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12 Best Retractable Awnings For Windy Areas | Reviews + Guide

Best Retractable Awnings For Windy Areas

A retractable awning is a great addition to the outdoor living space, such as a front porch, RV, or trailer. It protects residents from harmful UV rays from sun exposure and high winds while maintaining a low indoor temperature. 

Living in a windy area has made me install retractable awnings to protect my outdoor furniture from high wind speeds. Thankfully, there are some brands manufacturing the best retractable awnings catering to windy locations.

Wind-resistant retractable awnings are very useful for both homes and businesses in case of storms or general bad weather. Moreover, awnings made from metal can withstand wind and protect the space from flying debris.

So, today, I’m going to review the best retractable awnings for windy areas… 

12 Best Retractable Awnings For Windy Areas

Retractable awnings protect your outdoor and indoor space from heat, heavy rain, high winds, and fading due to sun exposure. I researched and tested the best retractable awnings to determine how much wind they can actually withstand.

Here’s my list of the 12 best retractable awnings for windy areas:

1. AECOJOY Patio Awning Retractable Sun Shade – Best For UV Protection

AECOJOY 10'×8' Patio Awning Retractable Sun Shade Awning...
  • High-quality Fabric-Made of 280g/m³ polyester fabric, which...
  • Stable Material-Made with aluminium alloy and steel frame,...

Aecojoy is known for being America’s leading patio furniture brand, with over one million buyers. This brand’s 10’ⅹ 8’ Patio Awning Retractable Sun Shade gives an elegant look to any outdoor space. I used this for a family gathering on my patio, and it delivered what it promised.

It is unique for its UV-resistant high-quality polyester fabric, which provides 50+ sun protection. I could easily use this for sunbathing in my backyard without worrying about getting sunburned or too tanned. This retractable patio awning also claims to be windproof and fade-resistant.

Moreover, it has a steel frame material with an aluminum alloy body which gives it better durability for both outdoor and indoor usage. I also checked the retracting system, which cranked quite well with its 59” long manual hand crank.

Each of these awnings comes fully assembled with a pre-set pitching angle that is universally convenient. However, adjusting the angle with a few manual steps was easy.  

This manual awning also has good customer service that guarantees free replacement in case of damage, as well as quick after-service. They also entertain questions regarding any mounting issue anytime.

Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel | Available Sizes: 10×8 Feet, 8.2×6.5 Feet, 13×8 Feet, 13×10 Feet | Dimensions: 61.8″ depth x 8.6ft. Projection width x 7.8 ft. height | Color: Beige

2. Outsunny Patio Retractable Awning– Best Variety Of Colors

Outsunny 8' x 7' Patio Retractable Awning/Manual Exterior...
  • ADJUSTABLE PROTECTION: This manually retractable awning for...
  • REDUCE HEAT: Use our sun shade patio awning to protect your...

Outsunny’s Manual Retractable Awning is a great choice for overall sun protection. It provides outdoor shade and reduces indoor temperature. 

I found this awning convenient because its polyester fabric is firmly supported by two retractable arms and front bar support. It is an easy-to-install manual retractable awning with a steel door metal frame and aluminum supporting bracket.

The canopy fabric for the awning shade has a PU coating that protects from the sun’s UV rays. Outsunny promises that their retractable awnings drastically reduce heat, and I did indeed feel quite cool when I put it up.

Versatility is another feature of Outsunny’s manual awnings – these can be placed in different places, including doors, windows, patios, siding, stucco, etc. For a better even look, try color-coordinating the sun shades with your door or window color.

Speaking of color, Outsunny delivers a variety of colors for every utility purpose and personal taste. Moreover, this retractable awning comes with easy-to-use mounting hardware. However, if you have a wooden-frame home like me, buying separate mounting screws is required. 

Material: Aluminum, Steel, Polyester Fabric | Available Sizes: 8 x 7 feet | Dimensions:7.5’ Fabric width, 6.6’ Full extension, 8.2’ Case Width | Color: Brown, Green, Khaki, Red

3. VidaXL Manual Retractable Awning – Best Water And Dirt Repellent Canopy

vidaXL is an international online retailer based in the Netherlands that provides a wide variety of home and furnishing products. 

The vidaXL Manual Retractable Awning is an ideal shade for windows, balconies, terraces, and even gardens. It has a unique easy-to-clean polyester canopy that is detachable and machine-washable.

As I washed the awning canopy, I found that a couple of rounds in the washing machine were enough to make it sparkly clean. Unlike most retractable awnings, this is both water and dirt-repellent and suitable for bad weather!

Since this brand uses cost-reducing methods in its manufacturing factories, they provide very affordable products, including manual retractable awnings. 

Further, the hand crank of the awnings is adjustable, and you can attach it either on the left or right. Likewise, you can also adjust its height and angle to individual preferences. It is easy to assemble with detailed manual instructions for installation. 

Moreover, the awning and its frame are entirely made of alloy steel, making it extremely durable. It also comes in many attractive colors, which confused me while purchasing, but in a good way!

Material: Alloy steel | Available Sizes: 98.4”, 59.1”, 78.7”, 137.8” | Dimensions: 59” width, 47.2” max projection, 78.7” flexible height | Color: orange-white, blue-white, blue-orange

4. ALEKO Manual Retractable Patio Awning – Best For Increased Air Flow

ALEKO Manual Retractable Patio Awning|8' W x 6.5' L Handle...
  • ANTIRUST RETRACTABLE AWNING - ALEKO 8 ft W x 6.5 ft L Porch...
  • HANDLE CRANK DECK AWNING - ALEKO 8 ft Wide Retractable Patio...

ALEKO Manual Retractable Patio Awning is another affordable outdoor deck and porch option. It is built with anti-rust steel material, a powder-coated aluminum frame, and anti-chip paint, giving this awning better longevity.

Besides providing UV protection, the canopy fabric reduces trapped heat and moisture, making it mildew resistant. I noticed an increased air flow when put up, unlike other manual awnings that make the space a little stuffy. 

ALEKO’s retractable awning is compatible with different wall materials, such as concrete, brick walls, and wooden frames. However, installing it on wooden walls requires lag screws or carriage bolts. 

Moreover, it has an easy pitch system with a 6.5-foot maximum projection length. The retractable awning comes with a masonry screw box, fabric cords, and a detailed manual for quick and easy installation. 

Although it is durable enough, I had to retract it when the wind ran too high since there was a lot of pressure on the frame. However, this family-owned and operated company provides a 30-day money-back scheme, with good customer support, multi-package delivery, and quick tech support.

Material: Powder-coated steel, aluminum, polyester | Available Sizes: 10×8 ft, 12×10 ft, 13×10 ft | Dimensions: Awning Fabric [9.4′ ft W x 8.2′ ft L], Frame [9.8′ ft W x 8′ ft L] | Color: Burgundy, Grey, Green, Red, Yellow, Sand

5. Best Choice Products Retractable Awning – Best For Large Canopy Area

Best Choice Products 98x80in Retractable Awning, Aluminum...
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: A light, but strong powder-coated...
  • ALL-WEATHER COVERAGE: An ideal space to enjoy the weather,...

Best Choice Products’ Retractable Awning is a family-friendly lightweight option for balconies, patios, windows, and doors. It is built with a durable, powder-coated aluminum frame that features a PU coating, making it water and corrosion-resistant.

This retractable awning claims to provide all-weather coverage and protection from UV rays. Well, it did provide shade sufficiently and give enough coverage during both heavy and light rain. 

It comes with an accessible 60-inch hand pole that smoothly extends and retracts the awning. Moreover, the mounting hardware is delivered along with the retractable awning that can be used for proper installation on vinyl, wood, stucco, or any other balcony or patio.

Lastly, the canopy is quite large in size, ranging up to 54 square feet when fully extended. And it can thrive with minimal support structures. If you have a big family or large occasion coming up, this might be the ideal retractable awning. 

However, it only comes in one elegant beige color. 

Material: Aluminum, Polyester | Available Sizes: Only one size available | Dimensions: 98.5″ Fabric length x 80″ Fabric width x 6.5’ flexible height | Color: Beige

6. VEVOR Beige Retractable Awning – Best For Privacy Screen

Beige Retractable 63'x118'' Awning-Rugged Full Aluminum...
  • High-quality Screen Materials: This side awning is composed...
  • Elegant Privacy Screen: The patio privacy screen can be used...

VEVOR Beige Retractable Awning is a multi-purpose side awning that acts as a privacy screen for a patio, terrace, backyard, garden, office, studio, etc. 

It is built with an alloy aluminum frame that is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The PU-coated canopy fabric is flame-retardant, breathable, and waterproof and offers complete protection from UV rays. 

I was quite impressed with this because it is an ideal awning for people who want more privacy and sun protection at the same time. I could use it as an umbrella, a sun shade, and a divider to block sight. 

This retractable awning features a screen handle, providing better stability since it is free-standing. For easy storage, it can be placed into the aluminum roller and stored in a dark place.  

Installing the privacy screen was super easy for me, especially with all the mounting accessories, including mounting brackets provided. All you need to do is fix the support post to the base plate and then mount the entire thing onto the concrete wall or wood deck.

Moreover, it has different size options for various walls and spaces.

Material: Aluminum alloy, polyester | Available Sizes: 63”x118”, 63”x236”, 71”x118”, 71”x236” | Dimensions: 63” height x 118” flexible fabric width | Color: Beige

7. MCombo Manual Retractable Awning – Best For Corrosion Resistance

MCombo 12x10 Feet Manual Retractable Patio Door Window...
  • ★【Solid Structure】 Build with an entire corrosion...
  • ★【Handpicked Materials】 Aluminium & Steel Frame....

MCombo Manual Retractable Awning has a solid structure made of an entirely corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and plastic steel hand crank that is easy to adjust. 

These wind-resistant awnings have a wind rating of resident Beauport scale 4. It has a lightweight steel frame with PU-coated fabric that is anti-UV rays and water resistant. Moreover, I tested this awning during high wind speeds, and it was sufficiently sturdy. Its 50+ sun protection is also impressive.

MCombo provides the product along with mounting brackets, an instruction manual, and other mounting hardware for the installation process. You will only need a power drill, tape, and wrench to complete the installation.

I could also adjust the height of the retractable brackets according to my needs. It is advisable, however, to install this awning on concrete walls, hard wooden or brickwork walls. If you need to install it on other materials, consider booking professional help. 

Overall, it is a high-quality retractable awning with a 100% money-back guarantee and three months warranty. It also comes in various colors, making color-coordinating your outdoor space easier. 

Material: Aluminum alloy, polyester fabric, steel tube | Available Sizes: 12 x 10 Feet | Dimensions: 118.32″ Fabric Length x 139.92″ Fabric Width x 96″ Flexible Height | Color: Beige, Brick Red, Burgundy, Coffee Brown, Dark Blue, Green

8. Outsunny Retractable Awning – Best For Low Indoor Temperature

Outsunny 12' x 8' Retractable Awning Patio Awnings Sun Shade...
  • Solid Design: This retractable awning is constructed of an...
  • Adjustable Canopy: This retractable canopy features a 58.25"...

This is an ideal awning for lowering the indoor temperature and protecting against bad weather. It has a solid build made of aluminum and steel frame for solidity and increased longevity.

Its powder-coated aluminum body makes it really light, and I had no difficulties in manual retraction due to its long 58.25” hand crank. Outsunny’s retractable awning also offers extensive protection from harmful UV rays with its PU-coated polyester canopy.

This retractable awning covered a good portion of the backyard- 96 square feet, to be exact. To enjoy the full advantage of the expanse, however, I suggest installing it at a height of 8.2” to 11.5” inches.

Also, the canopy fabric is supported by two retractable aluminum arms, a reel, and front bar support. The best surfaces to attach the awning are concrete, hardwood, and brick. However, if you wish to install it on other surfaces, I suggest calling customer service to confirm if that can be done.

It is available in four rich colors, but it can be quite expensive for the average customer.

Material: Steel, Aluminum, Polyester | Available Sizes: 12 x 8 ft | Dimensions: 8.2’ Flexible height x 11.8’ Fabric dimension x 58.25” Hand crank | Color: Beige Stripes, Wine Red, Green, Tan, Brown

9. Tangkula Retractable Awning – Best For Commercial Use

Tangkula 8 Ft × 6.6 Ft Retractable Awning, Aluminum Patio...
  • Retractable Design & Easy Using: The awning can be retracted...
  • Providing Shading with Adjustable Angle: Equipped with large...

Tangkula 8 Ft × 6.6 Ft Retractable Awning is ideal for easy storage since it can be rolled into a very small size when not in use. It is suitable for balconies, patios, and courtyards and provides cool outdoor shade and sun protection.

It has a smooth retractable system with a long hand crank that can rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise. I’ve noticed that awnings with adjustable angles like this one provide better shade over a large area. Moreover, the angle can be adjusted from 40 to 100 degrees depending on personal preferences, making it an easy pitch system.

Tangkula offers premium materials for their retractable awnings, such as rust-resistant aluminum frames, making them durable in the long run. These retractable awnings withstand wind up to a certain scale. 

Its canopy is PA coated and hence offers better protection from sunlight and water. It is easy to install on cement walls and solid brick layers and is suited for most homes and commercial buildings. Their detailed manual really helped me understand the installation techniques.

This is an excellent option for businesses like restaurants and cafes. 

Material: Aluminum, Fabric | Available Sizes: 8×6.6 Ft, 10×8.2 ft., 8.2×6.5 ft., 12×10 ft., 13×8 ft | Dimensions:8 ft. length x 6.6 ft. fabric width| Color: Beige, Brown

10. STEELAID Manual Retractable Awning – Best Multi-purpose Retractable Awning

STEELAID Manual Retractable Awning – 78” Non-Screw...
  • The Perfect Solution: Looking for a way to provide your...
  • Premium Quality Materials: This sunshade for the patio are...

The STEELAID Manual Retractable Awning is the perfect small-sized option for the occasional sun baths and small gatherings. The canopy is 100% polyester, which is water and UV-resistant. 

It is a unique pop-up canopy with a 46” coverage. Moreover, its easily adjustable hand crank allowed me to adjust the canopy even up to 122”, which is quite impressive and higher than most retractable awnings.

This retractable awning decreases outdoor temperature, which I noticed since I put this up on a very sunny day. It is also comfortable to use and does not require too much effort to retract and extend. 

Furthermore, its adjustable poles can be attached to almost any surface, which is a plus. There’s no requirement for drilling holes in your walls, either!

The retailers send this awning in a compact package that saves more time during installation. Moreover, the awning canopy also has a decorated edging to offer an elegant look.

It is also convenient for RVs, trailers, and tents.

Material: Aluminum, Polyester | Available Sizes: 59-inch, 78-inch, 118-inch, 138-inch, 157-inch | Dimensions: 118″ hand crank x 47″ fabric width  x 78″ canopy length | Color: Gray

11. XtremepowerUS Patio Manual Retractable Awning– Best Design

XtremepowerUS X6072-73 96072 Patio Manual Retractable...
  • The Awning is ideal for shading of windows and balcony door,...
  • Ideal for use at cafes or restaurants for back porches or...

The XtremepowerUS Retractable Awning has an overall secured coverage along with an elegant look. It is ideal for shading balconies, windows and doors with better protection from bad weather and UV resistance.

It is built with a high-quality powder-coated aluminum frame which securely holds the canopy fabric made of 100% polyester to the front bar. The fabric also claims to be water and heat-resistant. 

I really liked the superior quality steel hand crank they provide since it feels very strong and sturdy. Moreover, the extension and retraction process was also sufficiently smooth.

Since this retractable awning is closed off in its structure, it provides suitable resistance against high wind speeds and extreme heat. 

However, XtremepowerUS does not include any additional mounting hardware, so you have to buy them from a local store. If installing gets too difficult, consider booking a professional installation. But their installation manual got me through.

This is not a very affordable retractable awning for the average homeowner. But this can work wonders as a side awning for back porches and side patios of cafes and restaurants. This is because the structure of this awning can create a personal space that many customers might like.    

Material: Polyester, Aluminum, Steel | Available Sizes: 10′ x 8′, 8’ × 6’ ft | Dimensions: 7’ hand crank x 118″ flexible fabric width x 7’ flexible fabric length | Color: Beige

12. Uyoyous Retractable Patio Side Awning – Best For Easy Installation

118" L x 71" H Side Awning Retractable Patio Awning Upgraded...
  • Retractable & Maximum Coverage - This Outdoor Privacy Screen...
  • Premium Quality - This retractable screen is crafted of...

This retractable patio awning doubles as a privacy fence while blocking harmful sun rays and high wind speeds. It is very easy to install, given its cartridge wall-mounted design, which requires only a few steps to mount.

All I did to install the set-up was to stick the support post to the base plate first and then fix the entire thing on my wall. But remember that for better stability, installing it on cement, hardwood, or brick walls is advisable.

The canopy fabric is made of breathable and waterproof polyester. It is built with an aluminum frame and oxidized paint, making it totally rust-proof while giving it an elegant, sleek finish. It is also easy to clean.

The product description further promises advanced UV stabilization for better heat protection and a corrosion-resistant aluminum pole for retraction. 

I used this awning in a similar way to the previous privacy screen, and this one also had a smooth retraction system. Overall, it looks hardy and will last a long time.

The best way to use this retractable awning is for landscaping, home gardens, walkways, front yards, and patios.

Material: Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Polyester | Available Sizes:118.11”x70.87”, 118.11”× 63”| Dimensions: 118” fabric length, 70” flexible height | Color: Creamy-white

What To Consider When Buying Retractable Awnings For Windy Areas

Besides the wide variety of options for purchase, choosing the right retractable awning may be challenging without knowing its basic properties. Different customers look for different features – while some may want better sun and heat protection, others may want one that is easy to install. For this reason, I have gathered a set of properties you may consider when purchasing a retractable awning for your home or business.

1. Types of Retractable Awnings

The two main kinds of retractable awnings are manual retractable awnings and motorized retractable awnings.

Manual retractable awnings have hand cranks for adjusting the height and angle. You can do this by rotating them clockwise or anti-clockwise for retraction and extension, respectively. Such awnings are convenient for places with frequent power outages or low electric ratings.

Motorized retractable awnings are expensive but very useful for high wind ratings. They can be easily rolled and extended with automated features like remote control and apps that help you adjust the settings of the awning. This might be the one for you if you’re looking for remote control operation.

2. Wind Resistance Classification

Retractable awnings that offer wind resistance are widely divided into four categories by manufacturers. These classes are based on how well they perform in a real situation with different wind speeds. 

  • Class 0 – These awnings are untested and offer no guarantee of wind resistance.
  • Class 1 – Awnings categorized in this group can withstand wind speeds of 12 mph with 15 mph gusts.
  • Class  2 – This category can sustain winds of 20 mph with 25 mph gust strength.
  • Class 3 – These awnings can sustain wind up to 30 mph with 38 mph.

I advise you to ask the salesperson or manufacturer about the classification of their products before purchase. I find that often campaign videos are misleading when it shows retractable awnings withstanding hurricanes and extreme winds. No homeowner should leave their retractable awnings out during severe storms or hurricanes.

3. Size

Buying awnings that fit on the required wall or surface is essential. To ensure this, measure the dimensions of the wall where you want to install the retractable awnings before checking the products. For easy retracting and extending features, always go for extendable ones that provide more extensive coverage.

4. Material

The material of an awning determines its longevity and ease of use. Canopy fabrics of awnings are usually made with polyester, canvas, or acrylic with PA or PU coating for protection from the sun’s UV rays and heavy rainfall. 

The frames that support the canopies are made from either steel or aluminum, both of which are durable. Moreover, these fabrics are washable, with some featuring dirt-repellant and water-resistant fabric. They come in various textures, colors, and patterns.

5. Suitability For Home and Business

I highly recommend metal awnings that can withstand up to 80 mph wind for better wind resistance and protection. However, it is also important to know the types of fabric used in awnings if you prefer these.

The two kinds of retractable fabric awnings are loose-frame retractable awnings and permanently closed-frame awnings. Closed-frame ones have an aluminum or steel metal frame that covers the sides with vinyl siding or canvas and is attached with grommets. 

Closed-frame awnings do not offer good wind resistance since the fabric can get caught up in the wind and put pressure on the joints. Loose frame awnings are better suited because they are connected both at the residence and the front bar. 

After testing several retractable awnings, I have begun to prefer motorized retractable ones since they come with automatic wind sensors that retract the awnings when the wind speed is too high. 

Thus, it is a better fit for homeowners like me who need not worry about their awnings getting damaged even when they are absent. Moreover, a motorized awning makes the best retractable awning for camper vans

Meanwhile, business establishments like restaurants require slightly different features. Since the awnings cannot be closed during storms when customers are in the building, the retractable awning needs to be incredibly wind resistant. 

I suggest using commercial motorized awnings with galvanized steel material and adhesive vinyl. This combination will make the motorized retractable awnings much sturdier than the residential ones. 

6. Weatherproofing Features

Whether your awning is weatherproof depends on the material and fabric of the canopy. Various fabrics provide different types of protection – some resist heat, while others can sustain high wind and rain. Look for awnings with materials that suit your local climate. While most of the awnings prevent heat build-up, wind-resistant awnings feature better weatherproofing.

7. Angle

A retractable awning can be used both as a flat canopy and a shade that drops at an angle. Awnings for balconies, patios, windows, or doors have different angle requirements based on their construction. While awnings have flexible installation and can be installed on every surface, some models aren’t compatible with wood and vinyl surfaces. If that’s your requirement, look for awnings specifically catering to those surfaces.

8. Price

Although manual awnings are affordable and easy to install, most of them cannot withstand extreme weather. They are good for light showers and heat protection, but you can find motorized awnings with better protection if you increase your budget. Electric and motorized awnings can sustain high winds with their wind sensors and other convenient features.

9. Customer Service And Online Support

Besides high-quality materials, it is always better to choose well-known brands with good customer service. Online customer support can help if anything goes wrong during the installation or if the product is damaged. Some brands also offer maintenance services and professional repairs.  

Maintaining A Retractable Awning

Purchasing a sturdy and convenient retractable awning alone will not help the product last for a long time. To maintain your retractable awning, there are certain methods to follow and additional equipment to add. Here’s what I do.

I always fully extend my awning when in use so that the fabric does not end up sagging in the long run. I also make sure to clean the metal frame, hand bar, and roller is also something I make sure to do. These parts also need oil or wax treatment annually for smoother extension and retraction. Spraying lubricant is also feasible. 

If your awning has been retracted for more than a week, clean the fabric with a water hose or washing machine before extending it to avoid dirt stains. Likewise, before storing it away, clean it with mild soap to prevent mildew or bad smell. Moreover, always store the awnings in breathable boxes or plastic bags, so they do not accumulate dust.

It is crucial for awnings close to plant beds and gardens like mine to keep plant and soil matter away from them. The acid present in most leaves can damage the canopy fabric and stain it. Ensure not to place awnings near trees and trim down vines before they can reach the awning. 

Although most retractable awnings offer weatherproofing and wind protection, I suggest not putting too much pressure on them. Extreme weather conditions like hail, thunderstorms, or cyclones can harm the fabric fibers and permanently damage the retraction system.

Remember that most warranties do not cover damages due to bad weather conditions!

Top Retractable Awnings For Windy Areas Final Verdict

According to my research, the best retractable awning on the market right now is AECOJOY Patio Awning Retractable Sun Shade. My preference is based on its high-quality fabric, solid build and design, multi-functionality, and excellent customer service. 

However, the other 11 products also made their mark, so I have listed them in order of preference–  they fit various needs for durability, easy installation, budget, and customer service.

My evaluation also included customer reviews, brand popularity, and product research to give you a more holistic idea of each product. I hope my guide helps you choose the perfect retractable awning for your needs!

If you like such reviews and guides, check out another one of my informative articles titledHow To Manually Retract Electric Awning.”

That said, I’ll be signing off now. Stay safe!

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