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8 Best Pond Filter Systems of 2023 [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

Of the many things that go into taking care of a pet, the most important is providing an environment that is natural to it. Buying the appropriate food, providing them with quality water, and ensuring that they don’t feel away from home are some essential indicators of the right environment.

Best Pond Filter Systems

Like other animals and pets, the environment is especially important for fishes too. For fishes, a tank or a pond is their home, they are likely to spend their whole life there. Water is essential for the chances of fish's survival. Since a fish will spend its entire life in a water tank or a pond, cleaning it is a must.

Water filters are the best way to clean the water of all impurities and to maintain the health of any fish or plant that it contains. Since a water filter plays a crucial role in the safety and well-being of the features found in the pond, you need to find the best pond filter system for your pond or koi.

Best Pond Filter Systems

Here's the list of the 8 best pond filter systems to help you make an informed decision and ensure your pond remains a thriving haven for aquatic life.

This filter has all the great features that most other pond filters possess. Adding to the product’s quality mechanism is the presence of the backflush valve which makes it easier for you to clean the filter.

TetraPond Clear Choice Biofilter PF-1 For Efficient...
  • Easy out-of-pond accessibility and simple maintenance
  • Mechanical pre-filter sponges remove suspended debris to...

The product uses both mechanical and biological filtration to clean the water of your pond. The UV clarifier assists the filter in getting control of the algae in the pond.

The filtration system has an impressive capacity of 1,500 gallons and can clear the water while getting rid of the waste without a problem.

The main problem with the filter, however, is that it does not come with a clear set of instructions. Especially in the case of the backflush valve. If this is the first time using one in a pond filtration system, you are in for a lot of mess because the instruction manual is not of much help.


  • Bio-active filter with unique open profiles provides for unrestricted water flow through a large surface area
  • Water passes through mechanical filtration, this helps in removing debris before UV clarification
  • Water also passes through a tube during UV clarification, this forces water to come in close contact with the UV rays 


  • Owners have a lot of reservations about the backflush filter, many users claim that the system does not adequately clean the bio-active filter
  • The manufacturer also recommends the user to carry out the process of backflushing every week, this process can be very lengthy and strenuous 

Capacity: 1,500 Gallons | Weight: ‎5.3 Pounds | UVC Clarification: Yes | Included Pump: No

If you are just starting out and fish farming is something relatively new to you, then this pond filtration system is the thing you need. Easy to understand and use there are a lot of beneficial features that you can expect from the pond filtration system.

OASE BioSmart 5000 Pond Filter
  • Innovative Flow-Through filter design with biological and...
  • BioSmart 5000 is suitable for ponds up to 5,000 gallons...

Setup and maintenance are two of the things that users find challenging to keep up with. While most pond filtration systems are inconvenient, the BioSmart 5000 has a simple setup process and requires a minimal amount of maintenance.

The filtration system has a built-in cleaning mechanism that allows the user to use it for long periods without worrying about the hassle of cleaning it.

The pond filter can potentially filter medium to large-sized ponds and considering the affordable price it has, it is definitely well-equipped.

One negative aspect of the product is that it is unavailable to wider audiences currently as it is only shipped in the U.S. at the moment.

If you live outside the U.S., you are out of luck since you cannot use the pond filtration system.


  • Filter allows the users to have a low to moderate fish load in ponds up to 5000 gallons
  • Filtration has a temperature gauge that displays the water temperature in the pond
  • The filtration system comes with a pop-up button that lets you know when the filter needs cleaning
  • The built-in cleaning system eliminates the need to clean the filtration system manually
  • Since its creation pond owners have given positive reviews about the product


  • Some owners are not too satisfied with the outflow value of the pond
  • Owners have also purchased their own replacements and are recommending that others to do the same 

Capacity: 5,000 Gallons | Weight: 14.33 Pounds | UVC Clarification: No | Included Pump: No

This pressurized external filter is for ponds up to 1,500 gallons with plants only. If you have a goldfish in your pond circling around a few plants, then it can the Jebao CF-10 can filter up to 1,000 gallons. However, if you have a pond with a large fish such as the koi, then it can deliver up to 500 gallons for a pond.

Jebao 1000 Gallon Pressured Pond Bio Filter w/ 13W UVC...
  • Dual Filtration System to provide a Clearer and Healthier...
  • Cleans Ponds up to 1000 Gallons

The performance of the filtration system is further enhanced by the use of quartz glass by the manufacturer. While ordinary glass reduces the penetration of the UV light by 90%, Quartz glass ensures that most of the light reaches the life below the water.

The filter also successfully manages to keep the water as close as possible to the UV lamp while even slowing the flow of water as it passes through the clarifier. This further enhances the penetration of the light.

The well-designed purification system in the filter has an indicator responsible for signaling the need for cleaning.   


  • Filter includes both bio-filtration and an integrated UV clarifier
  • Filter has an impressive capacity of 12,000 liters while holding a normal fish load
  • An indicator lets you know when the filter needs cleaning
  • Owners have developed a liking for the product


  • Some owners are complaining of the flow of sludge as they attach the backflush hose
  • Owners are suggesting their own workaround solutions 

Capacity: 1,500 Gallons | Weight: 9.1 Pounds | UVC Clarification: Yes | Included Pump: No

If you are looking for a submersible filtration system, then the FM002P from Pond Boss looks after your needs. The submersible filter combines mechanical and biological filtration for ponds up to 500 gallons. The filtration system which is both energy-efficient and eco-friendly has a sloping lid on the case that keeps the debris from accumulating on the top of the filter.

POND BOSS Filter Kit with Pump , 1 pack
  • Ecofriendly Filter kit
  • Energy efficient

The mechanical filtration system of the product consists of two pads; one is responsible for capturing larger particles while the other captures smaller, more minute particles.

The system of the sloping lid and the pads in the mechanical filtration reduce the required maintenance while increasing the longevity of the product. The kit also comes with a compatible fountain pump, a water spray nozzle, and a diverter that allows the user to create numerous water displays.

The easy-to-install filtration kit gets your pond up and running in a matter of minutes, while also providing you with an attractive fountain to look at.


  • The kit includes a filter that has mechanical and biological filtration along with numerous other features that make it worthwhile
  • The sloping lid and the pads are designed specifically to reduce the cost and effort of maintenance while improving longevity
  • Owners have shared some positive views regarding the energy-efficient kit 


  • Some owners are complaining about the weight of the kit, owners claim that the light weight of the equipment causes it to float and jostle around water when the pump continues to work
  • Owners are suggesting putting rocks in the case of weighing down the kit 

Capacity: 500 Gallons | Weight: 3.92 Pounds | UVC Clarification: No | Included Pump: Yes

The waterfall attaches itself to a submersible or external pump which helps in the creation of a 12” waterfall enough for ponds up to 1,000 gallons.

The product provides both mechanical and biological filtration, although the media that supplies biological filtration is not included with the pump.

Tetra Pond Replacement Pad For Waterfall Filters, 1 Coarse...
  • COARSE PAD: Fits inside the Tetra Waterfall Filter WF1000.

The filter helps you in choosing between lava rock or bio activators, both of which can be purchased separately. Although bio-activators are the talk of the town, today lava rocks are the more traditional choice.

 Both filtration mechanisms help in improving the nitrogen cycle of the pond. As beneficial bacteria colonize both, it turns toxic nitrates harmful to the plant into nitrates that nourish the pond.  

In addition to providing an attractive look and sound to your pond, waterfalls also aid in increasing the aeration of the water. Pumps need a flow rate of 500 gallons to 4,500 gallons per minute to create this waterfall.

The addition of a few rocks blends the easy-to-install system perfectly with the landscape.


  • The water filter is one of the few mechanisms that include both mechanical and biological filtration
  • The waterfall improves water aeration in your pond
  • The product uses either lava rocks or bio-activators for biological filtration 


  • Media for biological filtration does not come with the pump, you need to purchase it separately
  • Owners are facing problems in connecting standard-size tubing to the filter
  • For ease of installation and to prevent leaking, don’t forget to purchase the correct size tubing from the manufacturer

Capacity: 1,000 Gallons | Weight: 0.2 Pounds | UVC Clarification: No | Included Pump: No

This kit is one of the few filtration mechanisms that use a submersible pump and coarse and fine pads for mechanical filtration.  The product is also known for using a fountain assembly with three heads to create three different fountain shapes while using a diverter valve and swivel adjuster to level the fountain heads.

TetraPond Filtration Fountain Kit, Includes 3 Fountain...
  • COMPLETE SET: Includes water pump, filter and fountain with...
  • 3 DISPLAY OPTIONS: Includes three different fountain...

A knob at the fountain controls the width of the fountain as the pump provides a flow rate of 325 gallons per hour. The flow rate is sufficient for ponds up to 250 gallons as you can choose a variety of fountain types from the list available. Fountains are also responsible for adding additional aeration to the water of your pond.


  • Product comes with a comprehensive kit complete with all the necessary components to add filtration and fountain to a small pond
  • Three fountain heads allow the user to vary the style of the pond
  • Fountain filter also helps in creating a variety of container ponds 


  • Filter box tends to float; however, you can use rocks to weigh it down
  • Several owners are complaining of cracking parts and a pump that has stopped working 

Capacity: 250 Gallons | Weight: 3.96 Pounds | UVC Clarification: No | Included Pump: Yes

As the name suggests, the product offers mechanical filtration of coarse and fine particles for ponds that contain up to 500 gallons.

TetraPond Submersible Flat Box Filter, For 250 To 500 Gallon...
  • SUBMERSIBLE FILTER: Flat box filter prevents pump from...
  • PARTS INCLUDED: Coarse and fine foam pads, tubing and three...

The filter box also has sufficient room to add biofilters. The filter works perfectly with flow rates between 200 gallons per hour and 2000 gallons per hour. You can easily detach the filter from the tubing for removal from the pond for cleaning.


  • Filter comes with fittings suitable for various types of pumps
  • Filter can provide flow rates of 200 to 2000gallons per hour for ponds that have a minimum of 500gallons
  • Owners are claiming that the filter case has enough space for biological filtration 


  • Filter only offers mechanical filtration
  • According to some owners, it is challenging to disconnect the filter from the tubing
  • Owners need rocks to keep the filter from floating

Capacity: 500 Gallons | Weight: 2 Pounds | UVC Clarification: No | Included Pump: No

Completing the list is the Grench Bio Pressure Filter. In addition to having great potential, the features of the filter make maintenance of the filter very convenient.

SUN CPF-2500 Grech Pond Bio Pressure Filter, UVC Upto 1600...
  • Biological and mechanical filter chambers for more efficient...
  • Simple quick handle cleaning system for easy maintenance (no...

Unlike other filtration systems, the Grench CPF-2500 simplifies cleaning with the help of a quick-handle cleaning system and numerous methods of filtration. The filter also has both mechanical and biological filter chambers that aid in extra filtration. This allows you to get double the amount of filtration for the price of one.

The filter is responsible for creating bacteria that get rid of ammonia and nitrite in the pond. With the removal of these harmful substances, your fish can now enjoy clear and healthy water. The filter can clean up to 900 gallons of water which includes a reasonable amount of koi in it. The filter can also clear 1,600 gallons in a decorative pond.

The filter, however, does not come with a pump, which means you have to pay an extra amount to add it to your filtration kit. If you want a filter that is ready to use instantly, this is not the filter that we recommend.


  • Filter comes with a dual filtration system
  • Given the size of the product, the filter has a functional filtering capacity 


  • You will have to buy the pump separately

Capacity: 900 Gallons | Weight: 9.70 Pounds | UVC Clarification: Yes | Included Pump: No

Best Pond Filter Systems Comparison Table

ProductCapacityWeightUVC ClarificationIncluded Pump
Tetra Pond Bio1,500 Gallons‎5.3 PoundsYesNo
OASE BioSmart 50005,000 Gallons‎14.33 PoundsNoNo
Jebao CF-10 Pressured1,500 Gallons9.1 PoundsYesNo
Pond Boss FM002P500 Gallons3.92 PoundsNoYes
Tetrapond 26596 Waterfall1,000 Gallons0.2 PoundsNoNo
TetraPond Filtration Foundation Kit250 Gallons3.96 PoundsNoYes
TetraPond Submersible Flat Box Filter500 Gallons2 PoundsNoNo
Grench CPF-2500 Pond Bio Pressure Filter900 Gallons9.70 PoundsYesNo

Buying Guide For The Best Pond Filter System

Now that we have seen the best pond filters, it is essential to lay the guidelines for finding a pond filter that suits your needs the best.

For all pet-related items, you need to be very precise with your choice. Pets, unlike humans, cannot share or communicate their disapproval of a particular product. While other animals such as cats and dogs do drop hints, fishes have no means of communication. Therefore you need to be aware of pond filters that appear to be a good fit but are not.

Here are some of the crucial factors that you need to consider before choosing a pond filter.

Pond Size

First and foremost is the size of your pond. The size of the pond determines the type of pond filter you need.

Small ponds are generally 1000 gallons while medium ponds can hold water up to 2000 to 5000 gallons. Any pond that holds more water than 5000 gallons is large.

To find the proper size of the pond and eventually the water filter, you need to find the volume of the pond. The following formula helps you in doing so.

Volume= Length x Width x Height

Multiplying the length, width, and depth of the pond will give you the volume in the length of the pond. Let's assume by doing so you get an answer of 40m (cubed), to get the actual volume of water don't forget to convert the metric into liters.

Multiplying 40 by 1000 will give you the volume of the pond, which in this case is 40,000 liters.

However, this result is still not the actual representation of the volume of your pond, one crucial factor the simple formula does not include is the fish in the pond. According to experts you need to double the amount when you get fish and quadruple it in case you have koi fish.

Since koi fish produces more waste and has a weaker immune system than most, you need a filter that is strong enough to clean the water extremely well.

Types of Filter

The next thing that you need to look after is the type of filter you need. A filter depends directly on the size of the pond. The other factor that affects the type of filter you need is the electrical resources you have at your disposal.

An inline filter works on land and needs an electrical source nearby with which it can connect. If however, you feel that a filter on the outskirts of the pond will damage the serene view of the pond then you need a submersible filter. A submersible filter remains underwater and hidden and is generally quieter than the other forms of pond filters.

Amount of Fish

The density of the pond and the fish within will affect the performance of the filter. If you have a small pond that is home to a lot of fish, then you need an active filter.

Some filters use the help of modern technology to estimate the amount of fish they can handle. This is where your calculations and math need to be spot on. You need to ensure that the filtration system you get can face the challenge ahead.

UV Filter Option

Another important feature crucial to the type of pond filter you choose is UV lighting.

A filter that has UV lighting includes a fluorescent tube that shines UV light into your pond. The lighting helps the algae in the water to clump together, hence making it easier for the filter to catch it in the cartridges.

You can choose a filter that comes with the lighting or one with separate light attached to the main filter box.

These four factors, combined together, lay the foundation for some of the best pond filtration systems. When looking for any filter, these are the factors that should be in the back of your mind, which are detrimental to the health of a fish.

Pond Filter Systems FAQs

  • What is a pond filter system and why do I need one?

    A pond filter system is a device that helps to keep your pond water clean and clear by removing debris, excess nutrients, and harmful substances. A filter system is essential in maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem and providing an excellent environment for your fish and plants to thrive.

  • How do I choose the right pond filter system for my pond?

    When choosing a pond filter system, consider the size of your pond, the number of fish and plants, and your desired level of water clarity. Also, take note of the required maintenance and ease of use for each filter system.

    You may want to consult a professional or do additional research on different filter systems to find the best option for your specific needs.

  • How often should I clean or maintain my pond filter system?

    The frequency of cleaning and maintenance will depend on the specific filter system you have chosen. Some systems might have indicators or automatic cleaning features, while others might require manual cleaning.

    Typically, you should clean your filter every few weeks, while performing more in-depth maintenance, such as replacing filter pads or bio-media, as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Can I use multiple pond filter systems together?

    Yes, using multiple pond filter systems can help you achieve better filtration and water quality. For example, you might pair a mechanical filter with a UV clarifier to remove both solid debris and suspended algae from the water.

    Just ensure that the systems you choose are compatible and suitable for the size of your pond.

  • How do I know if my pond filter system is working effectively?

    An effective pond filter system should result in clear and healthy water, with minimal debris, algae growth, and foul odors. It’s essential to regularly inspect your filter and diagnose any issues, such as reduced water flow or excessive filter buildup, that may impact filter performance.

    Regular maintenance and timely cleaning can help ensure that your filter system is working effectively in keeping your pond clean and healthy.

  • What should I do if my pond filter system stops working or malfunctions?
  • Conclusion

    Finding the perfect filtration system can be challenging for a user because of the information and the selection that goes into it. Researching the filters can take time, but it definitely is worth it. Doing so allows you to find the one that fits within your budget and is ideal for both you and your fish.

    Ready to know the best options for you? Let's dive in!

    The OASE BioSmart 5000 is an ideal option for those who are new to fish farming or have medium to large-sized ponds. With a built-in cleaning mechanism and minimal maintenance required, this pond filter lets you enjoy the beauty and benefits of your pond with ease.

    Jebao CF-10 Pressured is a good option if you have a pond with plants and a moderate fish load, or if you value an integrated UV clarifier. The use of quartz glass ensures maximum UV light penetration, enhancing the performance of the filtration system.

    And finally, the Tetra Pond Bio is the right choice for those looking for a pond filtration system that offers a powerful combination of mechanical and biological filtration and has an impressive capacity of 1,500 gallons. Although it has some issues with the instructions and backflush valve, it is still a highly efficient filter for the price point.

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