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Cool Rug Designs That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Home floors can be lovely and impressive on their own, depending on the material used, but adding a rug can create a drastic and splendid change. Rugs can easily give a room the revamp it needs without necessarily changing anything inside a room. Unlike carpets, rugs can be removed easily and cover only a small portion of your floor in specific chosen areas for comfort, warmth and design.We have chosen a selection of different cool rug designs meant to inspire you, cast a glance.

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Cool Rug Designs

1. washed denim and simple botanic designs

The color of washed and worn denim has a certain appeal to many and it has become a fairly common color or design most would choose instead of solid colors. You can choose a botanical design in this washed up denim shade for a complex appeal.



2. lovely and cool white rug

Colorful is not always a pretty sight especially in rooms where relaxation is the main purpose. This white rug mixes well with the relaxing vibe of the bedroom, allowing its texture to complete the serene image.



3. romantic cross pattern rug

This classical rug is an example of how rugs can transform a plain room easily. The design and color of the rug gives life to the whole ensemble.



4. hypnotic white and blue symmetrical pattern

Symmetrical patterns are another classic when it comes to rugs, offering through the chosen pattern and texture the final touch or the base of a room design. The pattern in this white and blue rug proves that even simple lines and solid colors can still look stunning and classical.



5. soft blue and purple rug

This blue and purple rug is magnificent not only because of the lively color combination but also due to its sophisticated design.


6. cool circle of pastel colors

Not all rugs need overpowering hues, even pastel shades can make a rug look cool and stunning. The colors used in this rug do not steal the show for the whole room's neutral color scheme.



7. darker patterns on vivid background

When a room is light, getting a darker shade for a rug is the right color choice. The vivid red rug with the sophisticated design adds more edge to the room and makes the room stand out.


8. country and homey color and patterns

When the floor seems a little plain or empty, this earthly toned hand tufted rug with simple white arrow design can offer a stunning change. It gives more character to the floor while creating a pretty background for the whole room. It is a homey design that will look splendid for a classical or modern home.



9. unique and far out cool rug

If uniqueness is considered, this skull rug nails it perfectly. The skull design, despite being unusual, looks as interesting as any other rugs with intricate designs because it is truly one of a kind. It will stand out perfectly from everything else inside a room.



10. perfect pacman rug for a game lover's den

Rugs can also create an image of the homeowner, just the way this cool Pacman inspired rug does the job right.



11. earthly tones for a lighter view

Light and dark mixes are not always the best choice for decorating a room. Soft earthly tones and stark white complement each other well and can make a room look brighter, more luminous.


12. colorfully soft pompom rug

Square and rectangular rugs are very common, but having circular rugs made with circular and colorful pompoms is a delightful change. It is definitely a way to brighten up the room and make guests wanting to know how it is made.



13. a true star in the room

Stars are classical designs that can fit any room design, especially your kid's bedroom.


14. relaxing mix of patterns and colors

The intricate details with the fusion of relaxing colors make this rug truly calming. It invites to meditation and relaxation outdoors.


15. rug with an eye-catching detail

While lively and numerous patterns can make a rug ultimately cool, even a single, huge design can have the same effect.



16. simple black and white  stripes

Choose to go the classical way with a pattern loved by many. Be careful with the powerful tone combination though.


17. chic pink with striking patterns

Pink is a dainty color meant for a lovely room with classical vintage furniture. This cool rug stands out from the natural wood because of its cute color and striking flowery patterns. An elegant addition inside a posh room.



18. interesting marble on a rug

It is not a common design, but this marble design makes it a very cool rug, perfect fr contemporary home interiors.



What do you think about the above rug designs? Are they cool enough to fit into your home? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below.

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