGel and Polymer18 ℉N/A1 lb
Tourit Reusable Ice Packs$11.99 for 2 packsBPA-free Plastic32 ℉N/A2 lbs
Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Ice Packs$7.99 for 4 packsBPA-free Plastic32 ℉N/A1 lb

Buying Guide for the Best Ice Pack for Cooler

When choosing the best ice packs for coolers, there are still other factors to consider for what you want in your kitchen.

You might be inclined to ask the following questions:

  • How many ice packs did this brand give?
  • Is it dishwasher-safe?

There are also always online communities to check, such as DIY sites for repairs or how to move your appliance safely.

The top ice packs should ALWAYS have the following.


Always consider the size of the pack s storage capacity is not the only factor, as you still would want space within your cooler for anything.

The type of container also counts as a pack and should be the same size as its container, which ranges from 5-by-5 to 10-by-13 inches.


The typical price is $5-20 for the average ice pack, and the reason for such fluctuating prices is due to what the packs are made from.

The outer and inner materials for ice packs differ with the type of ice pack, such as how hard types are made of hard plastic while soft types are made of similar polymers.

Cleaning and Storage

Almost all ice packs are easy to clean and maintain, needing only a rinse to be cleaned with warm soapy water.

Although you must let the packs dry before freezing them to limit condensation and ice crystals.


An ice pack can be divided into the following kinds;

  • Soft Packs: These kinds of packs can conform around items like a lunch box
  • Hard Packs: These kinds of packs are more rigid-shaped and fit easily into structured containers


There is a strong correlation between size and how long-lasting an ice pack would be, as a five-pound pack can last up to two days.

Also, thicker packs would last significantly much longer than softer packs.

How do you discard ice packs?

The good thing about gel in ice is that they are capable of biodegradation and have no toxins, with the only issue being the plastic covering, which you can dispose of into a recycling center.

Why should you use an ice pack instead of regular ice?

Although packs and typical ice function the same, cooler ice packs work better as they freeze quicker and still keep their frozen elements contained than water-based ice

However, loose ice cubes can better surround items in a cooler than a single pack can.

Do ice packs go on the top or bottom of your cooler?

There is no official consensus; either answer depends on your current needs and concerns.

People recommend placing packs on the top as cold air sinks and extend the chill, while the bottom is convenient for getting items.

A Recap of the Top Picks

Among the best ice packs for coolers, here are the ones I personally like the most.

Best Budget Pick - Nordic Ice No-Sweat Reusable Long-Lasting Gel Pack

Nordic Ice is my pick for being the cheapest for being priced at $9 for three ice packs and being able to still do its job of cooling your food for 12 hours despite being fragile.

The biggest drawback is that the ice pack can be damaged easily due to its expendable design.

Best Value - Arctic Ice Chillin Brew

Arctic Ice earns this title as providing a wide yet sturdy frame to keep many of your consumables cool while being easily stackable for easy storage.

The only flaw is the ice pack being on the large side for smaller coolers and being pricey.

Best Overall - Cooler Shock 3X Large Reusable Freeze Packs For 5

Cooler Shock is considered the best overall because of the reusable nature of the ice pack while having excellent freezing power that lasts for 20 hours and being affordable.

However, the pack is rather bulky when traveling and needs some assembly by the customer.


The best ice packs for coolers are unique to each customer's circumstances.

Each can provide hours' worth of cooling for your food and beverages, but some are made of gel to contour to any size or are durable enough to prevent theft.

Although the Cooler Shock is our preferred choice, there are still other options for you to consider first.