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13 Epic Free Rabbit Hutch Plans You Can Download & Build Today

Free Rabbit Hutch Plans

A list of super simple and super epic completely free rabbit hutch plans follow, these will help you construct a strong solid structure that ought to keep the fluffiness safe and sound from predators and weather alike. All the items in our list feature photos and complete instructions, often with diagrams and step-by-step building instructions and all free rabbit hutch plans below have past the the test of time and they have been vouched for repeatedly in their communities and therefore one simply cannot go wrong with the rabbit hutches below; we invite you to simply choose the one that fits your needs.

In the list all rabbit hutches naturally have common attributes but their structure and style varies and as a result, your experience will too. We strongly encourage to compare all these options carefully before starting building, make sure that you need a one or two story rabbit hutch or that you actually need any of the outdoor rabbit hutch plans below before going the extra mile; it goes without saying that you have to adapt the hutches to the number of rabbits you are going to grow.

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Free Rabbit Hutch Plans 

HOWtoSpecialist`s Free Rabbit House Plan Tutorial


A rather simple rabbit hutch tutorial with complete diagrams for every step, is recommended for beginners and professionals alike. Jack recommends wood essences resistant to weather such as pine and cedar for this particular project as the materials will greatly improve the construct`s behavior in time. Your little furry friend will greatly appreciate his new home and you have everything you need everything thoroughly explained thanks to Jack`s tutorial, it is also worth noting that the project can be easily scaled and customized for your bunnies!

More details here

Ana White`s Free Two-Story Rabbit Hutch


Tutorials on Ana's website always seem super simple, and super easy to realize and that happens every time because they actually are! Ana White has simply made the world a better place thanks to her easy-to-follow tutorials.  The two-story rabbit hutch above has everything a fluffy friend would need and happily it can shelter his friends as well, cast a glance over the complete project and see how it would fit your situation, this is one that should definitely be shortlisted.

More details are here and here.

Rogue Engineer Shares a free rabbit hatch plan


A beautiful rabbit hatch that connects the little critter with soil and vegetation thanks to a lower deck where he can roam freely. The upper deck is marvelous and it includes a small apartment where the rabbit can take refuge when the weather is uncertain.

Rogue Engineer happily presents this rabbit hutch plan with everything that one would need for completion, material list, tool list, color photos, diagrams as well as detailed written instructions that will help any beginner realize this stress-free.

More details here.

Epic PVC Rabbit Huts on BeSurvival


A proven technique for fast DIY rabbit hutch shelters uses PVC frames to materialize the ensemble; this technique is used for all kinds of structures, we have featured such a unit in our chicken coop list and here it comes the PVC frame rabbit hut; all you need is 1 1/2 SCH 40 pipe and wire-frame cages. One can find these PVC pipes and their connectors at any local hardware store and the complete instructions that accompany the tutorial make this DIY project readily available to anyone in the world happily. A super efficient, modular project that will shelter your furry friends for decades.


A rabbit hutch can be cool but an entire hotel for your little bunnies is certainly better, you will simply adore the free rabbit hotel plan featured on Instructables and so will kids as the low height of the ensemble invites them to interact with the bunnies. In the link below you will find complete building instructions with color photos, a supply list, and a tool list, all you need to create his masterpiece that will be enjoyed by all parties i

Create a hotel for your bunnies with this free hutch plan that is created so your kids can interact with the rabbits as much as they like.

More details are here.


This free plan for furry rabbits has been featured in Instructables too and it uses reclaimed wood to assemble an epic small rabbit hutch almost 5 feet long that ought to be sufficient for 3 to 6 young rabbits. In the following tutorial 12 steps of instructions part you from the completed object and these include images that you can follow but please take note that the materials and tools are not listed. The process and the images explain a great deal though, analyze them carefully and you will surely succeed!

More details here.

Outdoor Plans Presents Free Rabbit Hutch Plan


A super simple rabbit hutch that you can complete in a couple of hours easily. Instructions and a complete material list properly synced with the diagram make the DIY project swift but written instructions ease the process even further and so does the tool list nestled in the following link. Needless to say that you can scale this to your needs.

 More details here.

 Sectional Rabbit Hutch Plan Presented on Instructables


If you want to spoil one happy rabbit you can use the free plan featured on Instructables below. The sectional diy rabbit hutch that you will complete can hold up to five furry critters and happy you have the option of creating the hutch sections either 4' or 6'.

Step-by-step instructions for the construction include diagrams, materials, and too lists as well as photos.

More details here.


As you can imagine the following rabbit hutch plan is a super simple DIY plan and that is all true, it has nothing to do with it being featured on Simple Easy DIY. Follow the tutorial and you will find out exactly how to cut the material, how to ensemble the frame, install the roof and door, and everything from top to bottom. The rabbit hutch tutorial includes a video that will help a great deal, an educational medium that in this case replaces the written instructions.

More details here.

 Woodworking Site Provides a Free Rabbit Hutch Plan


As you can deduct from the exploded illustration above the tutorial above is super easy to follow and it provides clear instructions and a lot of support illustrations that will help you complete an epic rabbit hutch. The Woodworking website even provides illustrations that will help you understand how the piece connects with one-another, all pieces are numbered carefully so you can track them down easily. For this tutorial, you will also need some hinges and wire mesh, elements commonly used in rabbit hutches.

More details here.

WHEELED Free Rabbit Hutch Plan

An awesome free rabbit hutch plans with wheels! It might sound odd when you first hear it but the great advantage is that you can move the rabbit hutch easily.

The thoroughly presented step-by-step instructions spread across three pages in BuildEazy`s plan with a dozen diagrams with specific dimensions and a complete material list that starts on the second page if you want to browse it rapidly.

More details here. 

Learn How to Build a Bunny Condo

The bunny condo that follows is more of a bonus item to our list, it presents a super simple tutorial that you can assemble in your home in less than an hour, please take note that the diy rabbit hutch above is nothing short of extraordinary and will definitely make a bunny super happy!

Find the video here.

A short list of only 13 items presented super epic solutions for the furry friends that we love to take care of so much, have you found this free rabbit hutch plans interesting enough to craft? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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