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9 Best Tower Air Conditioners | A Comprehensive Guide

Tower air conditioners often deliver better airflow when compared to regular air conditioners due to their narrow, tower-like design. They are usually placed on a round base that enables them to circulate air uniformly at 90 degrees.

Best Tower Air Conditioners

With summers getting hotter and longer due to global warming, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to bear the summer heat. And what's worse than an exhausting summer day? Lack of a functional HVAC system. 

To help you out, I have compiled a list of the nine best tower air conditioners to keep your room cool and save you from high power bills.

Listed below are the 5 best tower air conditioners from our list:

  • Air Choice Swamp Cooler: This product stands out for its double water tanks and bladeless fans, making it not only efficient in cooling larger rooms but also child-safe and easy to clean; moreover, its built-in timer and energy-efficient feature contribute to cost-saving.
  • VAGKRI Portable Air Conditioner: This air conditioner shines because of its instant cooling feature and in-built temperature sensors, making it the best choice for quick and efficient cooling; additionally, it comes with an LED control panel and an energy-saving eco-mode, enhancing user experience and energy efficiency.
  • Dreo Evaporative Air Cooler: Ideal for spacious areas, this air cooler excels with its multi-layer cooling mechanism and 80-degree oscillating fan blades, providing extensive and efficient cooling; its easy-to-clean design and adaptive humidifier feature amplifies its desirability.
  • TRUSTECH Evaporative Cooler: This cooler distinguishes itself for its energy efficiency, wide-angle cooling, and quiet function; its safe design, multi-functional oscillating fan, and timer add to the overall user comfort, making it the top choice for reducing power consumption without compromising on performance.
  • Paris Rhône Evaporative Cooler: As a multi-functional product, this cooler provides effective cooling with its 3-in-1 function, large water tank, and variety of fan speeds; accompanied by a 15-hour programmable timer and user-friendly settings, it offers exceptional operational convenience.

Here's the list of the 9 best tower air conditioners, designed to deliver better airflow and combat the scorching summer heat while keeping your energy costs in check.

1. Air Choice Swamp Cooler - Best For Greater Coverage

Air Choice designed the Swamp cooler with double water tanks to cater to a wide variety of people. This feature makes the product the best tower air conditioner for pregnant women and senior citizens, enabling them to enjoy the cool breeze.

You don't have to worry about those extra hot days. Add two ice boxes to each of the tanks, and the cooler will cool the warm air in no time. The air conditioning unit is a 43-inch tall cooler with 20-inch air outlets to handle larger wind coverage.

This portable AC also features oscillation, which further enables it to cool larger living rooms with ease. And if you wish to use it at night, you can set a timer on the cooler, after which it will turn off automatically. The shortest timer is an hour, and the longest is 12 hours, giving you sufficient time to cool the room without using it all night.

But if you're worried about catching a cold from prolonged use, the cooler does not filter cool air consistently, so this possibility is minimal. It is also energy efficient so that you can say goodbye to expensive power bills.

What makes this product one of the best portable air conditioners is its versatility, and it is also safe to use around kids. The fans do not comprise any blades, and you don't have to worry about your child getting injured. This also makes the fan much easier to clean and maintain, thus prolonging its lifespan.

Item weight: 16.17 pounds | Number of speeds: 3 | Wattage: 60 watts | Special Features: Oscillating and bladeless

2. VAGKRI Portable Air Conditioner - Best For Instant Cooling

The VAGKRI portable air conditioner is multi-functional with a maximum airflow of 350 m/hour. This makes it easier for the portable AC to cool down hot air in large rooms in an instant. Its cooling features make this one of the best portable air conditioners for harsh summer days since it cools the room faster. 

This portable air conditioner has three different settings: cool, dehumidifier, and fan mode, all of which provide dehumidification and ventilation. The product also features in-built temperature sensors that keep the overall temperature in check to cool a room accordingly. 

Additionally, it comes with a Smart Eco mode and Auto mode that prove handy when the portable air conditioner is switched on for prolonged periods. This also minimizes your energy consumption and reduces the overall power bill. 

The fan comprises three-speed settings along with auto-swing fan blades that cool a room in all directions. It also has an impressive 80-degree wide-angle airflow that can be adjusted to ensure air is flowing evenly throughout the room. Moreover, the LED panels are designed to be readable, even in dark rooms and from a distance. 

When you don't want to get out of your bed or couch to turn the cooler on or off, you can use the remote that comes with the air conditioner. The remote control allows you to set a timer, with the maximum time being 24 hours, for a comfortable experience. 

Plus, these portable AC units can be transported from your living room to your bedroom with the help of 4 universal wheels on it. 

Item weight: 63.1 pounds | Number of speeds: 3 | Wattage: 1,200 watts | Special Features: Auto-mode, 3-in-1 mode, and LED touch control

3. Dreo Evaporative Air Cooler - Best Oscillating AC

The Dreo portable air conditioner can cool any corner of the floor space, irrespective of how far away it is. Delivering 1,300 RPM, this air cooler is a powerful machine to keep your home cool during hot days. The British Thermal Units (BTU) stands at 12000 

It also comprises 80-degree oscillating fan blades that blow cool air in all directions, complemented by its multi-layer cooling mechanism. With an optimized impeller wheel and a cooling pad, the portable AC allows more airflow, which can be beneficial for extra humid and hot rooms. Generally, the airflow volume ranges up to 13,000 cubic feet per hour. 

Cleaning a tower air conditioner can be a challenging task, but with the Dreo cooler, this process is much easier. The cooler's water tank is detachable and can be removed from the portable AC for cleaning. 

Additionally, you can remove the cooling and rear grille to ensure that it is dust and debris-free. This keeps the air coming out clean and safe while prolonging the product's life due to regular maintenance. 

In terms of comfort, this is the best portable air conditioner and passes the dry, warm air through the damp cooling pad, which ultimately absorbs the heat. As a result, the air that is circulated back into the room is much cooler and lowers the humidity levels. 

You can also use the fan-only mode during the night since it is designed to be extremely quiet.

Item weight: 13.2 pounds | Number of speeds: 3 | Wattage: 50 watts | Special Features: Remote controlled, bladeless, oscillating, timer

4. TRUSTECH Evaporative Cooler - Best Energy-Efficient Cooler

The TRUSTECH is the best portable air conditioner with an all-in-1 system that can be used as is or like an evaporative air cooler. It comprises a water curtain system that contains tanks with a capacity of 2 liters, along with two ice boxes. This allows the product to deliver efficient cooling and air circulation in a room size of up to 120 square footage. 

Moreover, it absorbs the humidity in the air and helps achieve a comfortable temperature. The multi-functional oscillating fan also has 70 degrees of oscillation and can cool down large areas with high ceilings in no time. For better cooling, the air conditioners come with three different cooling modes(normal, natural, and sleep) as well as three different speeds (low, medium, and high).

If you plan on using the portable AC when you go to bed, you can set a timer for up to 8 hours. And you don't have to worry about any noises from the cooler as it is designed to be ultra-quiet. In terms of energy efficiency,  TRUSTECH portable air conditioners are an affordable way to cool your room since they use less energy to function. 

It is much more environment-friendly and can further reduce your power bills if placed near a window. It even reduces overall power consumption by 50% and ensures your home can stay cool without burning your pocket. 

The product is lightweight and portable, so you can move your cooler from one place to another without any trouble. It is also bladeless and you won't have any safety concerns, especially when children operate it. 

Item weight: 11.97 pounds | Number of speeds: 3 | Wattage: 65 watts | Special Features: Oscillation, bladeless, energy-efficient

5. Paris Rhône Evaporative Cooler - Best Multi-functional Cooler

The Paris Rhône Portable air conditioner is a device that has all 3, fan, humidifier, and cooler, in one product. This 3-in-1 function along with the oscillating fans, keeps your room extremely cool and comfortable even in dry climates. It also regulates the humidity in the air, maximizes airflow, and lets out a cool, calming breeze, all with the help of a single portable AC. 

To access the cool mode, all you have to do is use the ice packs that are provided or add cold water to the tank. This, in turn, enhances the cooler's cooling power and allows it to produce quick and large quantities of cool air that lowers the room temperature and provides relief. 

The fan blades have an oscillation of 80 degrees and comprise 19-inch extra-long air outlets that can blow air across the room with a velocity of 25 square feet. This not only ensures maximum coverage but also allows you to stay cool even if you're seated at the opposite corner of the room. 

The 6-liter water tank capacity makes this device a great portable air conditioner for prolonged use without needing refilling at frequent intervals. Additionally, you can adjust the fan speeds up to 4 different degrees and use any of the three wind modes included. If you wish to use the air cooler when you go to bed, you can set a timer for up to 15 hours. 

These additional features can be accessed through the user-friendly control panel situated at the top of the device. And if you're a little too comfortable in your bed or couch to do that, simply use the provided remote to change the settings. 

Item weight: 30 pounds | Number of speeds: 4 | Wattage: 65 watts | Special Features: 3-in-1 cooler, 80-degree oscillation, four wind speeds, 19-inch air outlet

6. Balko Portable Evaporative Cooler - Best Allergy-Friendly Cooler

An energy-efficient cooling system that can dehumidify the room is a mandatory requirement in every house. This is where Blako, one of the best portable air conditioners, comes into play. All you need to do is pour some water into the device's water tank, and you're good to go. For more intense cooling, you can add a couple of frozen ice boxes, which enhances the cooling effect. 

This portable AC is beneficial if you have larger living rooms since it is a windowless air conditioner. Additionally, its 70-degree vertical and horizontal oscillation further ensures your better-moving air and that your room can stay cool no matter how large it is. The cooler comes with two different modes (natural and cooling) and three (low, medium, and high) fan speeds. However, what makes this product different is its six wind effects that you can control according to your needs. 

The Balko cooler is by far the lightest cooler compared to other models, and its exterior linear design adds to its lightweight nature. Unlike other portable ACs, these portable air conditioners comprise an A4-sized body, which takes up little to no space in your room. 

To add to the portability factor, the portable ACs have 360-degree wheels on all four ends, which makes moving around much easier. If you require functional portable ACs that can not only cool your home efficiently but also look good with your furniture, this is the product for you. 

The cooler also consists of a thick cartridge that purifies and allows you to breathe fresh air. Additionally, these cartridges are removable and can be washed to ensure safety. This feature, particularly, can be pretty helpful for people with allergies pertaining to dust and certain bacteria. 

Item weight: 10.36 pounds | Number of speeds: 3 | Wattage: 60 watts | Special Features: Adjustable speed, Auto shut-off

7. Costway Portable Evaporative Cooler - Best For Low-Noise Operation

With a 7-degree oscillating function, the Costway portable air conditioner provides even and effective airflow control throughout the room. For further enhanced cooling, you can use the evaporative cooler along with an HVAC system or central air conditioner, which can not only save energy but also increase the effect of cooling. The device comprises three wind modes as well as three fan speeds to choose from. 

The modes range from natural, normal, and sleep, whereas the speed settings range from low, medium, and high. This way, you can personalize the cooler to your preferred settings and enjoy efficient cooling effects. To access the cooling system, all you have to do is add some water to the tank and press the "cooling" button. This will let out a stream of cool air along with regulated humidity that can make you feel comfortable. 

Though this is a powerful air conditioning unit, it runs pretty slow and quiet, with a noise level of less than 45 DB, close to white noise. This ensures you get a good night's rest without being woken up by sweat or loud compressor noises. Additionally, to further improve your sleep, you can set a timer for the cooler to turn off. This cools the room in such a way that you can go to bed in a thoroughly cooled room. The maximum timer setting is, however, 9 hours. 

Costway is one of the best portable air conditioners since they are relatively user-friendly, with smart touch panels, an LED display, and a remote control. And if you're worried about using the cooler near your kids or pets, you can do so without worry thanks to its bladeless design. To improve safety, the air conditioning unit comprises a stable round base that prevents any tumbling over. 

Item weight: 11 pounds | Number of speeds: 3 | Wattage: 45 watts | Special Features: Portable units, lightweight, bladeless, oscillating

8. HIFRESH Evaporative Air Cooler - Best Personalized Cooling Effects

An economical solution to cooling your living space is needed, and the HIFRESH evaporative cooler provides just that. This 80W portable air conditioner allows your room to cool in less than 3 seconds so that you can say goodbye to those extra hot, sweaty days. It can also be used alongside a central air conditioner for optimal cooling. Additionally, it does not require any exhaust hoses or windows to be installed.

This mode enables you to get sound, comfortable sleep without waking up from loud, cooler noises. To further ensure sound sleep, you can set a timer up to 12 hours before bed and wake up feeling comfortable and refreshed. 

These portable ACs feature an upgraded motor that blows gentle air into your room and regulates humidity as well as airflow. And don't worry about getting out of bed or the couch to change the settings. You can simply use the remote control that is equipped with the cooler. This remote has a sensitive response and ultra-long sensing distance so you can be comfortable in every aspect. 

However, what makes this product different is its personalized cooling effects. With modes such as normal, nature, sleep, and cool, you can personalize the cooling effect in any way you want. Additionally, the fan comprises three speeds, which further increases the personalization aspect. Be it for a casual day, a powerful breeze, an after-workout break, or hot summer days, you can customize the cooling effects accordingly. 

Item weight: 12.82 pounds | Number of speeds: 3 | Wattage: 80 watts | Special Features: Dual control, 12-hour timer, oscillation, 1-Gallon water tank

9. TRUSTECH Portable Air Cooler - Best For Easy Storage

The TRUSTECH is a 3-in-1 portable air conditioner that is bladeless and comes with the latest cooling technology. So, you can bid adieu to those hot summer days and warm air. These portable air conditioners can be used either as a fan or for humidification purposes, which can cool down and humidify the air in just 5 seconds. They can also be used alongside a central air conditioner for better cooling.

Apart from the impressive cooling power, this product is extremely safe to use and child/pet friendly. Since these portable ACs are bladeless, you won't have to worry about your toddler or pet getting hurt accidentally, especially when you're not around. Furthermore, it is designed to not blow dust into the environment, thus making it a more environmentally sustainable alternative compared to other models of air conditioning. 

The fan covers a large portion of your room and dissipates cool air to each and every corner, even if it has high ceilings. This is made possible by its swing function, which directs air in various directions. In terms of customization, this portable air conditioner offers three-speed settings that you can choose based on your needs. 

The timer on the fan can be set to a maximum of 8 hours, which results in a significant reduction in your overall energy consumption and power bill. This timer feature also lets you get a good night's rest without having to wake up in the middle to turn the fan off. It can also be cleaned relatively quickly with the help of a soft cloth. 

However, what makes it stand out is its compact form. This smaller unit is easier to store away when not in use and move around if and when needed. 

Item weight: 14.77 pounds | Number of speeds: 3 | Wattage: 65 watts | Special Features: Portable, Bladeless, Compact

What is the Best Tower Air Conditioner?

This section presents a comparison of leading tower air conditioners. The table below outlines essential product specifications, including item weight, number of speeds, wattage, and special features

Tower Air ConditionersItem WeightNumber of SpeedsWattageSpecial Features
Air Choice Swamp Cooler16.17 pounds360 wattsOscillating and bladeless
VAGKRI Portable Air Conditioner63.1 pounds31,200 wattsAuto-mode, 3-in-1 mode, and LED touch control
Dreo Evaporative Air Cooler13.2 pounds350 wattsRemote-controlled, bladeless, oscillating, timer
R.W. Flame Portable Air Cooler15 pounds370 wattsBladeless, three cooling modes, In-built ionizer
TRUSTECH Evaporative Cooler11.97 pounds365 wattsOscillation, bladeless, energy-efficient
Paris Rhône Evaporative Cooler30 pounds465 watts3-in-1 cooler, 80-degree oscillation, four wind speeds, 19-inch air outlet
Balko Portable Evaporative Cooler10.36 pounds360 wattsAdjustable speed, Auto shut-off
Costway Portable Evaporative Cooler11 pounds345 wattsPortable units, lightweight, bladeless, oscillating
HIFRESH Evaporative Air Cooler12.82 pounds380 wattsDual control, 12-hour timer, oscillation, 1-gallon water tank
Laluztop Portable Air Conditioner11.73 pounds370 watts3-in-1 cooling system, Oscillation, Eco-friendly
TRUSTECH Portable Air Cooler14.77 pounds365 wattsPortable, Bladeless, Compact

Buying Guide For The Best Tower Air Conditioner

Before you get a tower air conditioning unit, there are some factors you have to consider to ensure you get a product based on your needs. These factors include: 

Blades vs. Bladeless

Though tower air conditioners look much more complicated than a regular fan with a circular head, both these portable air conditioners rely on blades. Even the most popular bladeless fan, like the Dyson Tower fan, still has blades. 

The only reason you cannot see them is that they are covered in a casement. However, these blades aren't as prominent as regular blades, which means they do not need constant cleaning. And even if you do clean, it can be done so easily unlike regular fans where it can be cumbersome to reach each individual blade. 

Apart from the occasional, slight noise levels from the fan, you may hear squealing noises, especially when the air conditioning unit is switched on. This is a sign that your device is in need of repair or further maintenance to function smoothly. 

Sound Output

This is an especially important factor to consider when you're using a tower air conditioner for your bedroom. You can pay attention to the decibel rating of the unit since it corresponds to noise levels that the device omits. Generally, people opt for coolers and fans with a maximum decibel rate of 50 and 60 decibels. This noise level is quite similar to that of a normal conversation or white noise. If the air conditioning system is any louder than this, it can be too distracting. 

CFM Rating

CFM or cubic feet meter is what determines how well a fan can maneuver air in the room. When the CFM ratings are higher, it generally means they do a better job at moving the air. However, do remember to take into consideration the oscillation of the fan. Fan blades oscillate, which further help the portable AC units dissipate air evenly throughout the room instead of in a single direction. 


Oscillation determines how the airflow is distributed throughout the room. CFM generally measures the strength of the airflow, whereas oscillation ensures that the air is dissipated in more than just a particular direction. Though most fans come preoccupied with oscillation, consider the supported oscillation angle, the overall length of the tower's fan portion, and the number of grates provided. 

Additional Features

To make the air conditioning more intuitive, tower fans come equipped with several additional features. The most common ones are two fan speeds or more, oscillating, swing, and static positioning modes, as well as added air purifiers and dehumidifiers.

If you plan on using the air conditioning generally during night-time, you'll need a timer and remote control options. Additionally, you would also need a fan that has a night mode and does not have bright LED displays that cannot be turned off. 

Are tower air conditioner units considered portable?

Tower air conditioners are differentiated from portable air conditioners as they consist of two units, one situated inside and the other outside. The external unit is devised to disperse warm air outward and is linked to the internal unit via a conduit. The mobility of a tower air conditioner is consequently limited by the length of the connecting hose.

Do tower air conditioners outperform air coolers?

Indeed, tower air conditioners generally outshine air coolers due to their design resembling a tower and their high structure fostering improved airflow. Moreover, their placement on a revolving base enables them to disseminate air throughout a room at a 90-degree angle. In addition to that, they exhibit an attractive and stylish outlook, adding a pleasing touch to indoor decoration.

How do tower air conditioners operate?

Tower air conditioners incorporate cooling towers, which employ evaporative cooling to diminish the temperature of a continuous water stream. Cooling towers are devised in a large box-like structure to maximize evaporation, attributed to the presence of materials such as PVC plastic sheets internally. These sheets amplify the surface area, boosting evaporation and thereby enhancing cooling.

What are the various types of cooling towers used in air conditioners?

Three principal types of cooling towers utilized in air conditioners, categorized based on their passage of water or air, include crossflow, counterflow, and hyperbolic towers. Furthermore, two additional types of cooling towers are delineated according to the airflow: passive draft and induced draft.

Which cooling tower is deemed the most efficient?

Among cooling towers, counterflow systems are considered the most effective as they utilize induced draft technology. Contrarily, crossflow systems employ forced draft towers to distribute water at 90-degree angles to the airflow, whereas counterflow systems disseminate water in direct correspondence to the airflow.