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15 Super Fun DIY Cat Tent Ideas to Pursue

Furry friends around us are no stranger to spoils, from special food to extraordinary toys we do our best to make them happy, to reward them for being always positive, always playful, ready to liven up the atmosphere. The following article builds on this extraordinary relationship between us and the furry ones, below you will find super simple and creative diy cat tent ideas, that can be easily interpreted as DIY dog tent ideas if the situation requires it.

DIY Cat Tent

Incredibly simple to realize, insanely practical for the furry friend and with infinite customization options, this is definitely a craft to consider, cast a glance !

Four wooden sticks, a colorful piece of cloth, scissors and string and you are good to go, choose a a texture that really shines, and enjoy every moment.

via woonblog.typepad.com

A small tee pee can also be shaped with scrap cloth that can be sewn together into something extraordinary, colorful, positive.

via mustbemelissa.blogspot.ro

A complete tutorial to a really neat DIY tent for your furry friend.

via sewmamasew.com

Crocheting a cat tent is not an easy task but your cat will surely love it.

via bautawitch.se

Super rapid and super simple cat tent, to realize with simple wire, a t-shirt and a piece of cardboard, full tutorial below.

via instructables.com

Craft a rustic tent for your little one, embrace it with personal items.

via diybastelideen.com

Match burlap with wood and the results will be extraordinary.

via dentelleetfleurs.com

Use stripes to your advantage.

via gato-persa.com

Use cloth hangers with one T-shirt and you are good to go.

via truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com

Flowers embracing an extraordinary graphic and comfortable tent doubled by felt.

via smiuchin.wordpress.com

Simple box and T-shirt equals comfort.

via meowblog.cats.org.uk

Simplicity at its best, the crossed stitching and simple illustrations are extraordinary touches, the fluffy rug should not be overlooked either.

via blog.ishine365.com

Simple, rapid, graphic.

via fudgeyjoy.wordpress.com

If your cat can`t stop scratching your carpet, worry not, there are solutions !

via handcraftsandhandyman.com

Airy, impeccable, extraordinary beautiful design, a truly inspiring cat tee pee.

via etsy.com

The gallery above is dedicated to our furry friends but we would love to hear your valuable feedback in the comment section below, what do you think about them? Pick your favorite, and craft it to spoil your little one, we will love to see the results !

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