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The 15 Best Portable Air Conditioners To Buy In 2023

The Whynter ARC-14S has efficient air conditioning features with a polished look. On the other hand, the BLACK+DECKER BPACT14WT is a practical portable air conditioner from a reliable brand that provides a range of features within an accessible range.

Best Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners have a range of advantages over traditional window air conditioners. They are more affordable and energy-efficient.

If a portable air conditioner is your next purchase, I can help you choose the right one.

There is no single best air conditioner - it depends on what you need it for. So, evaluate your room size, general climate, and other requirements to choose a Portable Air Conditioner that will work for you.

Best Portable Air Conditioners For You

Here’s the list of the 15 best portable air conditioners to buy in 2023, offering affordability, energy efficiency, and diverse options to cater to your specific cooling needs.

1. BLACK+DECKER - Best Small And Powerful Portable Air Conditioner

BLACK+DECKER Air Conditioner, 14,000 BTU Air Conditioner...
  • Portable AC: Use this personal air conditioner (16.5” x...
  • 3-in-1: Our 8400 BTU DOE (14000 BTU ASHRAE 128) portable air...

The BLACK+DECKER BPACT14WT is one of the best portable air conditioners to reckon with due to its 14,000 British Thermal Units of cooling power and compact, portable design. It's enough to keep your living space cool and comfortable throughout the summer, whether it's a 200 square feet dorm or a 700 square feet office.

Adding to the flexibility that’s inherent in portable air conditioners, it can do more than just cooling. Are you tired of letting your old portable AC cool your room if you're just trying to eliminate moisture or aerate the space? The BPACT14WT's fan mode can add that necessary circulation in your room without cooling it past your comfort zone. What's more, its dehumidifier mode removes that uncomfortable, sweaty feeling from the air and helps your pores breathe.

To make things better, cleaning it is a piece of cake. The filter has a sliding function, so no need to pry the filter away from its place while worrying about accidentally breaking something! Now, you can casually slide it out and clean it within minutes. Doing this frequently enough will also help you optimize your AC's functioning and keep it cooling as powerfully as ever.

Last but not least, it's environmentally friendly. Its R32 refrigerant helps you do your part in reducing the ozone hole and preventing global warming. Also, it cools your room more while using less power. You can switch to Sleep mode or use the 24-hour timer to save money.

Cooling Power: 8000 BTU | Weight: 27.9 lb | Noise Level: 51 dB | Warranty: 1 year limited

2. Whynter - Best Sleek And Modern Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU (9,500 SACC) Dual Hose Portable...
  • AWARD-WINNING: Good Housekeeping's 2024 "BEST OVERALL...
  • POWERFUL & QUIET: 14,000 BTU (ASHRAE) / 9,500 BTU (SACC)...

You can relax in your home while enjoying the fresh air with this Whynter unit. Alongside the regular air filter, it has an activated carbon filter to keep your room clean and free of smoke, dirt, or odor. 

If you want to learn more about how these best portable air conditioners work, activated carbon is regular charcoal that undergoes heating and chemical reactions to make it a better adsorbent. Its carbon matrix structure now has bigger pores to adsorb organic and inorganic molecules from the air without dissolving them.

Moving further, it employs an effective and self-contained cooling method called an auto drain. Do you know how condensation droplets form on your car or room window when the portable AC is on at dawn? This water is moisture from the air, cooled back to liquid, and gathered on the nearest surface. The ARC-14S lets this water collect inside and uses it in the cooling cycle to use less refrigerant.

Additionally, it stands out among other portable air conditioners because of its sleek design. With smooth white borders and a black stripe in the middle, it drastically deviates from the usual Portable Air Conditioner look with only simple design changes. 

Finally, it has two exhaust pipes - one for the intake and another for the exhaust. This dual hose operation cools your room faster and produces less waste.

Cooling Power: 14000 BTU | Weight: 73 lb | Noise Level: 56 dB | Warranty: 1 year for the portable AC unit, 3 years for the compressor

3. Shinco- Best Easy-To-Use Portable Air Conditioner

Shinco 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, AC Unit with...
  • 【OUTSTANDING COOLING ABILITY】- Shinco powerful ac unit...
  • 【3-in-1 FUNCTION】- This portable ac unit is designed...

The Shinco SPF1-08C is a fast-cooling, portable air conditioner for sliding windows. You can get it for your bedroom, dorm room, or small office.

The first advantage I want to mention is that it's easy to set up. When you receive your new AC, simply unwrap the portable air conditioning unit and use the wheels to slide it around. After you've rolled it to the desired position in the room, it's time to attach it to your window. First, fix the hose in the gap. Next, use the adjustable brackets to close the gaps. This'll keep all the cold air inside your room and prevent leaks.

On to the next benefit, it has a 24-hour timer that can help you set specific on and off times. Portable AC brands always boast of a "24-hour" timer because of the greater flexibility it offers when choosing the timing. For example, you can schedule your portable AC to shut off after you fall asleep and turn it on again before you usually wake up. This'll save on your monthly electricity bill, too. 

Some other portable air conditioners on my list have a weak remote control. If that's an issue for you, consider this Shinco AC! Its powerful remote has a signal range of 7 meters. Thus, you'll be able to control the cooling from virtually anywhere in your room.

Cooling Power: 8000 BTU | Weight: 53.9 lb | Noise Level: 55 dB | Warranty: 1 year

4. SereneLife SLPAC10 - Best Compact Portable Air Conditioner

SereneLife Small Air Conditioner Portable 10,000 BTU with...
  • COOLING: The SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner is perfect...
  • 3-in-1 FUNCTIONS: Our 8,000 BTU compact Portable AC unit...

If you're looking for a lightweight and compact air conditioner to move around your flat, this SereneLife unit might suit you. At around 55 pounds, it's easy to push it to your bedroom at night after keeping it in your workspace all afternoon. Further, the wheels are designed expertly, making the process effortless for you.

To make things better, it has minimal installation requirements. Just place it near a wall and fix the exhaust pipe in your window, and it's ready to go! However, some users mentioned having trouble fitting it into their windows, so I'd recommend doing your research first. Measure your window dimensions and compare them to the adjustable flap sizes to see if it fits.

Moving on, it has cooling, fan, and dehumidifier modes that give you more flexibility in controlling your room ambiance. Although the highest fan setting is a little noisy, I believe it's worth it because of the excellent circulation and powerful cooling it provides. Further, the dehumidifier prevents you from buying yet another home appliance to keep you comfortable on a cloudy and sweaty day.

Also, its design optimizes your room area and takes up the least space. These portable units can stand independently and stay stable, so you don't need support. To make things better, it's wide and flat, making it easy to tuck into a corner or near a wall. Thus, you can move around your room without obstacles while the SLPAC10 cools it. 

Cooling Power: 10000 BTU | Weight: 55 lb | Noise Level: 52 to 56 dB | Warranty: 1 year

5. Midea - Best Portable Air Conditioner With Low Technical Support Needs

Midea 8,000 BTU ASHRAE (5,300 BTU SACC) Portable Air...
  • EASY COOL - The Midea Portable Air Conditioner, ASHRAE...
  • EFFORTLESS OPERATION - Enjoy the simplicity and comfort of...

The Midea MAP08R1CWT is a suitable air conditioner for a small room, apartment, or RV. With its 8000 British Thermal Units of cooling power, it'll keep your 150-square feet space cool and comfy throughout the year.

Furthermore, its easy-to-use remote allows you to choose a range of temperatures between 62 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, if you're buying a Portable Air Conditioner to keep your elderly parents comfortable while you work, consider this one. People of all ages can learn to operate it with ease, and the controls are intuitive without putting strain on their fingers.

Also, you can keep it clean on your own without waiting for the technician. Gone are the days of being late to work because you were waiting for a mechanic to finish cleaning your AC! Now, you can just slide the filter out, brush or wash it and then reinstall it in a few minutes. Doing this once every week will keep it functional and durable for years.

Speaking of which, Midea covers your unit with a 1-year warranty on the parts and labor. So, you don't have to suffer a loss if the parts have a manufacturing defect or start failing sooner than they should under normal conditions. Midea will examine your issue and provide honest services. Therefore, it speaks to their trust in the durability of their products, and you can rest easy after your investment.

Cooling Power: 8000 BTU | Weight: 50.9 lb | Noise Level: 52 dB | Warranty: 1-year parts + labor

6. SereneLife SLPAC105W - Best Child-Safe Portable Air Conditioner

SereneLife Small Air Conditioner Portable 10,000 BTU with...
  • 10, 000 BTU COOLING POWER: With 920W rated power and 10, 000...
  • 3 OPERATING MODES: The ac unit portable room air conditioner...

This SereneLife unit has a general cooling power of 10000 BTU but a SACC cooling capacity of 6000 BTU. Are you confused about what that means? I'll explain. The general rating is for how fast an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) unit cools a room without factoring in other calculations. 

However, Portable Air Conditioners like this also get quite warm when you leave them on inside your room. And, unlike window or wall units, they don't have an outlet for all that heat. Thus, they end up negating some of their own cooling power with the warmth they generate. This is the SACC rating - when your unit gets heated, it'll provide a total cooling of 6000 BTU. That's still a suitable number for a small room.

So, you can opt for it if you have a cool and highly ventilated 300 square foot room or a warmer and more closed-off 150 square foot room. This works because if your large office is in a naturally cold atmosphere with proper airflow, it'll take some heat away from the exhaust.

Moving on, it has a sleek and sturdy standing design. It's almost equal in length and breadth and structurally stable enough to stand upright despite light pushes. Therefore, it'll greatly help those who feel their hearts skip when their pets or kids play too close to the Portable Air Conditioner.

Finally, it has a Wi-Fi function that helps you control it from your smartphone. Now, you can easily change your room's temperature without worrying about keeping the remote near at all times.

Cooling Power: 10000 BTU (6000 BTU SACC) | Weight: 55 lb | Noise Level: 57 dB | Warranty: 1 year

7. AIRO- Best Portable Air Conditioner For Consistent Cooling

AIRO COMFORT Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU for Room 350...
  • Powerful & Efficient Air Conditioner - Keep your room, home,...
  • Simple and Easy to Use - Our innovative Air Conditioning...

AIRO is a leading brand providing advanced technology in its portable air conditioners at budget rates, and the AC08MWS is no exception. Its sleek LED indicator lights add a touch of modernity to your home, and you can turn them off at night if the pinpricks disturb your preferred darkness. Additionally, it has a touch sensor that helps you control the cooling without the hassle of buttons and dials.

If you choose this Portable Air Conditioner, you can install it on your own when it arrives. The instructions are simple and easy to understand, so you don't need to wait for a mechanic to get it operational.

Instead, just follow the user manual and installation guide to have it up and running in no time. The guide also has detailed descriptions and simple language, which means you don't need technical experience or knowledge of jargon to install it.

Further, it has an upward-angled airflow vent. Since cool air flows downwards in a room and hot air goes up, this is the best setup to cool all corners of your space without leaving random warm spots. The cold air will shoot upward and then settle toward your floor, keeping a steady circulation of cool and hot air throughout your living room. Thus, it is cooled consistently.

To make the circulation even better, its airflow is covered by a flap that swings vertically. It's an innovative design, and you'll be amazed by how it moves in a way unique to the brand. This will add another layer of circulation to your room, keeping the air fresh and breathable.

Cooling Power: 8000 BTU | Weight: 51.2 lb | Noise Level: 50 to 52 dB | Warranty: 1 year general + 3 years compressor warranty

8. VAGKRI- Best Crisis-Prevention Systems In A Portable Air Conditioner

VAGKRI Portable Air Conditioners 12000 BTU, 3-in-1 AC Unit...
  • 12,000 BTU One-Sec Coolness: VAGKRI high power air...
  • 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner & Eco Mode: Meet your needs...

If you have a large room to cool but prefer portable air conditioners over the other types, this VAGKRI unit may be the one for you. Its 12,000 BTU cooling is ideal for a space ranging from 300 to 500 square feet, depending on your surrounding atmosphere and the heat circulation in your area. Thus, you can install it in your master bedroom, apartment living room, or spacious office.

Its main benefit is that it's easy to operate, eliminating the stress of learning the functions of buttons and calibrators. The easy controls help you set up the cooling in your room, and indicator lights inform you about the unit. 

The drainage light and E4 display tell you when the tank is full of wastewater. When this happens, you must connect the exhaust hose to the air conditioner unit and let the water flow away. To make cleaning even easier, the filter is removable and washable. Thus, you can take it out once every week or twice a month to keep your portable AC clean and speedy.

In the case of wildfires and power cutoffs, it's safe to have an air conditioner that shuts itself off in times of duress. This keeps you safe from circuit fires, fuse blowouts, and damage to the unit. The VA-AC02 has an inbuilt security system that disconnects it from the power supply if you don't use it for a long time. Further, it's designed to shut down or slow its operation automatically if its thermometer detects overheating.

Cooling Power: 12000 BTU | Weight: 63.1 lb | Noise Level: 52 dB | Warranty: 18 months

9. ZAFRO - Best Portable Air Conditioner With Anti-Bacterial Filter

ZAFRO 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners, Air Conditioners...
  • 【8,000 BTU Powerful Cooling & Energy-saving】- ZAFRO...
  • 【3-in-1 Modes & Easy to Operate】- Our air conditioner...

Are you looking for a portable unit that helps you rest easily against infections and season-change allergies? If that's the case, consider the ZAFRO A5405-8K-YT. Its hydrophilic coat and filter system absorbs moisture from your air and stops most large germs from floating around your room.

If you're curious about how it works, it absorbs humidity so that airborne bacteria and fungi can't fester in your living space. Further, each cooling cycle pushes the air through a fine mesh filter, which stops dust particles and large germs. Some tiny viruses might still get through, but it's much safer than breathing in unfiltered, germ-laden air all day.

I also recommend it for those who want to move the Portable Air Conditioner around their house to cool different rooms at different times of the day. It's ideal for this function for two reasons - its portability and window-type flexibility. 

Firstly, it has 4 wheels at suitable positions that help you push it around your home or office without bumps or breaks. It has two handles that allow you to control the movement better or even take help from another person. Second of all, it fits into both sliding windows and double-hung windows. Therefore, you can easily fit its vacuum tube into different window types and enjoy equally efficient cooling.

Also, it cools your room quite fast, as long as you follow the recommended areas according to its cooling power. It's powerful enough for floor areas around 250 square feet, and you'll start feeling a difference immediately. However, if you don't mind waiting for a little, you can also use it in a 300-400 square feet area if you maintain it well.

Cooling Power: 8000 BTU | Weight: 49.4 lb | Noise Level: Approx. 54 to 56 dB | Warranty: 2 years, with an extended warranty purchase option

10. Costway - Best Flexible Options In A Portable Air Conditioner

COSTWAY Portable Air Conditioner, 8000BTU Ac Unit Spaces up...
  • ❄️【Powerful Air Conditioner: 】This 4-in-1 air...
  • ❄️【Smart Operation & Huge Coverage: 】Operation panel...

The Costway FP10110US-BK offers you a high degree of control over the cooling, and it's also optimized to cool the most expansive area. Its evaporative cooler can change the direction of its airflow in a range of angles, from a 140° up-down motion to a 50° left-right motion. This allows it to cool a room between 200 to 250 Square feet with speed and ease.

Furthermore, it allows you to choose any temperature between 60 to 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit, an ideal range to relax in almost all year. You can use it at the coolest setting to help you feel okay on a scorching June afternoon and use the higher settings to stay comfortable and relaxed during the variable October climate.

Adding to the flexibility, it has 4 modes for cooling, circulation, dehumidifier, and sleep. Thus, you can just leave it on the ventilation setting in winter to make your room feel airy yet warm. Additionally, the dehumidifier and high-density filter work together to keep water droplets, dust, and bacteria out of your space. Now, you can work or sleep peacefully, knowing that it's reducing the air pollution in your room.

What's more, its sleep mode is designed to cater specifically to human sleep patterns. In your light sleep periods, the air conditioner produces only a bit of noise and keeps you cool. Also, it raises its temperature by fractions as the night progresses. No more waking up in a freezing room! This smart portable air conditioner even helps you stay safe from catching a cold.

Cooling Power: 8000 BTU | Weight: 50.9 lb | Noise Level: Around 52 to 55 dB | Warranty: 1 year

11. TOSOT- Best Stress-Reducing Portable Air Conditioner

TOSOT Portable Air Conditioner 12,000 BTU Aolis Series-AC...
  • FOR LARGE ROOMS: The 12,000 BTU (8,000 BTU 2017 DOE...
  • FASTER INSTALLATION: The quick-adjust window panel can be...

If you suffer from frequent headaches and are looking for a way to mitigate them, consider this TOSOT unit. It'll keep you stress-free with its optimized airflow and low noise.

The two main reasons you might get a headache after turning on your portable AC are the wind direction and the sound level. If your portable unit blows cool air directly into your face, it irritates your sinuses and makes your head feel heavy and painful. Similarly, constant noise may be difficult to register after a while, but it still affects your brain. Noise pollution can have various health effects, from headaches to high blood pressure.

The 12,000 BTU Aolis keeps you comfortable with its upward vent direction, which cools your room without making you feel frozen. Similarly, its low fan mode is at 50 decibels of noise, quieter than a library reading room. You'll work and rest soundly while it lowers your room temperature.

Also, it'll be a great help for those queasy about draining the portable AC tank every week. The tank water usually has an unpleasant odor, and it's tempting to avoid it. This unit eliminates that need by evaporating away the waste water automatically, and you rarely need to clean the tank yourself. It might only need manual emptying if you live in a humid climate.

Also, its cooling capacity is suitable for an ample space like a dining room or a medium conference hall. So, if you want a low-effort portable AC that can easily move from place to place and cool large areas, you can opt for this unit over wall or window setups.

Cooling Power: 12000 BTU | Weight: 87 lb | Noise Level: 50 dB | Warranty: 12 to 18 months

12. DREO- Best Powerful Portable Air Conditioner

Dreo TwinCool 12000 BTU Smart Inverter Portable Air...
  • Dual Hose, Double Effect: The hose-in-hose innovation...
  • Customize Your Comfort: With 5 powerful modes...

The DREO DR-HAC001 is a powerful portable air conditioner unit that stays true to its 12,000 BTU cooling capacity even under duress. As I mentioned, the exhaust pipes heating up usually counteract the cooling for most Portable Air Conditioners. However, this unit overcomes that issue with a dual exhaust hose system that shares the burden of exhaust and drainage and keeps your unit cool and functional.

Also, its cooling is made faster and more environmentally friendly with its R32 refrigerant. Its efficient power inverter compressor works fast to compress the coolant, and you'll start feeling the cold wind instantly after switching it on. The United States Department of Energy considers it to be an efficient coolant.

If you've been looking through Portable Air Conditioner Amazon reviews for a while, you'll see most users complain about loud and sudden on-and-off noises in sleep mode. It wakes them up and reduces the positive impact of energy efficiency. If that's a problem for you, opt for this unit. It has a smart system to smoothly change the cooling speed according to your room temperature, and you'll never be disturbed by noise.

And the energy efficiency is not to be underestimated, either. Its smart portable air conditioner functions and advanced cooling system can reduce your monthly electricity bill by up to 40% of its usual amount. Thus, it'll help you relax during the summer months without calculating the extra charges in the back of your mind all the time. Further, you'll also be contributing to a greener planet and lower air pollution levels.

Cooling Power: 12000 BTU | Weight: 72.9 lb | Noise Level: 52 dB | Warranty: 12 months standard, 30 months extended

13. Commercial Cool- Best Portable Air Conditioner With Heating Mode

Commercial Cool CPT08WB Remote Control...
  • QUIET & POWERFUL: Our 8,000 BTU SACC/CEC (12,000 BTU ASHRAE)...
  • HEATS & COOLS MOST ROOMS: This portable heat & AC unit...

Are you looking for a year-round machine that'll keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter? The Commercial Cool CPT08WB might be your best option. Its 8000 SACC cooling and heating functions are ideal for a room of around 350 square feet, and you can save on the extra cost of a heater in the late months of the year.

Also, it's significantly lightweight for a portable air conditioner of this capacity. At a weight lower than 65 pounds, it's easy to roll it around your room and install it in different places throughout the year. Thus, you can use it to cool your office through the hot summer but warm your bedroom on winter nights. 

Its capacity is also high enough so that the area of the room doesn't matter much anymore. As long as you have realistic expectations for cooling speed, it's a fine choice that'll keep you happy in most living and working spaces.

Additionally, its window installation kit has a range of parts and tools that help you install it with minimal help. It includes an adjustable slider, screws, exhaust and drain hose parts, and a foam seal. Therefore, you can fit the pipes into the nearest window and seal the gaps to prevent air leakage. When you're not using it and want to keep it safe, simply remove the hoses from your window and unplug the unit.

Cooling Power: 12000 BTU | Weight: 64.5 lb | Noise Level: 54 dB | Warranty: 1 year

14. Waykar - Best Portable Air Conditioner For Uninterrupted Sleep

Waykar 3 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner 10,000 BTU with...
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND MOVE - With our clear instructions, you...

The Waykar 10k-BTU is suitable for those who want a powerful portable AC to help them sleep in the summer. Its levers are lubricated and balanced inside the unit to cool your room with the least noise. Therefore, you can sleep soundly without noticing the slightest noise in your room.

What's more, its sleep mode is designed to intelligently control your comfort while you doze. You don't need to wake up at midnight and reduce the temperature to ensure you don't catch a cold - this unit manages that for you. Further, this helps you use only as much cooling as you require, lowering your power consumption more than you think. Thus, I can say that it helps you sleep soundly in more ways than one. 

Also, its filter is designed to be easy to clean with a stiff toothbrush. If you want a more thorough cleaning, hold it under a low-power tap and let the dirt drain away. Thus, it'll cool your room with steady efficiency and help avoid issues with dust or musty smells.

Like the best portable AC units, it has castor wheels and sturdy handles to help you move it from place to place. Castor wheels are ideal for portable AC units because they can turn in multiple directions without halting you or slowing you down. This and the integrated handles help you pull or push the portable AC quickly.

Cooling Power: 10000 BTU | Weight: 54.5 lb | Noise Level: 52 dB | Warranty: 30 days money back

15. NewAir - Best Foolproof Portable Air Conditioner

Newair Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier | 8,000 BTU |...

The NewAir NAC08KWH00 is a suitable Portable Air Conditioner for small to medium spaces that don't allow for bigger units. For example, your dorm room might lack a reliable window structure, or your RV might need a Portable Air Conditioner. Also, you can use it to direct the cooling to one part of the room, like your couch or work desk. This helps you stay comfortable while saving more energy than central cooling. 

Also, it has 3 modes to allow for flexible usage. If you just overcooked some food in your dorm, you can use the fan mode to get rid of the stuffy smell without spending a lot of electricity. Additionally, the auto-evaporative function uses its own drainage water to further the cooling, which saves energy and reduces cleaning needs in one go. Now you don't have to pour out stale-smelling water every week.

What's more, it helps you stay energy-conscious even in a hurry. If you realize you're late to work, you might accidentally leave the portable AC on when you go, leading to a high bill. This portable AC avoids that problem by allowing you to set the cooling to turn off at a specific time, such as 8 AM. It can also turn on right before you return from work in the evening so that a comfortable room greets you.

Cooling Power: 8000 BTU | Weight: 46.3 lb | Noise Level: 40 dB | Warranty: 1 year

Best Portable Air Conditioners Comparison Table

BrandBTUWeightNoise LevelWarranty
BLACK+DECKER800027.9 lb51 dB1 year limited
Whynter ARC-14S1400073 lb56 dB1 year for the portable AC unit, 3 years for the compressor
Shinco SPF1-08C800053.9 lb55 dB1 year
SereneLife SLPAC101000055 lb52 to 56 dB1 year
Midea MAP08R1CWT800050.9 lb52 dB1-year parts + labor
SereneLife SLPAC105W10000 BTU (6000 BTU SACC)55 lb57 dB1 year
AIRO AC08MWS800051.2 lb50 to 52 dB1-year general + 3 years compressor warranty
VAGKRI VA-AC021200063.1 lb52 dB18 months
ZAFRO A5405-8K-YT800049.4 lbApprox. 54 to 56 dB2 years, with an extended warranty purchase option
Costway FP10110US-BK800050.9 lbAround 52 to 55 dB1 year
TOSOT 12,000 BTU Aolis1200087 lb50 dB12 to 18 months
DREO DR-HAC0011200072.9 lb52 dB12 months standard, 30 months extended
Commercial Cool1200064.5 lb54 dB1 year
Waykar 10k-BTU1000054.5 lb52 dB30 days' money back
NewAir800046.3 lb40 dB1 year

Buying Guide For The Best Portable Air Conditioner

As you might have noticed, I've used specific metrics to judge the quality of a portable air conditioner. Similarly, you can use the points below to choose the best portable AC. 

Power Inlet

A portable AC can be battery-powered or have a plug to connect directly to your home's power supply. Also, some portable ACs have both functionalities to let you choose whichever works better at the moment.

A battery-powered portable AC is good for those who don't have a window close enough to a power outlet or want to target the AC towards spaces that are normally difficult to cool. On the other hand, you might prefer to just plug your AC in and not worry about recharging. 

Weight And Portability

It's obvious that a normal or ventless portable AC will have some mechanism that helps you move it from place to place. However, you should look beyond the advertisements to figure out if it's actually viable to move the particular unit as much as you need.

A heavier portable AC is more challenging to push, despite wheels or handles. It can be especially slow and painful for your elderly relatives. Also, the wheel type and handle stability matter. The portable AC should roll around smoothly without endangering the handling stability. These are all things you can get a feel of by visiting retail stores, or you can comb through reviews that mention them.

Portable Air Conditioners FAQs

  • What are the advantages of a battery-powered portable air conditioner?

    Battery-powered portable air conditioners are beneficial for those who don’t have easy access to a power outlet or want to target cooling in areas that are challenging to reach with traditional plug-in units. They offer greater mobility and flexibility in cooling options.

  • Are battery-powered portable air conditioners as effective as plug-in models?

    While battery-powered portable air conditioners provide flexibility, they generally have limited cooling capacity compared to plug-in models. Plug-in units can cool larger spaces more effectively as they are continuously powered.

  • What are the advantages of portable air conditioners over traditional window units?

    Portable air conditioners offer several advantages, including being more affordable and energy-efficient. They don’t require permanent installation, making them ideal for renters or homeowners who don’t want to modify their windows.

  • How can I choose the right portable air conditioner for my needs?

    To choose the right portable air conditioner, consider the size of the room, cooling capacity (BTU), energy efficiency, noise level, and additional features like programmable settings and air filtration. Read customer reviews and seek expert recommendations to make an informed decision.

  • Are portable air conditioners suitable for use in all climates?

    Portable air conditioners can be effective in various climates, but their efficiency may vary based on the ambient temperature and humidity levels. In extremely hot and humid climates, a higher BTU rating may be required to achieve adequate cooling.

  • Conclusion

    Now, you've compared the specifications of each Portable Air Conditioner on my list and evaluated them according to your needs. I hope my explanations helped you narrow your choice of the best portable air conditioner. You can always opt for reliable brands like Frigidaire, but it helps to have modern choices.

    However, I want to end this article by mentioning my favorite portable units if it helps you choose. The Whynter combines a polished look with an energy-efficient functioning, and it's a great choice if you're tired of your old AC. Meanwhile, the BLACK+DECKER is a good choice if you just want a low-price, small portable AC unit to provide you with flexible options and last a long time.