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Can Retractable Awnings Be Installed On Vinyl Siding | All You Need To Know

A retractable awning can be attached to the exterior of your home to protect the patio from extreme weather conditions. However, I recommend installing a retractable awning on vinyl siding only after determining the required type of awning. 

Can Retractable Awnings Be Installed On Vinyl Siding

Retractable awnings are ideal for homeowners who wish to enjoy the outdoor view without committing to a permanent outdoor structure.

And the best part is - installing a retractable awning is much cheaper and requires less space than building a fixed structure. Hence, usually, homeowners with smaller gardens and patios opt for awnings.

Now the question arises - can you install a retractable awning on vinyl siding? The answer is “yes,” and here’s how you can install it yourself… 

How To Install A Retractable Awning On Vinyl Siding

How To Install A Retractable Awning On Vinyl Siding

Step 1

Use a tape measure to determine the length and location of the awning. Ensure that you measure up to 7 to 8 feet from the deck or patio. 

Step 2

Take a pencil and make marks every 2 feet, and connect the dots with chalk. 

Step 3

Thereafter, use a stud finder to locate the exterior wall studs. Accordingly, mark the location of each wall stud along the vinyl siding. 

Step 4

Now, along the chalk line made previously, place the 2-by-8 board to use as a header board. Then, you can drill holes into it to mark the location of the studs. 


Since you’ll be using a power drill for this step, I recommend wearing safety gloves and other protective gear. 

Step 5

Fix the holes with lag bolts and use a socket wrench to tighten them. 

Step 6

Measure the awning and mark the location of the soffit mount brackets. Now, use these measurements to place the mounting brackets on the header board. 

Step 7

Place the mounting brackets at the location of the wall stud on the header board. You’ll also need to pre-drill a hole on the flat mounting surface for this purpose. 

Step 8

Next, insert the awning brackets over each hole along with a lag bolt. Again, use a socket wrench to tighten the bolts. 

Step 9

Finally, install the awning cover on the roof brackets and insert the bolts from the bottom. Secure the brackets with a socket wrench, and you’re done! 

Why Should You Get A Retractable Awning Installed

If you’re still on the fence about installing an awning on a vinyl siding house, let me tell you that doing so can reduce energy costs significantly. 

This is because most retractable awnings are installed strategically to reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering through your doors and windows. Plus, an awning can provide shade to your outdoor AC unit and protect it from extreme weather conditions. As such, your house will remain cooler and more comfortable, keeping your AC bills under control. 

Similarly, motorized awnings can effectively reduce the surface temperature of your deck and outdoor space. So, your pets won’t burn their delicate paws while walking outside. Any furniture in the deck/patio will also benefit from the extra protection, ensuring they last longer. 

Can Retractable Awnings Be Installed On Vinyl Siding Conclusion

Can Retractable Awnings Be Installed On Vinyl Siding Conclusion

Now that you have an awning cover outside your house, I further recommend installing a bird netting to keep birds out of the retractable awning. Consequently, your awning motor will be safe from all the pecking while keeping the clueless birds out of danger. 

If you are planning to get one installed, do check out my guide on “Do you need a permit for a retractable awning?”