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7 Best Electric Fence Chargers of 2022 [Buyer’s Guide and Reviews]

Best Electric Fence Charger

Everyone has the right to defend and protect their property, whether it is a small garden or a large pasture; to do this, you need the best protection measures. If you have a large pasture where your livestock grazes, you need to protect them from predators who pose a serious threat to them. For those who have farms and gardens, they must stop wild hogs, deer, and other omnivorous and herbivorous pests from invading their property. 

This is where electric fences have been able to do such a great job, as they have allowed people to protect their lands from intruders and pests. People have been using electric fences to keep out critters and pests for a while now, this highly effective deterrent has been in use for nearly a century. However, every electric fence needs to be charged with electricity which is why the best electric charger for your fence gain more and more exposure each day. To help out, we’ve compiled a list of the best 7 electric fence chargers available in the market along with what they’re best at sou you can easily make the right choice!

We’ve also shared a buyer’s guide so that it becomes easier for you to purchase an electric fence charger that is right for your property.

Best Electric Fence Chargers

Best Electric Fence Charger

Now that you’ve gone through the buyer’s guide of the best electric fence chargers of 2022, you know exactly what to look for and consider when shopping for one. There are many options available in the market, which is why it’s confusing to purchase the best electric fence chargers. To make things easier, we have highlighted the 7 best options for electric fence chargers of 2022, along with their pros and cons, so that you can make an informed decision.

1. Parmak Magnum Solar-Pak 12 – Best Solar Fence Charger

When it comes to big names in the electric fence charger industry, Parmak may not be the biggest name that you come across, but the brand has a storied history. They started by manufacturing wind turbines and radios to help farmers access news and electricity at a time when power wasn’t easily accessible to certain parts of the country. Parmak stepped into the electric fence industry in the 1930s, and their electric turbines helped them to create powerful and quality electric fence chargers.

Even though Zareba is the biggest name in the electric fence industry, Parmak has continued to establish its name by continuously manufacturing and innovating. Nowadays, they’ve gotten to the point where they have some of the best electric fence chargers in the industry. Parmak also has the distinction for manufacturing the first solar electric fence charger and the first solid-state electric fence charger. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to most people that the Parmak Magnum Solar-Pak 12 is the best solar electric fence charger on our list.

This is one of the best electric fence chargers you will find in the market, and even though it does have some issues, as most solar electric fence chargers have, it’s a complete product. This electric fence charger manages to push out 3.1 joules of power, which makes the Magnum Solar-Pak 12 the most powerful solar-powered electric fence charger on this list. It is even more powerful than some of the solid-state electric fence chargers that we looked at.

Even though the Magnum Solar-Pak 12 isn’t perfect and does have its inconveniences and faults because it’s one of the largest electric fence chargers in the market. The solar panels aren’t integrated into the control box and are sitting on top of it. That means there is more surface area for absorbing sunlight, but that also makes it difficult for the maintenance, positioning and installing of the Magnum Solar-Pak 12. Another problem is that the waterproof casing doesn’t handle condensation very well.

  • Doesn’t need an outlet or extra battery
  • Offers 30 miles of coverage
  • Has a decent 3.1 joules of energy output 
  • Doesn’t handle condensation or water well
  • Large unit with robust installation
  • A very expensive electric fence charger

2. Zareba EAC200M-Z – Best Electric Fence Charger for Cattle

Zareba is one of the most popular brands of electric fence charges, so it’s not surprising to see their name featured on our list. The Zareba EAC200M-Z is one of their best electric fence chargers and is perfect for those in the farming and ranching community. The brand has been around since the Great Depression, back when small-scale farmers were selling homesteads to large conglomerate agricultural companies. In modern times the brand focuses on specialized applications, which is where electric fence chargers come into the picture.

Zareba EAC200M-Z 200-Mile AC-Powered Low-Impedance Electric...
  • Features 15 output joules
  • For use on up to 200 miles of steel fencing

Zareba offers an electric fence charger that delivers superior protection for large ranches, and the EAC200MZ does that in abundance, with a 200-mile coverage range. It provides 4-times more coverage than the nearest competitor, and this electric charger is powerful as well. The Zareba puts out a large joule output, and at 15 joules, this charger can put stallions and bulls on the ground. No boar or bear is going to mess with the fence.

However, this electric fence charger doesn’t come cheaply and is one of the most expensive offerings in the market. You also need to consider the installation of this charger, as it is one of the heaviest and largest on this list and isn’t waterproof as well. That means you’ll need to build a separate enclosure to keep the charger protected from the elements.

  • 15 joules of shocking power
  • Fuse less design means easier maintenance
  • 200 miles of coverage, which is best-in-class 
  • Installation isn’t the simplest
  • Very noisy charger
  • Most expensive charger on the list

3. Gallagher M300 – Best Electric Fence Charger for Horses, Goats, and Deer

The third spot on our list is taken by a brand from New Zealand, known as the Gallagher. It’s a big brand and is well-known because ranching is the primary industry in New Zealand since the backbone of the economy of the country relies on keeping their herds safe. The prevalence of ranching in New Zealand means that Gallagher manages to produce an extensive line of products designed to meet the agricultural needs of all kinds. The products made by Gallagher are of high pedigree and one of their best offerings for electric fence chargers is the M300, which is the best all-rounder on this list.

Gallagher G380504 M300 Fencer, 110-volt
  • The product is M300 85Acre Fen Charger
  • Easy to use

It provides a solid 3 joules of energy output, putting it firmly in line with products made from Parmak, and the jolt is solid enough for large domestic animals. However, it may not work effectively on larger and more aggressive herd animals, such as stallions and bulls. That means large predators like boars and bears are also not going to be deterred by the electric charge.

One area in which the M300 shines is in the coverage it offers, which comes to around 50 miles in total. So, if you’re only putting up a single hot wire to keep out large pests, you can extend it to more than 12 miles along the perimeter line. That’s an impressive distance and is more than enough for any rancher or farmer.

However, there are some downsides for the M300 with issues related to condensation and water, since it has a plastic case that needs to be protected from the rain. The internal circuitry will short-circuit if the casing hasn’t been placed in a covered area, which could result in the electric fence charger not working.

  • .75 second pulses prevent feedback
  • 50 miles of coverage
  • 3 joules of energy output 
  • Has wire insulation and internal short circuit issues
  • The plastic case isn’t waterproof
  • Expensive fence charger

4. Zareba ESP10M-Z – Best Solar Fence Charger for Goats

This is the second Zareba product to be placed on our list, and the second solar powered fence charger as well. The Parmak was the innovator of solar-powered electric fence chargers, but Zareba has made a name for itself in the industry as well. The Parmak is focused on meeting the needs of large livestock and produces a moderate amount of joule output along with a fair coverage distance, but it comes at an expensive price point.

Zareba ESP10M-Z Solar Powered Low Impedance Electric Fence...
  • 10 Mile Rating – Energizes up to 10 miles of electric...
  • Long-Lasting Charge – This solar-powered charger stores...

You don’t require that kind of shock power if you’re only using an electric fencer charger for small domestic animals, pets, or goats. Most small domestic animals don’t need the same breadth of ranging and don’t use consume much grass compared to larger animals. That’s where the Zareba ESP10M-Z does such an amazing job because it delivers everything at an affordable package.

A lot of people don’t want solar-powered electric fences since they assume them to be less powerful, and the ESP10M-Z has the same reputation. This is the weakest electric fence charger on this list, as it only delivers .15 joule output of energy. That places it in the category of exclusively keeping out small domestic animals who are timid in nature. However, it may not be enough to keep out small predators like coyotes or foxes if they are in a desperate situation.

The total coverage offered by the ESP10M-Z is another concern, as it only manages to provide 10 miles in total, which is the least amount on this list. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if this charger was intended for larger animals, but since the power level is so low, you may need to use 2 or 3 hot wires. That’s mainly because to keep small animals in the fence line, you’ll need a high or low hotwire; otherwise, the animal will avoid the hotwire completely.

  • One of the easiest mounting installations
  • Solar-powered
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Only 10 miles of coverage
  • Only has a 6-volt battery
  • Lowest joule energy output on the list

5. Parmak Super Energizer 5 – Best Electric Fence Chargers for Bears

If you’re looking for an electric fence charger that packs a punch and a lot of juice, the Super Energizer 5 has the perfect solution for you. It is ideal for those individuals who have stallions or bulls and want an electric fence charger that delivers a powerful jolt to aggressive males that are running on high hormones. It is also the perfect electric fence charger for those who’re living in areas that are prone to boars and bears, who require some serious stopping power to keep these thick-skinned animals from destroying your fence line.

Parmak SE5 504564 Super Energizer 5 Low Impedance, Multi
  • 4 Low impedance 110/120 volt 50 mile range electric fence...
  • Equipped with a built-in digital performance meter, which...

The Parmak Super Energizer 5 delivers in every possible and puts out a strong 6.3 joules of output power, which could even bring a grown man to their knees with a jolt. That’s enough power for large domestic animals and send them scurrying away from the fence, and large predators will think twice about testing the fence line and look for easier sources of food. This electric fence charger also provides a large coverage area that totals to around 50 miles in total in a single hotwire, so that you can easily protect a wide acreage from predators.

Another great thing about the Parmak Super Energizer 5 is that it is the most affordable electric fence chargers on this list. That means you get a large joule output power and one of the widest coverages for an electric fence charger at a reasonable price. The only downside with this electric fence charger is that the AC power supply isn’t compliant with GFCI, so if you hook it up to a GFCI outlet the Super Energizer 5 is going to short circuit.

  • 50 miles of coverage
  • 6.3 joules of output power
  • The most affordable electric fence charger 
  • Isn’t compliant with the GFCI circuit
  • The power cord is short
  • Its case isn’t waterproof

6. Taylor Fence Cyclops – Best and Most Powerful AC Fence Charger

There are times when you require an electric fence charger to provide you with power that is more than normal or usual, and that’s where the Taylor Fence Cyclops comes into the picture. This is no ordinary electric fence charger, as it packs more than a punch. An average electric fence charger that delivers 5 to 10 joules of output power is enough to detract aggressive livestock or predators from testing out the electric fence more than once.

But if you’re looking to barbecue anyone that dares touch the electric fence, you’re going to need a lot of power and that’s exactly what you get with this electric fence charger. The Taylor Fence Cyclops will completely obliterate anyone and deliver them a shock to remember for life, as it generates a jaw-dropping 32 joules of output power. That makes it one of the most powerful electric fence chargers on this list, and it is nearly 5 times as powerful as the next best on the list. 

However, all that power doesn’t come cheap, and the Cyclops is easily the most expensive electric fence charger on this list. Apart from that it still manages to provide a lot of value for anyone that wants an electric fence that won’t let anyone get through, so it’s value for money. You don’t know how powerful a 32-joule output is until you’ve been jolted by it, and any beast that is unlucky enough to test its strength is going to be brought crashing down to their knees.

Taylor Fence is renowned for their electric fence chargers being the most powerful ones on the market; even their least powerful one still manages to deliver 1.5 joules of output power. The design of the Cyclops is old-school, as it is an electric fence charger that still relies on fuses. Apart from the fact that replacing fuses is extremely inconvenient, it can also result in instances when the fence line hasn’t been charged properly. This shouldn’t be a problem for livestock that has been shocked by the fence line but some predators can be persistent.

  • Best lightning protection
  • 30 miles of coverage
  • Comes in a wide range of joule systems
  • Produces 32 joules, the most on this list 
  • Fuse system may need to be repaired frequently
  • Doesn’t run on a GFCI compliant circuit
  • Most expensive electric fence charger on our list

7. Patriot P10 – Best Dual-Purpose Electric Fence Energizer

The Patriot brand is another one that isn’t an American company, and its products aren’t made in the United States. Like the Gallagher, this brand also comes from New Zealand—a country that relies on exporting livestock. This means it comes with all the necessary functions that you want from an electric fence charger. The Patriot P10 is a unique electric fence charger in various ways when you compare it with others on the list.

Patriot P10 Dual Purpose Electric Fence Energizer, 1.0 Joule
  • A great choice for fencing a small number of livestock
  • No load voltage = 9,700

Its standout characteristic is that the electric fence charger can be powered in no less than 3 different ways. You can power it through a solar array system, through a 12V direct current from a battery, and an alternating current. This allows you the freedom to power the Patriot P10 in any way that you want based on your requirements. You can choose the AC outlet option if the fence is located near your home. However, if the fence is in a remote location, the best and easiest way to power the electric fence charger is through a solar setup. However, if you don’t get enough sunlight, then the DC connection is the most obvious choice to power the electric fence charger.

Even though it is highly convenient to power up the Patriot P10, it is not the most affordable electric fence charger on the market. That’s mainly because it doesn’t come with any auxiliary components that are required to power the electric fence charger. You’ll need to purchase a solar array separately if you want to charge it through solar power; the same must be done if you’re using a battery which is strange since most DC electric fence chargers come with a battery. You’ll also need to purchase an AC adaptor for charging it through the AC method because the unit has been designed for DC current.

  • Numerous ways to install and position
  • Waterproof case
  • 30 miles of coverage
  • Can be solar-powered and DC current
  • It is a fairly affordable electric fence charger
  • Only delivers 1 joule of output power
  • Needs an adapter to use AC current 

Electric Fence Chargers Buyer’s Guide

It’s imperative that you buy the right electric fence chargers for your electric fence so that your property is safe from predators and intruders throughout the year. We’ve highlighted some main characteristics of electric fence chargers that you must consider when buying them. Doing so will help you in getting the best value for your money. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Current

One of the most important characteristics to keep in mind when you’re buying an electric charger in 2022 is the type of current the charge is going to use. This determines the position of the charger along with its overall cost for you. For instance, a fence powered by DC current is more expensive than one running on AC current, even though it’s easier to position. This means you’d need to buy and change the batteries. On the other hand, electric fences running on AC current are the better solution but they require an outlet.

Some people prefer solar array as a solution to DC battery replacement. They don’t deliver the same punch as the DC or AC-powered units.

  • Joules

One of the most important factors you must consider when buying an electric fence charger is the overall power and impact of the charger. However, this depends on where you plan on using your electric fence, as it will determine how powerful the charger should be. You shouldn’t be trying to save money by getting an electric charge that doesn’t have enough power and force to keep off intruders.

For example, if you have chickens and dogs on the property, then getting an electric fence that is too powerful can be dangerous for the animals. The electric current may not kill the animal but it can do substantial damage to their heart and nerves. That’s where a low-powered joule is the better option, as you only need 1 to 3 joules to get the job done.

  • Horses and Cattle

You don’t need a large joule output for domestic livestock but they are also better suited to handle a strong shock. A weaker unit may not have the force to stop them. You should get an electric fence charger with a 3 to 8-joule output for horses and cattle.

  • Pests and Deer

If you’re not trying to keep animals inside your property but preventing wild animals or pests from breaking into your property, you can get a higher joule output. For instance, if you own a small farm deer and other small critters may get inside and ruin your crops, but these are herbivorous pests and therefore a solid but not excessive shock is more than enough to scare them away.

  • Predators

You need a strong joule output to keep out predators from getting into your property and harming your livestock. Also consider the type of livestock you keep, for instance, chickens are vulnerable to coyotes and foxes while cattle don’t need to worry about them. So, if you’re trying to keep coyotes and foxes out, you don’t need to get an electric fence charger strong enough to shock cattle.

  • Boars

Boars are strong animals and are strong enough to shake off any blow or shock that doesn’t knock them down when they’re charging. Therefore, you need to have an electric fence that can provide a massive shock to keep them from entering your property.

  • Bears

If you’re trying to keep bears from intruding on your property, it’s imperative that you get an electric fence that has a large joule output. Bears are strong animals and have a thick layer of fat and thick fur that protects them from electric shocks. Therefore, you’ll need an electric fence that can deliver a strong shock to the system of the bear to keep them out.

  • Impedance

When you’re shopping for an electric fence charger, you should buy one that has low impedance, because brush and weeds may decrease the energy output if they’re touching the fence. Only animals like goats and show horses should have high impedance chargers.

Best Electric Fence Chargers


So, there you have it: our list of the 7 best electric fence chargers that you can get your hands on in the market. The best electric fence charger for you is going to be one that meets your needs, irrespective of the quality of the charger. This is all that matters; even if you buy the most powerful electric fence charger on the market, it’s not a good choice if you’re only using it to keep chickens inside the fence. You’ll just be paying a lot of money for the charger and its maintenance.

However, if you’re dealing with predators and are trying to keep large aggressive domestic animals from breaking out of your fence line, you should get a powerful electric fence charger. You need to look at several other characteristics, such as the charging capability and coverage of the electric fence charger.

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