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Can Electric Gates Open Outwards | All You Need To Know

An outward-swinging electric gate is not a common sight. However, electric gates can open outwards under limited conditions. Keeping that in mind, a driveway gate is an excellent way to add value and style to a property.

can electric gates open outwards

Electric sliding gate openers give the home a luxurious look. However, when starting with a driveway gate, many people have questions about its installation.

One such question is, can the automatic gate open outwards? Though a rare occurrence, the answer is yes. Some driveway swing gates can open outwards in specific conditions.

Let’s take a look at a few of these conditions.

When Can Gates Swing Outwards  

When Can Gates Swing Outwards 

There are various reasons why people may opt for an outward swinging gate, or maybe it’s just sheer curiosity about all the available options. Irrespective of what the reason can be, mentioned below are the instances where it is acceptable, or even necessary, to have the gate swinging outward. 

1. Length Of The Driveway 

If a homeowner prefers to have a gate that swings outward and they have a driveway that is long enough, there will not be any issue in doing so. To measure if my driveway was long enough for an outward swinging gate, I ensured the gate had enough room to swing without being blocked by any roads.


Do consider the length of the driveway, so cars can give the gate space to open without any hassle. 

2. Barriers 

A gate that swings inward requires a lot of space. It should be able to open fully without being blocked by or colliding with any necessities in the yard. For homes that lack the space inside to have gates open inwards, installing an outward swinging gate might be more of a necessity. 

3. Upwards Sloping Driveway 

I have noticed that some homeowners have driveways that slope upwards. Though not a common sight in developed cities, upwards-sloping driveways are more functional in mountainous regions. If the driveway is slanting upwards within the property, an automatic gate that opens inward will end up colliding with the ground and will only open partially. 

Considering the slope is not as intense, a gate with a slight rise on taller hinges can be opted for. This will not necessarily pose an issue to any cars or vehicles. However, it will not be efficient in keeping small pets or even curious children in since they can easily crawl beneath the taller gate. 

A commonly used fix to this issue is to use a sliding gate instead of a swinging one though sliding gates require more room to move around within the fence. 

4. Oddly Shaped Boundary

If an area has a boundary fence angled at 45 degrees inwards, a gate that swings inwards can be blocked by the fence. This is another event where an outwards swinging gate is acceptable if not necessary. 

5. A Curved Driveway 

Some homeowners have a driveway that swerves inwards right inside the gate. When this curved driveway is paired with an inward swinging gate, it can cut across the entirety of the driveway. An outward swinging gate will be ideal for such situations. 

An Alternative Option 

If neither an inward nor an outward swinging gate is feasible, a good alternative that can be considered is the gate doors that slide open rather than swing open. A sliding gate can significantly decrease the amount of space that needs to be left out to accommodate the gate. This is because slide gates move along a fixed section of track in your fence. 

Though much more expensive than traditional swing gates, it offers more security for the home and looks visually pleasing on the property. 

Factors To Consider For An Outward Swinging Gate 

I was surprised to know that you couldn’t just walk to a store and purchase an outward swinging gate to install on the property. However, there were several factors that needed to be considered. The factors are as follows: 

1. The City Council 

Prior to installing the outdoor opening gate, I had to ensure that I checked all the council rules in my locality pertaining to property boundaries and swing gates that open onto public land. 

I was able to find some information online. However, a call or an in-person meeting may be necessary to get hold of more information or a clearer picture. 

2. The Actuator And Arm 

An actuator is a mechanical device used to open the swing gates remotely. It makes use of power to push the swing arm so that it can open the gate by pulling and pushing it close when necessary. 

Typically, the actuators and arms are located inside the swing gate to eliminate tampering or unauthorized access. In most cases, if the electric gates open outward, the actuator and arm can be exposed. There is also a major risk of the device scraping the vehicle as it passes through. 

To solve this issue, the actuator and arm must be attached to the bottom of the gate opening outwards. Knowing how to build a vehicle sensor for automatic gate openers can prove to be quite helpful in this scenario.

3. Impeding Foot Traffic 

The most crucial factor that I had to consider when installing an outward-opening swing gate is the potential foot traffic outside the gate. It would be impractical to have an outward opening gate if there is no extra space between the footwalk and the gate. 

If pedestrians walking through will experience difficulties when the gate opens, it can be quite troublesome for both parties. It is best to have a professional inspect the driveway and install an outward opening gate if necessary space is available. 

Can Electric Gates Open Outwards Conclusion

Can Electric Gates Open Outwards Conclusion 

Ultimately, an inward swinging gate or an outward one is nothing but a matter of preference. These gates are a great option if there are no laws pertaining to outward opening gates or if the driveway is large enough. However, it is imperative that the homeowner take necessary measures before installing an outward swinging gate to avoid any trouble later on. 

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