A furry friend is something else, he`s always there when we need him, he loves us no matter what. The simple sight of his wiggling tail makes us smile when we get home, they are joyful and excited to see us regardless of our day, their love is unconditioned.  Simply cast a glance at the little one below, awaiting his friend, gazing through his own petite window.


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It goes without saying that the feelings are mutual, in them we find a comfortable peace and balance that we hardly find in any other relationship, dog-love is epic, different. We invite you to cast glance at the following gallery, we have curated a selection of DIY dog bed ideas meant to invite one to pamper his furry ally in life.

1. Shabby chic crate dog bed


You can simply modify a wooden crate and paint it to fit your design needs, here a shabby chic finish has been applied over the crate wearing the name of the furry one along with his title, “No.1”.

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2. DIY DOG House with sky TERRACE


Simply upgrade the dog house with a small ladder and a simple terrace. Get two-three treats on top so he can learn to use the ladder and he`ll be ready to enjoy the new feature shortly.

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3. use pillows to shape a puf-pouf dog bed


The process is rather simple yet the rewards are spectacular.

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4. RE-PURPOSE motorcycle tire dog bed


The smaller width of the tire looks far better than a regular car tire, simply paint it with the color of choice and create a small pillow to nestle in.

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5. unique living doggie den


No doggy should ever need a den yet when for a couple of minutes we have to set a boundary between them and our guests they ought to stay safe, in a place that they actually like.

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6. dress up the dog crate



In small spaces dog crates sometimes double as dog beds, this helps them feel safer while traveling too. In this case you can create something interesting over the dog crate to emphasize practicality and comfort for you and your furry friend.

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7. diy minimalist dog bed 


The craft is shattering beautiful and while it might require a bit of patience and time to realize the result is definitely worth pursuing.

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8. DIY sweatshirt pet bed


The craft is super simple, rapid and reversible and as a result hygienic and easy on maintenance.

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9. DIY Pet Teepee


Playful and extraordinary graphic, the adorable tee-pee is a neat treat for the furry one.

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10. DIY rustic pallet dog bed


Use simple wood, perhaps salvaged pallet wood, and create an epic rustic dog bed, the name tag ought to be present as well.

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11. RE-PURPOSE furniture into a neat dog room

A vivid color and wallpaper can help, here the toys are also categorized and wall art has been featured.

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12. craft a FLUFFY dog bed box

Sewing skills are required to make it happen but we all have that skillful friend eager to help, make a day of it !

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13. chevron diy dog bed MATTRESS

Textures and colors can change everything, notice how vivid the dog beds above look.

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14. blanket and pillows diy dog bed

A neat treat that puts old pillows to good use.

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15. diy barrel dog beds

The opportunities are there, numerous shapes and sizes can be sculpted with the right barrel. Enjoy the process and the little one will definitely enjoy the result.

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16. diy twin dog beds 

Use pallet wood to shape something really epic, you need patience and dedication but your result will definitely be appreciated by your furry team.

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17. build an epic 4-poster dob bed

The process is simple, rapid and extraordinarily fun, the posh, creative look is surely worth pursuing.

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18. diy pocket dog bed

A pocket-like dog bed makes it more comfortable, snuggle-worthy.

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19. diy travel bag dog bed

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20. wooden geometric dog bed 

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21. transform a drawer into a glamorous dog bed

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22. crib dog bed transformation

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23. tailor a colorful large pillow

Use scraps to tailor a vivid bohemian dog pillow for your little furry one, they`ll love it.

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24. transform a NIGHTSTAND into a dog bedroom

Your friend will be always there, in full comfort by your side.

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25. SIDE-TABLE doubling as a nightstand and dog-room 

Super practical and graphic, enjoy the company of the little one.

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26. tailor a dog bed with pallets

A full dug house with little to no costs, it has a porch too.

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27. transform an old tv into  a dog suite

Full comfort in full style for the furry one.

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28. diy knitted dog bed

Few things in life look as comfortable as this knitted dog bed,what do you think?

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29. side-table becomes canopy dog bed

A posh bedding for a posh friend.

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To spoil a friend is a treat for both parties, spoiling your furry friend will enrich your experience with him, you will see them satisfied snuggled into the crafted bed, happily wiggling his tail. What do you think about the DIY dog bed ideas above? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Anton Giuroiu