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5 Best Electric Fences for Chickens | Reviews + Guide

Are you dealing with the aftermath of losing your chickens? It can be a stark reminder to shore up the defenses to contain your poultry in a safe zone.

Best Electric Fence for Chickens

Getting an electric fence to protect your chickens while they roost and forage is one of the best defenses against prowling predators. Your electric fencing will deliver a small shock to the predators when they try to attack your livestock; therefore, they will start to associate the poultry with an unpleasant sensation.

It will be an additional nighttime barrier as it helps to deter nocturnal predators like foxes, stray dogs, feral cats, etc.

In addition to that, chickens can be adventurous, and it's a nightmare for every chicken keeper, to keep them from going afield or to shoo them off your vegetable bed. Few chickens do have a voracious appetite, and they would love to have a bowl of salad from your garden.

An electric fence will save your expenses of flock replacement and at the same time allow the chickens to forage safely around the enclosure thus, reducing your feeding costs.

Best Electric Fences for Chickens

Best Electric Fence for Chickens

Here is the list of the 5 best electric fences for chickens that you can use to protect your chickens from predators.

1. Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence - Best for Conductivity & Stability

Premier 48" PoultryNet® Electric Fence 12/48/3, 164',...
  • PORTABLE electric fence that has 12 horizontal strands (11...
  • KEEPS IN chickens, ducks, geese and other poultry while...

This electric fence helps to protect your chickens and to keep them away from stray animals like rabbits, dogs, as well as foxes. It is highly conductive, and it’s pretty simple to set up Premier PoultryNet. If your poultry farm is located in a soft or moist area, then electric fencing provides stability due to the double spike feature.

The stainless steel feature along with copper (which is a superconductor) helps to make this fence more conductive than the other electric fences available.


We received this 48-inch electrifiable prefabricated fence in a roll that had posts that were built into the fence/mesh. This made it very easy to set up this fence, and we took a maximum of 15 minutes to get it done. But, we advise you to regularly maintain the vegetation to ensure that there is no weed or grass load around the fence as it can drain out the energy.

We have pretty soft soil around the farm, so the double-spiked posts were helpful to ensure stability. For the fence to be effective, you need to energize it properly, and you need a 0.25 joule of energizer for each roll of fencing. You’ll not be getting an energizer with this fence. We have been using a low-impedance intermittent pulse energizer, which works efficiently.

This fence has been perfect for protecting our goats and hens from foxes and for keeping them from escaping their enclosure.


  • Easy to install the fence
  • Size helps even to protect your bigger animals such as goats or dogs
  • Double spiked posts that will give you excellent fence stability
  • Highly conductive as it provides you with 35 ohms of resistance for every 1000 ft of fence


  • Does not work well on uneven or hilly terrain

Height: 42" | Roll Length: 164' | Spike Length/Diameter: 6"/0.26" | No. of Horizontal Strands: 12 | Energizer Included: No

2. Premier 48” Electric Chicken Net Fence - Best for High Visibility

Premier 48" PermaNet® Plus 12/48/3 Electric Fence - 100',...
  • Contain and control the movement of chickens, ducks and...
  • Can be used to contain and control livestock other than...

This fence is yellow, and it’s visible from a distance to both animals and humans. It has a simple installation process that will take a minimum of 15 minutes to set up. The energizer is not included in this set, but only 0.25 joules is required for every roll of fence. It is made with stainless steel that is woven in polyethylene plastic, which makes this product highly durable.


We charge this fence with a low-impedance intermittent pulse energizer. You need to avoid using continuous electric energizers with this electric netting. You can also clip multiple rolls of the net together by using a power clip. You will be receiving around 12 horizontal strands that have been placed at the bottom of the fence for creating mesh openings.

After we placed this yellow electric netting, there have been very few attacks by foxes, but even the hens and ducks don’t attempt to escape these fences. If you electrify this fence properly, then it will also keep your poultry away from bears. You should energize this up to a minimum of 3,000 volts to make it more effective.


  • It is brightly colored, which makes it visible from a far distance
  • You can use an AC/DC energizer or even premier solar power to energize the fence
  • Easy installation process
  • You can use it for your bigger animals too
  • It is lightweight


  • Poles are not strong enough
  • Fences are prone to warping
  • Gaps in the fences are not knit close together
  • Does not ensure stability on rough terrain

Height: 48" | Roll Length: 100' | Spike Length/Diameter: 7"/0.31" | No. of Horizontal Strands: 12 | Energizer Included: No

3. Premier 48” PoultryNet Plus Starter Kit - Best for Temporary Setup

Premier 48" PoultryNet® Plus Starter Kit - Includes White...
  • Everything you need in one convenient package to temporarily...
  • KIT INCLUDES 100' roll of 48" PoultryNet Plus double spiked,...

You can use this electric fence temporarily for your chickens. It is portable and easy to set up. This net is double spiked, and it comes along with a poultry net. You’ll also be receiving a solar IntelliShock 60 fence energizer which will help your electric fence to work quite efficiently. For the batteries, you’ll be getting around a 30-day warranty, while for the solar panels and energizers, there is a two-year warranty.


This was a very convenient package for us temporarily protect our chickens in the backyard. We have previously used this net for preventing our ducks and roosters from escaping. But, you can also use it for your other livestock like goats and sheep. It will avoid any attack from coyotes, raccoons, dogs, foxes, and similar predators.

We usually consider doing routine checks on the vegetation around the fence to prevent the growth of grass/weeds, which can result in energy drain from the fences. Moreover, you should be handling the fences with care as the warranty period does not cover damage due to floods or misuse. The installation process was pretty simple as it just took us 10 minutes to set it up.


  • Includes five wireless fence testers, solar IntelliShock 60 fence energizer, a 100-ft roll of 48” net, and FiberTuff support- posts
  • Solar panels and energizers are covered with a 2-year warranty
  • Battery has a 30-day warranty
  • Posts help to provide additional support while fencing through the corners, curves, and other directional changes


  • The holes in the net are big enough for rats and juvenile hens to get through

Height: 48" | Roll Length: 100' | Spike Length/Diameter: 6"/0.26" | No. of Horizontal Strands: 12 | Energizer Included: Yes

4. Powerfields P-89-W Electric 40”

Powerfields P-89-W Electric 40" Poultry / Goat...
  • Poultry/goat netting roll measures 40" tall X 164' long with...
  • Install netting kit in 15-20 minutes. Installation manual...

This electric net is around 164 feet long and 40 inches high. The set comes along with a repair kit that has poly wire and brass ferrule connectors for fixing breaks and other repairs. The horizontal and vertical strands are wireless, which is essential to prevent them from arching to the ground. It will be helpful to protect your pets, chickens, turkeys, and other animals of the same size.


You will be getting an installation manual with this product, and we have followed the same to set up the net within 15-20 minutes. There are many predators in our area like foxes, raccoons, and stray dogs, but after using this net, there have been no attacks on our livestock. This set is pretty well-built, and it’s solid due to the molding of conductive wire along with the non-conductive plastic strands.

We have removed this fence quite a several times to take it to a new location. You need to roll the net along with the integral poles and then roll it out before setting it up again. If you want, then you can buy a few more stakes separately to set up the net correctly.


  • Easy and quick to set up this net if the ground is soft
  • Comes with a repair kit for fixing any gaps or breakage
  • Portable
  • Set has the required cords and stakes for installation 


  • Posts are flimsy and weak
  • Challenging to secure the net tightly
  • Net is unstable when the ground is either too soft or too hard 

Height: 40" | Roll Length: 164' | Spike Length/Diameter: N/A | No. of Horizontal Strands: 12 | Energizer Included: No

5. Premier- 42” PoultryNet Plus Starter Kit

Premier 42" PoultryNet® Plus Starter Kit - Includes Green...
  • Everything you need in one convenient package to temporarily...
  • INCLUDES 100' roll of 42" PoultryNet Plus green/black...

The dimensions of this electric fence are 42 inches in height and 100 feet in length. This is a very convenient set as you receive a fence that is double-spiked and a solar pack.

It is a portable fence, which is easy to gather and dismantle for moving your chicken farm from one place to another. The fiber tuff, which is included in this set helps to set up the fence in different corners, directions, and curves.


You’ll get everything in this starter kit that is required to fence your poultry. We wanted enough space for our goats and hens, so we added three more sets to make a 100-feet x 100-feet enclosure. The line posts should be inserted firmly into the ground so that your nets don’t start sagging in between. We have to regularly cut down the grass and weeds around the fence as it can result in an energy drain.

We find it easy to assemble this electric fencing whenever we are moving our livestock to a new location. It is a hassle-free process, and it doesn’t usually take us more than 15 minutes to set up the enclosure. The fence energizer that is included in the package can electrify around 3-5 rolls of the net, but it also depends on the vegetation and soil conditions in your area.


  • 30-day warranty for the battery
  • There is a two-year warranty for the solar panels and energizers which covers defective parts, lighting damage or workmanship
  • It is the best package if you have the plan to move your fence either daily or weekly


  • Rats can get through the gaps in this fence

Height: 42" | Roll Length: 100' | Spike Length/Diameter: 6"/0.26" | No. of Horizontal Strands: 12 | Energizer Included: Yes

Best Electric Fences for Chickens Comparison Table

ProductHeightRoll LengthSpike Length/DiameterNo. of Horizontal StrandsEnergizer Included
Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence42"164'6"/0.26"12No
Premier 48” Electric Chicken Net Fence48"100'7"/0.31"12No
Premier 48” PoultryNet Plus Starter Kit48"100'6"/0.26"12Yes
Powerfields P-89-G Electric 40”40"164'N/A12No
Premier 42” PoultryNet Plus Starter Kit42"100'6"/0.26"12Yes

Buying Guide for The Best Electric Fence for Chickens

Height of the Fence

Height is an essential factor when selecting electric fencing. But, if there is an elevated position like a tree, stone or stump somewhere near the fence from where they can jump over, then the tallest of nets will be of no use in protecting your chickens. Therefore, it is crucial to place the fence in the correct location.

Option to Expand

If you plan to extend the fence shortly by adding more nets, then make sure that your energizer will support it. Some energizers can power only three nets, while others can power around 10.

Power Source

You need to check the fence chargers to understand whether it’s powered by solar energy, AC, or DC. If your electric fence can be equipped with solar batteries, then it’s the best environmentally-sound option that you should consider. Solar cells are technologically advanced these days, and they are much more effective, and they don’t need direct sunlight for their functioning.


You should focus on your objective for using the fence. Do you want a fence for keeping your livestock and pets within an enclosed area? Or, do you want to protect them from wild animals? As you identify the goal and the size of the animals in concern, you’ll be able to pick the right fence for your needs.

Material of the chicken fence

The most common options for fencing material are of two types: galvanized steel and aluminum. You can use either of the two as they have resistance from rusting due to snow or rain. But, if you need a higher voltage to get more shocking power, then you can opt for poly rope, which has a higher tensile strength.

Electric Fences for Chickens FAQs

  • Are electric fences safe for chickens and humans?

    Yes, electric fences are safe for both chickens and humans when properly installed and maintained. The electric fence delivers a brief but noticeable shock to animals (including humans) that discourages contact without causing any serious harm or injury.

  • Do I need a special permit to install an electric fence for chickens?

    Permit requirements vary depending on local regulations. Some locations may require a permit or have specific rules regarding fences near property lines. Always consult your local zoning laws or city ordinances before installing an electric fence.

  • How much maintenance is required for an electric fence?

    Electric fences require minimal maintenance. Periodically examine the fence for damage or vegetation that may restrict current flow. Inspect the energizer and ground system for any issues or wear. Occasionally check the fence’s voltage to ensure it is functioning properly.

  • Conclusion

    Electric fences are essential in protecting your chickens from predators and keeping them safely contained within a designated area. Choosing the right electric fence for your chickens based on factors such as visibility, stability, and conductivity ensures the security and well-being of your flock.

    From the above 5 best electric fences for chickens, here are the top three expert recommendations:

    For conductivity and stability, the Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence is an ideal option. Its double spike feature and highly conductive materials make it perfect for soft or moist areas.

    If high visibility is important to you, then the Premier 48” Electric Chicken Net Fence is a good option. Its bright yellow color ensures visibility from a distance, increasing its deterrent effect on predators.

    For a temporary setup that is portable and easy to install, the Premier 48” PoultryNet Plus Starter Kit is the right choice. This kit includes all necessary components for quick installation and a solar-powered energizer for added convenience.

    In conclusion, investing in a high-quality electric fence tailored to your specific needs will not only ensure the safety of your chickens but also provide you with peace of mind knowing your flock is well protected.

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