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9 Best Uncuttable Locks – Padlocks That Can’t Be Cut With Bolt Cutters

Security is tantamount to any individual and keeping valuables safe is essential. A padlock is one of the most common tools used for this reason. However, locks, too, can be tampered with, especially if someone is determined enough to bring the right set of tools – like bolt cutters or crowbars. That is why customers prefer heavy-duty locks to prevent any mishaps. Now, there are several such uncuttable locks and padlocks that one can use in storehouses, garages, gates, and sheds.

Best Uncuttable Locks

Choosing the perfect fit cannot be an easy task when one is spoilt for choice. Don’t worry; the task has been made easy by us, after going through an extensive roster of such padlocks. We’ve provided comprehensive reviews of the ten best options for potential customers to make a perfect choice.

Listed below are the 5 best uncuttable locks from our list.

  • ABUS 03100 37/60 Padlock. The ABUS Padlock, crafted with alloy steel, offers top-notch security and durability with a tensile strength over six tons, a drill-resistant disc cylinder, and an additional layer of security in the unique keying system.
  • Draper Expert Heavy-Duty Padlock. The Draper Expert Heavy-Duty Padlock combines security with convenience, featuring a hardened steel body, a shrouded shackle resistant to cutters and saws, and easy rekeying system, all while being exceptionally durable even under tough weather conditions.
  • Master Lock Padlock. The affordably-priced Master Lock Padlock ensures security with its resistant hardened steel construction, a lock that doesn’t lock without the key preventing accidental lock-outs, and durability backed by a full warranty.
  • Stanley Hardware Hardened Steel Padlock. The Stanley Hardware Hardened Steel Padlock, a professional-grade lock, caters to high-security needs with features such as resistance to lock-picking, a lock body that withstands attempted break-ins, and an ASTM certification.
  • FJM Padlock. The FJM Padlock, designed for heavy-duty applications, offers comprehensive security with its unique keys that are hard to replicate, resistance to bolt cutters, and smooth key movement, all encased in a water and corrosion-resistant body.

Are you looking for indestructible locks that cant be cut with bolt cutters? If so, youve come to the right place! Here is the list of the 9 incredible uncuttable locks that cannot be cut.

1. ABUS 03100 37/60 Padlock - Best for High Security

ABUS is a trusted name as it started working on security technologies in 1924. With the alloy steel padlock, ABUS has outdone itself. Not only does it match the highest security standards, but it has commendable durability. It makes the lock perfect for internal and external use in household or industrial settings.

ABUS makes trustworthy padlocks, and the security features immediately caught our eye. The tensile strength of the lock is over six tons, which means it is nearly impossible to remove the shackle from the body using force. The padlocks also come with the ABUS Plus drill-resistant disc cylinder, which ensures the highest protection against tampering and manipulation.

Apart from the lock’s body, the keying system is designed to add an additional layer of security. In the event a key is lost, there is a security card that details how to make duplicates. Since the owner is in possession of the said card, they are aware of the number of spare keys in circulation.

Finally, the stainless steel body and shackle should be praised for ensuring the highest degrees of security, even in external salt-water environments.

Considered to be one of the most secure padlocks in the world, there’s nothing much the German-made lock could improve on. But, there have been some complaints about it being too bulky. As a result, the lock doesn’t easily fit through latches, even when it comes to standard shipping containers.

Shackle Diameter: 11 mm | Body Material: Alloy Steel | Shackle Material: Alloy Steel | Keying Options: Keyed | Weatherproof: No

2. Draper Expert Heavy-Duty Padlock - Best for Durability

Draper Tools has been around since 1919, and in that time, the company has gained the trust of users with quality products. The heavy-duty padlock is yet another step in the right direction. It is crafted with great care to ensure the highest degrees of security and deter break-ins.

Draper’s padlock combines the best characteristics that make such products suitable. The hardened steel body ensures a degree of protection from assaults on the lock. The shrouded shackle only serves to enhance safety measures by deterring attacks from cutters and saws.

Besides, the lock’s durability is guaranteed thanks to the electric coating, which protects it from weather conditions, allowing seamless external use. Finally, servicing and rekeying are made extremely swift and easy, which ensures customer satisfaction even if something goes wrong with the padlock.

Considering the modest price range of the product, the six-pin precision tumbler makes the lock an automatic choice for many. Moreover, Draper’s accumulated goodwill instills an automatic faith in the functionality of the padlock.

Draper’s stayed ahead of the curve so along by making constant improvements to their existing models. This particular padlock could benefit from the availability of extra sets of keys beforehand, to save users the hassle of rekeying. Moreover, additional security would protect the lock from assaults with heavier tools, like drills.

Shackle Diameter: 10 mm | Body Material: Brass | Shackle Material: Hardened Steel | Keying Options: Keyed | Weatherproof: No

3. Master Lock Padlock - Best for Affordability

We start the list with the Titanium Series Stainless Steel Lock from Master Lock. It is the most affordable item on the list and has the added advantage of coming from a company that has been in the lock-making business since 1921. The 2-5/16 inch lock encapsulates Master Lock’s principles of quality, innovation, and providing top-notch security.

Owing to the several positive reviews the product has received, we had to try it for ourselves, and we are glad to report it lives up to the hype. The padlock, as advertised, can fit through most lock holes – despite the heavy-duty appearance. Handling and installation are easy, so customers don’t need to worry too much.

The best part about the Master Lock padlock is that it’s great for the most forgetful of customers. Everyone can avoid the embarrassing situation of locking the door with the keys still inside. The Master Lock padlock doesn’t lock without the key, and once locked, customers can rest assured that casual thefts will be completely prevented by the sturdy product. 

It’s also durable and comes with a full warranty, so you can be sure that purchasing the lock is a stellar investment. Combining the best features at extremely pocket-friendly rates really sets the Master Lock padlock apart from the other products on the list.

While one can sing praises of the reliable lock, there are some downsides to be considered. The key is quite small, and some customers have complained that it can be easily misplaced. Moreover, the lock only prevents casual theft. Anyone with high-powered equipment, besides the basic bolt cutter and crowbar, can easily break through it.

Shackle Diameter: 8 mm | Body Material: Laminated Steel | Shackle Material: Hardened Steel | Keying Options: Keyed | Weatherproof: Yes

4. Stanley Hardware Hardened Steel Padlock

Next up, the padlock from Stanley Hardware might cost a bit more than the others, but customers get a quality product for the money spent. The professional-grade locks combine a host of security features and promise durability, which makes them suited for any job site and are guaranteed to bring peace of mind to the buyer.

For the price charged, the Stanley Hardware lock really is the best. Customers can use it with chains to secure gates or recreational vehicles. Reports from people who’ve diligently tried to break the lock suggest that it deters most casual thefts. Moreover, the stamp from ASTM International cements the fact that Stanley Hardware’s padlock matches a certain reliable standard.

Although the 6-pin cylinder can stave off lock pickers, it is a commercial line that can be changed out by those concerned about additional security. Yes, the padlock offers the option to make it even more secure by getting a locksmith and installing a cylinder of your choice.

Described as a standout product, the padlock has been through the proverbial test of fire to gain everyone’s trust – and at this price, we can’t ask for more!

The Stanley Hardware padlock is placed second to ABUS – which seems to have won everyone’s hearts. Although Stanley Hardware’s product might be priced more competitively compared to ABUS, the former could make additional assurances to gain trust.

The Stanley Hardware padlock’s key is as big as a car key, and if the padlock gets too tight, the head of the key has to be bent to fit. Thus, reducing the size might help.

Shackle Diameter: 8 mm | Body Material: Alloy Steel | Shackle Material: Molybdenum Alloy Steel | Keying Options: Keyed | Weatherproof: Yes

5. FJM Padlock

The product offers a wide range of features for the most discerning buyers. It delivers durability and peace of mind, while also being applicable for heavy-duty purposes like shipping containers. Needless to say, the FJM padlock can be used in any weather condition with no fear of damaging the core structure.

With unmatched security and durability, the movement of the key is smooth, and there aren’t any loaded parts with springs that might erode over time. The plating makes it great for conditions even when the FJM lock might come in contact with a fair amount of water.

The ability to be fitted horizontally or vertically is an added benefit, and the padlock offers very little access to bolt cutters, ensuring complete security. The cherry on the cake has to be the hard replication of keys, making each lock unique, and giving customers the assurance that nobody but them can gain access. It’s hardly surprising, considering the use of European high-security keys.

All these features come under a modest price range, and the promise of long-lasting service makes this the right investment for customers.

Despite the assurance of smooth key turning, there have been instances where the key gets stuck. The feature for the keyway to turn 90 degrees to connect with the disks needs to be modified. Although the FJM padlock comes with four keys, no keys are sold separately, so if customers misplace them, they have to end up buying another lock.

Shackle Diameter: 11 mm | Body Material: Hardened Steel | Shackle Material: Hardened Steel | Keying Options: Keyed | Weatherproof: No

6. KAWAHA High-Security Padlock

We move on to the high-security shrouded steel padlock from KAWAHA. Suited for indoor and outdoor applications, the 2-3/8 inch stainless steel product can be used for household, commercial, and industrial purposes. After all, it delivers strength, reliability, and resistance to corrosion, making it apt to secure valuables and bring peace of mind to the user.

We tried out the KAWAHA product, and the first thing that stands out is how the lock can be used in situations where water damage should not be an issue. Naturally suited for marine purposes, the stainless steel product is impervious to casual attempts to break it. A bolt cutter or wrench doesn’t make much headway.

If customers are concerned about losing the key, that’s not an issue either. The KAWAHA padlock comes with three sets of keys, meaning you will never be locked out of your own space.

Considering the price one has to shell out for peace of mind, the KAWAHA padlock is a smart investment for any customer who believes in protecting their product. The 12-piece cylinder disks prevent prying so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing all your valuables are being guarded by the trusted padlock.

Despite the many advantages of using a KAWAHA padlock, customers should check what kind of shackle they’re using, since the lock is not compatible if they are too thick. Moreover, the key sometimes tends to get stuck.

Shackle Diameter: 12 mm | Body Material: Stainless Steel | Shackle Material: Stainless Steel | Keying Options: Keyed | Weatherproof: Yes

7. Kurtzy Heavy Duty Padlock

Kurtzy defines what sturdy locks should be like. The heavy-duty padlock comes with a shackle and has varied applicability - be it for commercial or industrial purposes. The chances of tampering are minimized, guaranteeing the users’ peace of mind. It makes the alloy steel padlock a preferred choice among several options on the list.

The Kurtzy lock inspires confidence due to its bulky, tamper-proof appearance. But, the security goes beyond surface looks. The shackle is designed to be particularly tough, while the anti-drill and anti-saw body deter most lockpickers.

Since they are intended for casual and professional use, the locks aim at making life easier. Keeping this in mind, each Kurtzy padlock comes with a set of four keys, so there are enough spares in cases of misplacement.

But, among the many features that make the lock suitable for buyers, we loved the fact that they offer a hundred percent money-back guarantee. The return policy ensures that customers dissatisfied with the product aren’t stuck with a lock they don’t like. Kurtzy’s flexibility, in this regard, gives it a definite edge.

The Kurtzy lock is undeniably good, but it comes in just one size. As a result, there are some restrictions in its applicability, in case the customers require it in smaller sizes. There have also been complaints about the lock being unsuitable for a standard shipping container.

Shackle Diameter: 12 mm | Body Material: Hardened Steel | Shackle Material: Hardened Steel | Keying Options: Keyed | Weatherproof: No

8. FJM Security SPRS60-KD Padlock

The crucial values of high security and durability are championed by FJM Security Heavy Duty padlocks. The hardened build and chrome-plated water-resistant exterior make the lock suitable for external use, even in marine environments. Besides, its availability in keyed-alike and keyed different styles allows users to pick locks tailored to their needs.

Since the FJM padlocks are designed to guarantee the safety of products, they focus on security and durability. The former is upheld thanks to various notable features, chief among which is the set of four European high-security keys, that are extremely hard to replicate. The shrouded shackle deters attacks from bolt cutters and saws, while the keyway mechanism makes the lock extra safe.

Spring-loaded parts are deliberately avoided for smooth use and prevention of wear and tear over time. The triple chrome plated body enhances durability and prevents the lock from rusting even if it is exposed to extreme marine environments. Similarly, the internal mechanisms of the heavy-duty lock are made of brass and stainless steel for long-lasting protection.

Despite the lock’s durability, the keys are made of soft metal and are likely to break over time. Since the core of the lock is not removable, there is no possibility of rekeying or making duplicates. Thus, the buyer has to go through the ordeal of contacting the company for extra keys.

Shackle Diameter: 12 mm | Body Material: Solid Brass | Shackle Material: Hardened Steel | Keying Options: Keyed | Weatherproof: No

9. ABUS 83CS/55-300 Padlock

As the leading manufacturer of security products, ABUS has a reputation to uphold. Anyone who uses this padlock will be hard-pressed to agree that ABUS has cemented its position since 1924. It offers the highest degrees of security along with unparalleled durability, ensuring the padlock can be used in any environment without worries.

There’s not much to dislike about this ABUS padlock, which champions quality and precision. The lock stands out, especially for the quick rekeying as well as shackle-changing options. ABUS’s patented Z-bar helps convert key-retaining to non-key retaining in very little time.

When it comes to security, the padlock’s dual ball-bearing locking system prevents picking and prying. Meanwhile, the shrouded shackle gives very little leeway to bolt-cutters, therefore guaranteeing the lock’s safety. Despite the hardened steel bodies, they are surprisingly lightweight due to the Titalium aluminum alloy used in making the padlocks. 

The tough exterior is not just a deterrent to attacks but also makes the lock suitable for harsher weather. Thus, if you’re looking for a padlock to suit the needs of external use, the ABUS product matches up well enough. Its patented NANO PROTECT and chrome plating ensure protection against elements of nature.

ABUS’s product leaves very little to be desired, but there are scopes for improvement. Firstly, the size is unsuitable for smaller storage spaces. Also, there have been complaints that these ABUS locks are ‘zero-bitted,’ which means they come with just one blank key and have to be set up by a locksmith before use.

Shackle Diameter: 11 mm | Body Material: Alloy Steel | Shackle Material: Hardened Steel | Keying Options: Keyed, Combination | Weatherproof: No

What is the Best Uncuttable Lock for Your Security Needs?

Below, we provide a structured comparison of the best Uncuttable Locks, focusing on critical attributes including Shackle Diameter, Body Material, Shackle Material, Keying Options, and Weatherproofing capabilities.

ProductShackle DiameterBody MaterialShackle MaterialKeying OptionsWeatherproof
ABUS 03100 37/60 Padlock11 mmAlloy SteelAlloy SteelKeyedNo
Draper Expert Heavy-Duty Padlock10 mmBrassHardened SteelKeyedNo
Master Lock Padlock8 mmLaminated SteelHardened SteelKeyedYes
Stanley Hardware Hardened Steel Padlock8 mmAlloy SteelMolybdenum Alloy SteelKeyedYes
FJM Padlock11 mmHardened SteelHardened SteelKeyedNo
KAWAHA High-Security Padlock12 mmStainless SteelStainless SteelKeyedYes
Kurtzy Heavy Duty Padlock12 mmHardened SteelHardened SteelKeyedNo
FJM Security SPRS60-KD Padlock12 mmSolid BrassHardened SteelKeyed, CombinationNo
ABUS 83CS/55-300 Padlock11 mmAlloy SteelHardened SteelKeyed, CombinationNo

Buying Guide for the Best Padlock

While knowing the best padlocks available in the market right now streamlines the task of buying, customers still need to pick one tailored to their specific needs. There are a couple of factors to be kept in mind that can assist buyers in choosing the perfect lock to secure the products. Here’s what you need to remember.

  1. Security Level

The most vital utility of the padlock is its security level. As such, manufacturers try to make the products safe through a careful focus on the lock material or key mechanisms. However, there are some options with higher grades of security, which can be understood from the ASTM ratings.

Depending on the value of the products you’re securing, opt for locks offering higher levels of protection.

  1. Size

Yes, size does matter. While choosing the right padlock, buyers need to keep in mind that they have to secure the latch of the storage unit with it. Thus, it is advisable to check not just the lock’s dimensions, but also the width of the shackle before making a purchase.

  1. Shackle and Padlock Body Material

The shackle and padlock body is exposed at all times - not just to attacks, but also to the elements of nature. Therefore, it is always advisable to opt for sturdier options if buyers intend to use the locks externally. One should check for the coating material, whether it is rust-proof, and how durable the lock is, before zeroing in on the right option.

What are the different types of padlocks?

Types of padlocks encompass options like combination padlocks, keyed padlocks, and electronic padlocks. While combination padlocks operate using a numerical code, keyed padlocks require a physical key and electronic padlocks employ key cards, RFID, or biometric systems.

What is the difference between a weatherproof and a regular padlock?

The distinction between weatherproof and regular padlocks lies in their resilience to external elements. Weatherproof padlocks are engineered to resist outdoor conditions such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, often boasting rust-resistant materials and water-pervasive rubber seals. In contrast, regular padlocks might lack such weather resistance.

Can padlocks be rekeyed?

The possibility of rekeying padlocks is offered through certain designs, enabling the changing of the lock's key without having to replace the entire lock system, thereby offering convenience and adaptation when changing access becomes necessary.

Can I use one key for multiple padlocks?

One key for multiple padlocks can be accommodated using keying options provided by some padlock manufacturers, a feature that simplifies management, providing convenience by reducing the number of keys needed.

Are there any regulations or standards for padlocks?