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19 Adorable Free Cat Tower Plans For Your Furry Friend

The little furry friends are able to change our lives, they do it everyday, every minute. Dogs are not always house pets but cats usually are, reason for which we are going to list 17 super adorable free cat tower plans for the little feline; dog lovers, worry not, epic diy dog beds can be found here.

DIY Cat Tree

The list is short because it`s epic, highly filtered, it contains the best free cat towers you will find in the world of do it yourself, all in one place. Every listed item contains photos, diagrams and step by step instructions that ought to help you materialize the craft and they are simple enough to be pursued by beginners and enthusiasts alike. Here you will find great variation in a small package, you will find houses, simple stands, the traditional cat tree and even cat condos that are worth considering for spoiled felines. Keep in mind that all projects in our list have been designed by people that love their furry friends and while they`re not purrfect, they are as close as an amateur do it yourself project can get reason for which we strongly encourage you to consider each and everyone and envision the possibility of actually improving the designs below, your craft your rules.

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 Adorable Free Cat Tower Plans

 1. Imgur presents free Cat Tower Plan


It is simply epic, 6 feet tall with 2 platforms epic actually ! The plan on Imgur invites your feline to climb on or through a carpeted tower up and down between two platforms thus creating great route options for the little gymnast. In the guide linked below you will find a specific description and sufficient image to create the cat tree easily, get crafting !

More details here.

2. Real Organic DIY Cat Tree on bybrittanygoldwyn.com 


A natural branch tree, fluffy platforms and plastic greenery that will emphasize its looks a tad and stimulate the cats attention, everything a cat tree should contain. You can of-course choose to finish this in any color or wooden hue you feel like but the more natural the look, the better.

Brittany included absolutely everything that one would ever need to materialize the beauty, in the link below you will find resources, images, detailed instructions and even an adorable hand-drawn plans that present the design. Cast a glance and you`ll be convinced to start the project instantly.

More details here.

3. Wikihow showcases free Cat Tree Plan 


It goes without saying that this is a cat tree stand that you can build in a couple of hours, you have the instructions to make it even faster with proper preparations, the five platforms and four beams in the tutorial below can of course be customized, scaled down or up to fit your space. Feel free to add your own twist to the project and make the furry little one happy.

More details here.

4. Adorable Cactus Post is a Kind of Cactus Tree


It is a tree and it is for cats so it is safe to assume that this is in fact a cat tree and of-course, an awesome DIY décor project, you can change the design as you please, a platform can definitely be included, possibly in the shape of cactus flower, beautifully colored to complement your design piece.

More details here.

5. One Full Condo Plan at dadand.com


Designed in a one page PDF file, the guide above designed by dadand.com ought to help you create an awesome cat condo that will include four platforms and a minimum of three support beams yet the project ought to cost under $25 dollars and a little under two hours to finish; a really exemplar budget craft that will make the feline happy.

More details here.

6. Cat Shelves Are an Almost-Cat Tree


There are platforms, platforms with scratchy surfaces between which cats can jump freely to enjoy a good exercise and pick their favorite spot; it is as a result, a type cat tree, one without branches, a minimalist cat free for individuals aiming for a clutter-free home.

More details here.

 7. Silly Pearl presents epic DIY Cat Tree 


A quick, easy to realize and inexpensive DIY project has surfaced on the world wide web, it has been designed by Silly Pearl and it is on a great pursuit, the pursuit of feline happiness. The tutorial is up to the task too as the free plan happily includes tools, diagrams, written directions, color photos and tips to make everything super easy to follow. Thanks to the immense amount of information you have sufficient room to customize your design and thus the cat tree project that you`ll end up with will surely be an extraordinary fit in your home.

More details here. 

 8. HGTV Presents Free Cat Tree Condo


It might look challenging, worry not, it isn`t. You will need a PVC pipe, baskets and shelve brackets from the hardware store along with an immense spool of rope that you hopefully already have in your craft box. HGTV presents a condo with three wicker baskets in which your feline can find peace, the cat ought to hop from one to the other. Feel free to add more baskets if you feel the need. A complete list of materials along with color photos and written instructions follow in the link below, they`ll help you finalize this project in a few hours.

More details here. 

9. Exquisite Cat Condo by Kristen


Without a doubt one of the coolest cat trees in our list has been designed and built by Kristen, it contains four platforms and a really cool X-design that can accommodate an immense quantity of scratching surfaces. The awesome craft contains a closed area on the first level and open platforms above that ought to give the feline special vantage points.

In the following link you will find step by step imagery and instructions that will make your DIY project insanely easy, give this awesome cat tree a chance, you`ll love it !

More details here.

10. Pickle Perfect on how to Build a Cat Tree


A really scratchy design with multiple perches, a hammock, a hiding spot and tempting surfacing and toys all around has been designed by Pickle Perfect.

Everything you will need to create this high end cat tree follows, a list of materials, photos and instructions, all in one place.

More details here.

11.  brittaswiderski.com Presents Epic Ikea Hack Catwalk


A cat tree can really be realized in minutes if you have all the materials needed and sometimes, IKEA can handle that, the great cat tree and cat walk combination illustrated above and detailed below is an extraordinary example in this regard, cast a glance and you will notice how insanely easily you can make your cat happy.

More details here.

 12. Free Cat Tree PlaN by Ana White


With a small estimated cost ranging between 20 and 50 dollars the free tree plan cat envisioned by Ana White should definitely be shortlisted. It contains three platforms with ramps to access them and the whole tutorial has been structured in 10 steps only.

Ana also provides a shopping list and a list of tools that she thinks will make your job easier in this epic project; one PDF version of the plan is also available, everything one needs to make their feline happy.

More details here. 

 13.  ShowCatsOnline.com and their free plan

The design envisioned by showcatsonline.com is top notch ! It includes a small some, a bed, a tube and of-course a top platform for epic views, all fully carpeted.

It is also worth noting that the list of materials, basic tools required are detailed below in a 15 steps tutorial that will help you materialize it.

More details here. 

14. DIY Cat Tree | Cattree | Kratzbaum Designed by Karl & Elmo

More details here.

 15. Castle DIY designs cat tree

An awesome free cat tree plan envisioned by Castle DIY follows detailed in the link below, it has three levels, places to scratch, a treat for your feline.

You will find a tool list and a material list to help along the project, color photos and written instructions will make this project super-easy to follow.

More details here.

16. Luxurious Multi-Level Cat Tree


All wrapped in scratchy materials, multiple levels and ways to enjoy the structure, a feline heaven without a doubt.

The super high end tutorial contains detailed instructions and images on how to materialize this epicness, cast a glance and surge inspiration for your cat`s next toy.

More details here.

17. Brilliant DIY Cat Tree on Instructables


You can make wonders, you can basically construct an unique playground for your little friend, scratchy surfaces all around, numerous platforms, all you need is some time and the space to install it.

This particular craft has been designed with cardboard tubes to reduce costs, if you have a chance to salvage these from a neighboring Plot Shop, give them a call.

In the link below you will find the Instructable tutorials that includes photos, material list, diagrams, tips & tricks, absolute everything you will need to realize this piece; feel free to use the amount information to improvise and create your own awesome reinterpretation.

More details here.

18. Small DIY Cat Tree Doubles as Home Decor


It looks awesome, it is sculptural beautiful, it is really hard to realize as you simply have to find a gem in nature, a beautiful piece of wood that can double as a home decoration, one able to nestle your furry frdetailsiend too every now and then.

19. Brilliant Sculptural Wall DIY Cat Tree


A splendid composition we have above, it presents a tree stripped of its branches completely, wrapped in ropes and adorned in ones' home. The beautiful ensemble is here emphasized by the naturalness of the wallpaper behind it, a beautiful complementary composition that will surely make the felines and their owners happy.

The tutorial below is not in English sadly but Google translate should suffice as the whole project is super straight forward and easy to follow.

Keep in mind that naturalness is the biggest selling point here, you will find a log entirely different, particular that will shape your room and cat tree a tad differently, uniqueness at its best.

More details here

In truth, these crafts are not for each and everyone yet the adorable free cat tree plans above surely cannot be contested as their simplicity is able to bring a great value to the feline`s owners and the space they call home.

What do you think about these ? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !

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