35 Tips on How to Cool Down a Room Without AC

How to Cool Down a Room Without AC

Having an air-conditioning system can make your house feel like a cold and safe haven when the heat outside seems to be like the fire from the underworld itself.

But, these things do not come cheap, and unfortunately, pile up enormous amounts on your electricity bills as they consume a lot of power.

But, even though not having an AC might just seem to be the end of the world during peak temperatures, there are certain awesome ways you could beat the crap out of that heat! And that too using some of the most easily available things lying around at your place.

So, if the heat outside is messing up your mind and body right now, it’s time for you to check out these 35 ways in which you could cool down a room without an AC!

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How to Cool Down a Room Without AC

  1. Closing the windows

While the air-conditioning system is on pause, make sure to keep your windows closed to prevent the sun from coming in and heating up the place. Blinds can be immensely helpful for this purpose. Do keep the blinds closed at all times during the day, especially right after using the AC.

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  1. Keep the doors closed

Heat travels real fast through the doors. It’s always advisable to keep your all your doors closed even if its a storm door or screen door that you have.

Light equates to heat and can travel through transparent mediums, so make sure to maintain a cool, dark, and comfortable environment inside your house by keeping the heat out of your place.

  1. Cool with a fan and ice

This is a really clever way to cool your room down if you don’t have an air-conditioning system. Put a large bowl of ice right under the fan. The circulating air will hit the ice and create a cool and misty effect, transferring it to all parts and corners of the room. It is a great way of cooling smaller spaces on scorching days.

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  1. Use cotton sheets for your bed

Cotton sheets, clothes, and bedding are always the best materials to use in the summer, especially in scorching, tropical environments. Make sure you have cotton sheets for your bed. Cotton is way lighter than most other fabric and a lot more breathable, allowing the air to pass freely in an out of its texture. This helps keep you comfortable on hotter nights, letting your skin breathe.

  1. Use ceiling fans

Even if you don’t have an AC, ceiling fans can help immensely in bringing the temperature down for you in the house. These keep the air moving so that it loses the heat and circulate it throughout the space, cooling it down. However, make sure that the blades of the fans are moving counterclockwise, which will cool the place down much faster.

  1. Cool yourself down to beat the onslaught of heat

Focus on cooling yourself by all means. You can consume cold water or beverages to bring your body temperature down or apply cold cloth to your wrist or neck area. Resort to wearing breathable fabrics like cotton, which keeps you cool and comfortable on hotter days. You can put bottles of cold, frozen water under your feet to get the body-temperature to come down rapidly.

  1. Use exhaust fans

Most houses have exhaust fans in the bathrooms and kitchens of their houses. If you have these, then use them by all means. These help so much, especially in a stifling kitchen or bathroom environment, letting the hot air out. These pull the steam out of your cooking and bath space and keeps the air circulating to allow the fresh, cool air to come in.

  1. Efficient whole house fans

Whole house air is a kind of vent that is usually put up in the hallway. When you turn the knob on it, the vent opens, and the fans switch on. This sucks all of the hot air out of the entire place, cooling it significantly. Whole house fans are often used in older homes. These have a lot of benefits but could be a tad bit more expensive than regular fans or coolers.

  1. Use your windows strategically

If you’re in the habit of waking up early, then the first thing you should do is open up the windows to let the cool, fresh morning air in. However, remember to keep them closed at all costs during mid-day when the sun is high up, and the air is hot.

You can again open the windows in the evening as the air cools down by then.

  1. Power-saving bulbs

Regular halogens and fluorescents usually radiate an awful lot of heat while consuming a significant amount of power.

These can make your room especially hot and stifling if you don’t have an AC because then that will just compound the problem of heat. Switch to energy-efficient light sources right away that prevent the loss of power as well as produce only the east bit of heat for that matter.

  1. Cook smart!

Several electrical appliances running together in the house, especially in a limited or cramped space like that of a kitchen can heat up the place real fast. Never cook on a stove during midday as it can produce a lot of heat.

Other methods of cooking could be using a crockpot, rocket stove, grills, or Insta pots that can help you prepare delicious meals outside without having to heat up the kitchen.

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  1. Arrange some permanent shade

If your house has little to no protection from the sun and heats up pretty fast, then you should think about getting some permanent shade solutions right away.

You can add awnings to your windows and covers for your porches which will help provide some shade. Adding lush trees or canopies is also a viable option. The aim should be to reduce the exposure of your windows and doors to the sun.

  1. Cool your sheets and nightwear before using them

Cooling your sheets and clothes by placing it in a cold place can help get your body temperature to come down. This will make your clothes pretty comfortable for you to wear to bed. And if it’s your sheets, then that can produce a pleasantly cool feeling for your body.

However, don’t go overboard with this as you can then catch a cold.

  1. Freezing hot water bags

Freeze a hot water bottle and take it to bed with you, placing it near your feet. This will get your core body temperature to come down in no time rapidly. The material of the bags will actually keep it cool for a long time and prevent it from wetting the sheets.

  1. Place your box fans strategically

Box fans can be really convenient and efficient alternatives to air-conditioning systems, provided you know where exactly to put them in your house to maximize their benefits.

You can place box fans at a window with them facing out of the window. These will suck the hot air right out of the place and blow it out and away from the windows, making your home significantly cooler.

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  1. Keeping a slightly damp towel between the mattress and sheets

It might seem like a weird thing to do, but keeping a damp towel between the sheets can help keep you pleasantly cool on hotter nights.

But make sure that you put those inside a plastic bag or something, unless you want to catch a nasty cold. This will keep the towel from wetting and ruining the entire bed and mattress.

  1. Let loose!

Remember to always wear loose-fitting nightwear in the summertime and more so if you don’t have an air-conditioner. You could get on with those sexy, minimal lingerie or unleash your inner “man of the jungle” by wearing less to bed.

Avoid tight-fitting innerwears as these could irritate your sensitive skin, especially in the heat and sweat.

  1. Create a cross breeze

Why fret about ACs and the efficiency of ceiling fans when you could whirl up a strong cross breeze with box fans?

What you need to do is place a box across an open window. This will create a powerful cross air current, maximizing the strength of the breeze coming through the window. It will cool the place down within a short period of time.

  1. Soothe your pulse points

You can lower the body temperature quickly by cooling your sensitive pulse points. These include your neck, wrists, ankles, behind the knees, lower back, the groin area, and the feet.

Apply an ice pack or damp piece of cloth to the area to cool them down in hot and sweltering situations to get some relief.

  1. Sleeping solo

This might just be a tad bit difficult if you’re in the habit of not sleeping alone, but it can certainly keep you a lot cooler than sleeping beside someone. This keeps you from catching the extra heat from somebody else’s body temperature, which generally produces a lot of thermal energy. You can sleep sprawled or spread-eagled by yourself and stay a lot cooler.

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  1. Go hammocking if you have to!

If you find that your bed is becoming too hot for you to sleep into, then you can consider getting a hammock or a suspended bed that is raised above the ground. This way, you could have sufficient air flow all around you that will help you cool. This is also, unquestionably a fun way of keeping cool!

  1. Staying well-hydrated

During extremely hot weather situations, our bodies lose a lot of water in the form of sweat, which in turn helps to cool lower core temperature. It is crucial for you to stay pretty well hydrated in such conditions by having a lot of water and other sorts of fluids like juices, water-based drinks, etc. This will cool you from within and keep the heat at bay for you.

cold showers

  1. Take frequent cold showers

Cold showers could lower your body temperature quickly and keep it from going up. Never take hot showers in hot weather as these will make you feel miserable afterward.

Taking a bath twice or thrice in a day during those hot summers would be enough to keep you sufficiently cool and fresh throughout the day.

  1. Sleeping in the basement

Basements can provide you with the lowest temperature in the house and could be an ideal solution for beating the heat in the absence of an AC. Since the heat travels fast upwards to the highest levels in the house, you’d definitely get the most comfortable temperatures in the lowest level down in the basement.

  1. Hanging wet sheet at the window

Hanging a wet sheet or damp towel over an open window is a smart way of having a cool breeze in the room. When the hot air comes in contact with a cold, wet sheet or towel hung over it, the air cools down, entering the room as cold air through the window. It is a great way of having cool air, even in the absence of an AC.

  1. Wet the feet

The feet have several pulse points on them and remember what we told you about pampering your pulse points earlier in this list? Washing your feet, dipping your ankles in cold water or simply placing a damp cloth at them could relax your pulse points and lower your body temperature.

bamboo mat

  1. Use a bamboo mat

If your bed gets too hot to sleep in and you don’t have the option of availing a suspended bed, then do try out a bamboo mat. Although these may not be as comfortable as your regular cotton mattresses, they won’t hold as much heat as those thick mattresses will making it a lot cooler for you. Bamboo mats can be purchased separately that you can put over your regular mattress.

  1. Ditch those electronic gadgets at bedtime

Electronic devices radiate a lot of heat. These can also adversely affect your health in many different ways. Make it a habit to switch these off and put these away from the bed, especially a couple of hours before going to sleep. This will help cut off the heat that these can produce around your body.

  1. Make a rice ice-pack

You can actually create an ice-pack or cold compress using rice grains. All you need to do is to fill up a sock up with rice and put it in the freezer it for an hour two. You can then use to as a cold compress to cool yourself with. This will stay cold for at least 30 minutes your so.

  1.  Buckwheat

Apart from being the main ingredient for delicious pancakes and other delectable recipes, buckwheat could also be used as a viable option for keeping cool during hotter temperatures.

You could use buckwheat pillows instead of cotton or foam ones, as buckwheat will absorb a lot less heat than regular, thicker fabrics.

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  1. Keep your doors and windows covered

By all means, try to keep all your doors and windows covered during a substantial peak in temperatures. You could either use wet towels or blankets to cover your door and window frames properly and then could roll up a few sheets to close the gap under the door. This will provide you with a cool, dark, cave-like atmosphere, ideal for chilling at.

  1. Using window units

Even if you do not have an HVAC at your home, you don’t need to sweat it. Go for window units instead. These are decent alternatives for expensive cooling systems and does a fine job of cooling the place down. They are also cheaper to repair or to replace. So, install a few of these to get the cooling on in no time!

  1. Installing a ductless HVAC

Ductless HVAC will suck the air from outside and cool it down instantly. It comes with a thermostat that controls the mechanism of the device. These are energy-efficient and cost lesser than typical HVACs. A ductless HVAC can get you cooler air and hack your electric bills at the same time.

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  1. Spritz yourself with cold water

Spritzing yourself and your clothes with some cold water from time to time can keep you cool for long. This method is pretty useful for fast cooling. What you can also do is wipe the floor with a damp cloth from as floors absorb a substantial amount of heat. These ways can really help in bringing the temperature of the place down in no time at all!

  1. Install Solar Films

Window solar films are one of the most efficient, cost-effective, and awesome ways to keep your house cool during peak temperatures. These prevent heat from transferring into your home, and maintain the privacy of your residence at the same time. Solar films are an energy-efficient and affordable alternative to ACs. To know more about them, simply visit here.


So these are literally some of the “coolest” ways to keep the temperature down at your place without an AC. Hope we were able to help you find the one that would work best for you.

We’ll be back with more such awesome hacks pretty soon!

Till next time!


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